Elizabeth, Happy at Last Ch. 03

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My Son, My Lover

Once again, I must apologize for not posting the final chapter of this story of this tale until now. I am just now getting back to my writing after my illness. Please enjoy.

One morning, during the first week in June, we heard a knock on our door. Since I was nursing Raymond in bed, my father put on a pair of pants and answered the door. I heard him talking to someone and then invite them in. When Raymond was done nursing, I put him down in the bassinette, and slipped into one of my father’s undershirts, because they were long enough to reach mid-thigh on me and went to see who our visitor was.

When I walked into the kitchen, I saw my father talking to a man with long grey hair, a long grey beard, and dressed like the photos I had seen of the people who attended Woodstock in 1969. When they saw me, my father introduced me to Delbert Suggins, the husband of the married couple who had been living in the converted garage house next door during the summer months.

Father then told me that Mr. Suggins had just informed him that our property had never been divided into three separate plots a Florence had told us. The old Hippie had explained to my father that what we had purchased was the entire property and not just the house as our realtor had told us. It seems that the late Mr. Conrad Booth had never legally subdivided it because he was a miser and saw no need to do so. He had been collecting rent from Mr. Suggins and the Ball sisters, who lived in the other house for nearly fifteen years. He told us that old man Booth was a bit of an eccentric and used to chase the young people from the beach with his double-barreled shotgun, scaring them half to death.

My father then interrupted him, and said, “Delbert, if you are getting ready to ask me if we will allow you to live in the garage house since we now own the property, the answer is yes, and unlike your ‘old friend’, I will not charge you any rent.”

Our guest looked like he was going to faint, and finally thanked my father more graciously than I have ever seen anyone. When he finally calmed down, he said, “Is it alright if we move in this week?” My father told him he could and shook Mr. Suggins’s hand. When we finished our coffee he left, driving an unusual looking light blue foreign car that my father said was a 1974 Citroen DS.

About three days later, I was sitting wearing only a long skirt on our porch in an old rocking chair my father had found in the attic, nursing Raymond, when I saw Mr. Suggins’s Citroen pull into our driveway followed by a 1970’s vintage VW Microbus painted psychedelic colors.

The French sedan pulled up in front of the garage house, and the VW pulled up in front of the other building. Mr. Suggins and an older looking woman with waist length grey hair, wearing a long multicolored dress got out of the Citroen, at the same time as two younger women wearing pastel colored maxi dresses got out of the microbus, and when our new neighbors saw Raymond and I on the porch, they all came over to our house.

First, Mr. Suggins’s introduced his wife Leona, who I noticed as she got closer, was a beautiful woman that appeared to be about the same age as my late mother, but was much kinder and warmer than Mother ever was. We immediately bonded, and when Raymond stopped nursing, I handed him to her and he snuggled into her arms.

Next, the two younger women, who appeared to be in their early thirties, introduced themselves as Alicia and Gracie Stewart. They were both tall and slender, with ghostly pale skin, piercing blue eyes, and waist length straight jet black hair. I knew before they told me that they were twins from the way they looked and finished each other’s sentences. They both seemed happy that my little Raymond seemed to bond with them as well.

When I told them that, unlike their previous landlord, we had been friendly to the locals who spent time on our beach, and that we had designated the area, ‘clothing optional’, the sisters got very excited.

About then, my father came out of the house, and after I introduced the sisters and Leona to him, I handed our son to him and said, “Daddy, would you watch Raymond for me? The girls and I are going swimming.” As soon as our son settled into his father’s arms, I took off the skirt that was the only item of clothing I was wearing while nursing, and said, “Come on ladies.”

Alicia and Gracie took off their dresses and laid them across the porch rail, and the three of us walked naked down to the ocean. When we got to our cove, we walked into it our little lagoon, holding hands, and when we got to the center with the water waist high, I put my arms around them and kissed them each passionately.

When they both shared their tongues with me, I reached under the water and slipped my index fingers into their vaginas, and said, “We are going to have so much fun this summer.” Alicia then stuck two fingers into my vagina while Gracie grabbed my boobs, and they both giggled as they nodded.

