Ellen’s Story

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This is a continuation of two crossover stories, ‘I married a Hermaphrodite’ and ‘I Got More than I Bargained for’.

You should read those stories first but I will do my best so this could be a stand alone.

I hope you enjoy this story.


Ellen was coming to the end of her contract to make a series of short porno movies using her unique talent. You see, Ellen is a genuine Hermaphrodite.

Let me give you a quick background on Ellen and bring you up to date.

Ellen fell in love with Ed, her late husband. She had a long-term friendship with Lisa who, at one time was the queen of porno. It was a friend/sexual relationship.

Lisa retired some years ago but, by accident, got back into the business for a short period which recently ended.

During her recent porno making, she asked Ellen to join her. At first Ellen declined but thought about her life, which was now dull & boring since her husband died so she decided to give it a try with Lisa.

Making a long story short, Ellen became very rich and used her talent wisely.

She moved in with Lisa and her Husband Tony.

Now, at this point in time, Ellen was obligated to make three more short porno movies with other real Hermaphrodites.

Now you are up to speed.

Ellen went to the set of the movie shoot and met her co-star, a younger woman in her 30’s and a real Hermaphrodite.

They hit it off and everyone could see they had chemistry.

The shoot went well and Ellen and Diane became an item. In fact, Diane was Ellen’s co-star for the last two movies.

One day, over dinner with Tony & Lisa, Ellen said, “I finished my movie obligation today and I retired. I wanted to thank you both for everything. And, I want to take you both out for dinner this Saturday.”

Lisa smiled and said it wasn’t necessary.

Ellen said, “Yes, it is. Besides thanking you for everything, I want you to meet my special friend.”

Lisa and Tony looked at her and Lisa said, “Is it serious? What’s her name?”

Ellen told them that her name was Diane and that they met on the set and that she is a Hermaphrodite also and, yes it was serious.

Ellen continued, “You guys have been great, especially me living with you. I was wondering if things work out with Diane and you like her, would she be able etiler otele gelen escort to join me here?”

They both let out a ‘yes’ of course.

Tony and Lisa offered a toast and they celebrated all night long.

Saturday came and the three of them went out to a fancy restaurant that Ellen chose. As they waited for their waitress, a stunning blonde walked in. She was about 35, 5’6″, nice legs and ass and ample bosom.

Ellen saw her and waived her over.

She introduced Diane to Tony & Lisa and then Tony called the waitress over to order some wine.

Diane said, “It’s a pleasure meeting you both. Ellen told me all about you two.”

Lisa replied, “I hope nothing bad.”

Diane said, “Well, no, only good things. I saw all your movies Lisa and you really are the queen of porno. I wish I could be as half as good as you are.”

Ellen said, “Lisa is retired now and I owe everything to her.”

Lisa smiled and said, “So Diane, tell us a little about yourself.”

Diane replied, “I am 35, have been doing porn for a few years but it wasn’t good until I met Ellen. She is something else.”

She continued, “Ellen and I bonded on one of the sets and we have been together ever since. It was natural seeing we are both alike.”

Lisa said, “Ellen asked us if we liked you and felt we were compatible, if you could move in with us. Is that something you would want to do?”

Diane answered, “Ellen told me everything, really and I would be fine with the living arrangements as they are, in every aspect.”

She continued, “I would help out around the house, do whatever chores you want me to do and I am a great cook and I would make myself available to both of you anytime.”

Tony said, “Did Ellen tell you I am bi and that Lisa and I share Ellen and that the dress mode is usually nudity?”

Diane answered, “Yes, she did and that is not a problem for me. I love sex, that’s one of the reasons I got into porn. And, I am not shy.”

The rest of the dinner went well and we all had some laughs and everyone felt comfortable with each other.

Dinner lasted almost two hours when Lisa suggested everyone go to their house for a nightcap.

The bill was paid and we headed off to the house.

When we got there, etiler rus escort Tony opened up some wine for everyone and we all went into the living room with our wine.

Diane and Ellen sat together as we chatted. Then Ellen said, “Diane and I have known each other a short time but we do love each other and I asked her if she would like to marry me and she accepted.”

