Film Festival

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It was truly one of those lust at first sight scenarios. As I read those words, it doesn’t do it justice – it sounds sleasy, or cheap – but really, it’s the best way to describe what happened. We come from completely different walks of life, and pursuing an actual relationship was out of the question, but, it seemed, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other.

I’m a grad student in English Lit, 23 years old, and met him while indulging what had up until then been a solitary pastime of mine – volunteering at the local independent cinema. My friends from school were happy to join me for a beer after seminars, or put together study groups, but somehow even just the mention of art films gave them a pressing prior engagement. But it had always been a love of mine – spending time at the small theater and watching whatever happened to be showing, whether a foreign film with subtitles or a documentary about global warming that would only months later win a politician an Oscar.

He was, I found out after spotting him a few times and finally having to ask around, one of the theater’s board members. Made sense – he didn’t seem like the scruffy intellectual type who was the stereotypical indie film buff. His role was clearly that of the philanthropist, the well-off, confident businessman who for some inexplicable reason had chosen this place as the beneficiary of some of his time and money.

It was his confidence which first caused me to notice him – the way he commanded whatever space he entered. He was probably in his mid-40s, about 6’2″ with an athletic build, distinguished with graying hair, but also still a youthful look out of his blue eyes, and always just the right amount of stubble on his face to turn me on.

The opportunity finally arose for us to be introduced, at the opening night gala for the annual film festival. I was volunteering in exchange for tickets, and he was there along with all of the other board members, each of them pitching in on some task, from taking tickets to announcing the array of films, with many of the directors in attendance to speak and answer questions about their work.

“Kristen,” said the kindly manager, Helen, “could you come here for a moment, I’d like for you to meet Jim, one of our board members.”

I walked across the room with a smile, my hand outstretched, trying to stop from blushing as I felt his eyes confidently take in my form. He was one of those men who could make it clear he was checking you out while somehow not making you feel uncomfortable. His handshake was firm but warm, and as he looked into my eyes, I could tell the attraction was mutual.

“Nice to finally meet you, Kristen. I’ve watched you working hard around here. Thanks for all that you do!”

Several patrons joined us, mingling and chatting as we waited for the curtain to go up on the first film of the festival. Jim and I had obvious chemistry, taking every reasonable opportunity to touch, constantly catching each other in an obvious glance as we talked with someone else. But I wasn’t about to make the first move. It was a fun flirtation, that was all. Or so I told myself.

“Shall we?” he asked, motioning for me to go through the door from the lobby into the theater in front of him.

“We? Aren’t you here with someone?” I asked coyly.

“No, and I’d be honored if you join me.”

And so I did, following him to his seat and enjoying the fine film with him in the midst of a packed theater. We had a few awkward moments, our hands accidentally meeting on the armrest between our seats, our feet touching occasionally as I crossed my legs, our shoulders lingering together as he leaned şişhane escort towards me in an attempt to see around the rather large hairdo in front of him. But it was an innocent enough evening.

“Perhaps I’ll see you again later this week?” he asked as he retrieved his leather jacket from the coat check and headed for the door.

“I’m sure you will, I’m signed up to help every night of the festival!”

With a wink, he zipped his jacket and stepped out into the darkness of the late evening. I worked for another hour or so, helping to clean the lobby and retrieve extra programs from the theater, before heading back to my apartment, already planning what to wear the next night. What? Well, even if I wasn’t about to make the first move, that was no reason not to be inviting in case he intended to!

Luckily, the late spring weather cooperated with my plan to wear my most flattering blue and white sundress, with a small matching sweater to cover my bare shoulders. I wore my red wavy hair down that evening, and it cascaded just past my shoulders, bouncing as I walked. The dress brought out the color of my big blue eyes, and fit every curve perfectly while remaining quite decent for a night out at the festival. I went braless, the dress cupping my 34C tits perfectly on its own.

