Elite Sluts Ch. 01

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*Obviously not reality for so many reasons.

This was hard to categorize. I ended up with Erotic Coupling because that’s the most common theme here. But (and sorry for some spoilers) there is also a little bit of anal, group sex, and light incest/taboo themes. I know some of these things aren’t for some people, so I wanted to give warning!

I hope you enjoy the fantasy.*

Everything was going great for Greg Fuller until the Barry twins arrived.

Greg was the most athletic, confident, and popular member of the Elite Sports program at Cinderdale High. This was especially impressive considering that the Elite Sports program was already made up from the most athletic, confident, and popular students in the school. He had entered the program in grade 9 and spent the entire time becoming the king of the class. Now that it was the final few months of the final year, every student catered to his whims.

The program took a rare 5 years of high school to complete, but none of the 18 and 19-year-old students complained. Anybody able to make it to the fifth year was guaranteed a great sports scholarship at a prestigious school. Greg had played a slow, patient game of politics, wits, and manipulation to finally get to the point in which he was able to use sex as the ultimate weapon. He had all the girls under his thumb, and none of the boys challenged his role as king because Greg kept them plenty happy using his personal harem that he affectionately referred to as the Elite Sluts.

Sure, it was easy living for Greg now that all the girls of Elite Sports thought that their only reasons for existence were sports and cock, but Greg felt that he had worked hard to get to that point. Why not enjoy it?

But everything about the Barry twins rubbed Greg the wrong way. They were like a weird alternate version of Greg and his own twin sister, Melissa. Whereas Greg and Melissa were both blonde-haired and blue-eyed, Ted and Connie Barry countered with dark brown hair and eyes.

Ted at least seemed very intelligent, just like Greg, but Connie was too quiet to tell and Melissa was – to put it nicely – pretty stupid. Both the Barry twins were – of course – in the Elite Sports program whereas Melissa was repeating the standard 12th grade.

Greg had practically forgotten that a transfer was even possible. He knew the Elite Sports program was country-wide, but it was so hard to get in and to stay in that he never thought he’d actually be around for a transfer; there seemed to be too few people overall. Greg’s own fifth year program had been whittled down to 13 people. The program was prestigious for a reason.

But, rare or not, transfer the Barry twins did. Forced to move because of their single mother’s job, and now part of the Cinderdale Elite Sports program that had been otherwise largely unchanged in 5 years.

The night before the arrival of the Barry twins gave no sense of the impending trouble they would provide. It had been business as usual…


Cindy bounced on Greg’s dick, letting out breathy moans into his ear. Greg sat with his phone on one ear while he looked at a piece of paper over the naked, skinny teen who was clearly enjoying his 8 inches.

“Sorry Roger, Kyle booked out Sophie all week.”

Cindy clawed at Greg’s back.

“I know I don’t usually book out full weeks, but Kyle had his fourth or worse pick for two straight weeks, so this is my olive branch.”

Cindy pulled at Greg’s hair as she shuddered into an orgasm.

“Keep fucking, slut,” Greg said to her, “What, Roger? Yeah, it’s Cindy. Oh stop your whining, you had Cindy last night. Why did you want Sophie? Her tits? Because Rhonda is free tonight. …What? Oh fuck off, just because being dom is her specialty doesn’t mean she can’t suck your cock as good as any of the other sluts.”

Cindy fell into another orgasm, shaking violently on Greg’s huge dick.

“Jesus Christ, Cindy,” said Greg, “Look. Roger. I don’t know why I’m arguing. Rhonda AND both Indian Princesses are free tonight. Fuck all three if you’d like, but Sophie’s with Kyle. Hm? Okay, I’ll text her. Now fuck off, I need to dump a load in this whore.”

Greg hung up and started to text Rhonda, but grinned at Cindy first. She was the one with whom he had started it all, so Greg admittedly had a bit of a soft spot for her. She was almost the only one he fucked these days. If he considered anybody second in command, it was Cindy.

“Turn around and ride me backwards,” he commanded, “I don’t want to see your face when I empty into you.”

“Uh-huh,” Cindy consented with her trademarked pouty lips. She oozed so much sexuality that she couldn’t open her mouth without making any straight guy want to stuff it full of his cock and cum.

‘Roger needs ur fat tits, slut. Go over asap.’

