Exploring New Territory

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Sitting at my desk, my clit started throbbing wildly. As my hand worked it’s way under the waistband of my black silk panties, I knew why. He had been on my mind all day. He was like no other man I had ever met in my life.

With past experiences, as few as they were, I was never allowed to explore avenues I wanted to go down or openly voice what I wanted to do or have done to me. But, this man was a gem.

It seemed he knew what I desired most, and played to my every want and need. Not only was he skilled, but he was amazing to look at. Shoulder length dark brown hair, chocolate eyes, and incredibly sexy lips were captivating ornaments for his beautifully shaped face. His body was lean and met the demands of our fierce lovemaking sessions. His toned shape contrasted my soft curves, making it more sensual for us both. His hard chest feels so incredible against my soft, full breasts, it’s almost impossible to let go.

The man’s endowment, that was a work of art in itself. The simple wording of “eight inches” does not do justice to the full enormity of his member. It was long, and deliciously thick. The head was curved tantalizingly full, and upon entry, stretched my love canal to the brink of pain. Tiny sparks of being uncomfortable are quickly forgotten as he thrusts his penis inside me fully to the hilt. Such exquisite pleasure, lovemaking with him always has me on the edge of delirium. The texture itself is velvety, and it’s like a piece of silk, massaging my mouth when I taste him.

So it’s no wonder I am furiously rubbing my clit in circles, trying to relieve the sexual tension built within me subconsciously. I feel the contractions deep within my pussy begin, when I hear someone come in behind me.

” I see you like pleasing yourself. Let me do it for you, I promise you’ll like it much more”, he says, walking towards me.

Breathlessly I mumble I’m almost there to please let me cum.

“Stop.” The way this simple word came out of his mouth made my hand come out of the inside my panties.

I reached güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri out my hand and pulled him close to me. I had the deepest desire to give my lover intense pleasure. My fingers found the button to his jeans and unzipped them quickly. They easily pulled down the hips of my aroused partner, he never wears underwear. His beautiful sex was halfway erect, as I hurried to take him into my mouth. I scooted off the edge of the chair and onto my knees to reach him better. I wanted to suck him so good that he wouldn’t be able to stay in his standing position for long. My long tongue teased the big head of his penis, tasting the precum oozing out of his slit. He tasted wonderful. I felt myself become even wetter as his cock rose to full length. I grasped his dick with my hand, and raised it a little, so I could run my tongue up and down the underside of his cock. I went back to the tip, and placed my lips around the his head, and slowly moved my way down his shaft, His thickness and length completely filled my throat. I took as much of as I could, working his big cock deep into my throat. My hands went behind him, grabbing his asscheeks firmly, pulling him into me more. He layed his hands on my head, helping to ease my mouth up and down his pole. After pumping him in and out of my mouth quickly, then taking down the speed, slowly I savored sucking his cock.

I moved my hands to his waist, and urged him to get on his knees in front of me. Kneeling together, I kissed his lips soflty, running my tongue over them, then in between his lips to taste his mouth. I quickly brought his shirt up over his head, and felt my body tingle while his chest brushed against my hard nipples as I kissed his lips again. I felt his huge cock rubbing against my thigh as I bent my head to kiss his neck and down to his chest to suck on his nipples. I sucked and nibbled them as he stroked my back and hair.

“Lay on your stomach”, I requested, “I want to give you a massage.”

He did as I asked, grabbing a pillow to lay his head on.

I güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri straddled him quickly, my pussy resting on his lower back. I know he felt the wetness of my pussy against his hot skin. My long fingers went to work on his neck and shoulders. He moaned in pleasure as I worked my way up and down his spinal cord, planting little kisses on the back of his neck. I scooted my body farther down his to reach his lower back better. I massaged his lower back until I felt his whole body relax. I moved down farther, and began kissing and rubbing his delicious ass cheeks. I kissed one cheek while rubbing the other, I soon found myself sliding a bit more, and laying on my stomach. I spread his cheeks while rubbing them and slowly began licking his crack. He moaned in pleasure as I slid my tongue around his asshole, and began working it inside. He arched to feel more of me, as my tongue darted along his sensitive crack and back into his asshole.

“I think you’re ready for some hard cock”, he said moving to roll over.

“Yes, baby, I need you inside me.”

He came over to me and rubbed my breasts roughly with his palm. I closed my eyes in pleasure. He bent his head and began sucking my nipples, as I ran my fingers through his hair. He had this amazing ability to make my nipples grow longer and harder then I thought they could.

“Turn around.”

I got on my knees and positioned myself until he was then behind me. He reached around and felt my hairy pussy, sliding a finger up and down my slit. “You got good and wet for me, didn’t you baby?” I leaned back into him in response, giving him more access to my wet pussy. He teased my clit with his thumb before he pushed one finger into my tight pussy. He finger fucked me a few minutes and then put another finger inside me. This was feeling incredible, and even sexier, cause I could feel his hard on digging into my ass.

I heard a buzzing noise, and suddenly he had my vibrator on my clit and while he was finger fucking me. I started moaning very güvenilir bahis şirketleri loudly. Very soon I was screaming his name as I came, and he was kissing the back of my neck. I was trying to find my breath when I felt him move his fingers and replace them with the vibrator inside my pussy. I felt my body clench in orgasm again as he inserted one of his fingers in my ass. He pushed in and out, put some lube on his fingers, and very soon I had two fingers in my ass. ” You like that baby, you like me finger fucking your ass?”

“YES!” I screamed, it was incredible. It was something I always was curious about, but had never been done to me before.

“Well then you keep fucking that pussy with your vibrator, and you’ll like this even better.” With that, I felt the big head of his cock at the entrance of my ass. “Relax, baby”, he said. I was getting tense at the thought if his huge cock going into such a tiny place. He kept rubbing the head against my hole, and pushing slightly. I felt his hand come around me and massage my clit. I was moaning in pleasure, when I felt him press forward, and his huge cock was sliding into my ass. Inch by inch, he filled me. He eased in slowly to let me get used to his size, and absorb this new incredible feeling. It was amazing. I pushed against him after a short while, I wanted to feel him move inside me. He slowly eased out a little then pushed back in. He made love to me and kissed the back of my neck tenderly. I matched the thrusts I made into my pussy with the thrusts he made into my ass. He began to speed up his rhythm as I got more and more excited and loud.

“Fuck my ass, baby!” I screamed as he pushed in and out of me. I took out the vibrator and rubbed my clit frantically.

“I need to fucking cum!” I yelled. “Fuck me!”

“Tell me you love my big cock fucking your ass!” he screamed to me.

“I love your big cock fucking my ass! Fuck me with your big cock! I’m cumming!”

With that, I began a torrent of screams as my whole body shook in multiple orgasms. I came again as I felt his cock shoot hot cum inside me. We both lay down, exhausted. As I caught my breath, his arm went across me, bringing him closer to me in a spooning position.

“I love you, David.” I managed to say.

“I love you, too, baby,” he replied as we drifted into a much needed sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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