As always, I was one of the first people in the theater, helping to get things rolling before the audience arrived. But that night in particular, attendance seemed light. Funny, I thought to myself, how many people would come out just to be seen at the opening gala, and how many fewer people actually cared to come back later in the week to watch other films. I realized that Jim hadn’t specifically said he’d be back that particular evening, and began to feel silly for worrying so much about my appearance.

But just before the movie was about to start, there he was. I looked up from a box of programs just in time to catch him looking at me as he greeted a few other filmgoers. After peeling himself away from that conversation, he walked across the lobby to me, and we began to chat.

Again, our magnetism was obvious, and by the time we had finished chatting about everything from sports to the weather to bad attendance for films with subtitles, we realized we were alone in the lobby, the film having started and everyone already in their seats.

“Oops!” he said with a laugh. Then, a mock-serious look on his face, “follow me.”

We walked up the stairs to the balcony, where I quickly saw we’d be alone, and found two seats in the front row. The balcony in this old theater was an odd one – quite small, with just a few dozen seats, and steep enough that many people didn’t feel comfortable making their way around. I rarely sat there myself, in fact. But the view of the screen was really quite good.

Almost as soon as we sat down, Jim put his arm around the back of my seat, his fingers touching the edge of the seat next to mine. It was a clear yet subtle move, as he had yet to actually touch me, but was clearly opening that door. I responded immediately, relaxing deeper into my seat, hoping to make it clear that I was encouraging his advances.

“So, you don’t mind?” he whispered into my ear, his hand now cupping my shoulder.

“No, not at all, be my guest,” I whispered back, leaning into him.

His mouth lingered near my ear, but he said nothing else for a moment, simply watching my reaction as his warm breath hit my skin. When I didn’t object, he boldly licked my ear, briefly taking my earlobe between his teeth and nibbling slightly. I couldn’t help but sigh at his expert touch, and he was şişli anal yapan escort once again encouraged.

“Would you like more, Kristen?”

“Mmmm,” was all I responded, placing my hand on his thigh. He proceeded again, his hand now slipping from my shoulder down to my chest, where he began fondling my breast through the fabric of my dress.

If he hadn’t already taken risks, he did now. “Hmm, no bra? What kind of slut must you be?”

He couldn’t have known how I would react – I might have slapped him and walked away – but somehow his use of the word turned me on even more. I turned my head towards him and hissed back, “the kind of slut who was hoping you might make a move on me tonight?”

He smiled and kissed me passionately, forcing his tongue deep into my mouth as our lips locked together. Pulling away once more, he continued with his provocative whisper, “How far are you willing to go, right here, right now, a few dozen people sitting in those seats below us?”

Yikes, I had forgotten my surroundings. My body froze for a moment as several thoughts flooded through my mind. This was already the hottest encounter I’d ever experienced, this hot older guy seducing me in the dark of the theater. The thrill of getting caught turned me on like crazy, but I really, really didn’t want to actually get caught, especially by one of the sweet older women who volunteered as ushers. And then, watching for a moment the serious documentary on the screen, I remembered the ‘Seinfeld’ episode where Jerry made out instead of watching ‘Schindler’s List’.

Stop, I told myself. I knew this theater. Alone on the balcony, we’d have at least some warning before anyone caught us. What the hell. I relaxed, letting my weight fall against his once more. I was now more aware of the sounds of other people in the theater, and the thrill of public sex was real. He whispered once more.

“Sit on the edge of your seat and spread your legs for me, Kristen.”

I did as I was told, closing my eyes and waiting to feel what he would do next. I could feel him sitting up in his seat as he found the hem of my dress with his fingers. Soon I could feel my legs exposed as he hiked up the dress, and I opened my eyes to watch as he began rubbing my clit through my panties. They were soaked with my juices already, and it was all I could do to stay quiet as he began pleasuring me with his fingers.

