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Double Penetration

This story took place four years ago, right after I graduated from high school. It was Memorial Day weekend and my family was staying at our beach house in the Florida panhandle. We had brought along my best friend and next door neighbor from Atlanta, Joel. My name is Alison, but everyone calls me Ally.

At the time of this story, I was eighteen years old. I was not what you would call a beautiful girl, never one to fit in with the “in” crowd. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t ugly. It’s just that I never went in for all the make-up and latest fashions and such. As today, I was 5′ 5″ tall and 115 pounds. I still have long curly brown hair and brown eyes. Oh, and one more thing, I was a virgin then. That’s right, an eighteen year old female virgin, how scandalous. But, then again, I never had time for all the mind games that went on in high school, preferring to spend my time studying. As such, I had a superior grade point average and a scholarship to a very good college.

As I said earlier, Joel was and still is, my best friend from childhood. Ever since we met as five year olds, we had been inseparable. Therefore, it was not uncommon for him to join us when we went on vacation. He had grown to an impressive six feet tall and 180 pounds of male hunk, although I never really noticed that aspect until this vacation. But I get ahead of myself.

We had arrived at the beach house around five o’clock. After unloading the car, Joel and I headed down to the beach. A storm was brewing and the beach was deserted, at least so we thought. We walked along the beach talking about nothing at all, the waves lapping at our ankles.

We were rounding a large sand dune when a noise caused us to stop in our tracks. A low moan was coming from just the other side of the dune. Joel and I looked at each other with quizzical looks and peered around the dune. Just on the other side, a couple was lying down on a large beach towel. Or rather, the young man was lying down. The young woman was kneeling between his knees.

I stood mesmerized. She was putting his penis in her mouth! I didn’t know what to do. Should I turn and run away, should I yell at them to stop? I barely breathed as I watched the spectacle. Her head slowly bobbed up and down as moans continued to emanate from the young man’s mouth.

I chanced a quick glance at Joel and saw that he was transfixed also. My eyes were drawn back to the couple. His breathing was becoming irregular, he was gasping for breath. I thought he was going to have a heart attack!. Her head bobbed faster and her hand pumped his penis more vigorously.

Suddenly, his whole body went rigid, his hips rising off the ground. A loud “Arrggh!!” broke from his mouth. I saw her cheeks swell as her hand continued to pump. A thin string of milky white liquid escaped from the corner of her mouth and rand down the side of his penis and over her knuckles.

It seemed like forever before his hips settled back to earth and he began to breathe again. She continued to bob her head and pump his penis with her hand until it shrank down to it’s softened state. She gave it one more light kiss at the tip before sitting back on her heals. She raised her knuckles to her lips and licked off the white goo that had covered them. Then she smiled at her boyfriend and leaned down to kiss him.

While they were kissing, we backed away from the dune and made our way back to the house, not saying a word. I did notice that Joel had quite a large bulge in the front of his shorts. I had a strange tingling between my legs too.

We got back to the house and Mom and Dad were in the kitchen making dinner. I hollered at them that we were back and would be in the TV room. The said dinner would be about an hour and to have fun.

We sat down on the couch, each in their own corner, facing each other. I looked at him questioningly. He just sheepishly looked ant his feet. Finally, I could stand it no longer, “What were they doing?”

He looked up at me, his face as red as a beet. He kind of stammered a bit, but managed to blurt out, “I believe that we just witnessed a blow job.”

“A blow job? Wow, that sure was something!”

About that time, he finally looked at my face. I must have been flushed, I know my breathing was erratic. “It excited you, didn’t it, Ally?”

“Well, you sure seemed to like it, too” I exclaimed.

He blushed further, “Yeah, I guess I did.”

“Have you ever….” My voice trailed off.

“Have I ever gotten one before?”

I nodded.

“No. Never been that lucky. How about you? Have you ever, uhm, given one?”

I glanced down at his shorts and noticed the bulge was back, big time! He saw where my glance was directed. Our eyes met and I could scarcely breathe. We sat like that for what seemed like forever. The spell was broken by my Mom hollering from the kitchen, “Kids! Dinners ready.”

I blinked my eyes and jumped up from the couch. “Coming Mom.” Joel got up too and stood over me. Our eyes were still locked together. I felt the distance between us shrinking. Suddenly, his lips beşiktaş escort were on mine and out tongues began to duel in my mouth. I felt his hands gripping my ass and pulling me into his hardness. I involuntarily ground my mound into him. A low moan escaped my lips.

Finally, he pulled away. “We had better get in there.”

