Fantasy Man Pt. 09

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“You know how it goes. Take one, pass it back. You’ll have an hour and a half. Take your time, use it wisely. When you’re done, bring them up to me,” Dr. Windsor said to her waiting students.

She bounced as she walked to the front row. There was no other word for it. Her clothes were professional but so goddamn tight she threatened to burst out of them. Corbin stiffened at the sight, thinking amusedly how this started with him getting a hardon in her class and her seeing it in a moment of embarrassment. Now he was plotting to fuck her. What an odd semester it had been.


Every moment of the last few months built to this. His girlfriend Jessica planned to form Corbin into a lady killer. Anyone he wanted on campus could be his, she told him, and so far, she hadn’t been proven wrong. Their ultimate goal back then was for him to sleep with Dr. Windsor, one of the hottest women on campus and his crush.

Corbin didn’t give a damn anymore about the sexy professor. This had moved well beyond that. This was about his future. Jessica’s future.

Their future.

Gone was all his doubt about what he wanted and if he deserved Jessica Nakamura, the fantasy woman of his dreams. Her self-doubts would always plague her, a scar he was willing and happy to kiss when she needed it.

He was ready for this game to be over, and so was she. He could feel that too in every anticipatory moment they spent together, in the way neither of them slept at night. Corbin might only be nineteen, but he knew with absolute unflinching certainty what he wanted in life. To be with Jessica, forever.

If he managed to pull this off, he got whatever he wanted out of their relationship. If he failed, she would get the same. That they both wanted to get married and have a family was clear, but it was the proposal that hung in the balance. He had a plan in motion on how he wanted to pop the question, but Corbin had nearly caved in and done it a dozen times since he bought the ring over the fall break, aided by Jessica’s father and her brother. Every morning Corbin woke up next to Jessica and thought that would be the day he’d propose. Every evening, after they fucked or made love, depending on their mood, he thought about asking her, about starting the next part of their journey together.

Patience, he told himself. You can make it.

Everything was set to try to sleep with Pamela Windsor. There was no more planning to be done. Nothing that needed to be bought or prepared or any of that. All that was left was to make his move, such a simple one it was almost laughable. Would Dr. Windsor say no? Probably. He was a student, she was his professor. He’d fucked her daughter a few times. Same with one of her colleagues and best friends. By now Pamela had to know there was blood in the water and he was circling.

If he didn’t do this, Jessica might try to propose to him, or tell him to propose to her, and he would, unquestionably.

This was worth every risk.

He took the stack of tests from the student in front of him, laid his out, and twisted around to hand them to the next one. When he turned back around, this time, he was certain Dr. Windsor was looking at him. His heart and his spirit might be ready to move on, but his body still roared for her. He wanted to take her every way he could.

Soon, he told himself, giving her a wide, easy smile. Either I’m going to be fucking you or you’re going to throw me out of your house. Either way, an end. Finally.

She smiled back. He thought the challenge in her eyes was about the final. Corbin couldn’t have known what she already knew.

But he was going to find out.


* * *

Christmas lights twinkled merrily in Sam and Corbin’s dorm room. The string they bought was too long for just the window, so they ended up buying another couple strings and hung them from the ceiling to give the room a brilliant cheery vibe.

The room was jam-packed with friends. Corbin and Jessica were seated together at a corner of his bed, his legs spread wide so she could sit between them. Sam’s friends Patrick and Dan took up corners of the two guys’ beds, while Sam and his new girlfriend Mary sandwiched back against a wall, bags of Chinese food beside them. Kacey and her boyfriend, a bearish guy named Manny, sat together on the room’s wooden chairs. Kacey and Mary’s friend Shawna was no longer in the picture. From what Corbin understood, her sarcasm and bitterness became too much over Thanksgiving break and she was now hanging with a different crowd.

The party marked an end to the semester. With only one day of finals left, everyone would be scattering to the winds until January. Sam and Mary lived pretty close by to each other, just an hour’s drive in heavy traffic and markedly less so in anything lighter, and would get to see each other plenty over the break. That was good. Their coupling was a new thing, born just a couple weeks prior over a fun group date with Kacey and her guy as well as Corbin and Jessica. Sam thought he flubbed it, considering he stuttered through every conversation, but Mary found something about his halkalı escort nervousness and goofiness sweet. And as it turned out, they shared a lot of interests in the same things. Their favorite date nights were spent at a local games shop, huddled over rulebooks and character sheets with Patrick and Dan.

