Elise Ch. 16: Alex Joins the Fun

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Jacques was deep in thought: it was Saturday and the twins were due tomorrow. They were lively kids and he was determined not to disappoint them, which was not going to be easy. Needed some more cock to be honest, but whose?

Jacques watched lots of porn and noted that Japanese men had a fixation for younger females. Alex, his personal chauffeur, was Japanese and much much closer to their age than him. Bingo! But would Alex bite, after all, these little beauties were only 18.

Jacques plucked up courage and called the carphone in his Merc. After a few seconds, Alex answered, ” Good morning Mr. Devereaux, how can I help?”

“Alex, I have twin chicks coming over to my place tomorrow and I would welcome some extra cock to assist, and yours would foot the bill,” Jacques replied.

“You know, sir, that I am always available to be of service to you,” replied Alex.

“Alex. I need to be perfectly honest: the girls are super and love it. Their mum is fine with it too, but they are only 18.”

There was silence from Alex., and so Jacques continued, “Look, Alex, I know your concerns, your job and your reputation, but I will ensure that your name and ID remains totally confidential. OK?”

“Yes sir, with that guarantee I shall be only too happy to assist,” replied Alex.

“Excellent. Then bring the Merc somewhere close to us at 1pm tomorrow and stand by the carphone. I know it’s your day-off so there will be a 250 dollar bonus and time off in lieu.”

“Understood. Wilco as you British people say,” replied Alex.

Jacques felt relieved. All set for tomorrow and he had an idea to send the girls home in their private taxi for a treat!

Jacques had selected the time based on previous visits and hoped it would work out, and sure enough the kitchen door bell rang at about 13:10. Good, they had adapted to using the back door. All good. He walked briskly to the kitchen door and opened it. To his surprise there was only one girl. The girl saw the disappointment on Jacques’ face and said, “Ming m’cifuq, she no good.”

“Never mind Ching, come in, yapbin hui, ngor ho fai lai, I shall be with you soon.”

Jacques then made a quick call to Alex. “Alex,” Jacques started, “Only one girl arrived, but I still want you to meet her to break the ice and you are already mobilised. Come in quietly through the kitchen door and we shall prolly be upstairs.”

Jacques then headed to the living room to see what Ching was up to. Entering the living room, Jacques found Ching in the easy armchair across the room facing him. She was sitting with her legs up in the chair in a big M. Her short skirt of course had fallen back and away revealing those white raggy panties, again, with peep-holes allowing an occasional black hair to peep out, and eryaman genç escort defining that firm package that had so stolen his heart on her first visit. She clearly understood the effect those panties had on Jacques and was in no way concerned about employing it.

Jacques dropped to his knees in front of Ching and took her left leg, kissing her toes, then calves, then thighs, and finally rasping his tongue over the white package. Ching threw her head back and raised her shirt up and back from her braless, firm tits , which she massaged in a circular motion. Jacques replaced Ching’s left leg and took the right, once again caressing and kissing the toes, calves and thighs before once again rasping his tongue over the white package. Replacing Ching’s leg into the M, Jacques used the heel of his right hand to massage the package from bottom to top, noting the change from the soft, but ripe vulva, over the hard, protruding clit, to the firm Mount of Venus. Ching moaned as Jacques massaged over and over.

“Seung bin hui, let’s go upstairs,” said Jacques as he took Ching’s hand and pulled her forward. Ching placed her feet on the carpet and stood, following Jacques. Jacques patted her neat round bum and pointed to the stairs. Ching turned and beamed at Jacques and set off up the stairs followed by Jacques intently watching the mesmerising firm package in the raggy knickers dancing before his eyes.

At the top of the stairs, Jacques directed Ching to the guest bedroom and she sat on the bed edge as he grabbed a large bath towel from the en-suite bathroom and at the same time discarded his house slippers, pants and Y-fronts.

At the forefront of Jacques mind was a doggy for Ching as he had seen clearly her needs when her mama came round, and it seemed that at least Alex would be a donor as he was expected to appear pretty soon.

As Jacques emerged from the bathroom, Ching stood up and Jacques took her place on the bed. Jacques pulled the girl towards him and pushed up her shirt so he could lick her firm young tits and suck on her nipples. His hands went under her skirt caressing that firm rounded bum and massaging the goodies between her legs. Slowly he rolled down her raggy white panties which finally dropped to the floor and Ching stepped out.

All this time, Ching had been gently caressing Jacques’ manhood, coaxing it to a rock-hard pole.

“Ching, ngor-ge pangyau ho fai lai. Qui hai Bunyat-ge yan. Qui ho chung-yi fukee-fukee, ho-m-ho, ah?” said Jacques to Ching, telling her his Japanese friend was coming and wanted to fuck her.

Ching beamed at Jacques. “Wah. Saileh. Ngor ho chung-yi nei-ge pangyau fukee-fukee.” replied Ching approving the request.

Jacques was moving towards the final 69 he was planning and so ankara escort bayan he dropped onto his back with his erect dick pointing skywards. Ching was not fazed and simply bent over Jacques and took his drooling cock between her lips.

