Experiencing a Heavenly Night

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It was a cold rainy night as Jason left work. Tired from a long day at the office, the constant bickering among the staff had stressed him, frayed his last nerve. He sped off from the parking lot in his 92 Toyota, hoping that his baby would get him home, home to his soul mate, Bonnie, who had seen him on his best days and not.

Driving, his mind had thoughts only of his loving wife, a pretty full figured gal two years younger than his 30. He was feeling a lot older than that. Thoughts of her green eyes, her soft blonde hair made him smile, his first in nine hours. He turned along Broadway, the neon lights of the burger joints and the bars bouncing off the dull finish of his dark green car.

The stoplights turned red, the car lurched to a stop and he glanced to his left. A bright red sign caught his eye, “Adult Heaven” “Movies” “Nude Girls”. And his second grin of the day creased his lips. His mind raced faster than the car as the taxi behind him honked its horn. The light was green. Jason went on his way, his lips turned slightly upwards at the corners. His mind raced in wonder.

Finally arriving home, Jason strode through the front door,his dark hair damp from the rain. Bonnie was waiting for him and they greeted each other with a tight embrace and a sweet kiss.

“Hi babe,” he said. She replied, “Oh Jason, im glad to see you. You sounded like you had a tough day when we talked earlier.”

“Yeah, today was not a picnic, but it all gets better when I’m with you,” he said, giving her a longer kiss.

They made her way back to the kitchen, hand in hand and sat down to eat the meal of pork chops, mashed potatoes and corn she had lovingly made for them. He loved looking into her eyes as they chatted about her day. He loved looking at her fingers holding her fork and cutting her meat. Loved how her lips and tongue almost caressed her food as she ate. He felt the stress of his day leave his body as he reached to feed her one small forkful of potatoes and gravy, and brushed her cheek as the fork lingered on her lips.

“I love you, Bonnie.”

“I know honey, I love you too.”

He washed the dishes, she dried them. As they moved to the living room, his lips curled into a little smile. She noticed and her eyebrow rose in almost an unspoken question. But she knew. She felt the need as did he.

But instead of heading to the cushy sofa, he turned to the closet and grabbed their coats. “How about an adventure tonight, hon?” he asked smiling, enticingly, almost wickedly. His eyes flashed, she couldn’t, didn’t want to resist. Bonnie bounced to the door. “Always baby, you know me. Where are we headed?”

“Shh, it’s a surprise.” He ushered her back to the car where they retraced his steps of the evening.

His hand rested on her thighs as he drove, the radio tuned to their favorite station, playing tunes they had danced to, made love to, and sung in the shower. Her excitement piqued as he turned onto Broadway. She loved the clubs and bars that passed them as they drove. But he gave no indication of stopping and his hand had moved noticeable higher and pressed towards her inner thighs. She didn’t complain and wiggled pangaltı escort to allow his fingers to slowly move under her skirt.

He stopped the car at the red light and pointed at “Adult Heaven”. His smile widened and he said, “Bonnie, you are my angel. Shall we try heaven?”

Already knowing that had been a fantasy of hers, he knew what her answer would be. She tried to frown, to utter the words saying no, but the tingling she felt, the look in his eyes and yes, the fantasies that had been running through her brain wouldn’t allow it. She whispered, just above the music, “Oh yes, baby. Ive always wanted to.”

He parked his baby, they walked hand around the waist, after each squeezed the others butt, to the door. Eyes sparkling, she gasped as Jason held the door for her. Walls full of adult toys, racks of videos for sale and rent, she chuckled, barely audibly as they walked into the storefront. She casually stopped in front of the lesbian video tape section, staring at the beautiful slim brunette with a needy look in her eyes gracing the cover of the box. Jason watched her response with eager eyes.