I nodded and went into the kitchen. Joel followed behind me and we had an uneventful, if somewhat more quiet than usual, dinner. At one point, Mom looked quizzically at me and asked, “Is there anything wrong, sweety?”

“No Mom, I guess I’m just tired from the trip and all.”

Mom nodded knowingly, “Ok, hon, don’t worry about the dishes tonight. I’ll get them. You go on up to bed after dinner if you like.”

“Ok, Mom, I think I will. Thanks.”

We finished our meal in silence. After dinner, I did help with the dishes. But, as soon as they were done, I begged off to bed. Mom kissed me on the forehead and Dad patted me on the back as I went upstairs.

Joel remained downstairs with my parents while I changed into my night clothes. Basically, I just put on a light flannel shirt over my panties and crawled into bed.

For most of the night I tossed and turned trying to get to sleep. When I did drift off, I had fitful dreams of large cocks, dripping white goo. When I awoke the next morning, the sun was just coming up. It wasn’t even six o’clock yet! I felt as if I hadn’t even slept a wink.

Cursing, I threw the covers back and crawled from my bed. I grabbed my bathroom kit and headed for the bathroom. Maybe a hot shower would relax me. I turned on the shower and slipped the shirt and panties off. For a brief moment, I studied my reflection in the mirror. Not bad, I concluded. Nice firm tits, a little small at 34 B, but firm nonetheless. Slim waist. Turning around I admired my firm ass. Why won’t guys come on to me? Sighing. Their loss.

I climbed into the shower. The water hit me hard in the chest. Damn, my nipples hadn’t subsided all night. They were hard buds, protruding from my chest. They were almost painful. The throbbing between my legs hadn’t subsided either.

I ducked my head under the spray and commenced to lather my hair up. Twenty minutes later, I was toweling off. I wrapped the towel around my wet hair and slipped back into the flannel shirt. I picked up my panties and opened the door.

Joel was standing outside leaning against the doorjam. I almost ran into him. Stammering an apology, I jumped back. He was staring at my panties in my hand. Blushing, I ducked under his arm and ran to my room. I also realized that my shirt was flapping up, exposing my naked ass to his view.

I put on a bikini and a beach coverup, intending to spend some time on the beach that day. I bounded down the stairs, hearing the shower in the bathroom as I went by. Knowing Joel was in there, probable naked by now. I struggled to erase the image from my mind.

Mom and Dad were in the kitchen, getting ready to go to Panama City to shop. It was about an hour drive and they would be gone most of the day. A few minutes later, they were gone and I was standing at the kitchen sink, staring out the window at the beach. It was going to be a beautiful day.

Hearing a noise behind me, I whirled about to see Joel standing in the doorway. He had on a pair of cutoffs and was bare chested. I never noticed how muscular his chest was before. “Good morning.” he offered.

“Mornin’.” I mumbled.

“Ally, we need to talk.” He sounded like a hurt puppy.

“What about, Joel?”

“About last night. You know, everything.”

“What about last night?” I wasn’t letting him off easy, was I?

“You know, what we saw, what we did.”

“All we did was kiss. We’ve kissed before. No big deal.”

“Yes, big deal. Sure, we’ve kissed, but only pecks. Last night was a real kiss, with real emotion and passion.”

I realized my breathing had become erratic once again. The throbbing between my legs more pronounced. “Joel, I think we just got carried away from what we…..saw.”

“Yes, and you still haven’t answered my question from last night.”

“Which question was that?”

“You know, have you ever…uh…given one?”

“You mean a blow job? Noooo!”

“Would you like to?” He was almost pleading, I realized.

“What do you mean?” “Would you like to give a blow job? Yes or no? I saw how excited you had become. Hell, I’ll bet you’re excited as hell right now!”

Before I could answer, he strode across the room and swept me into his arms. His lips crushed to mine hard as his tongue began to explore my mouth. I couldn’t help myself as my body responded to his assault. I ground my mound hard against his leg and moaned softly.

He broke the kiss and his lips whispered hotly into my ear. “Ally, I’ve wanted you for so long! Last night just made me realize that you might have feelings for me too.”

I pushed myself from his arms and stood back. The look on his face told me he was crestfallen. It changed when he watched me beşiktaş eve gelen escort slip the coverup from my shoulders and reach behind to untie my top. His eyes grew large as saucers as my tits came into his view for the first time. I hooked my thumbs into the bottoms and dropped them to the floor.

I stood there before him, naked, with my hands on my hips. Finally, I said, “Well, what about you?”

