First class arse (real train experiance)

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First class arse (real train experiance)It was a scorcher of a day in central london.. it was the middle of august and the hottest day of the year.. and id been sat on this bloody train station platform getting on for four hours now !.. some poor soul had thrown themself onto the track and all trains had to to be halted.. i sat there on a bench with my legs crossed frantically fanning my face with a train time table.. id been to visit relatives in london and was on my way back home to kent..i must of looked like a cross between a executive office worker and a vagrant bag lady !. I always made a effort when i traveled up this way .. i wore a short sandy color mini skirt and a crisp black shiney button up shirt with white pin stripes and a pair of matching sandy color suede high heels.. the family would always shower my k**s in gifts and having four c***dren i would always end up with a huge cluster of bags and on this occasion i had no less than 4 ..two for each hand !!..

The sound of the helicopter that had been constantly chopping away about half a mile down the track got louder .. until it screamed over our heads and disapeared quickly into the distance..the loud speaker crackled into life ” NORMAL SERVICE WILL RESUME IN THE NEXT FEW MINUTES WE APOLERGIZE FOR ANY DELAY ”

the announsement was met with a wall of instant noise.. the platform was abserloutly packed with people.. and they all seemed determined they was getting on that train.. i quickly stood up and grabbed my bags.. and managed to squeese myself to the front of the platform.. as the train hissed into the station and the doors pinged open i was washed into the train by a sea of people pushing and squeesing inside.. all the seats were taken already and i found myself being forced backwards until we was all packed in so closely my face was about 2 inches from the persons back in front of me..

Everybody seemed to be extra tall ..i felt like i was “fenced in” by everybody around me.. i was aware of somebody behind me ..i could feel their breath in my hair.. i had two bags in each hand so i was unable to hold on ! not that there was anything to hold on to in my isolated corner of the train .. i was forced to stand with my feet apart to keep my balance.. so when the train violently jolted into motion it rocked me back on my high heels and i fell backwards laying against the person behind me !!.

i felt his hands casually grab my hips.. hold them and just stand me upright.. i was so embaressed !! I was actually greatfull We was packed in to tightly for me to even turn around and see him.. but embarrassment soon turned to edirne escort anger when his hands remained on my hips As if to patronisingly hold me upright in case i fell again.. his hands were huge i felt small and intimidated..

Who the fuck does this guy think he is ? I thought to myself as i angrilly bit my tounge and twisted my hips sharply back and forth to shake his hands off.. but my anger soon faded into genuine concern and a feeling of dread sank in as his grip confidently tightend.. and his hands remained firmly around my waist.. his hands felt so big.. like his fingers would almost meet together around my waist.. im not a confrentational person.. hence why i stood there in silence as his fingers slowly gathered up my skirt.. before quickly crawling underneath it and his finger tips began caressing my bare thighs in slow confident circles.. one of his hands slipped between my legs and greedilly fondeld a handfull of flesh on my inner thigh.. before gradually.. very slowly sliding up until his finger tips gently kissed the hot steamy silk gusset of my little knickers.

I cringed inside as a single big fat finger smeared between my pussy lips though the flimsy silk material..opening my slit until he located my clit and mercilessly began to stir in a fast circular motion.
My thighs burned and my toes were stinging in my high heels as my whole body tensed in protest and i cursed myself inside ‘DO SOMETHING ..STOP HIM” i told myself in my head but the truth is i was completely frozen with shame and i had no clue how to deal with this.. i musterd the courage to clear my throat in a loud angry and sarcastic tone.. but his only response was to increase the speed of his finger.. the intense tickle drove me insane as i stood there my legs and back stiff as a board.. i closed my eyes briefly and bit down hard on my tounge in a pathetic attempt to block it out.. but my body was betraying me and he knew it.. i could feel my lips relaxing.. my clit swelling and the wetness was well on its way..

His fingers paused for a second and then began to fumble.. wiggling around until he brazenly managed to hook a finger inside my gusset and he began to pull.. the tension built until the little elastic waist band on my knickers nipped painfully into the soft skin on my hips..and then.. with a little pop.. they rolled down slightly and my soft gusset was hanging between my legs.. my knickers were pulled down in the middle of a crowded train and nobody had a clue.. i glanced down and saw they must have been barely hidden by the hem of my short skirt as the train gently began to slow for its escort edirne approach to the next station.. i felt them swinging between my legs with the movement of the train as it clonked to a halt..