Things were just drawing to a close. Corbin and Jessica needed to get moving soon. They would be going back to her place first, then Corbin would be going on. One last step, and then his and Jessica’s future stopped being a roll of the dice.

Jessica had been quiet most the evening. Neither of them had done much more than pick at their dim sum and Sichuan pork. Corbin didn’t want to overeat, but he wasn’t sure why Jessica seemed reluctant to eat. Nerves, he supposed. She had a lot riding on this too.

One aspect did bother him quite a bit. Back when Jessica gave him a lesson on spontaneity, he had to sleep with a random person over a weekend she was gone. That person was Kacey, and though she was a great woman and now a good friend, Corbin discovered a lot about himself that weekend, namely that he didn’t want to fool around with anyone if Jessica wasn’t going to be there. That night, Corbin could see no organic way of bringing Jessica along with him and still managing to pull this off. It would be awkward enough as a solo effort. But to try and force a threesome on a professor out of nowhere was a bit too far even for his newfound self-confidence.

He didn’t like the idea of sleeping with Dr. Windsor when Jessica wasn’t there. It felt like cheating, even if she knew about it and had always been the one to push this as a final test of her ability to transform him into the ultimate fantasy man. Doing this without her when they worked so hard to achieve this felt wrong, but it was far more basic than that. Corbin didn’t want to feel like he was going behind Jessica’s back, even if the thought of driving his cock in and out of Dr. Windsor’s sweet MILFy pussy set off every charge inside him.

His megrims evaporated when a timer on Manny’s phone went off. He reached over and squeezed Kacey’s knee. Funny how he always needed to be touching her when Corbin was around. Good guy, but possessive, and he knew they’d hooked up.

“Movie time,” Manny said.

Kacey took his hand in hers. “Mm, popcorn and Chinese all in the same night. I’m going to get so fat.”

“Good!” Manny said cheerfully. “Easier for me to grab you and pin you down for some of the fun stuff.” She let go of his hand and smacked his hip.

“Sam, keep our leftovers,” Corbin said to his roommate.

“You can have ours too,” Manny said. Corbin might have been dense when it came to relationships, but he was smart enough to pick up the guy was trying to match him measure for measure. Corbin had to fight a tiny grin. Dan and Patrick echoed the pair of them.

“You guys sure?” Sam asked.

Mary elbowed him. “Shhh, be quiet. Moo goo gai pan for breakfast tomorrow.” She moaned for emphasis.

Sam said in a hurry, “Right, yeah, what was I thinking?”

“Hey, Sam, you got that thing?” Jessica asked.

“Yup!” Sam said, sliding off his bed. “Hey, guys, can we catch up? I need to give Jessica and Corbin something.”

The rest of the room cleared out, leaving the two roommates and Jessica. Even Mary left. Sam stowed away the leftovers, then knelt by the foot of his bed.

“This was actually Jessica’s idea,” Sam said.

“Dude, you don’t have to get me anything,” Corbin said.

“No, no, I’m not. Just returning some things.” Sam handed Jessica a box and lifted another tote himself. They opened them up, and inside were all of Corbin’s action figures and statuettes from the beginning of the semester. He gave them to Sam when Jessica told him his half of the room was decorated childishly. It led to a fight, the biggest and so far only one of their relationship, but they had long since mended things.

“My landlord gave me the okay to put in some shelves,” Jessica said, rubbing Corbin’s back. “When we’re on break, a friend’s going to install them in the living room and our bedroom.”

“Aw, hey,” Corbin said, picking one of them up and chuckling. “That’s awesome.”

“It’s the one part of you I wish I hadn’t tried to change,” she said, moving her hand to his cheek. “I told you this kind of stuff would push women away, but the truth is, anyone who would let something like this ruin a chance with a guy like you, they’d be a real bitch.” She smiled, but it didn’t last, and she added quietly, “Like me.”

“No,” Corbin said. “Never.”

“Definitely not,” Sam agreed.

“I don’t want you to ever think you shouldn’t be who you are, or not like what you like. It’s our home, not just mine. I want you to be as comfortable in it as me.”

“Thanks, Jessica,” Corbin said, hugging her tight. She sniffed and gestured to Sam. He joined them, and for a moment, all the tension, all the worries faded.

* * *

Jessica stared out at the city as they cruised carefully down the road. One more day, and Corbin would be olgun escort flying out. A few more until she went to the airport to meet her family in Mexico.

