Entering Her Service Ch. 01

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This is the first of a series of stories that chronicle a man’s journey into a D/s relationship. My goal with these stories is to provide a relationship that is a bit different from the stereotypical D/s relationship and relate other possibilities. You will see the main character, Scott, understand and accept his submission throughout as he understands the wants and needs of his Mistress and their relationship.

Scott waited in his car wondering if he should take the next step and go into the restaurant to meet Denise. In his mind this meeting had taken shape a thousand different ways as he fantasized about meeting a potential Mistress for the first time. The variations and fantasies were endless in his mind. What would a real life encounter bring? He took a deep breath and exited his car for a walk and dinner that would change his life.

Scott had met Denise through an online adult dating site. They exchanged messages through their profiles and came to know more about each other over the past couple of weeks. The usual flirting and picture sharing went back and forth before they decided to meet. Through all of the banter and messages there was one critical piece of information on Denise’s online profile that hinted at her dominant nature and this was one item Scott wanted to pursue further this evening.

As usual, Scott arrived first, he was always punctual in his life. He entered the restaurant and asked for a table at the bar in the corner so they could talk openly without many people around. He had come straight for work so his athletic body was covered in Khaki pants and a striped button down shirt. This outfit also hid the orange bikini Victoria Secret panties he was wearing. The silk was smooth on his balls and cock as he ordered a drink and waited.

About 15 minutes later Denise arrived at the restaurant and immediately spotted Scott at the table in the bar. She was wearing black pants and black striped shirt that covered her body but showed off her curves. Denise was an African American BBW that walked with a purpose but flashed a bright smile when she saw Scott waiting there for her. She took a seat next to him and ordered a drink.

They chatted for some time getting to further know each other and gage each gümüşhane escort other’s interest. Topics flittering from work to family to sports as they gained an initial comfort level with each other. As this was established the conversation turned to what they liked and wanted in another person. This is where Scott took his opportunity to dig into the dominant part of Denise’s profile.

“So, I was very curious to know more about the comment on your profile that you like being called “Mistress”.” Scott asked as he continued to look at Denise while sipping on his drink.

“Yes, I was wondering if you had seen that comment. As you know I have a dominant personality both professionally as well as in my relationships. I have had another servant some time ago and if can find the right person I would like to do it again.” Denise replied eyeing Scott to make sure that he took in her words.

Scott replied that he had been a slave to a Mistress that he had met online. They would chat and Skype together where she would command him to use his butt plug, dildo or vibrator on himself. She taught him to control his orgasms and also to eat his cum. This had been his first foray into D/s relationship and he had been well taught but knew there was more to learn.

Denise considered this information which helped her to understand the nature of Scott’s submissive side. Denise said “I don’t take just any man to be mine. I want loyalty and obedience from my servant and for that I will care for and protect him. I will make him mine.”

Scott nodded taking Denise’s words to heart as his heart raced and cock grew. Her words described exactly what he wanted and his submissive side was bursting with excitement. He was ready to make the leap from the online world to the real world with her.

Scott began “I understand what you would require of me. I have only been a submissive on line and will need to learn to serve you. My submissive side is part of who I am that I want to further explore with somebody in person.”

Denise listened to his words and a smile appeared on her lips. She looked at Scott – a man in his 30s, short blond hair, blue eyes, in relatively good shape from what she could see. “You must know that escort gümüşhane once you commit to me, you commit to me alone. You will serve me and obey me. For that I will care for you. I will protect you.”

Scott nodded. “Yes, Mistress.”

Denise smiled again. “Now pay the bill and walk me to your car. There is more I need to know and to tell you without prying ears around.”

At her words Scott noticed the people at nearby tables taking an interest in their conversation. They may not have heard everything, but they heard enough to catch their interest. He called for the waitress and paid the bill.

Scott got up from the table and Denise followed. He walked to his car and unlocked the doors and opened the passenger side door for her to enter – then closing the door behind her. He hurried around to the driver’s side door and got in. The excitement of their earlier conversation racing through his mind as he looked at Denise.

Denise began “You will now call me Mistress from now on. I will have another name for you the next time we speak. That name will make you mine as it will only be between us and I am the one to name you. Do you understand?”

Scott nodded “Yes, Mistress.”

She continued “You will not touch me unless I allow you to touch me. You can kiss me at anytime as then I know that you care for me and know that I enjoy being kissed.”

Scott smiled hearing this “Yes, Mistress.”

“I know you are a boob guy. But you will not be allowed to touch or see my breasts unless I ask you to. You have to earn it.” She opened the neckline of her blouse revealing her large left breast to him. “Take a good look as this may be the only time you see my breast for a long time. I want you to know what your reward is if you are good.”

Scott nodded as he took in a long deep look at her massive left breast. “May I ask how large they are Mistress?”

“46I” Denise replied.

Scott smiled and swallowed hard knowing that he had the incentive to be good to be able to see, feel, kiss, and suck his Mistress’ breasts.

Denise then reached over to his crotch and felt his hard cock through his pants. She unbuckled his belt and zipped down his fly. “Let me see what you have to gümüşhane escort bayan please me.” Her hand slipped inside of his orange panties and pulled out his cock.

“I see your cute orange panties. They are a little too small for this cock but that makes you a little kinky man doesn’t it wearing women’s panties? Such a girly man wearing little orange panties.” She said as she stroked his cock. She saw him blush at her comment and knew that he was a bit embarrassed by it.

Holding his cock in her hand she said “This is mine. Mine to do what I want with. You will ask me to use it or I will tell you to use it. Understood?”

He nodded “I understand Mistress.” His breathe was getting heavier as she stroked him and the excitement of the night was clouding his head. Scott was overjoyed that he found a Mistress and that she had a firm hold of his cock at this moment.

Denise let go of his cock and told him to zip up. Scott did as he was instructed as he stuffed his hard cock back into his panties and zipped up his pants. He then looked at his Mistress and smiled at her as she kissed him.

She kissed him and then moved her mouth to his ear and whispered “Your ass is mine too slut. I’m going to take it and make you mine. You do know why guys get fucked in the ass in prison – don’t you?” She paused a bit letting him take in her words. “It’s for dominance. Dominance and control. Once I take you, you will have no doubt who is in control.”

Hearing her words Scott nodded and understood who was in charge. He would be hers. He smiled to himself controlling his delight.

“For tomorrow night you will text me where we will meet. You will bring three pairs of new panties – red, black and blue and throw away your old panties from your online Mistress. You are mine now and I will dress you appropriately. You will also buy stockings to wear with your panties. I want my slut dressed in panties and stockings waiting for me tomorrow night.” Denise commanded as she straightened up and let herself out of the car.

Scott understood his command and was excited for his shopping trip the next day before meeting his Mistress again. The night could not have gone better in his mind and he was excited for their next meeting. The possibilities danced in his head as he drove home. When he arrived home and got ready for bed a text message popped into his phone from his Mistress. It was one sentence “You will be my Ferran – which means servant.”

With that he slept dreaming about his Mistress and planning his shopping trip the next day.

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