Erotic Narcotic

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Adriana Chechik

We met in the morning for the first time; both friends of a friend who was organising a celebration. We had both offered to go around and help her decorate the house. The party was in a weeks time, but everything had to be just perfect; we were like that, we could spend ages preparing for an eight hour party. Strip the house bare, set up the sound system, put up the decorations. We use to have a party just getting ready to party. Minutes after arriving I got out the speed. Close to base it was.

My friend Jules had some too, quite a lot actually. We all started snorting like madmen; Jules passed a book with a line on to the stranger. She accepted it without a word, without a smile. That’s what I like to see. Someone who can take their drugs without a fuss. Just go with the flow. We started drinking coffee, and smoking joints too. Over the second smoke I found out the girl was called Niccy. By eleven thirty we had emptied the living room of everything; sofas, tables, lamps. The room was bare. We took some more speed. I won’t bore you with the details, but we spent about 10 hours messing around, sorting out the house, and keeping well topped up with speed and spliffs. We weren’t addicts or anything – that day and the night of the party would be the only times I had taken drugs in months. We just knew how to let our hair down when the occasion arose.

By the end of the evening various people had drifted in and out of the house, shared some joints with us, and helped out with the decorations. Eventually they had all left, and Jules had gone to see her boyfriend. Throughout the day a bond had developed between me and Niccy. Nothing unusual, that’s what happens when you spend a day getting wasted with someone; the barriers are down and friendships develop quickly. On my part there had been no thoughts of sex, although we were talking like intimates. That was the beautiful thing about those days.

Anyway, we decided to make a night of it and continue the days events through the night. We got in my car and went back to my place with the intention of dropping a couple of MDMA tabs. On the way we stopped off and bought some alcohol. We got to my flat and sat down on the floor of my bedroom. We smoked and drank and talked for hours and hours. The speed had started to wear off by about 1 am so we took an E each. The feeling of closeness between us intensified to the point where we were holding hands whilst talking, lolling about on the floor, and generally completely relaxed in each others company.

As the ecstasy hold became stronger and stronger my whole body began to heat up. If you’ve ever taken E you know that the simplest touch spreads like wildfire through your body; electrifies you to the very core. This was expected, and the friendly touching we had been indulging in was quite normal for two friends on E. Male friends, female friends, even strangers in clubs; we all used to touch each other, massage each other, set each other’s bodies alight. Nothing sexual – or if there was, then it remained below the surface. This time it was different though.

Niccy was obviously coming up on the drug hard. She told me to sit with my back against the wall, which I did, and then she sat down putting my feet in her lap. She started massaging my feet through my socks. God, it felt good. Any kind of massage feels amazing on ecstasy, but on sensitive areas it makes you melt. I happily drifted into my drug haze as she continued to massage each foot in turn. She was an expert, I could tell, by the way she made each touch of her hands feel more intense than the last without resorting to tickling. I was in bliss. She was smiling too. etiler eve gelen escort That’s another good thing about ecstasy – the massager gains (almost) as much pleasure as the person being massaged – its a very tactile drug. She started talking in a hypnotic tone. Just telling me about herself in quite some detail. I was too far gone to a higher plane of consciousness to respond. She didn’t mind. She just kept talking and massaging my feet.

“Do you mind if I take your socks off?” she asked. Of course I didn’t mind; I was on Cloud 9! I managed to grunt something at her in the affirmative. She ripped my socks off and started the massage again. Oh my GOD! It was much more intense this time. I could feel each one of her fingers working into my feet. Both of us were warm by this time, through the drugs and the atmosphere between us. I could feel her hands slipping around my feet on a sheen of fresh sweat. In spite of the ecstasy haze I could feel myself getting hard inside my jeans. No matter – I just let her continue her ministrations. She just kept massaging and massaging. If I hadn’t been on E I would have just let her continue, but as it was I felt I should repay the compliment.