Then topkapı escort we swam out past the breakers and body surfed back to shore. We walked onto the deserted beach and lay down together. As the sun dried our bodies, I asked the sisters what they did for a living. Gracie said, “We are artists. We do charcoal figure studies of each other and sometimes people we like. We also paint with oils and watercolors.”

Alicia then said, “Sometimes we stretch canvas on the floor of the main room of our place. Then we cover each other’s bodies with different colored paints and roll around on the canvas, sometimes making love. When the paint dries, we choose interesting parts of the canvas, cut them out, stretch the pieces over frames, sign the paintings and sell them as abstracts.”

We looked at each other for a while, and then started to kiss and fondle each other. We ended up in a triangle arrangement with each of us licking and fingering one of the other’s vaginas. Whenever one or more of us would orgasm, we would change positions.

I don’t remember how long we pleasured each other, but eventually we all had given each other several orgasms. As we rinsed off under the shower under our deck, Gracie said, “If you would like to come over to our place sometime, I would love to sketch you and your son. I think that a woman breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful things in the world and would love to capture it.” When we got back to the porch, we didn’t redress.

Alicia and Gracie took their dresses and went back to their VW to unload and move back into their place, and I walked into the house where I found my son fast asleep in his bassinette and my father taking a nap in bed.

I climbed in bed next to him and took his soft cock into my mouth and sucked on it until he became fully hard and opened his eyes. I climbed astride him and lowered myself on his erection until we were totally connected. He smiled and asked, “Did you ladies have a good swim?”

I nodded, and we enjoyed a pleasant lovemaking session until we both came together and fell asleep, still connected. The rest of the summer was filled with what the hippies if the 1960’s used to refer to as ‘free love’, and our new neighbors soon became intimately acquainted with our friends on the beach.

One day during the next week after their arrival, we were invited to join the Stewart sisters at their place. When we walked through the open door, we were greeted by hugs from the naked sisters. They told us to undress, and when we were all nude, Gracie had me sit on a stool and asked if she could sketch me nursing Raymond. Since my boy was nearly always hungry, I agreed, and she quickly went to work.

I saw Alicia grasp my father’s cock and lead him by it to the other side of the room. She told him where to stand and immediately dropped to her knees in front of him. She took his now hardening cock into her mouth and sucked on it until he was completely hard. She then had him stand in a pose much like Michelangelo’s David, except instead of a leaf covering his privates, my father’s massive cock was standing at attention.

When the two ladies were done with their charcoal sketches, they showed them to us. My father was embarrassed, but I thought that both sketches were beautifully done.

I didn’t know it at the time, but both sisters eventually created large oil paintings from those sketches, and they are both now hanging in an elite art gallery in Los Angeles.

On the Fourth of July, Alicia and Gracie joined us as we took our son to the ocean and introduced the dozen or so nude sunbathers who had gathered on the beach adjacent to our secluded cove to our son and our new neighbors. Most of the people we had met before, and those we hadn’t soon became our friends.

It seems that the word had gotten around about our unofficial clothing optional beach. Suzy, our police officer friend, had invited her fellow officers, including her boss, Chief Archie ‘Doc’ Yealey, and his wife Bobbie.

The Chief and his wife were well tanned already and told us that we didn’t need to worry about being bothered about breaking any laws because they were both nudists and had been looking for a place to keep their tans without going to a salon.

After that, we spent some part of every day that wasn’t stormy nude on the beach with our son, and we settled into a comfortable family life. At the end of August, Dr. Patel referred us to the Family Medical Clinic in Seaside Oregon. Our new pediatrician, Dr. Song, told us that our son was progressing normally, and was in fact ahead of normal for someone his age. During the appointment, my father arranged for all our medical records from Illinois to be transferred to the clinic, and we were assigned a family physician named Dr. Carrol.

At that time, Dr. Patel also gave me a prescription for oral contraceptives because I was starting to spot, signaling I was becoming fertile again.

By this time Raymond was eating ümraniye escort solid food because his teeth were starting to come in, but he still wanted to nurse. My milk had all but dried up, but I let him suckle because we both enjoyed it. It calmed him down when he was fussy.

