Ecstasy Night with Leila Pt. 01

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Chapter One – Hello Leila

It is almost 4pm, and I am wrapping up work and preparing to go home. This was a long weekend, and I am glad that it is almost over. Time to relax.

“Don’t forget tonight’s plan. We are going to Leila’s house tonight at 8. I am coming after my yoga class. I will meet you there,” my wife, Shirin, sends me this text message. I totally forgot about it. As much as I like Leila, I don’t quite get along with her husband, Amir. He is a nice guy for sure, but we have nothing in common and whenever we hang out with them, he just keeps talking to me about his work and his business, which I find quite boring. But Leila and Shirin have been good friends for years and Leila has a very fun personality, not to mention she is beautiful, and I have had a bit of a crush on her for a while now. She is a bit of a gold digger though, which is why she married a guy 15 years older than herself, only because of his wealth.

Leila is 41 years old now, 2 years older than me, and 5 years older than Shirin. She is about 5’4″, a few inches shorter than me, with a sexy body, short hair, and a slightly big butt. She is neither chubby, nor skinny, but somewhere in between. In contrast, Shirin is slightly taller, a bit skinnier, with bigger boobs, and a more innocent face.

“Okay, I will be there. Just please don’t be late” I reply to Shirin’s text and wrap up my work and go home.

“Sure, can you also bring the small box on the dinner table with you? It is already gift wrapped,” She requests, and I say okay to her last message. I get home and relax a little, take a shower and leave home by 7:50. It is a short drive to their house.

I get there and ring the bell. A few seconds later, the door opens, and I see Leila in a short skirt, tank top, and fuzzy slippers.

“Hi Shahram joon. Welcome, where is Shirin?” She warmly greets me. She often calls me Shahram joon, which means Dear Shahram in Farsi.

“Hi Leila joon, she is on her way from her yoga class. She told me she’d come a bit later.”

“Oh, good for her. I wish I had her discipline. I did yoga for a while, but could not keep it up,” She says with a smile, and I enter.

“How is everything? Where is Amir?” I ask her.

“Oh, Amir is in Seattle this weekend, visiting his brother.”

“I see, nice”, and I thank God in my heart that Amir is not home, so I don’t have to suffer much.

“Oh, is that it?” She asks me, while pointing to the box I am holding.

“Is that what? Shirin just told me to bring this box with me.”

“Shirin told me you would give me a box and that I should unwrap it as soon as I get it.”

“Really? Okay, well it is yours to open,” I say and hand her the box.

Amir and Leila have a beautiful house. The backyard especially looks amazing. There is a pool, a jacuzzi, a hammock, a gazebo and a completely independent guest unit. We often hang out in their backyard when the weather is nice, and tonight’s no exception. Leila guides me to the backyard while unwrapping the box.

“Huh, I did not expect this. Do you know what this is?” She asks me while handing me the box. The box is just a normal box, but there are three small envelopes in it. Each envelope has a writing on it:

● Shahram and Leila: Read this one first together

● Shahram: this is for you to read next

● Leila: this is for you to read next

“What is it? Must be a scavenger hunt,” I say with a nervous laugh. I have no idea what it is. Leila opens the first envelope and finds a letter in it and reads it out loud:

Shahram and Leila joon. Please accept tonight as a gift from me. I planned for you two to spend the night together and have some fun. Enjoy it without feeling guilty. My phone will be on Airplane mode until tomorrow morning, and I will not be receiving any messages from you. I also left you 4 Ecstasy pills to spice things up and help you open up better.

Love you both. Shirin

I look at Leila in disbelief. Her mouth is open, and she looks as surprised as I am.

“I don’t know what to say, Leila. I am sorry. You know Shirin and her surprises, but I think she overdid it a bit tonight. Where the hell did she get Ecstasy pills from anyway?” I say with an embarrassed look.

“No, I am sorry, I think I may have overshared a few things, and she just wanted to help out,” She replies while blushing.

“I think I better go. I am so sorry again Leila joon,” I can barely even look at her. Shirin has definitely gone too far this time. We are Persians, and this is unacceptable in our culture.

“I understand, but I think we should at least read the other letters before you leave,” She suggests, and I agree.

She opens her envelope and reads her letter quietly. A minute later she starts to grin a little, which quickly turns into a laugh.

