Female Chivalry

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I step out of the shower. It’s silent around the dorm all of a sudden. I dry myself with my blue towel, then all of a sudden I see him. Tall, dark and handsome. He is the epitome of all that is fine and manly. All that is strong and good in the world. He is all that and more. Masculine and irresistible. My man. He looks at me from our bed. I read the desire in his eyes. I want him. And what I want, I will take. Of course, he has to be willing. I know he will be. He almost never denies me.

I join him in our bed. He takes me into his arms. I am but a small girl. Five feet six inches and one hundred and twenty pounds of olive-skinned, brown-eyed, short-haired, Greek-American girl. He is six feet three inches and two hundred and thirty pounds of strong American man. He is so strong and fine. His big dick is so damn big. He enters me in one swift thrust. I feel a stabbing of pain and pleasure as his thick cock enters my pussy. He is fucking me hard and quick. Just the way I love it. We fuck. He is deep inside me. He is thrusting. He is slamming his cock into my pussy. We fuck. He cums. So do I. We’re done.

I look into his eyes. What we just did was awesome. Spontaneous sex. Most couples who’ve been together for as long as we have lost that ability a long time ago. We are not an ordinary couple. He is a man who has had many lovers. He has loved men. He has also loved women. Whatever woman or man he wants, he takes. He is after all a bisexual stud. For now, he is mine. He is in my arms, resting. He had a grueling day of practice at the athletic center. I look at his strong body which is so vulnerable and yet so strong. I caress his buttocks. He is aware of everything but does not move. I reach under the bed, for my special tools. I caress his buttocks, and gently spread them.

My curious tongue wonders between his buttocks and I start to lick him like there’s no tomorrow. I love the taste of a man’s ass. I think I love it as much as I like eating a woman’s pussy. Yes, I am a bisexual female. I lick his ass and fondle his long, thick cock. I look at his cock, which brought me so much pleasure just a few moments ago. His cock is long and thick. He is uncircumcised. A natural man. He is the way a man should be. Without any alterations made by foolish society. He is all that is great about masculinity and more.

I suck his cock and lick his balls. My fingers wander into his anus, and he does not move. I bahis firmaları lick and probe this dark orifice. I want to do so much more. I hesitate. Will he let me do what I’ve been asking him for so long? Although he is bisexual, I know for a fact that his ass has never been penetrated. He is a top. Always. He’s fucked my ass many times. I love it when he is fucking my ass. I love trying new positions with him. I love it when I am lying on my back, with my eyes closed as he drills his cock into my tight back door. Another favorite of mine is when I am on all fours, facing away from him and he is kneeling behind me, thrusting that thick cock of his into my asshole. His cock is so big and usually goes so deep that he makes me scream. Yes, that big cock of his makes me scream in pain and pleasure whether he is fucking my pussy or my ass. His cock has tamed the bottoms of many. Mine especially. Now, I want him to know what it’s like. This is not punishment. This is my fantasy. Only that. Nothing more.

I look at him. He is looking at me. He is so handsome and so fine. Will he let me? I ask his permission. If he doesn’t want to, I will stop this and never ask for it again. I will do as he says. It’s my fantasy but it’s his body. I respect his rights as a man. He smiles and closes his eyes. I smile. He has given me the green light. I take the tools I have brought specifically for this. A strap on dildo and a bottle of lubricant. I lovingly grease up my man’s asshole. I suck his cock as I do this. I can’t believe my fantasy is about to come true. He has granted my request. I wanted to do him for a change. Just once, before I die.

I fasten the strap on around my waist. I hold the plastic cock and rub it against my man’s back door. Slowly, I push it inside. I push my plastic cock inside him. He doesn’t open his eyes. His face remains tight. I don’t want this. I want him to relax and enjoy it. I want to make love to him, no matter how weirdly. This isn’t some weird female domination game. This is just an act of love and kink between a loving couple. I push it inside him, and gently caress his face as I fuck him. Yes, I am fucking him. I have fucked all of my female lovers but I have never fucked someone I loved. Now, I am. I slide deep inside him. He moans in what I hope is pleasure. Slowly, I pull out.