There was a movement behind Ching and Jacques now could see Alex, minus pants, working behind Ching. Clearly he was probing her from the back as Jacques had intended.

Jacques called to Alex, ” Help her onto the bed across my face as I turn around. I need to see all this.”

Jacques worked his way around so his head was at the bed edge and Alex lifted Ching up onto the bed where she straddled Jacques’ head, kneeling with her wet pussy in Jacques’ face.

Alex was getting hot and he lifted Ching ever so slightly off Jacques’ face so he could slide his dick across Jacques’ mouth into Ching’s wet darkness.

Ching looked round and smiled seeing the handsome pleasant face of Alex with a soft, thin, black beard and visualising his cock with the same straight black hair as hers so when hair on hair you could not tell them apart. Jacques realised they had clicked as Ching had a minor orgasm and flooded warm juice into Jacques’ face.

Alex was not as thick as Jacques but quite a bit longer which was super for Ching as Alex glided in real deep over and over. No rush. No panic. Heaven for all as Jacques was rewarded with pussy juice reamed out by Alex at each retraction. Alex was able to ride through two orgasms of Ching as she locked on his cock. Patiently he waited each time for her to cool before plowing her again. On the third orgasm he released too and flooded Ching’s passage with his own sticky load. As he retracted, it allowed the flood to follow, eagerly harvested by Jacques. Jacques decided that he would not advance to another penetration this time leaving Alex in limbo so he allowed Ching to bring him to climax and swallow his personal deposit in her mouth.

“Off to the bathroom, you two,” said Jacques. Alex grabbed Ching by the hand and they scuttled off to the bathroom.

Jacques took a coffee and croissant in the kitchen and after an hour there was still no sign of Alex and Ching. Climbing back up the stairs, he could hear them both laughing and giggling so he entered the guest bathroom. There they were , still in the bath, splashing and fondling each other. “OK kids, time to get dressed.” said Jacques.

Jacques looked at Ching, and said,” Neige nukay hei bindo ah, where is your home?”

“Hei Mei Foo,” replied Ching. Mei Foo, that massive housing complex along Lai Chi Kok Road in Kowloon next to the incinerator plant. Half Kowloon must be living there, surmised Jacques.

Looking at Alex Jacques said,”Ok, guy, drop this lady back home in Mei Foo and then sincan escort call Elise’s pager from the carphone. When she calls you, arrange to collect her from Causeway Bay, please. She said she was going to buy quite a lot today so she will welcome your help.”

As they were getting ready to leave, Jacques passed a hundred and a fifty-dollar bill to Ching. “Ngsap man da Ming…50 to Ming, OK?” Ching beamed at Jacques and tucked the money in her little bag hanging at her side from a long loop over her other shoulder.

When Alex and Ching had left, Jacques went to his office to have some fun with his amateur video collection, especially his latest with Ching and Ming. A couple of hours later, he heard some noises downstairs, and then the telephone extension rang. It was Elise. “Hi sweety, please come to the kitchen quick. Just had a quickie here with Alex and I am leaking cum everywhere. He said he hoped you would enjoy the dessert but did not want to hang around since he has had a very busy day”

Jacques needed no more bidding. His favourite dessert was there waiting for him and going cold. He ran downstairs and burst into the kitchen. What a sight! Elise was on her back on the kitchen table, her boob tube rolled back, skirt up over her midriff and legs in a big M with her soaked knickers round her ankles. Her big bushy cunt was leaking cum and pussy-juice and running down onto the table.

“Oh my God Elise, I find you so hot when I see you with a ravaged. newly-plowed smoking-hot pussy, leaking some other guy’s cum. It drives me wild.” With that, Jacques ripped off her panties from her ankles, kissed them and carefully set them aside, and then crouched in front of Elise. With his hands around her thighs, he buried his head in her crotch, licking up the leaking nectar and then reaming out her cunt with his tongue.

“I know you are tired, Elise so just stay there. I need to fuck you stupid. Let me just get the kitchen stool.” said Jacques. Jacques returned quickly with the wide step-stool and mounted it. Just the right height. Dropping his trousers and undies, he allowed his red, engorged, drooling dick to emerge. Again with hands around Elise’s thighs, he wiggled his hard dick straight into her sloppy pussy. Straight up to top speed and shagging Elise hard with balls slapping into her cunt. Jacques shot his hot load in deep. As he dismounted, the kitchen door opened and Lisa walked in from her day-off. She took in the scene in a glance.

“Shall I take over,sir?” said Lisa. Without waiting for a response, she buried her head between Elise’s legs and licked out all Jacques’ cum.

“Thanks guys,” said Elise. “Jacques, Alex was tired because your little friend insisted he meet her mum. Mum was immediately in love with him and so he was persuaded to perform. I understand the sister also got involved. Bottom line, mum is not coming to see you next week. Instead she is hoping Alex will visit her. Come on upstairs, Lisa, lets have some fun and I will tell you all about Jacques’ new friends.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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