“Oh wow, I did not expect that at all. I love your wife, the evil genius. She knows exactly what to tell me,” She says it while she is still laughing.

“What? What was pendik escort in your letter?” I ask her impatiently.

“I cannot tell you, but I think you should read your letter now.”

I am speechless. What is happening? I open my letter and start to read it quietly:

Shahram: Leila and Amir have not had sex for over a year, and she is dying for some action. She is also very interested in anal. She has a few butt plugs and sometimes wears them while going out. Just give her a massage and see what happens. Please enjoy the night and not worry about me.

Chapter Two – The Adventure Begins

I look up and smile. Shirin knows exactly how to convince me to stay. I have always wanted to try anal. Shirin hated the idea and never agreed to try it with me. So doing anal became one of my biggest fantasies. She even caught me once masturbating to an anal porn. Finally, I seem to have the opportunity to try it, and I don’t want to miss this rare opportunity.

“What? What? Did she say something about me?” Leila is eager to know.

“No way I am telling you. Remember how you kept yours a secret?” I laugh and reply.

“Oh gosh, she must have told you my secrets.”

“I bet she also told you some of mine.”

“So, what do we do?” She is curious to know what I want to do. I am tempted, for sure. But I am also considering the consequences. I seem safe, since my wife planned this herself, so it is not like I am cheating on her. For Leila things are a bit different, since her husband does not know, but something tells me he does not probably care either.

“Maybe we can hang out for a while,” I suggest.

“Should we take the pills? I always wanted to try Ecstasy, but now that I have them, I am nervous.”

“I think we can take one pill each and see what happens,” I say with confidence, hoping that the pill washes away the awkwardness of the night.

She agrees and we each take one pill. Under the gazebo in the backyard, we sit on a comfortable sofa and try to relax. I pull up my phone and send a quick message to Shirin to tell her I love her, even though I know she won’t see it until tomorrow. I then search for how Ecstasy works, and what we should expect and what we should do while on it. The results are interesting.

“Some fun things to do on Ecstasy are: walk around barefoot, drink orange juice, smoke a cigarette, listen to music, get a massage, make out, and have sex” I read the list out loud.

“Sounds pretty good to me. I know where Amir puts his cigarettes and I just bought orange juice today,” She replies. That is good, because neither of us are smokers and have no cigarettes.

She goes inside, and a few minutes later returns with a box of cigarettes, an ashtray, water, orange juice, and a few other things. I also notice that she changed her clothes and is now wearing a blue nightgown and white flip-flops. Her sexy toes are painted neon orange, which coincidentally is one of my favorite pedicure colors.

It is about 8:45. We took the pills about 20 minutes ago, and I am not sure how long it will take for the pill to take effect. But I am in no rush. Leila and I had hung out before on a few occasions, but we always expected Shirin to join us shortly. Tonight that was not going to happen.

“Okay, what should we do now?” She asks me, expecting me to lead the night.

“Well, the list mentioned massage. Perhaps we could start with a bit of a massage,” I reply while trying to sound confident, even though I am not.

“That would be nice. I like that,” She tells me and lays down on the sofa which is large enough for us both to sit or even lay down on it.

I start to massage her back gently. I am still feeling a bit awkward, but I am hoping for it to pass. She seems a bit more relaxed than I am. Maybe she knew about Shirin’s plan all along? What if the two of them planned this? Oh, well, it does not matter now anyway.

“Can I ask you something?” She asks me.

“Sure, what is it?”

“What is your favorite pedicure color?”

“Why are you asking that?”

“Just tell me.”

“Well, I like several favorites, but mainly black, blue, and red. But in summer, definitely neon orange.”

“Hah, I cannot believe it.”

“What? What can’t you believe?”

“Nothing, I will tell you a bit later.”

“Oh okay, I am sure you are not telling me something,” I smiled back.

“I will tell you later. I swear.”

I keep massaging her back through her nightgown, which is not ideal, since I prefer to touch her bare skin instead. A few minutes later, I got up to drink some water, and as soon as I stand up, I notice a rush of energy through my body. The lights look brighter, and I notice my sensation of the surroundings becoming sharper.

“Wow, I think I am feeling it now. It is pretty cool,” I tell Leila and ask her to stand up and feel it herself.