She turned to the next aisle, the sign on the rack read “Groups”. The brunette with the beautiful eyes was on a few boxes there too. Jason’s eyes scanned the store and his attention was drawn to the back of the building, where there appeared to have small rooms. He pulled Bonnie closer to him, his hardening bulge grazed her hip and whispered into her ear, “I bet she is in some of the movies they are showing there.” She followed his glance. Her lips curled into a soft smile.

Walking towards the small booths in the rear of the store, Bonnie reached to rub the front of his pants. Like her smile, Jason’s cock grew. He opened the door and she went inside. He followed her into the tight confines, his body pressed against hers and reached to feed the machine his money.

Up popped a videotape onto the TV screen, a movie showing a slender African American teen nearly choking on a big cock. Jason nuzzled Bonnie’s neck, and his fingertips caressed her hardening nipples as they both stared at the gal teasing the tip of the dick with her tongue. Bonnie pushed the button on the wall, and the channel changed. Jason groaned.

There she was. The beautiful brunette was spread on the bed, her fingertips caressing her soaked pussy lips as she spoke directly to the camera. “I’m so wet,” she moaned, her eyes looking right through the camera into Bonnie’s.

Bonnie’s pussy quivered as she watched and heard the brunette’s plea. And Jason’s hands moved to lift her skirt, rubbing softly across her mound as his cock pressed into her soft ass. Bonnie whimpered softly and reached behind to unbuckle Jason’s belt, to unsnap his slacks and unzip them.

On the screen, she teased her clit with one finger, lightly circling it, teasing it with her long red fingernail. The camera zoomed closer, Bonnie saw a droplet of pussy juice flow to her lips. Jason’s fingers slid Bonnie’s panties down and massaged her pussy, his fingers sliding along her wet lips, spreading her flowing juices and spreading her damp hot lips. Bonnie pendik escort reached to free Jason’s hard cock from his boxers, and grabbed it hard in her hand, startling him. But he liked it. He sucked her left earlobe gently and heard her moaning softly, grinding back against him and twisting her hand along his dick, her palm rubbing over the tip.

As he eased around her, he gently pushed her onto the hard plastic chair, kneeling between her spread thighs. Bonnie’s gaze was fixed on the screen, the brunette showing her wet pussy as two fingers slid inside her tight twat and her hips raised to meet her twisting fingers. Jason’s smile grew, his tongue stuck out to lap Bonnnie’s liquid excitement on her sticky lips. “Yum, baby,” she whispered as she felt his warm wet tongue. “That feels so good.” He responded by pulling her clit into his mouth, squeezing her clit between his lips and wiggling the tip of his tongue lightly along her tingling clit.

On screen, the gal was pinching her clit as she slid her fingers deeper and slowly removed them. The camera followed her hand up to her mouth and she licked her pussy juice off her fingers. Bonnie responded by sliding her slender forefinger into her mouth and moaned.

“Do me baby,” Bonnie groaned, her cunt cream flowing all over Jason’s thrusting tongue. His slow probes twirled against her walls, massaging as he licked. He pulled his tongue rhythmically out and nibbled her clit before harder sliding his tongue deeper inside her pussy. Bonnie reached with one hand to hold his face tight to her wet snatch. The other grabbed at her oh so hard left nipple.

Jason increased his rhythm, his pace tongue fucking her wet pussy, Bonnie’s excitement raising with each delicious movement. Her wet juices flowed. Her eyes glazed over, struggling to focus on the horny hot brunette playing with her pussy in front of her. The camera panned to see her wildly fingering her pulsing pussy. Groans in stereo from Bonnie and her fantasy gal were heaven to Jason’s ears.

“Oh God, baby,” Bonnie urged. “I’m gonna flood your face. Don’t stop.” He was grinding his face tight to her wet snatch, his tongue deep inside her pussy, his nose pressed tight to her clit. Her pussy pulsed, grabbing his tongue.

On screen the brunette shoved three fingers deep inside her pussy, slamming inside and held them deep. She screamed as the waves of her orgasm overcame her. Her hips bounced, her palm ground her clit, her chest heaving; a pink flush colored her soft tit flesh.

