Fan Clubs Pt. 02

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Emerson was so pissed; she felt high school, which had treated her very well, was the social high point of her life. Her first visit to her future college campus went okay, but she did not stand out at all. There were so many hot girls coming and going that she was considering dating the opposite sex, joining them instead of competing against them. Emerson tried to compare them to her busty rival in high school, but it was no use. Along with more than a few Vanessa clones, there were types that stood out for so many other reasons than a great body. Emerson almost had a meltdown when she realized her high school had not prepared her for the reality of college; she hated that she was lusted after so much in high school; her fan club of horny students seemed so silly now. Emerson did something she had not done in a long time on her way home from the college visit: ordered a milkshake.

It bothered Emerson that because of her status at school, she had to date either college guys or guys from rival schools — it would have put too much pressure on an in-school relationship. Lack of privacy and meddling students was too much to go through for either Emerson or Vanessa. They gladly passed and looked for boyfriend material elsewhere.

The Vanessa camp started the rumor that a college guy had taken Emerson’s virginity, declaring that their girl was still chaste. Actually, both girls, weaving in-and-out of sexual boundaries, remained virgins. Emerson had quite a few more sexual events than Vanessa, usually ending with either cum on her hands, cum on her face, or with dirty fingers inside her pussy.

Her latest boyfriend — a 22-year old guy who worked in sales and claimed he was engaged — was cheating on his fiancee with Emerson. She disliked him and made up her mind he was not going to get her virginity. Emerson thought he would make a good prom date to outdo whatever guy Vanessa brought. That did not go as planned. Vanessa’s date new her date and outed him as a guy who perpetually claimed he was engaged to make himself appear desirable. To her credit, Vanessa did not make an issue of the discovery, but Emerson was seething regardless.

Reaching out to Vanessa, wanting to give the rivalry — which started when both girls developed D cup breasts freshman year and became objectified by the boys in school — a sense of closure as graduation neared, Emerson felt that Vanessa also thought it had been silly and a waste of time. Emerson, the blonde, and Vanessa, the redhead, spoke for the first time since their freshman year. Part of Emerson found Vanessa attractive; her sapphic curiosity awoke that day. Other than that, it felt as though they would go their separate ways and to separate colleges. Emerson did notice one thing that surprised her: A very active member of her own fan club, a senior named Matt, got into Vanessa’s car and drove away with her. Before they drove off, Vanessa took pictures with a group of guys standing by her car.

That night, Emerson sent Matt a text, asking him what had caused him to go over to the other side. Had she not been desirable enough for him? He answered that he needed a ride home, and Vanessa was his neighbor. Instantly, she thought it would be good to have a spy like Matt who might serve some good. She called him while she lay in bed, rubbing herself to thoughts of her encounter with Vanessa.

“Why was she taking selfies and posing like her arms have muscles?” Emerson asked.

“Those guys asked her to,” Matt said.

“Was she friendly with you?”

“A little, yeah.”

“Did you see us talking after school the other day?”

“Yeah. That was wild.”

“Who do you think looked better?”

“The blonde did,” Matt said, wondering if Emerson might spot the lie. She did not.

Emerson paused a second, thinking of her next question.

“I know you have been on my side, but who do you think is hotter?” Emerson said.

“It is very close,” Matt said, enjoying the conversation.

“Of course. I know that. Don’t just say the blonde or the redhead, explain who and why.”

“I think the boobs is a good place to start.”

“Start there,” Emerson said, confident she had it.”

“It’s mesmerizing seeing boobs bounce. Hers don’t bounce at all. Must be her bra or something.”

“Interesting,” Emerson said, “maybe she uses some sort of extra support.”

“I don’t know.”

“I think I win that comparison,” Emerson said, deciding for Matt.

“That one, yes.”

“I think my ass is better than hers.”

“Wait, not just yet on that one.”

“What?” Emerson said, sounding annoyed.

“Yours is amazing, no doubt, but she brings it, too.”

“Explain that!”

“I like that her hips frame her ass. Yours is great, but I give this one to her.”

Emerson was quiet; she was expecting to sweep her rival, and was a little upset with Matt.

“Legs are even,” Matt said, starting up again. “Both of you have good height and the length and shape of legs is good.”

“So, you probably feel in control because you get canlı bahis to decide who wins, huh?”

