Fire Under Water Ch. 01

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Turning a page in the thick book she read, her eyes meaninglessly scanned the words in front of her. The familiar chapters of this much-loved novel rolled by, but her mind was far from the story it told. Sitting in a comfortable chair by a fire, in the pleasantly busy reception room of the Lodge, she waited for her date to arrive. They had never met in person before¬, and while they had exchanged photos, video, and above all words, her stomach flitted with butterflies at the anticipated of the introduction.

After a while she grew so used to the prolonged anticipatory state, she actually became absorbed in her book as a good part came around. Her breasts pressed against the thin fabric of her cotton dress, unhindered by a bra, and her nipples grew erect as the characters in her book tumbled in each other’s arms. Dimly taking note of movement beyond her direct line of focus, she looked up then performed a double take as she recognized a lengthy form neatly fold itself into the armchair next to hers. Their eyes locked and she noticed the slight smile on his lips, mirroring the one on her own. His eyes flowed over her features, scraped down her neck, and the brows rose as he noticed the state of her nipples. A blush blooming up her neck to her cheeks lead his gaze boldly meandering back to her eyes. The trance was broken as she shut her book with a soft clap.

“Hi, James…” she said, not a little breathless. Her breathing, already erratic from the scene she had been reading, was now quite uneven, which only exacerbated her obvious signs of arousal.

“Rachel,” the word flowed off his tongue as though it was already used to being said. “It’s a pleasure to meet you,” and with this he stretched out his hand to her. They exchanged another couple of smiles with the firm handshake, and let their fingers drag on the other’s as they released the grasp.

“My travel arrangements landed me here earlier than we agreed to meet, so I was able to check on the reservation,” she explained. “Would you like to see the cabin?” She moved to tuck her sweater back around her, and her book under her arm, as she stood. James stood as well, and they comfortably proceeded towards the front door.

“How was your trip out here?” he asked. She couldn’t help but notice his eyes tear themselves away from her breasts as they naturally bounced with her step. It was painfully obvious that she wore nothing under the dress, and the boldness with which she was aware of this was liberating.

“Oh, uneventful,” here she added a shrug. “I saw lots of trees, if you can imagine.” She gave beşiktaş escort a soft ironic chuckle to the dense forestry they were now walking through. “Here it is…”

As the cabins lined up in front of them, all a modest distance apart and quite self-contained, the one she was aiming for seemed to take on a special uniqueness. This is where they were going to be staying… alone… together… all night. A shiver ran down James’ spine as he shuffled through the thoughts that had pooled in his mind in preparation of this meeting. The door opened with a cheerful creak, and the neatly arranged innards of the domicile presented themselves. He stood a step back as she familiarly walked in and placed her book by some of her other things, admiring the view from behind. Her natural cotton dress bloomed like an inverted flower, draping over her hips and ass and ending with a swish at her knees. Her calves curved briefly, then were covered by soft leather boots. Straightening slowly, and turning, Rachel sat on the edge of the small table over which she had been leaning.

Stepping through the door he shut it firmly behind him without turning away from her. “Your pictures… are not as good as the real thing.” With this, he moved, seeming to cross the distance between them in no time. She looked up to his face as her hands placed themselves on his chest, feeling the irregular breathing that matched her own. His palms rose and cupped her cheeks, thumbs wiggling to feel her skin.

“May I… kiss you?” he asked, knowing the answer already but taking the confirmation anyway. In response she reached her neck forward, and he stooped from his lofty six foot six to meet her lips. A sigh escaped her lungs as they gently kissed for the first time, and she lightly bit his lip as they came up for air. After a moment of eye contact and silent communication of desire, they came together again, harder this time, their tongues exploring, their teeth nibbling, their lips consuming. James was pleased to discover that as he ran his hands down her body they were big enough for his thumbs to pass over her nipples with every repetition. She massaged the muscles in his neck, which turned into a sensibly firm clutch as her knees grew less supportive under the influence of his kisses.

Buttons began to pop apart, zippers gladly separated, as their clothing fell to the floor in a delirious whirl, their lips never leaving each other. Soon they stood naked in front of each other, and let go long enough to look.

