First Encounter

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Paul was a consultant for a high profile corporation and he was so caught up in his work that he barely had a social life. He wasn’t really interested in marriage or long term relationships. There wasn’t time for that in Paul’s world but he was horny and needed some serious intimacy time with some hottie. Paul decided to place an ad on the Internet. He figured it was a crap shoot but he was a gambler and was willing to try his luck.

Nicki was an introverted late bloomer and she recently underwent a self evaluation which revealed just how much her life sucks. Having no social life worth mentioning, she made a vow to instantly change it. She was pretty tired of pleasuring herself and needed to find a male companion to relieve some of her bottled in passion. Nicki would never go to a bar to meet men so she placed an add on the Internet dating site.

Every day, Paul and Nicki would faithfully check the dating site for responses but there was usually nothing promising. Either the member didn’t reply to an initial greeting or there were game players looking for online kicks. At any rate, it seemed pretty apparent that the two of them were not having much luck. Until…..

Nicki was sitting at her desk pondering over deleting her profile. She felt online dating sites were over rated and not in her best interest and with her present track record, par for the course.

Paul had gotten bored with the lack of good choices and he started to engage in some online chats. He did a search of who were online and decided to send instant messages to anyone within 50 miles of the city he resides. Yes, finally there are some interesting women to message, he thought to himself. Paul noticed one particular photo and clicked on it. The screen ID read; IMALLYOURS. He was pleased to find such a gorgeous woman and he immediately clicked on her profile to instant message her. Paul waited patiently for Nicki to respond to his greeting and he sure hoped that she would.

Just when Nicki was going to hit the delete profile icon, she noticed an instant message request to accept or decline pop up window. Before Nicki would click the accept icon, she clicked on the screen ID which read; ONLY14U. To say that Nicki was pleasantly surprised by the context of the profile narrative and demographics were an understatement. The photograph of Paul was taken with a camera phone which just revealed his face but he wasn’t a bad looking man. Nicki was very pleased and without further delay, she clicked the accept icon and responded to Paul’s greeting.

Paul didn’t bother to read the context of Nicki’s profile. He was only interested in the big breasted cutey her photo revealed her to be. Nicki had a nice smile, big blue bedroom eyes and a pair of the perkiest C cup breasts that Paul could have imagined. He was immediately aroused which was his inspiration to click on the instant message icon to start a conversation. Paul was very happy to see Nicki’s “hello” in response to his greeting.

Surprisingly enough, they hit it off so well, they exchanged phone numbers to take things to a more personal level. Upon which, a date was made for them to meet.

Paul and Nicki decided to meet at a quaint little bistro within a 10 miles stretch between the city of which they lived. They met for lunch after the rush hour, so that the two of them could have some peace and quiet for their first encounter. Nicki arrived first so that she could ready herself for what she so desperately needed from a man. When Paul arrived, he was dressed up in an Armani suit; looking as if he were going to be knighted by the Queen of England. Nicki was very much delighted by his apparel as well as his presence. She was dressed conservatively in a long black skirt and a gray button up blouse. Paul’s reaction to Nicki was a classic heart palpating double take. He smiled, giving Nicki the look of approval she had hoped to receive. Paul held out a well manicured hand to greet Nicki and he complimented her on the nice shade of red on her fingernails. They shook each other’s hand and the chemistry between them was powerful. While the two of them were having a friendly exchange, a very tall dishwater blonde waitress took them to a quiet and romantic spot and sat them at the booth. Paul ordered a bottle of Merlot and he and Nicki continued to get further acquainted.

During lunch and the second bottle of wine, Nicki’s mind started chasing lusty thoughts of devouring Paul sexually. She made it a point to şirinevler escort stare into Paul’s eyes for the appearance of being attentive to his every word. In reality, she was imagining the many sexual positions she would be engaging in later with him. Paul was having the same reaction but he had kept track of the many erections caused by Nicki’s sensuous presence. The count was up to twelve and this is within a little past an hour of lunch…

All was going well between Paul and Nicki and the comfort level was duly noted as they began to engage each other by acting out those hidden innuendoes wandering in their minds. Nicki started playing with Paul’s foot and legs and gently working her way up to his thighs then his manhood. Nicki had a brief moment of remorse as she thought to herself in disbelief as to how much nerve she has to be doing such a thing in a public place… It passed and she continued to give Paul’s now very stiff member some stroking with her foot. Paul spread his legs to give Nicki’s foot easier access then he leaned over the table to kiss her. Nicki was moist and realized how long it’s been that she had smelled the essence of masculinity as well as experience the likeness of foreplay as she considered what was presently happening.