I told her to stop, and that it was her turn. We swapped positions and I removed her socks at once. I knew I was not in the same league of massagers as she was, but would do my best. I slowly and gently started to massage her left foot. It seemed to work. Within moments she was lying back against the wall, with her eyes closed and a dreamy smile on her face. I slowly built up the intensity of the massage, until I was pressing hard with my thumbs into her soles. The sweat on her foot was making my hands glide delightfully over its surface. I could vaguely smell the dusky smell of our sweat in the room.

It was a very erotic moment. I decided to have some fun, and maximize her enjoyment of the experience. I started to gently draw my nails across her soles. Using fingernails in an ecstasy massage on the back or on the head or the hands brings the wildest explosion of pleasure to the recipient; I had never tried it on someone’s feet before though. As I finished the first slow stroke of my fingernails across her sole, her toes curled up, her body tensed and she let out a sigh. As I stopped the movement she relaxed again and started grinning manicly.

“Do it again, do it again!” she said.

“Okay, but I’m going to build up the intensity,” I said, “can you handle it?”

Niccy just smiled and screwed her eyes shut tighter. I pressed my nails hard into the ball of her foot, and bent the toes back with my other hand. A mischievous thought popped into my head and I changed position so that her leg was lying over me as I sat cross-legged on the floor. I trapped it with my arm and again took up her foot. I pushed my nails into her foot and slowly dragged them across her sole with as much force as I could. I had to fight to keep her leg still as it bucked in reflex to this intense treatment. As I finished the movement I let her go and she just fell from her sitting position to lying on the floor, moaning happily. This was damn good ecstasy.

She recovered and sat up, again leaning with her back to the wall. Her eyes were closed and she was smiling; an ecstasy grin. We were both enjoying ourselves immensely, but I still felt it best to take things very slowly. After all, there was the possibility that she didn’t want sex, but was just enjoying a standard intimate night of drugs. I decided to risk getting a bit more sensual; a bit more sexual, but to make sure she knew where things were etiler grup yapan escort going. I told her to lie on her front so I could massage her more easily. She did, and she kicked her feet up in the air invitingly. Before I started again I looked her up and down. She had a jumper on which was riding up her chest just a little and exposing a sliver of her back. Her baggy jeans were hanging off her legs showing the part of her tanned legs above each foot. She was no supermodel, but had the right curves and a lovely skin tone. I breathed in a sigh of contentment and took hold of her right foot. It was hot now and quite slippery to the touch. As I again let my hands glide over her smooth skin I could smell her sweat, an erotic mix of earth and spice. She turned her head to the side and I could see her smiling dreamily. I started to slide my hands down each side of her ankle and onto her leg. I moved my hands slowly downwards, as far as I could get under her baggy jeans. I then softly squeezed her calves and drew my hands back to her foot again. I did the same with her other leg and then returned to work on her feet. I continued for a few minutes, enjoying the purrs of appreciation that escaped her lips every time I drew my nails across her soles.

I called a halt for a minute. “Wait a sec Niccy, its getting hot in here.” I took my top off, my whole upper body was gleaning with sweat. Just the feel of the fabric pulling over my skin sent tingles all through my body. She rolled over onto her back and looked at me.

“It’s my turn again!” She said smiling.

She sat with her legs spread apart and beckoned for me to sit between them. As I sat down with my back facing her I felt her shuffle up closer to me. She started to massage my back. After warming up the flesh further with rapid harsh movements, she placed her thumbs on my spine with her fingers outstretched across my back. I knew what was coming next and breathed in a deep breath in anticipation. She completed the familiar ecstasy technique by bringing her hands tightly all the way up my body until they were wrapped around my neck. Then for the killer blow she passed them tightly over my head and through my hair, all the time pressing hard on to me. I nearly fainted as pleasure ripped through my brain. It felt like tiny stars were bursting in front of my eyes and bubbles bursting in my ears. I moaned spasmodically. She started running her fingers over my front, lightly brushing over my nipples and down to my stomach. This was quite unusual for an ecstasy massage; normally people just stick to the head and the back.

