Erika Blossoms Ch. 11

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Note: This is chapter eleven of a very long story. 28 chapters so far, with quite a ways to go before the tale is told. It is wide ranging and will eventually touch on interracial sex, dom women, lesbian sex, true love, group sex, revenge sex, bisexuality and much, much more. I hope you enjoy it.


CHAPTER ELEVEN — Tuesday Morning

I woke up the next morning feeling deliciously rested. The sun was just coming up. It was earlier than I usually get up. I slid out of bed silently, leaving Jana sleeping there.

I looked down at her, so beautiful it made me ache.

Last night, our lovemaking had been wonderful. She fulfilled all of her promises about making me feel beautiful and wanted and loved.

Everyone should feel that way I decided. I also decided I need to make sure to do the same for her.

I walked through the living room to the kitchen, stopping to pick up and put on my robe.

I made coffee and started to poke around in the kitchen, getting familiar with the layout. It was a first class kitchen with everything anyone could want. The pantry was fully stocked, which was a bit of a surprise — I knew Jana did a lot of dining out.

I busied myself making a light breakfast of fruit and oatmeal. I heard Jana stirring.

Presently, she came into the kitchen, naked. Her glorious blonde hair wild, her firm breasts gently swaying as she walked toward me. It took my breath away.

She walked up to me and opened my robe and she pressed her body against mine, resting her head against my shoulder.

“Good morning, ladybug.” she said before she kissed me.

“Good morning.”

She looked over at the countertop where I had just finished making breakfast and was preparing to take a tray back to my room for her. “I’m not much of a breakfast person, but that looks good and I’m hungry this morning.”

We sat at the breakfast nook and ate. She never bothered to put on her robe and it was making me hot and bothered. Her breasts really are spectacular.

“Hmmm, let’s see.” she said. “The housekeeper comes on Tuesday and Friday. Now that there are two of us here, we may need to add a third day. Anyhow, throw your clothes in the bathroom hamper and she’ll bring them back clean. Her name is Margery and she’s a doll. If you want anything from the grocery, just leave a note,” she pointed to a small dry erase board on the refrigerator “and she’ll pick it up.”

I nodded.

She rose and took her dishes to the sink. “I don’t want to go to work today.” She said, yawning and stretching. She gave me a little kiss and said “Thank you for breakfast.” She walked to her room.

I cleaned up the kitchen a bit and went to take a shower and prepare for work.

Out of the shower, I put on my makeup and fixed my hair. I opened my suitcase to pick out something to wear. Sitting right on top was the last pair of pantyhose that Jason had bought. Jana must have taken them and slipped them in there without me seeing.

They were nude colored, exceedingly sheer, without seams or pattern. Very elegant. Naturally, I put them on. Having learned my lesson, I also put on panties on under them this time. I put on my favorite bra that matched my skin tone.

My skirt was mid-thigh length. I matched it with a tailored linen blouse and a light cashmere sweater. I put on my favorite short heels that were suitable for work.

I heard Jana call out “I’m out! See you after!”

I took a last look in the mirror to make sure everything was in place and I was heading for the door. At the last minute, I ran back to the bedroom, dumped my suitcase out on my unmade bed and took it with me so I could run by the old apartment and pick up more things at lunch of after work.

Later that morning, my boss Mr. Jackson, stopped at my desk. “Feeling better today, Erika?”

I turned my chair around to face him. I saw him take a quick peek at my pantyhose clad legs.

“Mr. Jackson, I have to tell you the truth. I wasn’t ill. I broke up with my boyfriend this past weekend, and well…”

He held up his hand to stop me. “Say no more. Perfectly understandable.”

He smiled warmly at me. “Are you ok? Is there anything I can do? Call a hit man? Do you need to go home?”

He’s such a sweet man. Masculine, but sensitive and funny. I’ve always had a big crush on him.

“Yes, I’m fine, I really am. It was long overdue.” I smiled up at him. I saw him take another peek at my legs.

“Well, you certainly do look fine.”

I blushed a little and thanked him.