For the rest of the summer I divided my time between taking care of my son, making love with my father, having lesbian orgies with the sisters next door, and having fun with our friends on our beach.

We didn’t see much of Delbert and Leona that summer, and after Labor Day, as they were eating dinner with us, Mr. Suggins said, “Charlie, Leona and I have decided to move in with our children in Carmel by the Sea. My arthritis is really bothering me, Leona needs a hip operation, and this place is too much for us to take care of.”

My father said, “I’m sorry to hear about that. If you really aren’t going to return, I would really like to convert your place back into the garage it was before. I hope that is alright with you.”

Mr. Suggins looked at his wife, and she nodded. Then he said, “Charlie, this is your place and you can do with it as you please as far as we are concerned.”

I took Leona’s hands in mine and said, “If you ever need a place to stay, there are two extra bedrooms upstairs we aren’t using.”

She smiled and said, “Bless you child for the offer, but Delbert and I are both in our seventies and are having trouble taking care of ourselves.”

The next morning, I watched the Suggins load their belongings into their light blue French sedan. When they were done, they drove away, and we never saw them again. Later that day, my father accompanied Raymond and I when we visited the Stewart sisters. We all undressed as soon as we were inside their house, and Gracie again sketched my son and I as he nursed.

Then she sketched my father and her sister enjoying each other on the carpeted floor. She took her time and captured them in three different ‘poses’. First, she sketched Alicia on her knees, sucking my father’s cock, then sketched him fucking her doggie, and finally she sketched her riding my father cowgirl. When Gracie finally got so horny she could no longer sketch, she put down her pad and charcoal and squatted over my father’s face.

My father immediately started sucking her clitoris into his mouth, all three of them soon came together. The sounds of their moans and the aromas of their juices caused me to join them in orgasmic bliss.

When we all regained our composure, my father asked the sisters if they knew any carpenters. When they asked him why he wanted to know, he told them that Delbert and Leona were not returning, and he wanted to convert their place back into the garage it used to be. Gracie told him that their younger brother was a contractor in Astoria and would probably be happy to help him.

Three days later as Raymond and I were sitting on the porch, and my father was in the garage/house next door, trying to see how difficult it would be to convert it back into a garage when a grey GMC truck with a utility bed pulled up in front.

A tall muscularly built man with blonde curly hair wearing bib overalls with no tee shirt underneath got out and met my father as he walked out of the place where Delbert and Leona used to live. I watched them talk for a while, and the two men walked inside.

About an hour later, they came back outside, and I saw my father shake the young man’s hand. Then the stranger and my father walked back toward the house, and when they reached the porch, my father introduced the man as Jon Stewart, Gracie and Alicia’s younger brother.

They had just discovered that the original garage door and electric opener were still in the garage. They were concealed by the suspended ceiling, and that a temporary wall had been built to fill in the opening. Jon had told my father that he only had to remove the wall and ceiling and the garage would be able to be used for its original purpose. Alicia and Gracie’s brother had given my father an estimate of the cost, and my father had hired the young man.

When he was getting ready to leave, I asked Jon if he wanted to take a dip in the ocean with me. When he said yes, I handed Raymond to my father, took off my dress, and started walking around the house. When Jon looked at my father puzzled, I heard my father say, “Our beach is secluded and clothing optional, you should undress.”

When I got to the bottom of our stone steps, Jon had caught up with me, and when I turned around, I saw that the muscles on his arms that I had seen earlier were connected to a muscular chest, muscular legs, and a cock that rivaled my father’s. When I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him, I felt his manhood harden against my stomach.

I pulled him into our lagoon, and we rolled around in the shallows until I was on top of him. Just as I was reaching for his cock, he grabbed me by the waist, and effortlessly lowered me onto his erection. yenibosna escort When the head of his cock contacted my cervix we both orgasmed together.

