Email Cuckold Ch. 01

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Ken looked at his email. There were a half a dozen new emails from his posting on Craigslist and he wondered if any of them would truly pan out.

“Hey Ken, I’m home!” His wife Karen called from downstairs.

“Welcome home honey, I’ll be down in a moment.” He looked at his computer and knew his time was limited. He typed up a generic response that he could send to all six emails.

BCC: anon1@emailz, anon2@emailz, anon3@emailz, anon4@emailz, anon5@emailz, anon6@emailz

From: cuckhubby@emailz

Thanks for your response to my posting! My wife is going out to Barleycorn’s around 10 pm tonight! She’ll be out with her girl friends but feel free to hit on her. We’ve talked about how hot she gets when a stranger shows interest. Play your cards right and you might get a hot MILF to take home.

Physically, she’s short… only 4’11 with a lovely rack and a nice full booty. She weighs about 130 lbs with blue eyes and brown hair. I’ve attached a head shot so you can better recognize her.

Again, all I ask is that you fill me in with the details… let’s make this happen!

Quickly, Ken pasted the message into the various emails and sent them out. He felt a faint stirring at what might happen tonight before his wife interrupted him.

“Ken! Is dinner ready yet?”

Ken shut down his computer. “Just about Karen!”

He ran down the stairs to get the chicken and potatoes out of the oven. Karen was organizing the papers from her briefcase. She gave him a quick peck on the cheek as he walked past. While he set the table for dinner, he glanced at his wife. Deep in thought, he already imagined her dolled up for a night with the girls. He hoped she would wear the turquoise shirt, it really showed her cleavage off.

The idea for his posting came a few months before when he and his wife had hit a sexual low. Their love making had fallen off to once every few months and lacked any real passion. It almost seemed that they both felt they “should” rather than they “needed” to. Between work, kids, and the same old pattern, the flame of romance was barely a flicker.

Then one night Karen had come home drunk from girls night.

Ken was in mid wank and horned up. Karen was drunk and horned up.

“Honey, I’m a bit drunk.” She slurred slightly as she had come into their bedroom.

Ken slammed down the laptop and futilely tried pulling up his pjs.

Karen smiled and licked her lips. “What are you doing there?” She stumbled to the bed and snaked her hand beneath the covers and grabbed his cock. “Oh! There he is!” Her hand began stroking up and down his cock. “Looking at porn? Naughty!”

“Karen!” Ken gasped.

She pressed against him, kissing him before stepping away. With a flirty smile, she gave a slow strip tease. After her dress slipped off, bedava bahis her bra barely contained her D cup breasts. Ken breathed deeply, he had always loved the curves on his wife. She moved her hands over those mounds and clutched them. She unclasped her bra and moved towards Ken. With a laugh, she shook them in his face.

When he reached up to grab them, she gave him a gentle slap on the face. “No! No touching!” He grabbed one of her tits, and she pushed him back with surprising force. “I said no. Do you want me to stop playing?”

Ken shook his head and put hands behind his head.

Satisfied, Karen removed her panties. She grabbed his cock and leaned over and began sucking it. Ken groaned at the feel of his wife’s warm mouth. Her hand firmly on his shaft that still peeked out of her mouth and her tongue swirled around the head of his cock.

“Oh yeah baby… that feels so good.” Ken reveled in the sensation. He couldn’t remember the last time she had given him head.

Suddenly her mouth was gone and Ken opened his eyes with disappointment. But it was soon replaced with a smile as he saw his wife straddle him and then descend on his member with one smooth, deep motion.

Karen moaned. “Oh yeah.”

He made eye contact with her and saw her smile. What had gotten into his wife? He saw her nipples tighten. She began moving her hips, her hands moved up and began kneading her own breasts. God, he loved when she did that!

“What’s gotten into you Karen?”

She blushed, but didn’t answer.

Ken tentatively moved his hands onto her knees, when there was no complaint, he moved them up her thighs. “What’s gotten my wife so hot?”

She shook her head.

“It’s ok baby, tell your husband.”

“You’ll get mad.”

He grabbed her hips so he could thrust deeper in her. “Do I look mad? Tell me what’s gotten into you.”

She met his thrusts. “Well…”

“C’mon baby. Tell me.”

“The girls and I were out at Barleycorn’s dancing up a storm and I felt someone dance up behind me.” Karen avoided her husband’s eyes, but her hips moved faster. “Normally I just dance away and into my group of friends, but I guess I had a lot to drink by this time. And then I felt his hands on my hips, pressing my ass against him. I looked at my friends expecting them to help me pull away, but they were cheering instead.”

“Yeah baby? It made you hot?” Ken could feel his own climax begin to build.

“I turned. This guy couldn’t have been older than 22 or 23! And he was hot! When I turned, he grabbed me, grinded against me. I could feel his… I could feel him!”

“Was it big, baby?”

Karen blushed and put her hands on her husband’s chest so she could move faster. “Oh yeah…” It barely came out as more than a whisper.

“Imagine if he could see you now babe! Legs spread… riding my cock.” Ken didn’t normally talk dirty but his wife moved faster and her head tilted back. “He’d probably come up behind you and start playing with bedava bonus your beautiful tits.” Ken’s hands snaked up and kneaded her breasts and his wife moaned in pleasure. His right hand moved up her neck to her face. He then pushed a finger into her mouth. “Maybe you’d even suck on his cock.”