He has always been professional to a fault with me. Even so, he is warm and friendly and just the tiniest bit flirty sometimes, in a really shy way. He has a way of complimenting me that never comes across as creepy or as a come-on — unlike some of the other misogynist assholes bostancı escort around here.

He’s a charming guy, dates around and never seems to keep the same woman around for long. He doesn’t strike me as a ‘playa’, but a confident man who doesn’t see the need to get tied down. Other girls in the office say that he went through a rough divorce a year or so before I started working there. He’s handsome and fit, and I knew that he played tennis regularly. He’s a catch, really.

He is the majority partner in the law firm, and while I do some work for the other partners, I am primarily assigned to him. My official title is Lead Paralegal. I like to think we have a great working relationship and that I do good work for him.

“Mr. Jackson, I have something else I would like to discuss with you.” I always call him ‘Mr. Jackson’.

“Let’s go to my office.” he replied.

We walked back to his spacious, well-appointed corner office. He sat behind his desk. I sat down in one of the chairs in front of his desk and tucked my feet below the chair.

“What would you like to talk about, Ms. Thomas?” he asked.

“Do you remember that I was accepted to law school last year?”

“Yes, and I was disappointed that you chose not to attend.”

“Well, I’ve decided that I’m going to start in the fall.”

“Outstanding!” He smiled broadly. My libido noticed his gorgeous smile.

“Will it be possible for me to go part time and keep my job? I really like working here.”

“I can do better than that, Ms. Thomas.” He rose and walked around the desk and sat down in the chair next to me. He turned it slightly before he sat, so that it faced me.

“We have a program here at the firm, whereby worthy and valued employees can attend law school, retain their position and receive their full salary, so long as they agree to begin their career with this firm for the same amount of time as it takes to complete their Juris Doctorate.”

“Mr. Jackson, I’ve never heard of that program before today.” I replied. “And having helped prepare the Employee Manual, I am confident that I am correct.”

He smiled broadly again, his green eyes twinkling. “Now you see, Ms. Thomas, this is just one of the many reasons why you are such a valued employee, and why I am confident that you will make an excellent attorney. Your attention to detail and your retention of facts is outstanding.”

I beamed at him.

“Another feature of this little known program is that the firm will pay for said valued employee’s tuition to attend law school, so long as they maintain a 3.5 or better grade average.”

I believe I was openly gawking at him at this point. It was a shock, that’s for sure.

“And the reason, Ms. Thomas, that you haven’t heard of this program before today, is due to the fact that I just instituted it. Would you see to it that the employee’s manual file is updated and put a draft on my desk for approval before the week is over?”

“Mr. Jackson,” I twisted in my seat to face him more directly and crossed my legs. “You are far too generous, and to do this just for me is likely to start a bit of office gossip.” I teased.

I smoothed down my skirt that had ridden up a bit. I saw his eyes take in my legs again. I was grateful that I had put on panties this morning. I could feel things happening down there that I wasn’t exactly in control of.

He laughed at that. “Ms. Thomas, as the majority owner of this law firm, one of the privileges of the position is that I get to do pretty much whatever the hell I want. And as far as office gossip goes, a man of my advanced age could do far, far worse than to have his name associated with such a remarkably intelligent and beautiful young woman.”

I blushed deeply and lowered my eyes. They came to rest on his lap as he was crossing his legs. I spotted what I was pretty sure was a meaty looking lump snaking down the inside of his trousers before his legs crossed and hid it. My libido crashed into the back of my throat, I felt my nipples stiffen and my pussy was humming a happy little song to itself.

“You have made me blush. I don’t know what to say.”

“Say that you will accept my offer, become the best lawyer in this town, become a partner at this firm and make an impressive amount of money someday.” He walked deftly past his well-done compliment.

“I will accept your too-generous offer,” I said, as I crossed my legs in what I hoped was a subtle way. “on one condition. That the offer is open to all employees of the firm, and that a performance clause be included that insists that said employee must maintain not only a 3.5 or better grade average, but a high level of work performance as well. Otherwise, I’m afraid we will have to re-negotiate.”

“Done and done.” he said. “The çeliktepe escort usual caveats, conditions and fine print will be part of the program. Your negotiation skills are impressive Ms. Thomas. An outstanding skill for an attorney.”