When our minds cleared, Jon said, “Wow, that was intense, I’ve never cum that fast before.” I told him I felt the same way, and when I noticed he was still hard, I started riding him slowly, making love, not fucking. I don’t know how long we enjoyed each other, but when we came together the second time, we both felt invigorated. Then we swam out past the breakers and body surfed back to the beach.

Later, as we were walking up the stairs, Jon said, “Liz, you are really beautiful, and as wild a fuck as my sisters told me you were.” I smiled proudly and then asked him if he had fucked his sisters, he smiled and said, “Alicia got my cherry when I was eighteen, but it was Gracie who really taught me how to make love and eat pussy.”

As we were rinsing off under the outdoor shower, I told him that we owed each other at least a sixty-nine on the beach the next time he came to do work. He agreed, and every day when his work for my father was done, we both did our best to wear each other out.

The job was completed in three days, and Jon even helped my father move all his woodworking and mechanics tools into the garage from the basement before we got ready to head for the beach on the third day.

After his sisters left the third week of September for their winter home in Baja California, Jon became a frequent visitor to our beach until the weather became too inclement. The next summer, when his sisters returned from their winter home, Jon would visit every Saturday and we would spend the day with Gracie and Alicia experimenting on the many ways that three women and one man could couple.

Over the next sixteen years, my father and I enjoyed each other and the many friends who shared our bed and our beach. During this time my son grew into a young man, and the Beemer had aged to a point where we replaced it with a Subaru Outback.

When Raymond became old enough to attend school all day, I decided to further my education. It took me six years to get my BS from OSU, and another three to get my MS in Child Psychology. I spent what free time I had working at the county Women’s and Children’s center, and after I received my MS, was asked by Estelle Wilkerson my boss, to take over as supervisor of the office, because she had been offered a job with the state government in Salem.

During my time there, I met a lot of young girls and women who had the same identity issues as I had when I was younger. I was asked more times than I can remember, “Ms. Madison, how did you know what was really bothering me?” When I told them that I had lived through the same things they had, it always seemed to make them feel better.

Although the job was very rewarding, my home life kept me grounded, and when Raymond reached puberty, our relationship changed dramatically. One afternoon shortly after his eighteenth birthday, I came home early from work and caught him masturbating.

I walked into the house and heard him groaning in the bathroom. When I walked closer, I noticed the door was partly open, and could see his reflection in the mirror. He was sitting nude on the toilet wanking on his penis that was by this time as large as his father’s.

As I watched, I got incredibly aroused, and stripped off my clothes in the middle of the hallway. I watched, enrapt, and started fingering myself in time with his strokes. When he came, moaning loudly, “Oh Mommy, your pussy feels so good,” I came myself, moaning quietly, “Yes baby, fuck your Mommy!”

When I calmed down, I walked into the bathroom, and Raymond had a shocked look on his face. He started to apologize, saying, “I’m so sorry Mommy, please don’t be mad at me.”

I didn’t say a word but knelt in front of him. I took his hand and licked his semen from his fingers, and then took his half hard cock in my mouth and sucked him clean. Then I stood in front of him and asked, “Do you want to taste mommy’s pussy?”

He leaned forward, and devoured my vulva, paying special attention to my labia and clitoris. His oral attention made me cum, and I finally stopped him, saying, “Sweetheart, why don’t we take this somewhere more comfortable.”

When we got into the bedroom, I had him lay on the bed, and climbed in next to him. As I fondled his now erect cock, I asked him, “How long have you wanted to fuck Mommy, Baby?”

He smiled and said, “For about four years, ever since I understood what Daddy and you were doing in bed at night. I used to open your door and watch you two make love. Then I remembered what you and Daddy used to do with your friends down at the beach when I was a little boy.”

I squeezed his hard cock and said, “Do you want to fuck Mommy now?” When he nodded, I told him to climb on top of me. I spread my legs, grasped his manhood, and guided him into my vagina. When he was fully inside and the head pushing against my cervix, I held him in place and kissed him in a way no mother should be kissing her son.

He felt even bigger than his father, and I told him so. Then I said, “Raymond, do not rush this. Go slowly and take your time. We are not going to fuck, we are going to make love so take your time and enjoy the intimacy that we are sharing.

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