“You asked me to choose.”

“Choose, then,” Emerson said testily.

“I guess all that is left, not all, but a major factor, is the face.”


“I think her face can seem harder; she has sharper features. Your features are softer. You get the face and overall hotness. Plus, your hair is so cool, blonde,” Matt said.

“Okay,” I have to make another phone call. Emerson said without thanking him.


Mr. Giersten had been Emerson’s freshman year History teacher; he always acknowledged her in the hallways, singling her out almost with a verbal ‘hello’ or with a simple wave. Emerson sat on his desk now, during his lunch break. There was a lunch bag in the middle of the desk, smelling of something meaty and greasy. The teacher was all smiles.

“I am glad you came for a visit,” Mr. Giersten said. “With school ending and your graduation around the corner, this feels like goodbye. No more greetings in the hallways. I will certainly miss those occasions.”

“I will too,” Emerson said.

“You’re going to college in-state?”

She wanted to say that she was going to some well-known school, but her grades had not allowed for that. Looking away from her former teacher, she said, “yes.”

“Just work hard. I know you have it in you.”

Emerson smiled at him, recalling that he genuinely seemed to favor her over Vanessa. The two actually sat side-by-side in class, giving him a peek at their maturing bodies and at their rivalry. The space between their desks was cold and students usually stayed away from it; Mr. Giersten would sometimes pause in that frigid zone, getting a whiff of their perfume and a look down their blouses. As harsh as sitting next to Vanessa was, Emerson had good memories of her teacher.

“You were the best,” Emerson said, turning to him with her arms wide apart for a hug; her breasts met his face before she gave him a wet kiss.

The embrace lasted a good while, Emerson rewarding one of her favorite teachers. His thick body and well-maintained beard were always a turn on for her; she felt a sense of power went with the two. Emerson gave him another kiss, finally breaking it off, making sure he got a peek down her blouse one last time. A wave and a smile from her, and she was off down the; her heels playing a sweet tune for his delight.


There was a pool party at Amy Archer’s that she had told her fan club boys she was going to. When pressed on what type of swimwear she planned on wearing, Emerson told them she was going to feature a string bikini with a thong bottom; she said this without trying it on. When she did, she realized that perhaps she had made a mistake. The bikini was orange and revealed too much. Her butt cheeks looked a little flabby and her tits appeared struggling under a tight top. If she was of average looks, she would have crushed it, but her elite status demanded more, and she was jeopardizing her reputation. She had decided not to go, but changed her mind when she saw pictures of Vanessa posing smugly. Emerson hated the smile on her rival’s face. She would do her best with the lack of coverage; hopefully she could keep some of her admirers close by to shield the sun and critical eyes of others.

One of her fans sent her a text that he could not wait to see her in the bikini and could she send a pic of her in it. She told him to wait for a minute and took a selfie, holding the bikini by its strings in her mouth. He told her it was so hot, so she sent him another pic of her sticking her tongue out.

“Wow! Never knew your tongue was so long!” He said.

“Oh, yeah!” Emerson said, looking at the bikini, wondering if she could pull it off; she was upset that her diet of late had included more junk food than usual, and she had not exercised in a while.

After sending another selfie — puckering her lips this time — she took off her clothes and crawled into bed. Her cell phone, which she left on the nightstand, was notifying her of incoming messages; she put it on airplane mode and put the covers over her.


“That is a hot bikini!” Someone said, as Emerson was bombarded with people saying ‘hello’ to her.

The bottoms were a thong; her butt cheeks were completely tanned. Emerson had made a quick run to the tanning booth the day before; she did not want any tan lines ruining her image. The top, which was made of thin material, covered her boobs well; only a little inner-boob was showing; the side-boobs were not on display at all. Her small nipples were erect and the aureolas were outlined. Still, it felt a little tight.

There were three graduating seniors, three loyal fans, that Emerson had flirted with since her arrival. Her instructions to them were to keep everyone else at a good distance from her. They were right there — up close — for all the bouncing and thigh quaking her body featured that day.

No other girl got as much attention, except one: Amy Archer’s younger bahis siteleri sister. Amy had not received much in the way of boobs and booty; both of those promises were not delivered. However, her sister was a different story; Wendy had a beautiful face that was augmented by a hybrid body that was both curvy and athletic with a negligible amount of body fat. Posing at the edge of the pool and standing nearly three inches taller than Emerson, Wendy definitely stole away some of the blonde’s inner circle away, especially those not graduating that year.

