End of an Era Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

Author’s Note: Though every chapter of this story will have at least one detailed sex scene, I must note that there will be other plot points as well. This story is about sexual adventure, but without context it would seem too hollow. Also please read chapter 1 first or you will have no idea what’s going on. Thank you for reading, comments appreciated.

Ch. 2: Surprises Explained

I woke up to my alarm blaring away, snapping me out of a very comfortably deep sleep. Of course Sarah elbowing me in the ribs helped, too. I stumbled out of bed and across the room nearly tripping over her purse that was lying in the middle of the floor, to slap down on my alarm clock.

I stood there for a moment leaning a little against the dresser, debating on skipping class. I hadn’t had too much sleep, not that I was complaining. After a long enough time in college, you learn to go without much sleep.

Shuffling around the room I picked up the clothes I wore the night before and threw the requisite 9 am class attire and went to the bathroom. After the morning necessities were out of the way I walked back into my room, jealously staring down at my girlfriend as she was already fast asleep again. Or at least I thought she was.

After grabbing my book bag and going through it quickly to make sure I had my copy of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde along with the notebook for my Gothic Lit class, I was zipping the bag up when I noticed it. A little movement under the sheet.

No, I thought. She isn’t really…is she?

Yes she is. She’s masturbating.

Now I’m no stranger to a little morning action, whether it be a quickie with whoever is in my bed with me at the time, a quick jerk to get the day started, or the always wonderful good morning blow job. But the idea that she was playing with herself while I was standing there getting ready to go to class was too much. Fucking tease. How could she do something so erotic, that she knows I love watching her do, when I have to leave for class?

Then I looked a little closer. Her breathing was getting sharper, but I swear she was definitely asleep. I almost laughed a little. She was fingering herself in her sleep.

I glanced at the clock. I had a few minutes before I had to be out the door. I gently lifted the sheet a little taking a peek, but trying not to wake her. Her fingers were rubbing circles around her clit and every few circles one finger would slip inside her pussy for a few thrusts then back up to circle her hot button. I could smell the musky scent coming from her rapidly soaking pussy as I stared at a sight I’d seen dozens of times before, but it never failed to turn me on.

There’s just something so erotic about watching a girl rub herself. The intimacy is so intense when you see the girl loose herself in the most private of sex acts; you can’t help but be turned on.

Speaking of which…my cock was almost at full attention. I glanced back at the clock and cursed myself. Shit, I thought. I really need to get going. One more quick glance at her ministrations and I gently laid the sheet back over her. I stood up grabbing my bag and took a deep breath to try and calm myself.

I adjusted my prick in my pants; trying to make it a little more comfortable and I walked quietly out of the room, and then out of my apartment.

I only lived a half a mile from campus and I often walked the distance, but after taking the time to watch Sarah’s mid-sleep masturbation, I needed to hop in my car and drive the short distance, or I wouldn’t have time to get my coffee and orange juice before class and if I had to sit through Dr. Wagner’s class for an hour without coffee, I would be fast asleep at my desk.

Luckily I didn’t need to join the fray trying to find a decent morning parking spot on the university’s parking deck. During my freshman year, which seems so long ago now, I had rushed a fraternity. Now most people who know me would never guess that I was in a fraternity. Most of them would say, “I just can’t picture you as a frat boy.”

I wasn’t a frat boy. I was a guy who happened to have joined a fraternity. There’s a difference.

Anyway, this frat had a house right near campus and a nice private parking lot behind the house. I had already taken my four-year alumni status, since I didn’t really like the new guys that much, but I would still hang out there on occasion. Usually when one of the other old guys was in town.

So I parked at the house and headed over to campus still trying to will away my hard-on. The morning visual didn’t help my mindset, especially after the activities the night before began running through my mind again. It seemed so surreal.

Honestly, it wasn’t the first three-way action I’d ever had, but every time something like that happens to me, I still can’t believe it. Maybe if I was better looking or really talented at something I could see those things happening. Or maybe they would just happen more often, I don’t know.

Sufficed to say, I was still trying to get my cock to chill out while ortaköy escort I was adding a little dash of sugar to my coffee in the coffee shop on campus. I pulled out a cigarette and stepped out to smoke while I walked across campus to my class.

