Educating Cathy – Chapter 05

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My plan was to slowly, but deliberately, fulfil my wife Cathy’s fantasies. She was addicted to porn. I wanted to make it real for her – and me.

I had planted the seed by suggesting she get a massage. I convinced her that I could watch what a masseuse did so I could do it in the future. My real plan was to have her seduced into a lesbian encounter like on the videos we had watched. I had found a website with personal services. I then locate a woman offering “special” massages. Oil and body to body massage. I rang her and said my wife wanted a massage and I wanted to watch. She said fine, she often did that. She gave me her address and I made a date and time.

That night I told Cathy I had booked the massage. I told her I would be in the room so I could see what happened and learn how to do it. She fell for it hook, line and sinker. We are booked in next Saturday afternoon at 4pm I said. “It will be great” I said to her. You will love it, I promise” I told her. Actually I knew I would love it anyway. All week we would look at the lesbian videos and then make out. “Are there any other videos” she asked me one night. “Oh there are all sorts” I said. “Maybe we can look at some” she said. I still didn’t let on that I knew what she got up to on Mondays when she was home. I was concentrating on me plan to have her seduced by a woman.

Saturday came and I did some shopping. Cathy had told her boss she had a medical appointment and got home about 1pm. We had a late lunch. “What should I wear” she asked. “Normal clothes honey. You will be in a towel when the massage starts. Do I keep the towel on” she said, showing concern. “I am not sure my love. I guess you may have your back bare so she can massage it” I said. Of course I knew antalya escort bayan damn well she would end up naked but I didn’t want her to back out. We headed off around 3.30pm and found the place quite easily. It was a normal looking house without any signs outside. “It doesn’t look like a massage place” Cathy said. “Well I guess she works from home” I said. I knocked on the door and this woman answered. “You must be Neil and Cathy” she said “I am Janice, please come in”.

Janice was about 30 I guessed and she was gorgeous. Tall with great boobs. I wishing that I made an appointment for just me. We went onto the lounge room and Janice took Cathy to the bathroom. “Take a shower and then put on this towel honey” she said and after Cathy went into the bathroom Janice came out. “Is this her first time” Janice asked. “Yes” I said “she thinks this is just an ordinary massage”. “So you tricked her to come here” said Janice “don’t worry love. I have husbands do that all the time. I have a room that I use. There are chairs there to sit in. You want me to seduce your wife I assume”. I smiled “she loves porn” I said “I want her to experience reality”. “To put her off or get more into it?” Janice asked. “Well let’s see what happens shall we” I replied.

Cathy came back into the lounge naked except for this enormous towel wrapped tightly around her. “Come on love. Let’s get stated” Janice said and led up both into what would normally be a bedroom. There was one large bed which had a plastic sheet with a cotton sheet over that. Obviously the plastic sheet was to protect the mattress. There was a small bench with a towel over it. Which was more like a traditional massage table. Janice told Cathy to sit on the bed and get comfortable. escort antalya I sat in a chair facing the bed so I had a good view of proceedings. “Turn a little and face Neil” Janice said. I could tell Cathy was a little nervous as Janice began to rub her neck and shoulders. It had begun.

Janice hadn’t used oil at this point. And with Cathy sitting cross legged on the bed was wondering how this massage would work. It certainly did look like any video I had seen. Janice then dipped her hands in oil beside her and again rubbed Cathy’s shoulders and down her arms. Cathy had been nervous at first but I heard her sigh as she relaxed. Her eyes were opening and closing as she enjoyed Janice’s hands on her. Janice reached over and unhooked the towel which slid down Cathy’s body. I think Cathy didn’t immediately realise what had happened and Janice’s hands were massaging her breasts before she opened her eyes and gasped. “What are you doing” Cathy said and turned her head towards Janice. “It is ok honey” Janice said softly while continuing to rub her oily hands over and around her breasts. I saw her nipples getting hard as they always did when she was aroused. My plan was working perfectly. Cathy looked at me and had the most gorgeous smile on her face. Then she closed her eyes again and moaned with pleasure.

Janice began to slide her hands down over Cathy’s stomach and then back to her breasts. Each time her hands would slide a little lower. Cathy’s moan grew louder, her eyes still closed. Was she imagining that those hands were mine? That question was immediately answered when Cathy sighed and said “Oh Janice that feels so nice”. Janice slid her hand further and reached her pussy. She began to rub over Cathy’s clit. Cathy squealed antalya escort but no effort to stop her. Instead she whispered “yes Janice that is what I want”. She then turned her head and they kissed. My cock was already hard and that made ME gasp. I was watching my wife being seduced by another women. This was so much better than any video by a long way.

Shortly after my wife’s head went back and she let of a stifled groan. She had orgasmed. Janice told her to lie down on her back and removed the towel completely. Cathy looked over at me and smiled weakly. She was obviously turned on. Janice got off the bed and took off her top and pants. Her figure was amazing dressed. It was outstanding naked. She took the oil and rubbed herself all over and then got back on the bed. She laid on top of Cathy and begun to slide up and down doing a body to body massage. Now they were both moaning and I sat in awe of what I was seeing. Janice slid down further and began to lick Cathy’s pussy. My wife was moaning and shaking all over. I was struggling to stay focused. Then Janice turned around and they engaged in a wild 69. Cathy gave as good as she got and although it took a little longer Janice finally had an orgasm. They then hugged each other and again kissed passionately.

While Cathy had a shower I paid Janice. I gave her an extra $100 I was so turned on by their performance. Janice said it was the best session she had in weeks. She was very surprised when I said Cathy had never been with another woman before. Cathy came out fully dressed but her eyes were sparkling. “Thank you Janice” she gashed. “No, thank you honey” said Janice “come again and maybe we will include your husband next time”. Cathy chuckled “well I will ask him” she said. On the way home she was buzzing. “Oh darling that was amazing” she said “did you know what she would do?” I just smiled. “You did didn’t you. Thank you sweetheart. Wait ‘til we get home you evil man”.

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