When one of the three boys that was triangulated around here seemed like he wanted to get closer to Wendy, Emerson grazed his cock with her arm and smiled at him. His eyes lit up, and he stayed close, glancing at Wendy from time to time. All the attention she was getting and giving to her security detail was draining. Plus, Emerson had to take selfies or had pictures taken of her. When some guy did a double biceps pose, he encouraged her to do the same. Emerson knew it was in response to Vanessa’s recent pic. Emerson, tired and not thinking clearly, went ahead and mocked Vanessa.

During what felt like a transition moment — the energy of the party opening commingled with the expectations of the party-goers — to Emerson, she found herself outflanked and out in the open. Wendy must have known her intent all along because she sauntered over to Emerson, emphasized the height difference as much as she could. Both girls — standing by the pool with the sun spraying the portrait — understood the showdown had come. There was no doubt that Wendy lost out in who was curvier comparison, but she bounded past Emerson in facial dominance and overall fitness of body. It was not a crushing defeat for Emerson, but one that snuck up on her no doubt.

“Are you okay?” “Wendy said.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” Emerson said, testily.

Wendy was going to say something else, but instead looked to see what had Emerson’s attention: A group of Emerson’s fanboys were zeroed in on her instead of Emerson. Wendy just smiled and walked away.


The text from Matt did not come as a surprise; although, she expected him at the party. He now said he wanted to see her in the orange bikini she had worn because he missed the party. Pictures online were not enough; he needed to see her in person at her convenience. Emerson, finding comfort in what Matt wanted, told him that, sure, she would meet with him Monday at her house after school. No one would be there.


Matt was standing by his locker, looking at how empty it was getting; he had been tossing everything out. He suddenly felt a hand on his back; fingernails scratching his shirt. He wondered if it were Vanessa but knew only Emerson acted like that. Matt turned to find Emerson standing there; her eyes, while subdued, gave off a rebellious front.

“Let’s go,” she said.

What about lunch?” Matt said.

“You’re joking?”

“Yes. Let’s get out of here.”

Emerson walked past the office like she had come for her child, Matt. No one paid any attention to them. Luckily for them, two delivery men were in a discussion with the assistant principle, creating just the right distraction for them to charge out. Matt kept his eyes on her ass. This day, Emerson had on a pair of tight-fitting jeans and a pink blouse that she wore loosely tucked in; she had on a pair of three inch heels and wore a pair of shades. Her blonde hair was moving to all sides as she strutted to Matt’s car as if she were the driver.

The ride to Emerson’s was circuitous; Matt was told to turn right or left at least a dozen times, finally ending at a cul-de-sac in a part of town he was unfamiliar with. There were evergreens up and down the street and the block emitted silence. Emerson’s parents owned a colonial with massive trees surrounding the home.

The house was sparsely decorated and gave the impression the occupants rarely spent time there. It was rumored that Emerson had an older boyfriend she lived with, but the rumor was false. Her parents were waiting for Emerson to graduate, so they could divorce and move away.

“Do you want something to eat?” Emerson said, handing Matt a granola bar.

“Sure. This works,” he said, tearing the packaging open.

“Would you rather it’d been Vanessa who agreed to this? Don’t lie.”

“Well, if I can’t lie, then I have to admit that I was with her a couple of days ago.”

Emerson’s eyes narrowed and her lips tightened. Matt did not regret telling her that. He now knew that competition made people — especially hot girls who liked being hot — do things related to sex. Emerson, he was certain, was no different from Vanessa in that regard.

“What were the circumstances? Are you dating her?” Emerson said.

“No. We’re not dating. I just asked her if I could see her in a bikini,” Matt said.

“Like you did me?”


Emerson eyed him cautiously, trying to read his thoughts, knowing there was more to the Vanessa story that he was not telling.

“How bahis şirketleri was she in a bikini?” Emerson said.

Matt wanted to proceed carefully with Emerson for his maximum benefit. He said, “she kept mostly covered up in this see through top she had on, but she showed me all of her parts. The top was small and the bottom was a thong.”