I think I had finally calmed down sufficiently when I tossed my cigarette into one of those tower things that everywhere has now where you stuff your butt down into one of the little holes on the side and it falls down to join it’s fellow cancer-causers at the bottom.

Of course it didn’t help my situation when, after I had sat down in my classroom, I looked up to see Miriam walking in.

Miriam was a nice little blonde that I had helped with a paper or two since we had been in a few classes together before. Usually she came to class in the same state as most students for an early morning class: sweatpants and a t-shirt or the equivalent. Today was different.

This day she walked in and smiled at me. This day she wore a silk white blouse that opened very low in front showing a nice bit of cleavage. Even though she wasn’t huge in the breast department she must have had a good bra that forced the issue. This blouse was tucked into a short, but professional black skirt that stopped a good few inches above her knee revealing the nice dark pantyhose that covered her beautiful legs down to the black heels she wore. The skirt was tight enough to accentuate the perfect ass that I had noticed on many an occasion, usually in the warmer months when she wore the short gym shorts that many a coed preferred in the hot climate of the south.

I think she noticed my stares. I glanced up at her face after being so focused on her ass and saw that she was looking directly at me. The smile on her face was obvious. She walked up in between the desks straight for me, which wasn’t unusual; she usually sat in front of me. As she walked up she dropped her bag. Then she reached down to pick it up, giving me a nice view down her blouse. I could see a white lacey bra covering her small orange size tits, but the view was nice, nonetheless.

As she straightened up again, I saw the blush on her cheeks. She was teasing me.

With all the events of the morning, I really didn’t need this. She swung around to the desk in front of me pulling the bag around. Once again I adjusted my dick in my pants.

Soon Dr. Wagner walked in and it was down to business. I won’t bore you with the details of class other than the fact that Miriam kept pulling her hair around and slowly rubbing the back of her neck around to the front. I knew she was doing it for my benefit, but I didn’t really care.

I was always fairly certain that she only did these things to tease me. She liked that I was smart and could help her with papers and exams. I was the smart guy to abuse with her sexiness.

A little before the class was supposed to be over, Wagner finished everything he wanted to say and he grabbed his things to go. Since I didn’t have another class until the afternoon, I was ready to head home and laze out for a little while.

As I got up, Miriam was still packing her stuff. I brushed past and she grabbed my arm.

“Jason, hold up,” she said.

I stopped and looked down at her and wished I hadn’t. I could see down her shirt again. With all the stimulation from the past 24 hours I could feel my cock coming up again. She looked up and I swear for a moment she paused on my crotch.

“I was wondering what you were doing next Friday.”

I stopped for a moment. We didn’t have a paper or an exam due soon, so I wondered what she was wanting. “Um, well, I don’t have any plans, why?”

She looked up at me and I could see her blushing a little again. “Well, I know you probably think its lame, but I have a Sorority thing and I don’t have anyone to go with.”

I paused for a moment. This was not what I was expecting. “Really? You don’t have someone to go with?”

She stood up and brushed past me. “You can just say no. You don’t have to make fun of me.” She stormed away walking towards the door. It took me a second to come to my senses and go after her.

She was heading down the stairs and it took a minute to catch up to her since there was already a crowd developing for classes getting out and beginning in ten minutes. She was out one of the side doors before I finally caught her.

“Wait, Miriam.” I said loudly trying to catch her attention.

She stopped and turned around as I came up behind her. “What?”

“I wasn’t making fun of you,” I said quickly. “I really am surprised you don’t have a date.”

That wasn’t the way to start. She stared me down, her brow scrunching and her eyes stared up at me. “Really?”

“Really,” I replied. “I mean, a girl like you probably has tons of guys asking her out all the time.”

That worked.

She smiled and looked away, adjusting the bag on her shoulder even though it was probably fine in the first place. She looked back up at me. “It’s not easy for me to ask someone.”

“Look, otele gelen escort “I said reaching out and touching her shoulder. “I’d love to take you to your Sorority thing.”

Her face lit up. “Really?” she asked. She smiled widely. “I know we don’t know each other that well, but I thought it would be nice to hang out with someone who has something to talk about for once.”

“Sounds great,” I said, smiling.