Greg pressed send on the text to Rhonda as Cindy turned around and used the desk to support herself as she lowered her pussy back down onto Greg’s hard prick. He put his phone down and finally etiler eve gelen escort let himself appreciate the incredibly toned teen athlete pleasuring him.

“Uggh, not long now, slut,” he said. Cindy giggled.

Greg saw Rhonda’s confirmation light up his phone as Cindy’s masterful thrusting pushed him over the edge.

“I’m cumming, slut! What do you say?”

“Thaannk youuu,” Cindy moaned as Greg shot streams of his thick cum into the tight teen.

The moment he was finished he stood up without warning, causing Cindy to collapse on the floor.

“Clean and leave,” he said. Cindy giggled again.

“Of course!” she said before obeying. She expertly and quickly cleaned the mix of her and Greg’s cum off his dick with her tongue before swiftly getting dressed. Greg threw himself onto his bed.

“See ya,” he said lazily, but kindly.

“You bet, stud,” said Cindy, “fuck, I always sleep so good after a fuck like that.”

Greg smiled at her and watched her fit ass twitch in her short shorts until she was out of his room. He heard her say bye to his parents and grinned. They had long stopped giving him grief for his actions. His mom was a pushover who hated conflict and his dad was an easy bribe. It only took a single titjob from Sophie to shut him up. It had probably been the most action he had seen in a decade.

How two busty girls were able to make fifth year Elite Sports was a mystery to Greg, but he wasn’t complaining. Rhonda was unusually chesty for a tall girl, but was still the track and field queen. Sophie, despite her short height and giant tits, was an all-star soccer goalie. Greg figured they both paid a fortune for sports bras strong enough to hold their DD and F cups respectively.

The other Elite Sluts were built more like people expected from athletic girls. Cindy had perky A cups and looked like the quintessential gorgeous blonde cheerleader. She trained in volleyball and was a tornado on the court. She was the same way in the bedroom. A confident fireball, and the most well-rounded fuck.

Greg usually told the boys that all the Sluts performed equally, but that wasn’t entirely true. It was a fact that they were all willing and eager to perform any act, and none of them were awful in any regard, but they definitely had their specialties for a reason. Rhonda knew how to be in control. Perfect for when any of the guys got tired of being in charge and wanted a hot slut to take the reins.

Sophie was the dumbest of the girls. Her brown ponytail and round face worked best bobbing on a dick, especially when it was cased in her huge rack. She was a passive fuck and the easily the quietest.

Mika was the Japanese sprinter and the only one who could beat Rhonda in a race. Mika was so flat that most of the guy’s pecks made for bigger boobs. But what Mika lacked in curves, she made up for with her gorgeous face and pure filth in the bedroom. If Sophie was the quietest Slut, then Mika was by far the loudest. Non-stop dirty talk came from the tiny girl at the top of her lungs whenever she got fucked or used in any way. She was usually first choice for anal, multi-fuck nights, and generally anything particularly nasty that one of the boys wanted to try. It was no surprise that Mika was far and away booked out the most by Julian with his sleazy sexuality and small dick.

In fact, if anybody ever made Greg suspicious of being overthrown, it was Julian. Roger was obnoxious and would complain, but he was harmless. Julian was smarter and slimier. Greg found himself most careful when dealing with him.

There were seven boys and six girls in the Elite Sports program, so the resulting scheduling conflicts made Greg often fantasize about Julian disappearing somehow. But, although Julian made Greg uneasy, they were still long time classmates and Greg still provided a valuable service that Julian had obvious respect for, so Greg wasn’t exactly living in fear.

While Mika was probably the most experienced at actually getting fucked in the ass, the Indian Princesses, Ruula and Neela, were the ones actually known for the way their rear ends looked. They weren’t twins, or sisters, or even related, but the two looked and acted so similarly that they were often referred to the Indian Sisters.

Both girls played on the All-Star soccer team with Sophie and probably had the most beautiful faces of all the Sluts. They were both so used to being compared to Ayanna Jordan that it almost wasn’t flattering anymore. They were of medium height and slim with perky B cups. They were the most submissive of the girls and because of all these things, they were often booked out together, making scheduling even more difficult for Greg sometimes.

As such, Greg had reluctantly started booking out his idiot sister, Melissa. He forbid her from having sex, and generally used her as a last-resort bargaining chip if bad luck had given an angry guy the shorter end of the stick.

