Erica’s Man – Five Day course – Day 02

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“Looked like you had fun last night,” Rhea whispered to me as she sat down. She was wearing a black and white checked skirt today, beneath a green strappy top. I couldn’t help noticing she’d forgone the leggings today and had her long, toned legs fully on show.

I grinned. “Erica sent you that picture then? There’s three loads worth on her. She refused to clean up in between. I think she wanted to remind you I’m hers before I saw you again today.”

Rhea looked slightly worried for a second, so I continued, “If she had been pissed off about yesterday then a) I wouldn’t have been fucked the way I was last night, b) she wouldn’t have sent you a picture of her face covered in my spunk, and c) she definitely wouldn’t have asked me for pictures if we get a chance to fuck today.”

Rhea visibly relaxed and smiled. “We’ll have to see what happens then won’t we…”

A minute or so later, Helen came into the room and again sat down on the other side of me with a smile and a “Good morning.” She busied herself taking out her stationery and settling herself until Rhea offered to get her a brew and disappeared into the venue’s kitchen. “I can’t believe you two!” she suddenly whispered to me, backhanding my arm. “I know you and Erica have an… unusual relationship, but… well I didn’t really believe it I suppose.”

I paused, not really sure how to respond. She could clearly tell I wasn’t sure what to say and her face softened. “It’s not like you’re cheating I suppose. I was just… shocked. I don’t actually think I’d have believed it if Rhea hadn’t shown me the video Erica sent. And forwarded me the picture last night!”

Again, I was unsure what to say, so I merely smiled. “Was she honestly ok with it?” Helen continued. “I know you said you’d had threesomes but I’m pretty sure you said you’d always been together yesterday.”

“We always had,” I whispered back. “Yesterday was the first time Erica wasn’t there. I’ll be honest though, and I didn’t say anything yesterday because I didn’t want to offend anyone, but she told me before I came her in the morning she thought Rhea might have plans and told me she wanted me to see what happened as long as I gave her every detail after.” I paused, “Sending pictures was Rhea’s idea. Erica loved it though!”

Helen was blushing by now, and seemed unsure how to respond. She gave me the same smile I know I’d given her just a few seconds earlier, and was clearly a little relieved when Rhea returned with her cup of tea and the course leader soon got started, moving everyone to work next to people we hadn’t been next to the previous day.

The course was just as, if not more boring than the day before. I spent a huge chunk of the morning daydreaming, and being me, that meant I spent a lot of the morning hiding an erection under the desk. At dinnertime, the conversation between the three of us was flirty, but as another couple of teachers had joined us, there were no direct questions or comments, which I was more than happy with.

The şişli grup yapan escort afternoon again involved us all being moved around, and I was working in a group with Rhea. The activities were simple and boring, and the three teachers working with us were as dull as dishwater, as well as clearly knowing one another. It wasn’t long before I began daydreaming again as the other members of the group discussed sound buttons. Rhea was clearly bored too, as after a while I felt her hand rest on my left thigh. My erection soon grew under her palm, but she contented herself with resting her hand on it, not moving to avoid drawing attention from the other women at the table.

As the course leader ended the activity, and the day, Rhea gave my hard cock a quick squeeze before she again quickly stood and was the first person out of the door. I again slowly packed up my things, watching as the room emptied around me, before following out of the door.

Rhea and Helen were stood together in the corridor, whispering as the last couple of teachers walked past on their way out. As they saw me heading towards the men’s bathroom, Helen wordlessly disappeared into the ladies’ room while Rhea nonchalantly leaned against the wall, before following me straight into the men’s.

She hit me like a whirlwind, lips pressed firmly against mine and her hands immediately unbuckling my belt. My hard cock was out and my jeans and boxers around my ankles within seconds as she knelt in front of me. Rhea wasted no time in taking me into her mouth, her right hand rubbing along the end of the shaft while her left cupped and fondled my balls. I enjoyed the warmth of her expert mouth and tongue for a couple of minutes, grasping her hair as she bobbed up and down on my erection.

Reaching down, I moved both straps of her top off her shoulders, and she obliged me by taking her hands from my cock to lower the top to her waist, before reaching behind her back to release the clasp on her bra, displaying her stunning, pert breasts.

Using the hand I had entwined through her hair, I gently pulled Rhea to her feet, a long strand of spit and pre-cum trailing from her bottom lip to the tip of my cock until she brushed it away. I spent a couple of second gazing at her beautiful chest before I lowered my head and took her left nipple into my mouth. She moaned gently as I ran my tongue lovingly around her areola, flicking it over the hardness of her nipple as I reached down with my hands to hitch up the back of her skirt, revealing a toned and pert bottom barely covered by a lacy thong. I fondled her perfect arse while I sucked and licked her nipple, Rhea’s hands running over the back of my head and shoulders.

I stepped out of my jeans and boxers, leaving them lying on the floor in the middle of the bathroom, and then lifted Rhea up by her thighs, carrying her and setting her down on the space between the sinks. Stepping back, I took in the view of her beautiful şişli masöz escort chest and the stunning length of her legs, right up to the pale green thong which barely covered her pussy and I could see was soaked through. Rhea was breathing heavily, her chest heaving, and she spread her legs eagerly as I knelt in front of her.