She looked up at me with a wide grin. “Okay. It’s going to be so much fun. I’ll call you this weekend and we’ll set up the details, okay? I have to run, ‘because I have a presentation to do in a few minutes.”

“That’s why you look so nice this morning?” I asked.

She blushed again. “You think I look nice?”

“Of course,” I replied. “You always look nice.”

She smiled again. “I’ll call you,” she said quickly. “But I’ve got to go, or I’ll be late.”

She shocked me by pushing up on her toes and kissing me on the cheek before she pulled away and walked away with a little sway to her cadence that made me focus on her ass in that tight skirt.

That sight made me even more excited. I felt like a teenager, first discovering his hormones. I really needed some action. I thought about Sarah that morning and hoped that she was still at my apartment. I was ready to fuck the shit out of her.

After getting to my car and driving the short distance to my place, I was disappointed. She wasn’t there. She had made my bed and left with her things. I’m sure she had something to do that day, but I really needed to get off. I thought about booting up my laptop and watching a little porn to motivate myself and taking care of things myself, but my stomach was grumbling after my coffee and o.j. breakfast.

I was sitting in front of the television eating some eggs and a waffle when I heard the door open. My roommates and I had plenty of good friends that knew we often left the door unlocked, especially when we were awake. I knew that neither of my roommates was awake, since they weren’t in school and they rarely got up before noon.

“Hello?” I heard in a familiar voice and I immediately began thinking of the reasons she might be here and the possibilities of her presence considering my current horny state.

“I’m in the living room, Jessie,” I said loudly enough to be heard by her, but not so loudly my roommates would wake up.

Jessie walked in wearing a tank top and short shorts with her flip-flops. She looked like she was ready to head to the beach in her attire.

She stopped in the doorway staring at me as I ate my breakfast and watched television. She looked back behind her to the hallway leading to mine and one of my roommate’s rooms. “Is anyone else up?”

I made the fake look at my wrist to emphasize that it was still before noon and she nodded as she walked into the room. She looked down at my plate and smiled. “Oh, waffles,” she said excitedly. “Bite?”

Jessie and I had known each other for a long time. Familiarity was a foregone conclusion. I cut out a small piece and rolled it in a little of the syrup on the plate before motioning it towards her. She leaned over the table and took the piece in her mouth.

Such southern politeness. She covered her mouth with her hand as she chewed the bite and sat down beside me.

She glanced at the T.V. and gave me a discerning look. After she finished chewing she asked, “Sports Center? At ten thirty in the morning?”

I shrugged. “It’s like church, except it’s five times a week and six times a day.”

She shook her head. “You’re sad,” she said as she reached for the glass of water I had on the table to wash down her bite of waffle.

“Sad?” I questioned. “I’ve been up and to class. What have you done today, missy?”

She gave me a dirty look. “Not much. Apparently, my roommate didn’t pay the water bill like she was supposed to.”

I nodded, understanding. “So you need a place to take a shower?”

Jessie shrugged a little. “Maybe…”

I nodded as I cut another piece of waffle out for myself. “I’ll let you take a shower here,” I mentioned. “On one condition.”

Jessie smiled as I took the bite of waffle into my mouth. “I tell you what the fuck happened last night?” she posed as a question.

I finished my bite and shrugged. “Not exactly,” I replied. “I clearly remember what happened last night. I want to know why.”

Jessie nodded and took a deep breath. “We were at the bar after you left.”

“Yes,” I said egging her on.

“Sarah said how she always thought I was attractive. She said that she could see what you saw in me.”

I saw a lot in Jessie. Unfortunately I was too much of a narcissist to understand all she had to offer me. Sarah never liked that Jessie and I were still friends. I didn’t say anything and let her continue.

“I was flattered,” Jessie continued. “And you know I’ve always been attracted to girls.”

I nodded.

“So we started to talk a little at the bar and she asked if I’d want to join you two.”

That’s otele gelen escort when I started to get a little suspicious. “She instigated it?” I asked.

Jessie nodded. “I asked her if she was sure. She said yes. We even made out a little at the bar before we left to go to Kelly’s place.”

I nodded and cut out another piece of waffle. Jessie opened her mouth and I complied placing that piece in her mouth.