Melissa etiler grup yapan escort was basically a blonde version of Sophie. Her E cup boobs were almost as big and she was only a few inches taller than her brunette counterpart. Melissa was somehow more of an idiot than Sophie – Sophie had to at least ace anatomy exams to stay in Elite Sports after all – but both specialized in blowjobs and titfucks. Melissa had to be the true expert in both categories, though. Whereas Sophie actually concentrated on her sport, Melissa had cared about nothing but cock since her brother had brought her into the Slut circle. It had actually played a major factor in why Melissa had to repeat the 12th grade.

Greg was very protective of his sister and extended his “No Fucking Melissa” rule to his own dick as well. She was a 19-year-old virgin.

Greg’s phone buzzed again and he reluctantly strained himself to grab it off his desk from his bed. It was a text from Mika.

‘comber is done with me’

Always to the point, Mika was. Greg had all the Elite Sluts keep him posted so that they could be booked out multiple times in one night if needed.

‘Thanks. Where’d he unload?’

Greg obviously didn’t actually need to know, but he always found it hot to picture his Sluts doing their work. Plus, Ed Comber was nicknamed “Cummer” for a reason. The guy was nice enough. Average looking, average sized dick, average intelligence. But the two places he stood out were Football and the amount of cum he produced.


Greg smirked. While he considered the girls brainwashed in one sense – he didn’t think they would have been like this if it wasn’t for him – he also hadn’t turned them into personality-less drones. It was more like being an Elite Slut was as important to them as being in Elite Sports. It was something they enjoyed, worked hard at, and ultimately excelled at. Comber was usually pretty vanilla, so Greg replied with this:

‘Good for him!’

‘i no, rite? 1st time 4 him. i got flooded lol’

Greg raised his eyebrows. Strange how Greg considered Mika’s ass so used that he didn’t think there was a guy left in the world who hadn’t cum inside it. Greg put his phone beside his pillow and stared at the ceiling.

Melissa was away for a few days, but his dick felt too drained by Cindy to miss his bedtime blowjow too much. He did feel restless, though, and picked up his phone again.

‘Come over. Bring your roommate. You’ll be staying here.’

It didn’t help dispel the sister illusion that Neela and Ruula shared a place together. To add to the similarities – and part of the reason for their nicknames – both of their parents were very wealthy and independently thought they were paying full living expenses for their daughter. As a result, The Princesses were left with a hefty surplus of cash meant for their expensive apartment and they lived like royalty.

‘Yay! See you soon! <3' Greg grinned. They were always so polite and enthusiastic. Not even 20 minutes passed before the beauties were in his room. “I’m exhausted, and Cindy already emptied my balls. so I just want you two to makeout on the foot of my bed until I fall asleep, then take Melissa’s room. “Just making out?” asked Ruula. Greg shrugged. “Wherever the moment takes you. Just don’t be too loud so that I can fall asleep. “ “Naked?” asked Neela, already stripping. “Of course,” Greg replied. In less than a minute, the incredibly fit and gorgeous Indian teens were naked on his bed on their knees, tenderly kissing and toying with each other’s pussies. Greg let out a contented sigh from his built chest and fell asleep to the sound of two Elite Sluts bringing each other to hushed orgasm. *** “I bet most dicks usually don’t get THIS lost in your cleavage, huh?” Kyle looked down at Sophie’s miles of young flesh jutting out in front of her. His cock was so small and her tits were so huge that even though he was sticking it into her cleavage from the front, it still didn’t hit her sternum. It probably wasn’t even halfway to it. Kyle was living proof that the “all black guys have big dicks” legend was, in fact, only a legend. So he, more than any other male in the program, was appreciative of Greg’s Elite Sluts. They didn’t discriminate or taunt. Greg was happy to bring Kyle confidence, as Kyle was probably the nicest guy Greg had ever met. The two had been good friends even before high school, so they enjoyed having someone so easy to trust so close. “I dunno, they all get pretty lost,” said Sophie. “Yeah they do. Fuck do you ever have fat slutty tits” Sophie just kindly nodded, but Kyle knew by now that it was just her way. All the Elite Sluts found that talk flattering at this point. Sophie instinctively started rubbing her huge boobs all over Kyle’s tiny prick, the entire thing easily covered in her teen bust. “Uhh,” Kyle moaned, “You know what etiler masöz escort I’m going to do? I’ve been cumming in your mouth all week, or on your tits, but tonight I want to want to cum IN your tits.”