Pushing her knees back together, I peeled her panties down her long legs and threw them over my shoulder, before again parting her thighs to reveal her shaven, glistening pink pussy. I didn’t hesitate before burying my tongue between her lips, quickly finding her engorged clitoris and flicking it side to side. Rhea was already sopping wet and came very quickly, squealing in pleasure just as I inserted my first finger into her tight cunt.

I didn’t stop, running my tongue up and down her groove to taste her juices, before returning to her clitoris as I reinserted first one, and then a second and third finger inside her. Rhea held my head hard against her mound as she writhed against my face. She came again surprisingly quickly, wrapping both thighs around my head as her vaginal muscles contracted hard around my fingers.

Gripping my short hair, she pulled my head away from her then, as she sat gasping for breath, her soaked pussy pulsating as her orgasm faded.

I stood, my erection in hand, and began to guide it to her tight passage.

“No,” she said. I raised my eyebrows involuntarily. Was she drawing a line here?

“I want to ride you,” she responded.

I grinned as she slid herself off the sinks and pushed me into a cubicle, sitting me down on the toilet seat. Rhea quickly straddled me and lowered herself expertly onto my length, all eight inches sliding easily inside her well lubricated cunt. I leaned forward and took her nipple into my mouth as she began to grind back and forth slowly on my lap, low moans escaping both of our mouths at the sensation. This was one of Erica’s favourite moves when she wanted to cum but wanted me to last longer, and I vaguely wondered if Erica had told Rhea about it. They had been messaging for a while after Erica sent her the picture of her cum-soaked face.

After a couple of minutes, Rhea grabbed my head and pulled it away from her rock hard nipples to kiss me full on the lips. We kissed that way for a minute or so and then I turned my attention to her neck. Rhea’s breath was catching and her movements speeding up so I knew she was close to another orgasm. That was when I noticed the shadow. Outside the cubicle door was a clear shadow of a pair of legs. It ended, obviously, with the shadow of the door, but it was clear what it was.

Rhea’s moans were getting louder as she reached climax, and I saw the shadow move to the side, before a tiny creak, which I doubt I’d have heard if I hadn’t expected it, announced the entrance of somebody into the cubicle next to us.

Whoever it was clearly had no interest in interrupting us, so I shifted my focus back şişli otele gelen escort to Rhea, reaching round her to slide my finger between her butt cheeks just touch her arsehole ever so softly, lightly circling the sensitive area. This is a touch which has always sent Erica over the edge when she’s close, and Rhea was no different. A loud gasp and an orgasmic moan announced her climax, and her whole body shuddered against me. Not to leave me wanting, Rhea immediately began to manoeuvre up and down my shaft as well as back and forth. I held her thighs tightly as she bounced upon my lap, and it didn’t take long for her tight pussy to massage me over the edge. I grunted loudly as I shot cum deep into her belly and she slowly came to rest on my lap.

We sat quietly like that for a minute or so, catching our breath with my still hard cock inside her.

Slowly, Rhea raised herself to her feet, her cunt drenched and dripping with my cum and hers. Quickly pulling her top up and her skirt down, she grabbed her bra from the floor and disappeared, I presumed, to the women’s bathroom to clean up.

I stood too, my erection covered in Rhea’s juices. I left the cubicle, but instead of getting dressed, I slowly pushed open the door of the cubicle next to ours. My instincts had been right. Helen peered up at me from the toilet seat, the fingers of one hand down the front of her jeans and clearly still rubbing hard against her clit, while her other hand held Rhea’s soaking wet thong. Her lip was between her teeth, where she’d been keeping herself quiet.

She didn’t stop rubbing, clearly intent on an orgasm I could see she was close to, and I had no intention of stopping her. Instead, I stepped forwards until my legs were on either side of her, and slowly guided my cock to just in front of her mouth. At first, she just stared at it, continuing to rub herself, but allowing herself to moan now she knew she had been caught. My cock glistened with the combination of my cum and Rhea’s, and she must have known her friend’s juice was all over the shaft. As though accepting a line had been crossed, she parted her lips and took my head into her mouth, licking around the tip as though savouring the taste. This small, line-crossing gesture was all it took to send Helen over the edge of her own orgasm. She bucked and shuddered, her fingers slowing between her thighs as she released my head from her mouth, her eyes closed as she moaned loudly.

Opening her eyes, she looked up at me again, gazing into my eyes. She held my gaze as she pulled her hand from her panties and buttoned her jeans, before standing as I took as step back. Reaching down with the hand she had been touching herself with, she slowly squeezed along my length, covering her hand with Rhea’s juice and also releasing a small blob of cum from the tip of my penis onto her palm. Unblinking, Helen slowly extended her tongue and licked from the bottom of her palm to the tip of her fingers, taking in my cum, Rhea’s and I can only assume her own.

Shooting me a dirty smile, she stepped around me and strode from the men’s bathroom, leaving me to get dressed. As I picked up my jeans and felt my phone in the pocket, I remembered Erica’s request. She would have to make do with hearing about it for today. Maybe I could get some pictures tomorrow. And maybe not just with Rhea!

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