Email Cuckold Ch. 05

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Light rock music filled the darkened, cavernous room. Laughter twittered around the table as Karen took a deep drink of her pinot grigio. The warmth from the alcohol spread from her stomach to throughout her body. She looked around the table of eleven women. She didn’t know anyone besides Tracy and Jill, but that hadn’t made the night awkward for Karen at all. A few were Tracy’s co-workers and the rest were her family. They were easy to pick out. Like Tracy, they were all tall with red hair. Her mom, Mary, looked good for a woman in her mid-fifties, willowy and full of energy. Her younger sister, Sue, was even taller than Tracy, at least six foot. But her slim figure kept her from appearing overbearing and she had been great chatting up Jill and Karen while her sister had entertained the other women. Sue wore a simple black dress that made her pale skin glow; her bright red hair cascaded down to the small of her back.

Jill winked at Karen before refilling both her glasses. Karen tugged at the hem of her dress. She did feel a little less risqué after seeing Jill’s deep red dress. The slit ran up to her hip, showing leg at every movement, but it was the plunging neckline that almost went to her belly button that caught the eye of every man she passed. Jill’s perky tips promised sexuality as her tanned skin flashed beneath the dress.

Absently, Karen smoothed her own dress. She took a deep breath and Jill’s eyes followed her movement.

“Better be careful Karen or the girls are going to bust out!”

Sue laughed as Karen blush and hunched a bit.

“Oh don’t listen to her.” Sue said. “You look great.”

“Thanks.” Karen gave her friend a fake pout. “Nice to see someone appreciates me.”

They all laughed and cheered before taking a sip of wine. Karen felt good. She didn’t know if her husband had emailed any men, but if he had, the group of eleven women had kept the men away. Even afterwards, it looked like her and Jill would skip their routine. They had gotten a hotel suite with Tracy, but with only one king size bed. She took another swig of wine, surprised at the faint glimmer of disappointment.

Tracy yelled out. “To the birthday girl!” As everyone looked at her in surprise, the tall red head stubbornly lifted her glass. “Hey! It’s my birthday, I can do what I want!”

“To the birthday girl!” They all laughed and clinked glasses.

“I think that’s my cue to get going. It must be one in the morning already!” Tracy’s mom said, standing up. The rest of the group started saying goodbyes as well.

Karen started gathering Tracy’s birthday bags so Tracy could concentrate on the departing guests.

“You are not driving home!”

Karen looked over to see Mary, hands on hips, staring down the youngest daughter.

“I’m not sixteen, mom!” Sue complained.

“Damn straight! But you’ve had a lot of drinks!”

Tracy put an arm around her younger sister. “Sue, come stay at the hotel. We have more than enough room.”

Karen caught Jill frowning slightly. She gave her friend a questioning look, but the blonde merely shook her head.

Mom smiled at her daughters. “See? It all works out.”

The four women squeezed into a taxi, Jill sat on Tracy’s lap and hilarity ensued as Tracy tried to find every tickle spot in the petite blonde’s body. Karen let out a drunk howl and Sue doubled over in laughter. By the time they piled out at their hotel, their energy level was ramped up.

“Let’s hit the hotel bar!” Jill suggested.

Karen rolled her eyes, but Tracy and Sue cheered. They crossed the lobby and walked into the martini bar. Karen blinked her eyes in the darkness. Everything appeared decorated in black – curtains, tables, even the staff. Everything but a martini glass shaped bar that glowed an ice blue. Classic rock and roll blared riding the fine line between drowning out conversation and sparking energy. Jill led the group to a dark corner and the slipped in around the table.

A waif thin blonde came up with the martini list and took their order.

“Oh there’s a dance floor!” Tracy excitedly said.

Karen glanced passed the bar there was a small dance floor. There were many twenty to twenty-five people, clearly all tourists, gyrating to the music.

Sue made a face. “You want to dance there?”

Tracy punched her in the arm. “Come on! It’s my birthday!”

Jill waved them off. “I’ll wait for the drinks.”

Karen chirped in. “Me too.”

“Your loss!” Tracy pulled her sister and the two tall red heads made their way through the bar.

Jill slid a fifty dollar bill over to Karen. “Can you get the drinks? I got to go pee!”

“No problem… don’t fall in!”

The brunette woman scanned the bar. Besides the dance floor, there weren’t that many people in the bar. Clearly this was a place to go before giresun escort it was time to go and hit the clubs or for tourists too timid to venture into Chicago.