Nicki unbuttoned her blouse so Paul could get an eyeful of her cleavage. She is such a tease but she knew Paul was like putty in her hands since she seemed to be in control of things at the moment. Paul stood up and walked to Nicki’s side of the table and stood behind her then he started kissing the back of her neck. Nicki’s breathing increased and she could feel some moistness in her panties and she wanted so much more. So much for being in charge, she thought. Nicki was about to get her desires addressed by this wonderful stallion of a man nibbling on her neck. Paul took Nicki’s unbuttoned blouse as an invitation to help himself to her yielding breasts. “That feels very Nice,” was Nicki’s response to the strong touch of Paul’s hand. Her nipples were sensitive and receptive to Paul’s touch. They were protruding through the bra and blouse and were hard. Nicki arched her back and raised both her arms to pull Paul down to kiss her hungered lips, which sent electrical impulses through her spine. How she has longed to experience such passion from a man that makes her feel so alive and free? Paul’s manhood was now poking Nicki in her upper back and it took everything she had within her not to unzip his pants and remove it. She would have sucked his cock like it was a straw in her cocktail. Nicki stood up to give Paul a big gratifying hug as she whispered, ” I think we should go somewhere more private.”

The walk to the elevator rising up to the rooms above took only a minute, but it seemed like an eternity. Paul had discreetly buttoned Nicki’s blouse while she was pressed up against Paul hugging him at the table. Much to the amusement of the two women eating at the next table, who had been watching Paul and Nicki the whole time; not saying a word, but just taking it all in. The woman on the left was squirming in her chair much the way Nicki was minutes earlier while Paul’s hands were testing Nicki’s nipples. The women obviously enjoyed what they saw. As Paul and Nicki walked away, he looked back at them and smiled, which caused the women to smile back at them and give knowing looks. Probably a bit envious that they knew what pleasures were about to unfold.

Paul and Nicki were alone in the elevator as it took them up to the 10th floor. Not that it would have mattered if they weren’t alone as they couldn’t contain themselves any longer. Besides, the security camera was about to give the guard something to talk about with his buddies for months to come. And surely the tape of them would be replayed over and over, so many times that it would finally break and completely jam the VCR.

Paul, paused the elevator between floors so that he and Nicki wouldn’t be disturbed for a few minutes. Even though he knew that the room was only a few feet away from the elevator, Paul wasn’t able to stop himself. Nicki’s breathing quickly accelerated as she sensed what was about to happen. With one hand, Paul unbuttoned the two top buttons of Nicki’s blouse while pressing her tightly against the elevator wall with the other one. He had taken from the table one of those little chocolates with a cherry filling and once Nicki’s breasts were exposed, Paul slowly dribbled the cherry şişli escort flavoring on each of them. Still holding Nicki firmly back against the wall, Paul swirled his tongue in ever smaller circles on each breast to lick off the sweet, sticky liquid. First the left one, then the right; making sure to not miss a single drop.

Once Paul had finished, he quickly re-buttoned Nicki’s blouse and released the stop on the elevator. Nicki’s knees were so weak that she had a bit of trouble walking down the corridor to the room. That is why Paul held her so firmly against the elevator wall earlier. Her knees were trembling even then as he sucked and licked the cherry filling from her breasts. Little did Paul know that had he not started the elevator, Nicki would have given him the best blow job and he would have been the one trembling and stumbling over his two feet. Nicki managed with Paul’s help to walk down the what seemed to be the longest corridor to their room. Before Paul could open the door, Nicki was all over Paul and giving him the hottest and passionate kisses while grabbing for his throbbing cock. Paul reciprocated her sudden dominance and without much effort, the door was opened and they both were so ready.

No sooner than the door closed behind them, they were like ravaged animals, kissing and fondling each other. Nicki took control and led Paul to the California King-sized bed and started removing his shirt. She started licking and sucking his nipples and gently rubbing him below. Nicki unbuckled Paul’s belt and unzipped his pants and told him to take them off. Nicki admired Paul’s nicely cut body as she rubbed it, kissed it and wanting to pleasure all of it. She had wanted to ask if he was a gym fanatic as his body was the epitome of one who utilized all the privileges of a gym membership. Nicki undressed to give Paul the full effect of her. Paul was on his back and Nicki was on top as she began to massage his hairless chest with her ample and very perky breasts. In complete excitement, Paul’s nipples were as erect as his adequate Dick; which were bulging from his seemingly extra small shorts. Paul followed every move Nicki made as she worked her way down his wonderful sexy body and she removed his shorts. Paul’s cock was pointing straight at Nicki’s face and she licked her lips in anticipation of having it. What a wonderful man tool Paul was blessed to have, she thought to herself as she now had it in the palm of her hand and in complete control.