The sight, the tongue deep inside her pussy set Bonnie off too. She grabbed Jason’s hair, trapping his tongue inside her pussy. All her nerves were on end. Exploding all over his face, Bonnie could only moan, “Yes baby, oh, Ah, God, mm, oh.”

Her hips rocking, her pussy clamped down tight and she came hard all over his tongue, his lips and his face. Slowly licking wet pussy lips, he raised his eyes to her face. Jason smiled at the sight of his angel. She looked exactly as he knew she would: His angel in heaven.

Bonnie slumped back against the chair, finally able to pull her eyes from the screen, her eyes met his and rus escort she reached to kiss him, to pull him tight to her, to kiss him deeply, tasting her sweet juices from his lips, sucking his tongue.

Bonnie pulled Jason to his feet, gave his hard cock a small lick. He groaned. She smiled. Pushing him into the chair, she twirled her tongue around his earlobe. “It’s your turn baby,” she whispered and reached to press the button changing the channel. The screen switched to a hot busty redhead with a rock hard cock sliding between her big soft tits. The cock tip was wet, her big nipples hard as she took the tip between her lips.

Bonnie stood over Jason’s hard, thick cock and brushed the tip with her hot wet pussy lips and her clit as she reached to play with his swollen balls. Jason lifted her skit tucking it into her waistband, exposing her round soft ass which he grabbed and squeezed. She gasped. He smiled.

His finger scooped some of her pussy juices and rubbed it on her tight asshole. He slid it teasingly inside. She wiggled against his finger and trailed her fingers along his hot hard shaft.

“Give it to me baby, oh Jason.” His cock throbbed at her words, oozing a droplet of precum for her to spread over the red tip. He pressed her forward, rubbing his shaft along her sticky lips and pressed the tip of his hard cock against her asshole, teasing.

The redhead on the screen was squeezing her tits tight to the big cock and sucked the head into her mouth.

Bonnie smiled. She moved back, feeling the tip of Jason’s cock spread her tight asshole and pop inside. “Ah baby, your ass feels so hot,” Jason said as he grabbed her hips, guiding her back, gently easing his hard cock into the hot tight channel. She gasped in pleasure.

“Fuck my ass, honey.” “You feel so good.”

Jason’s cock throbbed as she bounced on his hard rod. Her asshole was so tight and milked his dick. Jason reached around to pinch her clit. She wiggled faster in response. He shoved his cock deeper into her asshole, rocking deep.

“Oh yes, baby,” he whispered into her ear. They moved together as one, his cock slamming her tight hot asshole, his swollen balls slapping her wet, sticky pussy lips.

She tightened her ass not allowing his cock to leave. “Cum hard for me, hon” “Coat my asshole, I need your load deep in my ass.” Bonnie moaned for only Jason to hear.

On the screen, the cock jerked and throbbed. The redhead opened her sucking mouth and the hard cock popped into the air, shooting gob after gob of sticky hot cum all over her lips, tongue and cheeks before dripping into her hair. She swallowed what he could, wiping the rest on her hard nipples. Staring right at the camera, she smiled.

Bonnie squeezed his swollen balls. Jason pinched Bonnie’s clit. He fucked her tight ass harder. The tip of his cock tingled deep in her ass. “Oh baby, I’m gonna blow,” he groaned. “Your ass is too tight, so fucking good. I can’t hold it.” And with that, it happened.

Jason shot spurt after spurt of hot cum deep in Bonnie’s tight asshole. She came again from feeling him dump his load in her rectum. And his clit play helped too. Shooting deep inside her, Jason moaned, “Oh fuck yes!”

“Too good, baby” they both whispered as they tried to catch their breaths. “I love you”.

They lingered in the booth, trying to compose themselves, straightening out their appearances. She smiled. He smiled. Heaven.

The End

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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