“Anything else?” I asked.

“She said I couldn’t fuck you,” she replied quickly.

I nodded. Then I took the last piece of waffle. I chewed it fairly quickly.

“So,” I began after I swallowed the last piece. “I guess you need a shower?”

“Yeah, if you don’t mind.”

I glanced over at her. She knew I didn’t mind. The only question on my mind was do I try to get in on this shower thing? “I don’t mind,” I said. “You know where it is.”

She sat there for a minute looking at me. I hoped she was thinking the same thing I was. But then we heard a sound down the hallway that killed any possibility: the sound of my roommate Aaron’s door opening.

Jessie glanced at the door to the hallway and back at me. I swear she looked a little disappointed. “Okay,” she said after a moment. “Thanks.”

I sat back looking at the screen. Some random basketball highlights were playing. March Madness was over and it was down to the elite eight. I would normally be enthralled, but my bracket was already done this year and I wasn’t happy to be reminded of it. Plus my roommate getting up earlier than usual was making my shower before my afternoon class much less interesting.

Jessie was already down the hallway when Aaron walked into the living room. He stood there for a moment looking at the television and back to me. “Hey J,” he began. “You mind if I use some of your coffee? I’m out of my cheap shit.”

I always buy the nicer stuff from the grocery store; the kind you grind there in the store and put in the bag yourself. Aaron buys Folgers. I didn’t really mind. It wasn’t that big of a deal and Aaron knew that, but he was a cool roommate and he always asked first. “I don’t give a fuck,” I replied. “You know that.”

Aaron nodded. “Thanks, bro.”

As he walked back into the hallway and towards the kitchen I could hear the shower starting and I thought about my unsatisfied cock and how I could have been having nice shower sex with Jessie right now. I took one more sip of my water and walked outside to have a cigarette.

It was a little later when I finished my cigarette and was sitting back in the living room that Jessie walked back in. her hair was wet and she was wearing some shorts and a different tank top. She stood in the doorway and stared into the room.

I looked up from my textbook (getting ready for the next class) and smiled at her. “Have a good shower?”

Jessie shrugged. “Could’ve been better.”

I smiled and looked back at my book. I was sitting on the couch with my legs sprawled under the table. Jessie walked over and sat down beside me. “It’s cold in here,” she said.

We keep the air conditioning pretty low, being poor college students and all. I knew she was lying. “There’s a blanket behind you,” I replied.

She reached back and grabbed it, throwing it over her lap and mine. I had to pull my book out from underneath as I gave her a look. “I’m perfectly fine,” I said.

She smiled and it was then that I felt her hand come across and start rubbing my leg. “You’re fine?” she asked. “So conceited…”

I laughed a little. “I need to read up for class in a couple hours.”

She looked at me askance. “Since when do you study?”

I looked at her trying hard to be serious. “Since I would really like to graduate in a couple months.”

I could feel her hand roaming closer and closer to my dick. I had already had enough teasing today and I didn’t really need anymore. But she didn’t know that and she kept with her ministrations.

It was then that Aaron walked back into the living room. He plopped down on the other couch with coffee in hand. He glanced at the screen and grimaced. “Is there anything else on?”

I glared over at him. “No, not really,” I replied. “But you’re more than welcome to look.” I tossed the remote over to him and he caught it out of the air.

I re-focused on my textbook, trying to ignore Jessie’s hand as it roamed around underneath the blanket.

Aaron flicked through the channels looking for something else to watch as I studied my textbook, trying desperately to ignore Jessie’s hand that was now unabashedly stroking my crotch underneath the blanket.

Aaron looked over at me as he scanned the stations. “Did Corey pay the power bill yesterday?” he asked.

My dick had quickly come to life and I was having trouble thinking about my textbook, much less when our other roommate had completed his task. The rent was mine; the cable bill was Aaron’s.

I shook my head. “I have no idea,” I responded. “I gave him my third last week.”

Aaron nodded as he continued to flip through reruns of popular sitcoms and daytime soap-operas. He sipped at his coffee and then eventually threw down the remote beside himself as he again reached sports center after scanning through cable news networks’ daily morning propaganda. “You’re right,” he said after a moment. “There’s nothing else on.”

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