“I will have a first draft on your desk before end of business today.”

“As you wish.” he replied. That line from The Princess Bride leapt out at me. I began to rise out of my chair.

“Ms. Thomas, may I ask you a somewhat personal question?” his voice lower.

I sat back down. “Of course, Mr. Jackson, you may ask me anything at all.” I smiled. I was enjoying this flirty banter immensely and wasn’t eager for it to stop.

“This boyfriend breakup situation… is this the young man you were with at the office Christmas party?”


“And did he break up with you?”

“No. I broke up with him. Well, it was mutual I suppose. In a way. Sort of.” I didn’t quite know what to say and I sure wasn’t about to explain.

“Well, if I may be so bold, I’m relieved that you and he are no longer together. I am friends with the president of the bank where he works. We play tennis together occasionally, attend the same functions from time to time, that sort of thing.”

“Your name came up one afternoon at the tennis club. He somehow knew that you worked for me. When I inquired about your former boyfriend… well, I shouldn’t say too much, but I’ll allow this if I may have your confidence. He is not well regarded by his employer.”

I sighed a little sigh.

“I’m sorry Ms. Thomas, I’ve overstepped my bounds.” He twisted in his seat a bit.

“Oh no, Mr. Jackson, you haven’t. Not at all, and I am touched by your concern. It’s just been a… an interesting and tiring few days. I’m not surprised about him and his job. He’s… not ambitious and it was a… a long weekend.”

“I’m sure. These things are always trying.” He smiled warmly.

“Yes. It’s been difficult. In the middle of all this, I decided to give up my apartment and move in with my best friend. Which has added another layer of emotional upheaval to everything.” I uncrossed my legs and put both feet on the floor. I let my knees fall apart just a tiny bit and leaned forward.

I wondered if he could tell that I was wearing pantyhose and not stockings and what he would think about it if he knew. I caught a slight whiff of my scent.

“I’m sure it has. You should have taken two days off.” He said softly. “Are you having money difficulties? Is that why you are moving in with your friend?”

“No. It’s more of a support thing. Deciding to go back to school and the break up and all of that, Jana just offered. She has an enormous apartment not far from here. My commute to here and school will be much shorter. It just makes sense for a number of reasons. We’ve been best friends since high school. I’m happy to be moving in with her, but still, it’s a bit of a wrench to give up my apartment.”

“Is this your friend Jana Douglas? Walker Douglas’ daughter?” he asked.

Mr. Jackson and Jana’s dad were old friends. That’s how I got the interview with Mr. Jackson in the first place.

“Yes, that’s her.” I said. I sat up straight again, aware that my nipples were very hard. I was hoping that they weren’t showing. At least not too much.

“I see. Her father is a good man. He and I are old friends. He’s got more money than God.”

I smiled and laughed a little. I sensed that the conversation was over. I stood up.

Mr. Jackson stood as well.

I reached out to shake his hand.

“Thank you so much, for everything. Your kindness is remarkable and I am so very grateful for your generosity. I will work hard to prove worthy of your faith in me.”

He took my hand in his. I noticed that it was rough and calloused. I couldn’t help but peek at his trousers. It wasn’t my imagination earlier, there was a definite lump against his left thigh.

He shook my hand warmly and said “You are quite welcome Ms. Thomas. I am happy that I am in the position to be of help.” He was looking directly into my eyes.

Without thinking about what I was doing, I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. Not a little peck, but a full-lipped kiss that I let linger for just a moment. I whispered “Thank You.” in his ear.

It was my turn to watch him blush. I saw that I had left lipstick on his cheek. We were standing very close. Close enough that I could smell him. He smelled clean, manly.

I pressed two fingers to his cheek and said, “I’m afraid I’ve made a bit of a mess on your cheek, Mr. Jackson.” I was openly flirting now, not exactly sure where this boldness was coming from.

My libido, dancing.

Flustered and blushing, he reached into his hip pocket and pulled out a handkerchief.

Quickly cihangir escort regaining his composure, he said, “Not to worry. A gentleman always has a handkerchief for these sort of things.”