As I fuck him, I kiss his lips. He is so beautiful. I love him so much. Out of all the men and women in this world, kaçak iddaa he is the only person I’ve ever loved. I trust him completely. I wasn’t sure if he trusted me. Now, I know he does. And I absolutely love him for it. I don’t think less of him for letting me fuck him. I swear I don’t. Would you think less of me for letting him fuck me in the ass all those times? I hope you wouldn’t. It’s something I did because I loved him and because I enjoyed it. Yes, I enjoyed it. It’s just another way of making love with the man I love.

I pull the dildo out of him and take his cock into my mouth. I suck him and lick him until he explodes all over my face. Many women don’t like it when their men do this. I don’t care. I’m with someone I love. Boundaries are illusions. My man has experienced pleasure thanks to me. His eyes open. There is some uncertainty in them. I look at him with all the love I feel in my heart. He smiles at me. I kiss him once more. He pulls me into his strong arms and kisses me. I feel his hard cock underneath me. I want to feel him inside me. I want him to take me, just as I’ve taken him. As if reading my mind, he grins maliciously. I lick my lips. He’s going to fuck my brains out. I am so going to get it!

He grabs me roughly and throws me on all fours. You may think he’s harsh but I’m loving every minute of it. I feel his big hands on my hips and he smacks my bottom. I gasp. It felt so damn good. I feel his cock rubbing against my butt. I want to feel that cock of his deep inside. In places where the sun doesn’t shine. I spread my butt cheeks wide open, and feels his cock press against my asshole. His cock is so big and I can’t wait to feel it inside me. He enters my back door with one firm thrust. I feel his big cock in my ass. It fills me up. Completely.

He is slamming his cock deep into my ass and I am loving every minute of it. There’s something indescribable about having a dick in your ass. A big dick going where the sun doesn’t shine. It fills you up. It stretches the walls of your anal cavity. It conquers you. It tames you. It doesn’t matter what kind of woman you are. You could be a woman at the top of the corporate ladder. If your boyfriend is a cab driver and his cock is lodged up your asshole, he is taming you. Don’t lie. You’re loving it. I know I do. I love it. He thrusts deep inside me. It’s in moments like these that I can finally let go. All my stress. All my worries. All my arrogance. kaçak bahis Liberation came to me in the form of a big cock in my ass. My man continued to thrust his cock up my ass until he came inside me. Shot his load right up my ass. I felt abased. Abased, yet more incredibly alive than ever before.

I wince as he pulls out of me. I fall on my back and lie on the bed. He is lying on top of me. There’s a smile on his face. I know what he is thinking. He is the master. He is the top. He is the man and I am his woman. He is in control. He can believe that if he wants. He hasn’t abased me. He has simply brought me to the heights of ecstasy. I couldn’t have gotten there on my own. What he did for me was to let me experience raw sexuality. I took him earlier because I knew it would only encourage him to take me as he had never taken me before. He had to show me who’s boss. That’s what he thinks, no matter what.

I don’t care who’s the boss in the office or the boardroom. In the bedroom, we’re all partners. I don’t care if you’re a man or a woman. There’s no independent woman or man when it comes bedtime. Only partners. That is, unless you’re into solo masturbation. He needs my sweet, hot little body. He needs my hungry holes. I need his hunky male body. I need his hard cock. I need it badly, in my mouth, my pussy and my ass. Oh, yes. Especially my ass. There’s something forbidden about anal sex. It brings out the true colors of the men and women brave enough to try it. I look at this man and I realize that I love him. He doesn’t like it when I defend him since he’s so macho and strong but I would gladly lay down my life for him. Not just because of the sex. The sex is but an expression of my love for him. Call it Female Chivalry if you’d like.

I don’t care. We lie on the bed, tired from all of our sexy games. He is asleep in my arms. He is so pretty. I’ve always found men to be extremely beautiful. In their rugged way, their beauty is so real. So palpable. A woman’s beauty changes under different lights and places and circumstances. It changes depending on the mood. Men stay the way they are. Society wants to change them. Politics. I wouldn’t change a damn thing about any man on earth, especially the one lying next to me. I love him, and all of his male brethren, just the way they are. In fact, I envy them sometimes. I’ve fantasized about what it would be like to be a guy. It’s not something I tell people. I am content to be a girl, and I am pleased to be his. I caress his face as he sleeps. He is my wonderful man. And God help any woman or man who dares hurt him. They’ll have to deal with me.

The End.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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