“What?” Said Sophie, obviously confused, but still servicing Kyle’s rock hard, but only 3-inch cock.

“Like, into your cleavage. When I come, don’t ready your tits for me to come on, or don’t put it in your mouth. I want to come in your cleavage like it was a pussy.”

“Um, okay,” said Sophie. Confused, but eager to please.

“It’s fine, just keep rubbing your tits like that. You’re an expert Slut, Sophie.”

“Aw thanks!” the girl said, and pressed her giant slutty tits together as hard as she could, not even able to tell where his dick actually was inside them.

It still worked for Kyle, however, as the dim teen on her knees in front of him was able to work magic with her huge tits.

“Mmm, they’re so high and perky, despite being so fat and slutty.”

Sophie nodded and moaned softly.

“Look at your tiny nipples, how does that even happen? You were built to be the perfect busty whore.”

Sophie bit her lip and worked her tits harder.

“Fuck, there it is! Here I cum!”

Kyle convulsed, but was able to reach down and grab giant handfuls of the teen slut’s big boobs as he came in them. It was unlike any other orgasm he had had. It wasn’t wet or warm like a pussy or mouth, but it was softer, and tighter in weird way. He felt his own cum cover his tiny dick.

“Did it work?” asked Sophie, stupidly.

“Uh-huh” said Kyle, and collapsed on his couch. After a few minutes of post-orgasm relaxation, he spoke again.

“Are you cool to stay over tonight? I love a morning blowjob.”

Kyle hadn’t booked Sophie overnight, as that was a special request for anybody but Greg, so he knew Sophie could answer how she’d like.

“Yeah, it’s fine,” she said, “just drive me by my house in the morning so I can change.”

“You bet,” said Kyle, “now bring those giant juggs to my mouth. I want to suck them until I pass out.”

“Ooo!” giggled Sophie. That was her favourite.


The next morning, the students were all promptly settled at their desks by 9am sharp, as usual. Punctuality and obedience were of upmost importance to do well in the program, and it was this trait that Greg had used to help create the Sluts. Being the best was in the blood of all the students.

The 5th year was special in that the entire day was dedicated to the program. Either through studying the human body, all-day work-outs, or hosting or traveling to competitions. The first four years of high school were more difficult because normal classes had to be juggled along with the intensive Elite Sports program. The 5th year was the final stretch.

Miss Hudson, the Elite Sports head at Cinderdale for 20 years, had always been there before the arrival of every student, but on this morning, she was not. Her absence caused concerned chatter throughout the students. Miss Hudson was extremely strict, but very fair, and as the students got older, they had spent more time under her care and grew to have a lot of respect for her.

As far as Greg knew, Miss Hudson was entirely unaware of the alternate skill sets her students had. As long as the Elite Sports team excelled, she didn’t poke her head in her students’ business, and they definitely excelled.

Finally, at 9:10, Miss Hudson strode in with her typical confidence. She was a moderately tall woman, who looked amazing for 42. Deep natural red hair, a thin toned body, and stern face. She looked as youthful as she could for having no work done, and for sporting an almost permanent frown. She wasn’t an unpleasant woman, but she knew that being nice wouldn’t train the kids.

“I apologize for my tardiness, class, but today is rather unusual.”

She looked to the door she just walked through and nodded.

“Come on, now.”

Miss Hudson kept talking, but the details of her words faded out to Greg. He caught enough of the key words to understand that a transfer had taken place, but his stomach had dropped too much to really pay attention. He stared unabashedly at the two attractive brunettes as they walked in and stood next to Miss Hudson.

He vaguely heard them introduce themselves and tried to understand why this news upset him as much as it did. Connie looked nervous. Her brown hair the same colour as Sophie’s, but much shorter. Her face thinner and sharper. She looked a little taller than the Indian Sisters, but was far more pale. Strangely pale for a girl that Greg figured would have to be outside a lot to keep up with the Elite Sports program.

She was wearing a white tennis outfit – like her brother – and Greg placed her chest at a very full C cup. Could they really be in Elite Sports for tennis? Greg knew the program offered a wide variety of options, but tennis?

Ted looked far more confident. His brown hair was also very short, but his eyes were thin and piercing. He was much taller than his sister, maybe 6’1, and Greg felt threatened for the first time in a very long time. How did Ted get so built just from playing tennis?

Despite his height and muscles, he otherwise looked strangely like Connie. They looked as alike as different gendered fraternal twins could.

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