I could see why! Each delicate stroke of her fingertips across my front brought a much more sexual slant to the massage. She told me to put my hands on my head. I did, and she then started slowly, tantalisingly drawing her nails over my chest. As she slowly worked all the way around to my back with her fingernails I became aware that my nipples were fully erect, and tingling heavily. Again her hands traveled to my front and I willed her silently to pay a little more attention to my nipples. I was not disappointed; she had obviously felt them harden, and started to draw her nails up and down my chest passing them over and over each nipple. Even through the haze of the drug I could now tell she was in the same mindstate as myself. We both wanted sex, but didn’t want to offend the other person and spoil a perfect moment. The sensual games we were playing with each others bodies was our solution. I decided it was my turn to play.

“That was lovely,” I said appreciatively, “let’s switch again.”

We etiler masöz escort changed positions and wordlessly she removed her jumper. She was wearing a kind of tight sports bra-top underneath, and her skin like mine was glistening with sweat. I told her to lean forward and stretch her arms out. As she did this I looked lovingly upon her body, and drew up closely to her beautiful ass. I was rock hard (of course) and resting against the back of her jeans. I knew she would be able to feel the bulge unmistakably if she leaned back. I started drawing my hands across her skin. I massaged all of her that was not covered by the bra-top; being quite careful to avoid her breasts. I drew my hands all the way up her arms, and back down the insides ending in her smooth armpits. After a few minutes of this I imagined she would have been feeling frustrated at the lack of touch on her most sensitive areas.

I took hold of her top and slowly peeled it upwards. There was no resistance, she simply let it drop off her arms to the floor and took up her position again with her hands holding her calves. I raked my nails gently across her back and towards her front, slowly upwards towards her breasts. I let my hands slide under them and around the outside. Then I slid back to her back and gave her a head squeeze as she had done to me just before. As my hands finished their journey around her head she moaned loudly and I could hear her breathing fast. Quickly I repeated the movement, clasping my hands even more tightly around her body, and up to her scalp. She moaned again and let out even more fast breaths. I leaned forward and took hold of her arms drawing them up till her hands were on top of her head. Then I gently pulled her upright so she was sat tightly against my body. The pressure of her against the hardness inside my jeans was exquisite. I placed my fingernails on her arms and drew my hands down gently, over her armpits and down the side of her body.

I could feel her trembling with anticipation as I brought my fingers up to her breasts. I let my nails slide softly over each breast until each hand had passed over each of her nipples. They were long and hard, with barely noticeable areola. I continued teasing each nipple with my nails for a few minutes, and then stopped and licked my fingers and thumbs. I took hold of one of her large, firm breasts in each hand and circled each nipple with a finger. As I did this I immediately felt an uncontrollable urge to express my love for her so I kissed her back softly in many different places. I drew some of her sweat onto my tongue. It was salty, heavenly, womanly; she tasted beautiful.

She swiveled her body slightly and lay back across my knee. I looked into her eyes as she tipped her head back and saw love; ecstasy love, but love all the same. I’m sure that’s what she saw in me too. We held the gaze for a moment and then both smiled. Our lips met and brushed gently together. I continued to hold her left breast in my left hand, whilst my right hand slid smoothly over her stomach. We continued our kiss, teasing each others lips with our teeth. Her tongue danced around mine; she tasted so sweet, of weed smoke and alcohol. I slid my right hand down her stomach to her jeans and unbuttoned them. She lifted her ass of the floor and I slid her jeans and her knickers down. The ecstasy had worn off somewhat by now; up fast and down fast.

We continued as could be expected and spent a beautiful few hours of passionate, warm and loving sex, finally falling asleep in each others arms after smoking some weed to bring us right down. What a beautiful night, a beautiful girl…what a beautiful drug!

* * * * *

(I hope you enjoyed this true account of one of my more erotic narcotic experiences. It is the first and probably the last erotic story I will write. I hope it offered something slightly different to the standard fare served up. All comments appreciated as I would like to refine this story a little more for my own enjoyment.)

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