“She kept the see through on the whole time?” Emerson said.


“How did she look?”

“Amazing,” Matt said, wondering if it maybe was too much praise. He quickly added, “amazing like you did in the pool party pics.”

“I wonder what she was trying to hide with that cover up.” Emerson said.

“I don’t know. She is very pale, though,” Matt said, sensing Emerson wanted him to critique her in some way.

“Did you see her ass?”


“Without the cover-up?”

“Yes. She lifted it so I could briefly see it.”

“Any flaws?”

“It was quick, but it looked okay.”

“Did you two do anything else?” Emerson said, wanting to know whatever secrets Vanessa had.

“She let me touch her nipples through the material,” Matt said, sensing this was turning her on

“Anything else?”

“Yeah,” Matt said, pausing.

“Go on. What did that bitch do?” Emerson said, angrily.

“She had me sit down and start masturbating.”

“She just watched?”

“At first, then she jerked me some and finished me off,” Matt said, hoping to motivate Emerson to do more than Vanessa had done — for the sake of their competition.

“I’m surprised you didn’t get to her boobs,” Vanessa said, walking across the room pensively; her heels clicking on the wood floor.

“I kinda did.”

“How so?”

“I kissed and licked them while she jerked me and did some more after I came,” Matt said.

“Is that it?”

“She gave me a kiss on the lips before I left.” Matt said, watching her as she stood in contemplation; Emerson now knew the extent of what Vanessa had done.

Emerson untucked her blouse and slowly started unbuttoning it. Matt could tell she was wearing her bikini underneath. Emerson, unlike Vanessa, was not going to hide behind a cover-up or any other clothing. Matt got his first look of her breasts, getting a nipple slip in the process. He was surprised the aureolas were so small, thinking they were huge in most of his fantasies, or the many times he mentally undressed her.

“I won’t hide behind anything for you, Matt,” Emerson said, adjusting the top.

Matt nodded and said, “I didn’t think you would.”

The top gave her good coverage and was straining to support what she now claimed were DD cups. Her blonde hair had to be swept over her shoulders to give him a better view of her chest. Emerson wanted him to concentrate on her tits, fearing her lower half was lagging behind a little; she feared even a hint of cellulite was a downgrade.

Matt had picked Emerson’s boobs against Vanessa, thinking he had made a mistake, but they now looked bigger and fuller than Vanessa’s duo. He wondered if they might hold up once released from their top. He needed to find out and was sure she, unlike Vanessa, would bare them.

“I think mine are bigger than hers. Aren’t they?” Emerson said, needing to hear that they were, in fact, bigger than Vanessa’s boobs.

“I can’t be sure just yet. Her bikini exposed a lot of hers. I am going to say you might be right,” Matt said.

“More exposure, huh?” Emerson teased.

Matt nodded, taking the decision of who was bigger very seriously.

Emerson untied her top, which still hung around her neck. There was very little drop, the twins trying their best to stay buoyantly relevant — a tough endeavor considering the weight of the double D’s. She held her breast in her hands, moving them around with the top now seeming a nuisance. The reveal came quicker than Matt expected. Flung somewhere far away, the orange top disappeared.

“Here they are, Matt,” Emerson said, allowing him into her physical world.

Sticking her chest out proudly, trying to give him the best view, Emerson was not shy and was going to prove to Matt that Vanessa always came in second to her. She did a titty bounce, her heels in unison with the bouncing beauties; she giggled and offered a smile, seeing how much Matt was taken by them.

“They are bigger and nicer than your rival,” Matt said, adjusting his glasses. “I have no doubt about that.”

“I like hearing that,” Emerson said.

“I like saying it.”

Emerson stepped closer to Matt, offering him her prized set, putting him within touching distance. Matt needed no prodding; just as with Vanessa, he went for a nipple — this one came without a bikini top covering it. Using his index finger, he felt it first, then gently moved it around, thinking it smaller than Vanessa’s but harder for sure.

“Tug on them,” Emerson said.

Matt took control of both her nipples and gently pulled on them, increasing the force more. Emerson laughed, so he tugged a little harder. He could see it was uncomfortable for her, but she withstood the pain without saying anything.

“That’s the hardest they’ve been pulled on,” Emerson said.

“Is it too hard?” Matt said.

“No, just right.”

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