“Oh my God, you’re right. I am feeling it too. It is a bit intense though,” She says, escort pendik not sure whether she is liking it or not. I grab her and hug her to make her relax. She puts her head on my shoulder, and we slow dance a little without any music.

“We need music, I will be right back,” She says that and jumps back inside the house. A minute later, I hear techno music playing from a speaker in the backyard. The sound of each note is felt throughout my body, and it is magical. She comes back as she is dancing, she definitely looks happy and relaxed now. We dance together for a minute or two, then drink some orange juice. Orange juice tastes fantastic.

“I want the rest of my massage,” She announces, and takes off her nightgown and flip-flops, and lays down again on her stomach. Her knees are bent and her feet are raised up and swinging back and forth gently. She is only wearing her bra and her panties.

I sit next to her and start to massage her back again. Every single touch sends a pulse of pure pleasure through my hands to my brain. She is absolutely quiet, and I cannot read her mind.

“How do you like my massage?” I ask her.

“Oh, I am loving it, I really like how your hands feel on my back. Can I ask you to massage my feet now?”

“Yeah? Sure, whatever you want.”

Her feet are still in midair and moving back and forth. I reposition myself and sit next to her feet and grab her right foot, and start robbing her sole, then grab and pull each of her toes. My face is about 3 inches away from her toes. I don’t think I have a foot fetish, and even though Shirin has nice feet, it has never been a part of our kinky life.

But there was always something different about Leila’s feet. Her feet are not small, maybe of size 9, with her second tos slightly longer than her big toes, and she keeps her toenails a bit long. For some reason, her feet always catch my attention, and I enjoy looking at them. So, if there were any feet in the world that I wanted to massage, it was Leila’s. Having her feet and toes so close to my face is arousing and erotic. Strangely enough, I even think of giving her foot a kiss, but I don’t want to freak her out. My breathing is getting louder and my heart is beating faster, though. Perhaps it is all because of the Ecstasy pill. She seems to enjoy the foot massage quite a lot too, moaning a little here or there.

“Do you want to know why I asked your favorite pedicure color?” She asks me.

“Oh yeah, what was that all about?” I cannot wait to find out.

“Two days ago, Shirin asked me to go with her and get a pedicure. As we got there, I was thinking of getting a white pedicure, but she persuaded me to choose neon orange.”

“Are you serious? So she wanted you to get a color that I like. She has been planning this for a long time, then.”

“I know. I am still in shock. But I am having fun. What about you?”

“Oh me too. So far, so good.”

“So, you must like my feet then,” She turns and looks at me.

“Well, you do have nice feet.”

“I know, but I mean you must really, really like my feet.”

I stay silent, not sure what to say, so I just smile.

“Come on, Shahram, you can tell me,” She is flirting with me right now, and I am liking it, even though I am not sure what to say.

“There is really nothing to say. As I said, you have nice feet, and yeah, I like them.”

“I think I am going to let you read Shirin’s letter to me then,” She says it and hands me the letter, I take the letter and read it:

Leila joon: You know, I love Shahram. But tonight, Shahram is all yours. I know he has some fantasies and desires that the two of you share, and I will let you two find them out together. But to help you out, I know that he has a thing for your feet. I have noticed on several occasions that he was staring at your feet, and he even mentioned it to me once. Please let him explore them, and I hope you enjoy it too. He is your partner tonight, not mine.

Chapter Three – At Your Feet

My jaw drops open. I feel so embarrassed by this revelation. I am also a bit angry at Shirin for telling Leila about my private conversation with her, although I am also a bit excited to see where things go from here.

“Well, it sounds like my wife knows me better than me,” I say with a nervous chuckle.

‘Don’t be shy. I am glad that you like my feet. I have gotten several compliments about my feet, but I have never had a guy play with them, and maybe we can change that tonight. Besides, I am pretty sure Shirin has revealed some of my secrets to you,” She kindly and playfully replies.

“Haha, oh yeah. That is right. I know something about you too.”

“Maybe you will show me your letter later?”

“Sure, when the time comes.”

“Can’t wait. But right now, I want to see what you want to do to my feet,” her voice is between curious and demanding. She lays down on her back and closes her eyes. It is almost 9:15.

I pendik escort bayan feel the effect of the pill throughout my body. Any touch, any breath, any scent, any view, feels fresh, sensual, and just wonderful. I look at her feet, which are absolutely gorgeous. Her feet remind me of Ariana Grande’s feet. I am glad her eyes are closed, so I feel less self-conscious. But I am not sure where to start and what to do without being weird.