Weeks apart. She hated the thought. Hated it so much it brought tears to her eyes. She tried to focus on the good, that she and her mother would be spending some good quality time together, that maybe they could continue the healing they started over Thanksgiving break. But thinking about her bed, empty, waking up alone without Corbin beside her, it sent her into a dark mood, even knowing what was coming.

Or who.

“You all right?” Corbin asked quietly.

She blinked away the tears and turned to give him a tiny nod. “Yeah. I’m okay. Game face, baby.”

“Almost to the finish line,” he agreed.

“When you crash and burn, I’m going to make you my relationship servant.”

“Oh yeah?” Corbin asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I think I’ll be generous and let you sleep on the couch.”

“It’s a pretty comfy couch.”

“It is, isn’t it? Hm. Not much of a punishment.”

He laughed softly. “And if I win… hmmm.”

Jessica shivered delightedly at the thought. Corbin already had won. He just didn’t know it yet. She didn’t know when or how he would propose, but he’d been cagey about some texts between Thanksgiving and the Christmas break. There was no guile to him – he was one of the worst liars she’d ever met – so Jessica held no fear he was seeing someone else, despite his claims the ninja texts were from Selena Gomez sending him boob pics.

Was he planning it for tomorrow? Oh God, imagine that. Imagine them going to the airport, only for him to say at security, “Oh, I forgot, I need to give you this,” and then turning and kneeling. Imagine stepping off the plane in Mexico to show her family the ring on her finger. The thought warmed her up.

Or maybe… maybe when they saw each other again. Just as she was flying out last, she would be flying back to Agramonte first. What if she picked him up and he said, “We need to take a detour?” Then maybe he’d have some beautiful spot picked out, like the park where they told each other they wanted to be in a relationship and not just friends anymore.

What kind of a ring would Corbin give her? She hoped it wasn’t too expensive. Not that he wasn’t good with his money but Jessica didn’t need a fancy ring. Something to catch her eye in an odd moment, something to touch when she was apart from him. That was all she wanted.

“All I want is you,” she said out loud.

“Ohhh, but that’s if you win,” Corbin said, tapping a finger against his lip. “If I win, if I win… hm. Well, first things first, we are putting a full-sized sexy mural of Bigfoot in the bedroom. Obviously.”

“Obviously,” Jessica agreed.

“Then we’re going to talk about a fondue set on either side of the bed. Mne will be chocolate, yours cheese.”

“I’m wondering why we’re not putting fondue pots beside the bed right now.”

“Every Friday night will be you mud wrestling one of our sexy friends.”

“Ooh, this just gets better and better.”

They made the turn onto her street. “Costumes too. Not to spoil your Christmas present, but think Italian plumber, mustache, the whole works.”

She laughed. God, but Corbin could always make her laugh.

Two weeks, her mind whispered.

At home, they lugged in his action figures, Corbin still coming up with wild ideas for his win. Jessica’s laughter and smile felt plastic to her. He only stopped upstairs, when he had to shower and freshen up. His jokes ended, their smiles faded. Jessica walked out of there to sit on the edge of the bed.

When he finished up and came out, his aftershave left her wanting to explore him with her tongue, to taste every inch of him. Jessica marveled at the changes in him since they met. Gone were the extra pounds and the shaggy look. In their place was a man, young, well-muscled, eyes soulful and sweet.

“What do you think for tonight?” he asked, unaware she was studying him so intently as he dug through the closet. “Khakis and a long sleeve tee, maybe? Or do you think jeans?”

“I think tonight you decide,” Jessica said. “This is your final exam. Teacher can’t help you anymore.”

The words were meant as playful, but there was a hitch to them. Corbin turned and studied her. The twinkle in his eyes vanished, and he came to her.

“Everything changes tonight,” Jessica whispered.

“Yeah.” He took her hands, and kissed them before leaning down to kiss her too. “Jess, it’s not too late. We’re not committed to anything here.”

“No. I want you to try doing this. For science.”

He didn’t smile. “I mean it. I’ll give you the win. Whatever you want, tonight. “

Jessica’s heart soared. “Anything?”

“Jessica Nakamura, I’ve been utterly yours since you came to my dorm room.” He slid one finger under her chin and tilted her head up. His thumb came up and brushed away the fresh tears spilling down her cheeks. “You can always have whatever ii is you want from şişli escort me. Now and forever.”

“After this Christmas break…” she started, and he was pushing her down to the bed, chasing her lips.

“Tell me,” he breathed against her.

“I know it won’t always be possible. I’m a realist.” He pulled back, looking into her eyes. She roped her hands around his neck. “But I don’t want to spend another holiday away from you.”