I took it from his hand as he brought it up to his cheek. I gently wiped away the lipstick smudge.

“The gossip will start soon enough. Best not give them anything to get a head start with.” I fluttered my eyes and smiled sweetly.

I handed his handkerchief back. As our hands touched and I swear I felt a spark jump between them. The air was that charged.

Turning to leave, the oddest thing happened.

You know how, when in heels, every great once in a while, no matter how often or confidently you walk in them, your ankle will just sort of go wonky and you’ll fall sideways off your heel?

It happened to me at that very moment.

I crashed into him. He caught me before I went all the way to the floor. At the same time I was trying, instinctively, to catch myself.

In catching me, my breasts fell against his left forearm, my right breast landed directly in his hand. In trying to catch myself, my hand clutched for his thigh.

There was no mistaking it. His cock was a thick, meaty thing, hanging against his thigh. I couldn’t tell how long it was, just that is was significantly longer than anything I had ever touched before. And very much thicker.

We both knew exactly what we had our respective hands on, and exactly whose hand was on our respective selves.

He lifted me up and said “Whoopsie-daisy. Careful now.”

My embarrassment was complete and my libido went off like a roman candle.

I fled the room, mortified by my clumsiness. My libido was tugging at my hand to run back in, shut the door and rip his clothes off.

Late that afternoon, I took a draft into his office. I had decided that the best course of action was to pretend like nothing at all had happened.

“Here is the draft of the new policy we spoke of earlier today.” I said.

“Thank you, Ms. Thomas.” he said.

I turned to walk out.

“A moment?” he asked.

“Of course.”

“Please, close the door.”

I did. Suddenly nervous. I turned around and walked back to the front of his desk.

“Ms. Thomas, please forgive my unprofessional behavior earlier this morning.”

Shit! He wasn’t going to just ignore it like I was ferociously willing him to do in my mind.

“Mr. Jackson, there is nothing to forgive!” I said, genuinely surprise at what he had said.

“No, I’m an old fool.” he said “I’m an old fool to become so… affected by a woman I that I have absolutely no business being affected by.”

He was blushing and looked sheepish. It was a boyish kind of look. It was utterly charming. My libido, again, begging for the clothes ripping off thing.

“I let my imagination run away with me and behaved in a manner not appropriate for the workplace. I apologize sincerely.”

I swooned a little inside. He is such a gentleman. And those calloused hands. I was all aflutter.

“Apology accepted, but completely unnecessary. I promise.”

He smiled shyly at me. Shyly! He was ‘affected’ by me. My libido was jumping up and down, clapping her hands and squealing.

“May I ask you a personal question, Mr. Jackson?” I said, suddenly bold.

“You may ask me anything you like, Ms. Thomas.” he replied with a smile.

“Would you do me the very great honor of allowing me to cook dinner for you this Saturday night to thank you for your kindness?” I looked at him steadily, not at all sure where that had come from. It’s not at all like me to be so bold.

He was silent. Thoughtful.

After a few uncomfortable moments when I was sure that I had overstepped my bounds, he said, “I would be delighted, with one condition.”

“Ok.” I said. My heart, pounding.

“The condition is that we have this dinner at my house, and you allow me to cook for you.”

“Well, that kind of defeats my purpose of cooking you a meal as a ‘thank you’.” I replied, smiling and silently thrilled.

“The pleasure of your company will be thanks enough.”

“What time would you like me to arrive?”

“Promptly at 7:30.”

“It’s a date.” I spun on my heels – successfully this time – and strode out of his office with just a little bit of wiggle in my hips. My libido hoped he noticed.

Driving out to my apartment after work, my mind was ablaze. I had a date. A DATE! With a kind, generous, handsome, successful, masculine man that I respected. The fact that he was old enough to be my father did not bother me in the slightest.

And my mind kept wandering to what I had felt through his trousers. My pussy was dripping wet and the musky scent of my arousal filled my car.

I ran into my apartment grabbed as many clothes as my car would hold and drove home. Home.

I realized how much I loved thinking that word – home – and how my old apartment had never felt like a home.

I couldn’t wait to get home and tell Jana what had happened at work that day. I was sure she would be pleased and excited for me.

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