“Don’t worry, unless you bite my toes off, there is nothing you can do to my feet now that is weird to me,” She whispers with her eyes closed, as if she is able to read my mind.

Okay, I decide to start with a few kisses. I grab her left foot and near it to my face and prepare to kiss it. But right before I give it my first kiss, I get a small whiff of her foot. It must be because she was wearing a pair of fuzzy slippers earlier, causing her feet to get sweaty and smelly. In any normal circumstances, it would be an off-putting smell, but right now, the smell is just amazing. So, I smell her foot again and again, harder and harder each time.

“What are you doing? Are you smelling my feet? Oh God, do they smell?” She opens her eyes and looks at me.

“Oh sorry, was it weird? Yes, they do smell, but I like it.”

“Interesting. Okay, do whatever feels nice to you, I am turned on by the fact that you like my smelly feet. Show me what else you like.”

Wow, if that did not freak her out, then I think I am good to go. I keep smelling her feet a little longer, until the smell fades away. Time to use my mouth and tongue. I start with a few kisses, but I want to taste her sweat that was dried on her feet. So, I open my mouth and surround her big toe with my lips and lick it. As I hoped and expected, it is salty, and it tastes freaking fantastic. I am sure the high from Ecstasy is amplifying my feelings. I lick one toe after the other and then start licking them together. A minute later, half of her left foot is inside my mouth, and I am making a lot of noise with my mouth. She opens her eyes in admiration and shock to see I am just going crazy over her feet. She gently grabs her phone and takes a picture of me. Apparently she does not want to forget this moment.

“Wow, Shirin and I both underestimated how much you like my feet, you are crazy.” She says with a smile.

“Holy shit, I did not expect it like this myself.”

“I want to see how much you like my feet, be right back,” She says and gets up and walks around the pool barefoot and comes back and lays down in the same position.

“Would you lick my dirty feet clean?”

“Well, I think I would,” I reply and look at her dirty feet. I suggest that she take a picture of her dirty feet as before shots, and she takes a few pictures. I get hesitant for a split second, but I cannot help it. I am so drawn to her dirty soles and her strange request that I want nothing more. So, I start to lick the dirt off her soles. To be honest, her feet were not that dirty, and she mostly just wanted to test me.

“I have a confession to make. I never considered foot play, and I have always thought of people with foot fetish as weirdos. So I was not initially comfortable with it myself, and I just wanted to play along to make you happy. But seeing how much you liked my feet, made me see things from a whole different perspective. I think you made me a fan of foot play,” She confesses. “But only if my partner enjoys my feet as much as you just did.”

“Isn’t Amir into your feet?” I ask her.

“Well, short answer: not really,” She says, and I sense a bit of sadness in her voice. I should not have brought up Amir’s name. I need to change the subject quickly.

“I, too, have a confession to make,” I add. “I think I just remembered why I have a thing for your feet. Remember last year, the four of us were hanging out here and drinking? That night you had a pink pedicure, and you asked me if I liked the color, and put your foot on my lap for me to see better in front of Shirin and Amir. I tried to act cool, but your daring move to put your foot on my lap was definitely a turn on.”

“Oh really? I remember that night. So, after that you started noticing my feet? I should have put my foot on your face then,” She says with a cute laugh.

“Haha, I know. You should have. By the way, what about me licking your feet turns you on?”

“Well, the sensation is just amazing. I could sense your tongue moving around, and I never felt anything like that before. But it was more than that. It just felt so intimate. It was more intimate than sex or oral for me. I also felt empowered, like I am in charge, and you are serving me, which is not common in our culture for men to serve women in bed like that.”

“I know what you mean, and I also feel very intimate with you tonight. At first, it was a bit awkward for me, but now I feel we can just enjoy each other tonight and be open to try new things together.”

“Glad to hear. What should we do now?”

“Let’s smoke a cigarette and see how that feels,” I propose, and she accepts with a smile. I am not a smoker and I know Leila hates it too, but for some reason we both crave it. I grab the box and light up a cigarette and start to smoke it. Interestingly enough, I like the taste and smell of it. I hand the cigarette to Leila, and she takes a hit and starts to cough.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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