“Oh my, James… You are exactly beylikdüzü escort what I want,” her voice quivered slightly as it whispered. “You are exactly what I need,” she had barely finished the sentence when he crushed her against his chest, and merged their lips again. His erection was hot against her skin, and it made her shake with desire. Confidently, he stooped and hooked his hand behind her knees, holding her close to him, he picked her up and walked toward the bed. Gently setting her down she laid herself out before him, wiggling and beckoning him closer. He leaned over her and kissed her more, this time using his fingers to pinch her nipples and knead her breasts.

“Rachel, my god, you taste so good…” he kissed her soundly before moving to her neck, her collarbone, and then her areola. Upon this combination of flesh, they both moaned. “And you are so young…” he mumbled to her perfect tits. “It’s driving me crazy!” James bit her nipple hard, and she clasped his head to her chest with a small wail of pleasure. “Oh, James,” she panted, barely able to speak, “Use me, take me, love me or fuck me I don’t care! I need you so badly…” With his ear close to her ribcage, he could hear and see her heart hammering away. A smile accompanied his lips as they ascended to meet hers once again.

Rolling above her, she moaned into his mouth as his knee parted her legs and his cock rested just outside the slippery entrance to her center. Their eyes locked once again, an unbreakable gaze of awareness for the coming excitements holding them together. With care, agonizingly slow care, James pushed to part the lips of her fiery little pussy with the head of his cock. They both forgot to breath for a second.

“Oh my god… James, oh please…” she frantically murmured to his lips. Her eyes were pleading him to go on, begging him to impale her. At last he could wait no longer, and with one motion shoved his swollen manhood into the deceptively virginal tightness of her cunt. He grunted, she uttered a small stifled scream, and both of them relished in the fact that this was only the beginning. Working in and out, he managed to fit most of his cock into her, but there was still some stretching and pushing he would have to do to completely submerge himself. With every slight movement on his behalf she was shuddering, and her legs rose to wrap themselves around his hips.

“How does it feel?” he whispered in her ear. “Are you ready for this? Can you handle it?” He peppered her with questions receiving only moans, gasps, and groans beyoğlu escort in response. “Are you ready for more…” she interrupted him with a feverish rush of kisses, biting his lip and sucking his tongue deep in her mouth. His hands came together to grasp her shoulders close to her neck, and he looked in her eyes as he pushed deeper into her dripping pussy. She moaned very loudly, with a pained look on her face that was betrayed by the gyration of her hips driving his cock further in.

That’s it, times up, he thought. He couldn’t wait any longer, couldn’t be gentle anymore, he had to possess this woman writhing under him. I have to make her mine…

One large hand wrapped itself lightly around her slender throat, not constricting but merely as a warning that the time to argue her case had passed. The other hand lowered to her breast and began to roughly roll and pinch it, driving her to further heights. Her hands scraped down his back as she raised her head and bit him on the shoulder, tasting his flesh with great enjoyment. As James began to use his cock with greater force, her hips rose to meet each thrust, their skin soon resuming a patterned smack as it came together.

“Oh James! Oh dear god!” she screamed breathlessly. “Fuck me please! As hard as you want, I can take it! Just give it to me oh my god!” Her voice rose and fell as the words she was not in control of flowed from her desires. Understanding, and wanting the same thing, he increased his efforts, completely penetrating this tight young thing with each peak of rhythm. He could feel the back of her vagina before he was all the way in, and could also feel the stretching and yearning she underwent. Something different was happening now, though, her muscles were contracting at random intervals, to the brink of being painfully tight. She had lost all hope of comprehensive speech at this point, and lay shaking and twitching under him. Feeling that wave of tension beginning to crest, he pushed himself even deeper, faster, and harder into her moist hot cunt. The moment came, he heard her scream, and his juicy and plentiful cum shot itself into her body.

They could hardly stop moving altogether after such a sprint of activity, and they rocked together as they came down from the high they shared. At last he removed himself and lay back beside her, tucking his arm behind her shoulders. They both lay panting, satisfied and glutted on the sensations of orgasm.

Sitting up suddenly, she turned to face him and planted an unutterably soft and tender kiss on his lips. Then scooted backwards, toward his feet, and lowered her warm mouth on his softened dick. Delicately and thoroughly she licked and sucked him clean, humming slightly in satisfaction at the taste combinations of both of their cum. Then she returned to his arms, smacking her lips, and nestled against his chest.

“That… was amazing.”

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