A man sauntered towards the table. Karen glanced away, but kept track of him through the corner of her eye. He was maybe in his mid-twenties, light eyes (maybe green?), and dark hair slightly moused up. He was clearly fit, a dark t-shirt hugged sculpted shoulders. Karen shifted nervously as she realized her table was his destination.

“Hi, I’m Jeff.” His hand took hers in a firm handshake.

“Hey there, I’m Karen.”

“Abandoned by your friends?”

“I’m on drink duty.”

“Ah, then a noble job then.” Without asking he slid into her bench, forcing her to scoot further down. The waitress came by with the four chocolate martinis, but Jeff blocked her attempt to pay. “I got it. Please, it’s my treat.” He paid the waitress and lifted his own empty martini glass. “I need another vodka martini – three olives.”

Karen smiled. “Thanks, but that wasn’t necessary.”

Jeff turned back to her, not hiding the fact his eyes were travelling over every curve of her body. “Always glad to help a beautiful woman.”

Karen felt a warm hand on her thigh and blush rising to her face. She took a long sip of her martini to hide her confusion. What was going on? There was no way her husband set this up! The hand moved a little higher, a whisper from the hem of her dress, and she hurriedly cover it with her own to stall its progress.

“You seem awfully forward, Jeff.” Karen tried to play it off.

Karen giggled at the cheesy line, but didn’t slide his hand away. His firm grip radiated heat. Heat trickled up her leg, towards her crotch. Where was Jill?

He leaned closer. “In fact, I bet you enjoy the attention.”

“Well of course, what woman doesn’t like the attention of a nice looking man.”

“Indeed and I truly appreciate a stunning woman.”

“Oh please!”

“I’m telling the truth! I can prove it.”

“How’s that?”

A smirk curled his lips and she felt his hand slide out from under hers and then grab it. She looked at him questioning. In one smooth motion, he pulled her hand in his lap. Her fingers reflexively curled around a sizable cock. She started to move her hand away but he held it firm.

“Massage it for a minute.”

She decided to play his game, after all her friends were nearby to get her out of the situation. Her grip tightened and relaxed and shock ran through her body. The cock began to grow even larger! Her fingers slid down until she felt his testicles. Slowly her finger traveled along the shaft – a shaft that STILL continued to grow. She pulled her eyes off his crotch and saw the amused expression on his face.

“Vodka martini?”

Karen pulled her hand away, but Jeff has faster. He grabbed her wrist and kept her hand on his crotch. With his other hand he pulled out a twenty and gave it to the waitress with a smile. How much had she seen? Karen averted her eyes, unable to confirm being busted.

The cock finally appeared to have stopped growing, but it’s dimensions still confounded Karen.

“How big is it?” She whispered.

He leaned toward her, hot breath on her ear. “Take it out and see for yourself.”

She shook her head. “Oh no, my friends.”

His pointed towards the dance floor. “They seem to be occupied.”

Karen glanced around Jeff towards the dance floor. She spotted Tracy and Sue easily as the moved on the dance floor. Is that where Jill was? That would explain why it’s taken so long. And they left her with the drinks! Annoyance flickered through her and she decided to have a little fun on her own. Almost before she could think it, her fingers had found his zipper and pulled it down. He swiveled his hips so he faced her and away from any passerby.

She dipped her hand in and carefully fished out the largest cock she had ever held. Her fingers didn’t come close to being able to encircle it and it was longer than her forearm… maybe 10 or 12 inches??? He grunted approval as her hand traveled up and down his shaft. He was uncircumcised… something she hadn’t seen since high school.

He growled. “See my appreciation?”

She nodded, unable to take her eyes off his gigantic cock. She felt light headed. She didn’t know if it was the night full of wine (how much had she drank?) or the erotic sight in front of her. She felt a hand on the back of her head, gentle but insistent. If she got him off quick, her friends would be none the wiser.

She scooted back and then allowed her face to be guided closer to his cock. She stuck out her tongue and traced around the edge of his cock.

“Oh yeah…”

She smiled and then opened her jaws as wide as she could to accommodate his manhood. She felt like she barely moved past the head before she could feel it knock on the back of her mouth. She grasped the exposed shaft with both hands and moved up and down. The hand on her head played with giresun escort bayan her hair, encouraging her with his touch to take as much of his cock as she could.

“Wow, you must have been right about that story with the emails.”