Tony and Lisa jumped up and went to the couple and hugged and kissed them.

Lisa said, “Tony and I would love to give you the wedding as our gift. We could have it here at our place. You can invite anyone you want. Just give us a date.”

Ellen said, “How about two weeks from today?”

Lisa answered, “Done. We’ll work with you two on putting it together.”

They all drank more wine and before they realized it, it was 2:00 a.m.

Lisa told Diane to stay the night and she could sleep in Ellen’s room or another room.

Diane said, “Ellen told me so much about you Lisa that her and I would like to start out sleeping with you, if that is all right?”

Lisa got up and said, “Tony, you sleep in the guest room. You can join us in an hour. You two come with me.”

Lisa led them to her bedroom and closed the door behind them.

Lisa started to undress and Ellen & Diane followed.

When Lisa took her top off, Diane saw Lisa’s huge nipples and went over to her and asked if she could touch them

Lisa smiled and said, “You can do more than touch them if you like.”

Ellen removed her panties and her cock popped out and is semi hard.

Diane kept her eyes on Lisa nipples and removed her panties and her cock was already hard.

Lisa said, “My god, Diane, your cock is beautiful. So hard and erect and your balls are gorgeous.

Diane blushed and just said thank you.

Let’s get in bed and the three women laid down with Lisa in the middle.

Ellen & Diane wasted no time in playing with Lisa’s tits and nipples.

Lisa had each of their cocks in her hand jerking them off.

After a long time making out, Lisa told the women to fuck her.

Ellen laid on her back and told Lisa to straddle her and lower herself on her cock.

Lisa wasted no time and soon Ellen’s cock was deep inside Lisa’s cunt.

Then Diane moved her cock to Ellen’s etiler türbanlı escort cunt and slipped her cock into Ellen’s cunt.

Lisa started riding Ellen’s cock as Diane started fucking Ellen.

It wasn’t long before the women were ready to shoot their cum.

Ellen came first as Lisa rode her, then Diane shot her cum in Ellen’s cunt.

Lisa had an orgasm as well.

As the three women laid on the bed spent, the door opened and Tony walked in.

His cock was rock hard already.

He told Lisa to sit on the edge of the bed.

He then said to Diane, “If you can get your cock hard again, we can fuck Lisa’s nipples together.”

Diane replied, “Well, you are bi, so get it hard for me.”

Tony walked over to her and started sucking her cock and balls. Within minutes, her cock was nice and hard.

Lisa opened her nipple holes for them and they each slipped their cocks in Lisa’s nipples.

They started fucking her nipples and Lisa was squeezing her tits and moaning in pleasure

She started yelling out, “Don’t stop…it feels so good…cum in my nipples… Diane fuck my nipple harder…yes…oh god, yes… I’m going to cum…oh god!”

Lisa’s body shook in convulsions just as Tony and Diane came in her nipples, filling them with cum.

When they pulled out their cocks, Ellen went over and sucked their cum out of Lisa’s nipples. Then she went and kissed Lisa, sharing the cum with her.

In the meantime, Diane started sucking Lisa’s nipples. She went from one to the other until Lisa screamed out to stop as the pleasure was too much.

After awhile everything calmed down.

Tony went and got more wine and the four of them sat on the bed and talked about what happened.

Diane said, “Tonight was magical for me. Having real sex with the women I love and admire. It felt so good.”

Ellen said, “Tonight was very special for me, sharing the two women who mean more to me than anything in the world. What could be better?”

Tony said, “Yes, tonight was very special. I made love to my wife, our best friend and her lover and I hope everyone feels the love I feel now.”

Lisa said, “I cannot express in words what I feel right now. I wish this night would never end. I feel so blessed for my husband who lets me do anything I want with no question. To my best friend Ellen, who really knows more about me than even my husband and is someone I truely admire as a person. And to Diane, who is taking a little part of me away when she marries Ellen and even though I just met her, I too admire her for her courage and for sharing unconditionally herself with us now and in the future.”

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