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Sarah kept herself anonymous, as most women I’d met on a certain dating site did, with only her first name and a photo before I met her. She was a little nervous about meeting up, she said, but had decided to give “the extra marital thing” a go. So after talking about various things over email, we met over coffee the first couple of times. This led to a drink at a pub one evening, at which we had our first kiss. As our lips met, my hand found her breast beneath her blouse, and inching my fingers under her bra, squeezed her gently but firmly until her breath shuddered out, her eyes closed and her head dropped onto my shoulder. It was then that she broached the idea of a hotel meeting for next time.

And so it was a few weeks later, in a clean if characterless hotels room in the middle of the day, and after some preliminarily kissing, she told me to draw up a chair while she sat on the edge of the bed, facing me.

I watched as she brought one knee up to her chin, and with a start I saw she had no underwear on. With the lips of her dark pink vagina poking out between her pubic hair, it was an indescribably beautiful and feminine sight. Not smutty or porny in any way, but just wonderfully female and sexy.

She started to play with herself and I began to lose track of time. After a while though it looked like she might be having an orgasm. At least, there was some wonderfully lady-like panting going on, followed by a pause for a rest and a smile. In an incredibly erotic movement, she brought her arms up and arched her back to do a stretch, pushing her pert little breasts forward. And as she did so, she licked the fingers of the hand she’d been using to masturbate with. Seeing that, I nearly passed out.

Then she went to her bag and brought out a very sheer sort of blue/pink nightie şişli elit escort which she swapped with her dress (giving me a flash of her behind as she did so). Then, going back to her bag, she then produced the most enormous sex toy I’d ever seen!

This, she told me later, was called a “rabbit” – it has a sort of rubber fork coming off the main bit in the shape of a pair of rabbit ears. The whole thing was pink and blue and must have been 10″ long and maybe 2″ thick. It also had what look like ball bearings near the bottom for some reason. She put a condom over it and then a big glob of lubricant jelly on the end. She’d come remarkably well equipped, I thought!

Naturally, I was hugely looking forward to what was going to happen with the dildo. My heart was already almost beating out of my chest when she switched the rabbit onto a setting which made it squirm like an eel! I’ve never seen anything like it – writhing around in slow motion making an electric whizzing sound. Fascinatingly weird.

Facing me, she then got on all fours and reached around the back of herself with the squirming rabbit. After a little while, I guessed she must have got it where she wanted because she suddenly let go of the rabbit, dropped her head and let out a wonderfully satisfied moan. The sound of the dildo was now rather muted. All this was, I have to say, beyond wonderful.

She was obviously getting very turned on, when suddenly she lifted up her head and told me to spank her! I’d never spanked anyone in my life, let a alone a woman on all fours with a dildo inside her. But I manage to get up from my chair (just) and get on my knees next to her. At first this felt extremely odd, to say the least, but I lifted up the back of her nightie and gave her bum a tentative şişli escort slap. As I did so, I saw where she’d put the dildo – and it wasn’t where I’d thought it was!

So she was masturbating away with one hand, and I was kneeling next to her and slapping from time to time with the occasionally gasped encouragement from her. I also couldn’t resist playing with her breasts. And all the while the dildo (which must have been running low on its batteries by then) was buzzing away inside her bum!!

After a bit I sensed she was going to have another orgasm. And this was another thing that made it all just incredibly erotic: from where I was positioned above her I could smell her getting horny – the smell of “lady lust” is very subtle, but it’s unmistakable and absolutely wonderful… So I put my free (non-spanking) hand between her legs where her other hand was, just to help her along maybe. I was amazed at how wet she was. She had juices running out of her pussy and up her wrist pretty much. I didn’t know you could get that wet!

As it turned out, I didn’t need to do much after that though because she brought her head up again and told me to get my cock in her mouth. I’m not sure how she’d have phrased it had she wanted to be a bit more romantic about it, but I got my trousers down immediately. Releasing my aching erection from my jeans was a relief, and I was a little embarrassed to see the large wet patch on my underwear that had built up until then. A small rivulet of juice caught against her cheek as she guided my cock to her lips, and I sighed at the wonderful feeling of her tongue brought me in.

Given the immense build-up, all it took was the feeling of her mouth around my shaft and I found myself coming very hard after only a couple of gentle şişli eve gelen escort thrusts. I’d never had an orgasm like that before, and I feel immensely privileged that she let me do it like that. Again, it sounds like it would have been seedy or exploitative, but somehow it wasn’t – it was oddly respectful and sort of pure, in a way. We talked about it later and she told me she’d thought me cumming in her mouth was very natural.

After a bit of cuddling we retired to the bed for some much more normal, quite gentle boy-on-girl action. She letting me fuck her wonderfully slowly several times – with lots of hugging and kissing in between. We talked a lot about our lives and our feelings too – we both said we felt a bit guilty that we might be just using each other for sex, but that if it was mutual, then that wasn’t a problem. That sort of thing.

Giggling, tickling, playing with the rabbit… She said she’d never fucked anyone with such a large cock before. I don’t know if she was just being nice, but it was a lovely thing to say. But the moments I particularly liked were when she’d stand up, turn around and push her bum out at me with her legs apart. Putting a hand on her hip, I’d gently guide myself between her legs, feeling the warmth of her female wetness greet me before pushing my hips up smoothly until I was all inside her. With her on tip-toes, we’d rock gently together as I’d squeeze her nipples with one hand while the other worked down her front, feeling the tip of her beautiful little clitoris pushing down and out of her soft, wet pubes with each thrust. I’d feel the top of my shaft riding up inside her, opening her pussy lips up.

Then slowly, gently, she’d start panting on the rhythm we’d build up until I couldn’t keep my orgasm out of her. “Take me, take me, I love your cock”, she’s say. Or “Harder, like that, don’t stop”. For some reason that made it so much more wonderful. Then the beautiful smell of semen and sweat would tell us both what was going on between us, and in those moments I think we were the most human we’d ever be. Just the two of us, having sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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