The doors hissed open with a chime and nobody seemed to want to get off.. there wasny any room for anyone to get on.. so the doors closed to a chorus of sighs and complaining.. before the train once again jolted into life and began to whine away.. the entire time his hands were on my legs.. his fingers gently caressing the sides of my pulled down knickers as if to savour the feel of the silk and reasure me that under no circumstances was i going to be allowed to even attempt to pull them back up !!.

As soon as the train was moving his fingers were walking slowly up my inner thigh for round two.. i could hear my heart beating in my ears.. i cursed myself inside “do something !! Tell him to stop”.. but i was frozen.. i didnt know what to do .i could hear his breath shaking with excitement in my ear and i flinched.. jumping slightly as his finger kissed gently against my soft lips and pressed between them.. the cat was about to be out of the bag so to speak.. and i swallowed hard and prepared myself as a single finger slid over my hole and massaged it.. opening me slightly as he stirred me in a firm circle and my juices ran out oiling my entire pussy..  he rubbed the wetness the lengh of my hot slit opening my clit and again massaging it in a tiny fast circular motion

I was defeated.. i just couldnt take it.. and i found myself arching my back slightly offering myself to his finger.. i could feel my hole opening.. and he took me up on my invite almost immediatly. i couldnt help but let out a little hiss through my gritted teeth as his two fingers just glided up inside me so easilly.. right down to the knuckles and wiggled around deep in my boiling hot womb.. i just stood there brain dead ..a trickle of dribble running out of my mouth which was hanging open as his finger just slowly and firmly fucked me.. out and all the way back in to the knuckles.. over and over.. he soothed my acheing tunnel.. the little tickle in my womb was growing more and more intense.. and i could feel my tunnel squelching,spasming and sucking his fingers on each retreat as if she was desperate for them to stay..

My nipples where so hard in my bra that they ached to be sucked.. my mouth was literally salavating.. drooling like a dog to suck a cock.. i knew.. i was going to orgasm and it was going to be a big one.. so you can imagine my frustration when the train once again began to slow for the next edirne escort bayan station and his fingers slowly made a retreat against my pressed out towards him arse.. i made it clear this time i didnt want him stop.. i shuffled back against him shaking my head to flick my soft blonde hair in his face..

One of his hands remained.. reassureing me by patting me gently on my bare hip as the doors opened and the same routine of disapointed passengers turned away began.. as the doors closed and the train began to wail away once again there was hands.. “cmon you bastard finish what you started” i thought to myself”.. but nothing.. i arched my back again and bumped my backside against him.. “cmon then”.. but nothing.. i stood there disapointed.. frustrated thinking to myself how the hell am i going to pull my knickers up without anyone seeing ??.. when i felt movement behind.. i felt his hands fumbling and then a cool breeze on the backs of my thighs and then i felt it.. a swollen wet tip pressed between my legs.. “surely not !! It cant be.. can it?.. oh my god it is “

His hard cock slid under the hem of my skirt and pushed between my thighs right into my happy gap.. and he used the swaying motion of the train to gently slide it in and out.. effectively wanking himself off with the tops of my legs.. he shuffled closer.. he was big,long and curved upwards.. the end went right through between my legs and poked the front of my mini skirt !!.. this guy had some balls !! He didnt give a fuck.. it was not long before hed gripped his cock between my legs and was furiously wanking the tip.. shaking his hand hard and fast between my thighs.. within 20 seconds i felt the weight of his fat heavy manhood briefly laid into the gusset of my hanging knickers.. and then it was gone.. i stood there disapointed.. bumping him with my bottom.. “cmon is that it?”.

Apparently so.. he gripped the sides of my knickers and quickly yanked them high up over my hips.. and pulled them until they went up my arse and the front painfully nipped at my clean shaven lips peeking out the sides… i felt a huge pang of shame wash over me as the sticky spunk filled gusset squished against me.. and i realized there would be no orgasm for me.. he was done. “you bastard” i thought.. thats it im getting off.. i waited for the next stop and pushed my way off the train.. as i stepped off i mustered the courage to glance back over my shoulder and we made eye contact for a split second before the doors slid shut.. he was a smartly dressed black guy in his 40s.. wearing a pin striped suit.. he looked at me and raised his eyebrows with a guilty expression.. if your reading this.. you certainly know how to rub a clit.. its just a shame you couldnt hold on long enough to finish the job.. oh and you owe me £18 you ruined a pair of pure silk tanga briefs from victoria secret xXx

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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