My hand found his bulge and I began squeezing and massaging his growing cock through his slacks, his fingers now working their way under my panties, shoving them aside. Just as I began to find a rhythm as I stroked him, he pulled away, climbing out of his seat and down to his knees in front of me. I spread my legs further to give him more room, and tried to smooth out my dress over his head, just on the off-chance someone entered the balcony and he had to remain hiding there.

That was the last of my coherent thoughts as his tongue reached my clit. He began a series of long, slow strokes from my clit down across my pussy lips, before his fingers began simultaneously probing my pussy. I gripped the armrests of my seat and pressed my toes into the floor, my body aching with the desire to cry out as he brought me to higher and higher levels of pleasure.

He gradually increased the pace and depth of his finger-fucking, and likewise the intensity of his sucking on my clit, until I finally couldn’t hold back any longer and came, my juices covering his fingers as I bit my tongue to keep from screaming. He quietly climbed back into his seat, forced his fingers into my mouth for me to taste my own şişli bdsm escort juices, and then pulled them away just as quickly, kissing me once again.

No words were necessary, I knew what he wanted next and I wanted nothing more than to return the pleasure he had just given me. Just as he had moments before, I now climbed out of my seat and got down on my knees between his legs. He unzipped his slacks and whipped out his already-hard cock, grabbed me by the hair, and pressed me down onto him until his entire length was buried in my throat.

He held me there for several moments, and I could feel his cock twitching as I cupped his balls and began massaging them. He then released his grip on my hair, and I took the signal to begin moving up and down on him. Once again, I noticed the sounds of the other people in the theater – the occasional cough or whisper, footsteps as someone left or returned to their seat – and was once again overwhelmed with excitement to be engaged in such naughty behavior.

I continued sucking, my tongue exploring the bottom of his shaft with each stroke, and my hands alternating between playing with his balls and jacking him off. His fingers, gently this time, weaved their way into my hair and encouraged my motions for a few more moments before he pulled me away. I put my elbows on his thighs and looked into his eyes, whispering, “what now?”

“You’re going to make me cum, Kristen. So the question is, where do you want me to cum? It’s up to you…”

Silently, I mouthed my response, “In my tight little pussy…”

I stood up, turned around so that I was facing away from him, and slowly hiked up my dress. He grabbed my ass cheeks in his hands and massaged them, once again pushing my panties aside, before gradually lowering me down onto his rock-hard cock. I sighed deeply as he filled me, and remained still for a moment once he was completely inside of me. Slowly and steadily, I began moving up and down on him, faster and faster, his hands reaching around to grab my tits as they bounced with each stroke.

Faster and harder now, I rode him, changing the angle now and then by shifting my legs on his, until he placed his hands on my shoulders and once again slowed my motions down to nothing. He whispered in my ear once more, his voice now so familiar. “Trust me?”

“Yes,” I hissed back.

“Then stand up, put your hands on the railing, and spread your legs wide for me.”

I understood now why he asked about trust. He was suggesting a position from which we’d be much more obvious, should anyone enter the balcony from behind us, or look up towards us from the floor below. But I did trust, and more importantly, I did want him to fuck me from behind until we both came.

I followed his directions, and he immediately positioned himself behind me and thrust into me in one smooth stroke. Once inside me, he placed his hands on the railing alongside mine and began fucking me furiously. I looked down for a moment and saw the dozens of people below us, eagerly watching the screen, but sure to look up if they heard an odd noise. As he pounded into me, I bit my tongue once again to avoid crying out.

It was only a few moments more before we both reached the pinnacle of pleasure. I came first, watching the people below us as I felt my pussy throb, my juices flow, and wave after wave of feeling rush through my body. My orgasm seemed to lead to his, as I felt his cum shoot deep into me just as I was coming down from the heights of my pleasure. We remained in that position for a few moments more, Jim placing a few delicate kisses on my neck as his cock remained buried inside me.

We did our best to make ourselves presentable as the final credits rolled on the big screen, although we still smelled of sex. We agreed to make separate exits from the balcony, just in case anyone was paying attention, but only after agreeing to enjoy the next four nights of the film festival from the same seats.

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