He nodded. “Me either.”

His fingers fell away from her face, to the hem of her sweater. She almost let him do it, almost gave in to the need, but before he untucked it from her jeans, she took his hands and pulled them away. She shook her head, trying to smile through the wave of emotions she felt for him.

“You need to save it.”

A flash of confusion crossed his eyes, but Corbin nodded and pulled back to get dressed, both of them silent.

When he was ready, he dug through the end table for his condoms and came up with an empty box of condoms. “Ah damn, I thought I had a couple left,” he said. “Not any on your side, is there? Maybe I tossed them in there.”

Jessica hurried to look. “Nope.”

“Ugh. I’ll need to stop along the way.” He grabbed up his wallet and his keys, and studied Jessica, a faint smile spreading on his face. “I’m getting all twisted up here. Almost there, baby.”

“You’re going to do great.”

“I’ll settle for doing okay enough not to get my ass chewed out and my grade lowered. How do I look?”

“Hm, twirl around for me?”

He did, putting his hands on his butt and giving it a playful spank. She grinned, and came to him to adjust his collar and trace his chest. They held each other a long moment, not speaking, just swaying, and finally Jessica leaned up to kiss the corner of his mouth.

So much planning. So many secrets. She tried to keep up the somber look. Tried not to grin.

“Go get her.”

He nodded. “No pressure. No pressure.”

They headed downstairs. Corbin grabbed up the presents he bought ostensibly for Sasha and her mother, but really to use as an excuse to drop by Dr. Windsor’s house. They already made arrangements with Sasha to not be there. Jessica told Corbin they’d be going out for drinks and maybe get up to a little fun themselves.

She walked him out. There were no words there at the last, just one last soft kiss. Two weeks, she told herself again, her hands trembling as they clasped his cheeks.

Two weeks, and then forever.

When Corbin pulled out onto the street, she watched him just long enough to see him make the turn, then whipped out her phone and called a number

* * *


Corbin stared up at the big two-story house. The Windsor home was decorated with a few tasteful white lights, and a thick tree dominated one big window. Otherwise it seemed sleepy and dark. Maybe Dr. Windsor had gone out after all. That would be funny, wouldn’t it? Thwarted not by a no, but by her not being home?

He chuckled to himself, but there was no humor in it. In his mind’s eye he kept seeing Jessica’s tears. At the pharmacy buying condoms, all he could think about was her, not Dr. Windsor.

This felt like cheating. This so very much felt like cheating.

Do it for Jessica and the proposal, he told himself. That was a cheap justification and he knew it. He wanted Dr. Windsor, plain and simple. If he did this, it wasn’t something he could lay at Jessica’s feet. It had to be his decision.

He got out.

“Fuck,” he muttered to himself as he pulled the presents out of the back seat.

Sasha and Pamela kept their sidewalk fastidiously clear of snow. A trio of lights on either side cast warmth against the front patio. It was an intimidating home, even in daylight, but no less beautiful for it. Three stone steps, and then he was on the front porch, heading for the big ornate door.

Corbin knocked.

He thought for sure his gut instinct on pulling up was right, that no one was home. He even started to turn, but then he heard it, a faint voice saying, “Hold on.” A minute passed, maybe two. He turned, looking up and down the street, shivering from the breeze. Then the voice again.

Dr. Windsor asked, “Who is it?”

“It’s Corbin Block, Dr. Windsor.”

She opened the door, not quite a crack, but definitely not all the way, either. Her hair was down, and she wore a short, silky robe with frill at the bottom and along the wrists of the long sleeves. Corbin had a hard time not looking at her tanned, toned legs, or the swell of her breasts so very well defined by the material.

This was already going better than he expected.

“Corbin? What are you doing here?”

He raised the packages and smiled apologetically. “I’m sorry if I caught you at a bad time. I’m getting ready to fly out tomorrow and delivering some last-minute Christmas presents.”

“Oh, that’s so very sweet,” she said, pulling the door open. “Come on in out of that cold for a minute.”

“Thanks,” Corbin said.

Holy crap. He was in. The Hail Mary had worked so far.

The interior of the home was well-kept but obviously lived in. The big couch, loveseat, and matching armchairs were made for comfort. The coffee table, an oval-shaped thing with nymphs carved into the side, had a couple coffee ring stains on its top. The walls were well-spotted with pictures of both Pamela and Sasha, a lot of them together. Books stuffed a big bookcase beside the door, all of which looked as though the spines had taken a beating. Well loved, then.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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