Nicki very softly and generously stroked Paul’s ever ready hardness with her bountiful breasts and started kissing and licking the head of it. She so enjoyed the pre cum that was waiting for her to experience and the reactions was worth it’s lingering memory. Paul cried out with joy and although he may have wanted to hold Nicki’s head, he refrained as he didn’t want to take the chance of interrupting her rhythm. Nicki massaged and caressed every detail of Paul’s thick cock. Her head was moving in ways which amazed her as it was as if she were demon possessed and Paul was loving it immensely. Nicki was sucking as hard as she were stroking Paul’s Dick and in every sense of the word, she owned it. Her goal was to bring forth the succulent nectar of Paul’s manliness. Paul was reeling with intense pleasure to the point of pain. He was at a greater level of pleasure as Nicki could feel him arch his back and his hips jerk spasmodically. She started working at it more vigorously and it was sending Paul into a state of ecstasy and he screamed out, “baby I’m coming.” His hip strokes were in perfect time with Nicki’s clutching jaw muscles. The coveted moment of delightfulness was mind boggling; The force of Paul’s climactic moment was phenomenal. His load burst into Nicki’s mouth with great abundance. Nicki was so caught up in the moment that she nearly came herself; it’s called getting off on pleasuring others. Nicki loved the taste of Paul’s sweet potion and she proved it by swallowing every drop, to include licking off the excess which spilled out and onto the long shaft of his cock. Nicki told Paul that a man’s cum is heavenly nectar and shouldn’t be wasted.

Paul knew how close that Nicki had approached to her own climax at the exact moment of his release into her ravenous mouth. He watched through half closed eyes as she hungrily swallowed his cum and savored each drop. As much as Paul wanted to devour Nicki’s pussy had to wait a few moments as he was just too spent by Nicki’s taksim escort affections. Paul had no choice but to lay still and get a second wind so that he could reciprocate the pleasure he received from Nicki. Within a few moments of silent bliss, he felt his member stiffening because of Nicki’s lips and tongue were giving it playful bites. He was so turned on by her and her seemingly obsession with his cock. Paul thought she must be insatiable and that was a fantasy which he fancied most of all.

Paul gently yet firmly placed Nicki on her back. She protested a bit, something about not being finished with him yet. But now, Nicki was all his and she quickly submitted to his attentions. Paul’s craving for Nicki’s sweet taste was too much to bear, so he immediately spread Nicki’s beautifully shaved pussy and drowned her enlarged clit between his lips. As Nicki arched her back with the increasing waves of pleasure, Paul teased and then satisfied her wants. He used his teeth to excite and his lips to suck her now ready to burst organ. At the same time, Paul inserted two fingers into her hot, dripping pussy; first, Massaging the opening in quick, hard circles, then plunging them inside of her to feel the heated passion of her burning desire. The sensation of his fingers inside of her hairless wonder almost made her cum instantly but she somehow managed to delay it. Paul spent an extra amount of time on the one spot near the top of Nicki’s cunt; it must have been her g spot since she was screaming out loudly with a resounding “yes.” Paul was in the middle of rapid strokes when he would slow it down only to speed up again. It was driving Nicki wild and she realized that she was truly alive for the first time in her entire life and this man rejuvenated her soul to the fullest of it’s potential. No way, would she give this moment up but instead, she would build even more greater moments to immortalize it.

Paul noticed Nicki arch her back even more and he knew he found the perfect combination as he continued to roll her clit between his teeth while exploring the inside of her kitty with his fingers. Nicki was bucking like a wild boar and Paul started licking her wonder hole with his velvet tongue. He licked her like she has never been licked before and she squirmed and wiggled uncontrollably. Just when she felt that she couldn’t take any more, she reached down and pulled Paul up to kiss her lips with deep tongue probing kisses. With Paul’s fingers still inside, Nicki used her very strong pussy muscles to keep the sensation going which excited the two of them. Paul now more than ready to feel the inside of that exercising organ his fingers were feeling, with his hot throbbing cock. He was going to lay that 7″ of hard madness on her so good, she would be his very own cum puppet. Paul repositioned Nicki by putting a pillow under her ass to give her the leverage he wanted so that he could suck her marvelous tits while he fucked her furiously. With another deep throated kiss along with some tittie fondling, he plunged that rock hard trophy of a cock inside Nicki’s burning pussy. They both cried out as their bodies collided with the force of their inner wild beasts.

Deeper and deeper Paul entered Nicki. Fast and then slow with such precision and concentration yet with natural execution in each stroke. Their moans wouldn’t be muffled even if they were fifty feet underground. They could arouse the dead with the earth shaking body rocking between them. Paul and Nicki were allowing their bodies to be at one with ecstasy. Their minds were already expressing a communal rage of the most heated passion ever and neither wanted it to end. They were in such a state of ecstasy, that they could barely speak. As their bodies suddenly started to convulse and their breathing reached a crescendo, they simultaneously climaxed in an orgy of overwhelming emotions and release. Paul’s cum exploded inside of Nicki’s hot love tunnel with each contraction of his throbbing Dick.

Paul fell forward onto Nicki’s sweaty, heaving body; inhaling her body fragrance mixed with the musky smell of her sex. Nicki’s eyes

are closed and Paul watched as she was drifting off into a state of bliss. Having been fully satisfied, she was now in oblivion and would remain there until hell froze over for all she cared. She found the man of her dreams and he had undoubtedly enhanced her new life. Paul lifted his lifeless body from Nicki and lay beside her in complete bliss. This was his paradise and nothing else would take him from this place. He wiped the sweat from a now very restful Nicki’s head and soon, he fell into the hypnotic rest that his body desperately needed. The hours passed on to the late evening and they both were caught up in each others arms with no intentions of ever parting ways.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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