Tracy’s voice brought Karen crashing back to reality. She peeked over the tabletop to see her three friends staring at her. Only Sue had a shocked look. Tracy looked intrigued. Jill’s expression was triumphant… and excited?

Karen sat up. “Um… I can explain.”

Tracy laughed. “Really? I don’t think this needs much explanation.” She looked around the bar. “This place is perhaps a little too crowded. We should go up to the room so Karen can finish the job.”

Karen shook her head. “Oh, I can’t…”

Jill pointed towards Jeff’s erect cock. “Well you can’t leave him like that. That’s not very nice.”

Sue gave a nervous laugh, looking around the bar to see if anyone was noticing this bizarre scenario.

Jill nodded to Jeff. “Zip yourself up young man, you’re coming with us.”

Jeff smiled, zipped up (with a little difficulty), slipped out of the seat, and grabbed Karen’s hand. She could either be dragged or follow – so the brunette quickly followed. At the elevator, the awkward silence prodded at Karen. She felt Jeff’s hand holding firmly onto hers. She felt her friends around her. She felt a warm blush flow up her neck to her cheeks.

Finally, the elevator door opened and all four went in.

Jill broke the silence. “Let’s play a game. You, Jeff, stand behind Karen and grab her boobs.” Karen felt his hands grab her boobs and begin to massage them. His hands pressed her back against his body. His large cock throbbed against her. “Now, no matter what happens, you can’t let go of her boobs.”

From the irregular reflections of the chrome paneling, Karen could make out Jill and Tracy on either side of the young man. She caught flashes of movement as their hands roamed over him. Sue was standing to the side, but she was plainly staring at them. She felt a hand moving her forward so that one of her friends could trace the outline of his manhood. Jeff’s hands mauled over her breasts. Suddenly, he moved his hands under her strapless dress. Hot fingers tweaked her nipples causing shocks of pleasure.

The elevator door opened and Karen had a sudden image of strangers waiting to get on. But it was only the empty hallway of their floor. Jill pushed past to take the lead. The others followed, their pace was quick so Karen had no time to talk. Jill held the door as the others walked in. Jill gave Karen a comforting look and she returned it with a nervous smile.

Tracy pulled Jeff and Jeff pulled Karen.

“I think you should sit right on the couch young man.”

Jeff finally let go of Karen’s hand as he allowed himself to be led to the couch. Tracy gave him a peck on the cheek and sat him down and asked him if he wanted a drink.

Jill came up behind Karen and gave her a warm hug. She whispered. “I stole your husband’s email idea.”

“What?” Shock and anger bolted through Karen.

“Don’t be mad.” Jill smiled. “Tracy is a HUGE voyeur. When we shared an apartment together in college, I caught her watching me with my boyfriend. It became a kind of game between the two of us. I’d sometimes leave my door half open or give him a hand job while we all watched a movie. And you, I know you liked your limits pushed. I thought it would be a great birthday gift for her and fun for you!”

“I can’t believe you would do this!”

“Shh…” Jill placed a finger over her lips. She then pointed. “Look.”

Jeff had his cock out and was slowly stroking it with one hand and playing with his balls with the other. Tracy sat on a chair mesmerized, lips parted, and lust dancing in her eyes. Kim looked around for Sue. She smiled as she glimpsed the young red head peeking out from the doorway blushing furiously. Lust began to replace anger as Karen felt the excitement rising in the room.

Jill grabbed Karen’s hips and paraded them both towards the couch. Jeff looked up at them and smiled. The brunette felt Jill give her a kiss on the cheek and another quick hug before pushing the curvaceous woman down onto her knees. Jeff grabbed her hand and brought it to his cock. Gently her fingers curled around the shaft. He leaned back, grabbed his rum and coke, and watched her stroke his huge cock.

“Now that is a great sight!” Tracy giggled. “Lick his balls Karen.”

Karen felt a shiver of pleasure. Why was this scenario turning her on? She should be standing up and telling Tracy off. Instead, she leaned forward and took his left testicle into her mouth. She rolled her tongue around it. He wasn’t very hairy and smelled faintly of baby powder. The soft skin felt incredible against her tongue. She continued stroking him, letting her hand go up and down the entire length of his shaft. Jeff moaned and she sucked a little harder before releasing it with a pop. Her tongue extended, trailing to escort giresun the right testicle and pulled it into her mouth.

A loud pop startled Karen. She turned to see Tracy opening a champagne bottle while Sue held flutes at the ready. The birthday girl began pouring and saw that she was causing a distraction. “Let’s see how deep you can take him!”