She groaned in pleasure and sucked his entire finger in and out. The erotic vision of his wife’s passion pushed Ken to the edge of climax.

“Karen, I’m going to cum!”

“Not yet! I’m not there yet.”

Ken tried to slow down but his wife kept moving up and down. He felt his orgasm build and then erupt. He came hard, spurting deep inside his wife.

Karen felt it too. “No… I was so close…”

She continued moving back and forth but Ken’s member shriveled and then plopped out. With a groan of disappointment, Karen rolled off her husband and covered her eyes with her forearm.

Ken stammered out. “I’m – I’m sorry babe. I tried to slow down.”

“I’ve been horny all night and was so close!”

“I guess hearing about you turning that guy on… well, it got me excited too.” Ken glanced over at his wife, but she was staring off in another direction, still with an unsatisfied look on her face. He moved a hand over her ample breasts, watching them jiggle in response to his touch. He slowly moved his hand down her body, over the curve of her hip, and through her neatly trimmed brunette bush. Ken slipped a finger over her clit. “Maybe I can still get you off baby.”

Karen smiled, encouraging her husband. Ken dipped a finger deeper inside of her and then moved it back, rubbing her clit in a circular motion. Karen took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

Ken took that as acceptance and began nibbling and licking her nipples. Suddenly he had an idea to help his wife get off. “I didn’t tell you this but last week while you were planting flowers in the front yard, but I saw something…”

Karen’s eyes half opened. “Yes?”

“I peered out the upstairs window to see if you were still outside. I was about to yell out if you had finished with the laundry when something caught my eye.” Ken paused to gently lick underneath her breast. His finger still moved across the clit, occasionally dipping deeper into her. “Jimmy was across the street. He was just staring and I saw he was staring at you…”

“He’s just eighteen!” Karen blushed, but a smile slowly widened. “I’m sure he wasn’t watching me!”

“I know for a fact he was.” Ken slowly licked around her left nipple. “You were on your knees, putting in the flowers with your ass directly facing where his direction. As you worked, your butt moved back and forth and…”


“And I saw his hand move across the front of his pants. I wasn’t sure at first, but he was moving it back and forth across his crotch.” Ken sped up his hand. “He might have exploded right there, but a minivan drove past and he ran up his drive, into his house.”

Karen moaned and her chest heaved. “I’m so close deneme bonusu baby. Would you…”

Ken stopped his suckling on her breasts and looked up. “Would I what?”

“Oh baby, I know you’ve already came inside of me…” Karen hesitated and closed her eyes and breathed. “Would you go down on me?”

Ken paused. He had cum in her! He looked up and saw a slightly desperate look on his wife’s face. He had given her such a hot night, it seemed cruel to not return the favor.

For an answer, he simply gave the breasts each one last kiss. Then he moved down to her stomach, licking his way down. Karen moaned in anticipation. He wiggled his way between her legs and hesitated over her pussy. It was slightly open and already wet. Tentatively he dipped his tongue in. He didn’t think it tasted any different. He moved his tongue over the right and left side of her labia. Karen’s hips bucked forward in response. He licked, trying to get his tongue deep inside her. Now, he thought he could discern a new taste but then his wife’s hands clutched his hair and pulled his mouth even closer.

“Yes! Ken, lick me!”

He inserted two fingers into her and began licking under her hood until he found her clit. He began moving his tongue in time with his fingers. Why had it been so long since he had gone down on his wife? He moved quicker in response to her moans.

“Yes, just like that!”

Ken felt her pussy quiver slightly and he picked up the pace, angling his fingers to press against the top, just beyond the clit.


Her pussy clutched his fingers and he pressed harder against her clit with his tongue. In response, he felt a wet wave wash over his hand. He slowed his movements and then kissed his way up to his wife’s mouth. She kissed him back with passion.

They had sex a little more often but never with the same fervor. The following month, Ken eagerly looked forward to Karen’s next girl’s night out. Sure enough, she had come home drunk and they had sex, but it wasn’t the same.

Ken realized it was the “other man” that was missing. He needed someone to hit on his wife while she was out with friends. Thus it was a matter of figuring out how to make this happened.

After dinner was over, Ken checked his email. Four out of the six had emailed him back, saying that they would be there. He was wondering how many of them would actually come through when he wife came down the stairs.

“What do you think?” Karen asked as she struck a pose.

The black dress was hugged her curves and ended at mid-thigh, revealing black fishnets. But it was the cleavage that nearly spilled out that caught Ken’s (and he was sure any other man with a beating heart) eye.

“Certainly rather revealing, babe.” He said, trying to keep his voice neutral, but felt growing excitement build within him. “Especially for girls’ night.”

“Girls’ night at the club silly.” She came over and gave him a kiss on the forehead. He was sure it was to give him a close up view of her tits. “Try and get the kids in bed by 9:30, alright? Terry has swim practice early tomorrow and -” There was a honk outside. “Oops, that’s Jill! See ya later!”

“Have fun!” Ken yelled out at the closing door before heading upstairs to get the kids ready for bed.

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