Karen moved up onto her knees and angled the shaft. She eyed the flared head. She looked up and saw Jeff staring at her. He smiled and took a gulp from his drink. Cocky bastard! She didn’t look away as she licked the slit of his head. She trailed down and then circled the head with her tongue. She let the motion carry her down the side of his shaft. When she reached the base, she licked around to the other side and went back up.

She felt hands on her hips and then the hem of her dress. She started to look back, but Jeff grabbed her head and kept her focused on the blow job. She felt her dress being pulled up.

“No underwear!” Tracy shrieked. “You are awesome!”

Two hands mauled her ass. Karen opened her mouth as wide as she could. The fingers worked their way down, pushing her thighs apart. She let the head pass between her lips, swirling her tongue around the head. Two fingers began playing with her pussy. Karen flattened her tongue and let the cock slide in deeper. The fingers circled her clit, building pleasure through Karen’s body and then they plunged deep into her. She moaned and tried to take him deeper. The fingers continued the familiar pattern and she recognized Jill’s touch. Jeff’s cock tickled the back of her mouth. Karen pushed out her ass out to her friend’s probing fingers. She realized that she could still grab his shaft with both of her hands. She pushed her mouth deeper. She gagged and had to pull back. The fingers continued to cause waves of pleasure within her.

“I do believe she’s ready now.” Jill’s voice seemed far away to Karen as she tried again to go down as far as she could on the massive cock.

Jeff’s hands gently grasped her hair and pulled her off of him. He got up off the couch and Karen was about to follow when Jill moved up and began to stroke her friend’s hair. Karen felt, large masculine hands on her ass.

“No, not that…” Karen looked to Jill with worry.

“Oh fuck him Karen!” Tracy cajoled. “I want to see that massive cock in you!”

Jill continued to stroke her hair and cooed. “Let him Karen. I bet that cock will feel so good.”

“Why don’t you fuck him?” Karen asked, panic starting to build within her.

Jill leaned forward and whispered. “My husband wouldn’t want it. Yours does.”

Karen felt the tip of his cock rub up and down her labia, wetting itself on her juices. She could stop this now. Her friends would back her. She looked at Jill. Her friend’s eyes were full of encouragement. Karen remembered the emails from her husband’s account. How he had asked the men to share their conquests of her. How enthusiastic his replies had been.

Jeff began to push in and Karen pushed back.

She felt the head slip in, she groaned in pleasure. She felt more pressure; she felt… stretched. Jeff pushed deeper. God! It felt so big! The cock pushed against her labia, against the walls of her vagina.

Jill stroked her hair. “Karen, it looks so hot going in you.”

The brunette moaned at the sweet mix of pain and pleasure. And then Jeff pulled out, the head barely tickled her pussy lips. Then he plunged in deep.

“Ohhh…” Karen bit her lower lip.

He pulled out and rammed into her again. And again.

Each thrust went deeper. Each thrust felt as if it touch every nerve of pleasure. He thrust once more and Karen could feel his body pressed against her ass. Relief washed through her as she realized he was completely in. He stopped thrusting, letting her get used to his cock and his hands used the opportunity to explore her body. They moved up her back and unzipped her dress, releasing her breasts. She felt his fingers tweak her nipples. A shock of pleasure zapped from her breasts to groin. Her pussy clenched his cock and his cock throbbed in return. Each time Jill’s fingers ran through the brunette’s hair, it made her whole body tingle.

“Fuck her Jeff! Fuck her hard!” Tracy’s voice rang out with command.

Immediately, Karen felt his cock pull out before slamming back in. She met his thrust with her own matching passion. His hands continued to play with her breasts and each thrust shot a current of happiness through Karen’s body. His cock continued to press her walls to their very limits. She slammed against him with abandon. His hands moved to her hips and he clutched at them. She felt his fingers dig into her flesh as he practically carried her up and down his dick. She felt her breasts slapping together from the force of his fucking and even that created ripples of pleasure.

The ripples became waves and the waves became a typhoon. Her body shook.

“I’m cumming! Oh fuck Jeff! I’m cumming from your big cock!”

Unbelievable sensations coursed through her and her pussy clenched around the massive tool. She felt her whole body shake. She became limp, but that didn’t stop or even slow Jeff down. He continued, grabbing her hips, and pistoning back and forth. She submitted herself completely to his need.

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