Frantically, he popped the snap on his shorts and dropped them to the floor. His sizable penis sprang up to almost slap his belly. It was so hard it looked like it hurt. He was panting as he reached for me. I danced away playfully. I had the sudden realization that I held all the power here. I got a heady rush.

“No, no, no. I believe you said something about a blow job.”

His eyes got even bigger in disbelief. “You mean…?”

“Where do you want to go?”

“Uhm, upstairs?”

I scooped up my bikini and coverup and bounded up the stairs. He was not far behind. We headed for my bedroom. Once inside, I had him lie down on my bed. He propped himself up with pillows and got comfortable.

I went to the end of the bed and crawled up between his legs. His cock stood up proud and tall before me. I took my time, examining it closely. It was a huge pole protruding from a bouquet of hair. Thick veins ran up the sides. A purplish head capped in off. The head had a slit in the end that seemed to ooze a clear fluid. A large sack snuggled up tightly to the base.

I lay down on my stomach and reached out my hand. I wrapped my hand around it, my fingertips barely able to touch. It felt warm and smooth in my hand. It also seemed to throb uncontrollably. I stuck out my tongue and tasted the fluid that ran from the slit. It was warm and salty. I liked the taste! I lapped at it like a kitten with milk. These small ministrations had Joel moaning and groaning. His hips kept bouncing up off the bed.

Remembering what the girl had done last night, I sealed my lips over the head and sucked gently, while slowly pumping my hand up and down. With each upstroke, his cock would go a little deeper and with each downstroke, it would pull back to my teeth, liberally coating my tongue with fluid. I found I couldn’t get enough of it. I wanted to taste everything.

I looked up into his eyes and began to stroke his cock with my hand, keeping the head just in my mouth and swirling my tongue all around it. His eyes locked onto mine and his hips bounced farther. I thought I was getting the hang of this and smiled to myself.

“Ohhh, Ally, I’m gonna shoot.”

I popped him from my mouth. “In my mouth? You wanna shoot in my mouth?”

He gritted his teeth, “Yessss, I need it. Please Ally, put it back in!” He was pleading with me. A surge of power swept through me. I slipped my mouth back over his cock and began to really suck in earnest. Yes, he would remember this and compare all his future experiences to it.

My tongue danced about, trying to penetrate the slit. My hand pumped him up and down. His cock swelled even further, stretching my mouth to capacity.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………..” He groaned as his eyes rolled back into his head.

A tremendous spurt of hot thick liquid squirted out of his cock into my mouth, filling it to overflow. Before I could swallow it was followed by another, and then another. I started swallowing but there was too much. It exploded from the corners of my mouth and covered my lips and hand. Still, I swallowed as much as I could.

More spurts followed, but the quantity was diminished. I could keep up with swallowing them. Finally, after probably fifteen or sixteen good spurts, his hips collapsed back onto the bed. I continued to pump him with my hand and was rewarded with a few more rivulets of liquid which I happily lapped up.

Eventually, his cock shrank back to, what I assumed was his normal sized. I continued to lick at him and my hand until there was no liquid left. I looked up at him and smiled. He managed a weak smile. I felt a stickiness on my lips so I stuck my tongue out and licked the cum from my lips. He shuddered at the sight.

His breathing slowly returned to normal. “Oh, Ally. That was fantastic!”

I smiled up at him and with an evil gleam in my eye, said, “I want some more!”

He groaned as I popped his cock back into my mouth and started to suck him again. “Noooo, Ally, I can’t, I just came quarts.”

Popping him from my mouth, I smiled, “I know. And it was soooo gooood, I have to have more.” Before he could protest, I began to suck him again.

This time, I was not so delicate. I began to suck him in earnest and my hands were both busy; my right hand pumping him hard as my left one squeezed his balls none too gently. My tongue was a whirling dervish inside my mouth. Soon, my ministrations had the desired effect. Slowly, his cock began to swell. Soon, it was fully hard again.

I sucked and pumped, sucked and pumped. He let out a gasp and I felt the first of four short blasts beşiktaş grup yapan escort into my mouth. The cum was quite a bit thinner this time. Still, it tasted like manna.

Joel was gasping for breath when I released his shriveling cock this time. It splatted wetly to his belly and lay there like a dead snake. I looked up coyly at him and smiled, “Got any more?”

He covered himself with his hands and groaned, “Noooo, my balls are aching now. You have to give me time to recuperate.”

I bounced from the bed joyously. “Ok, then let’s go to the beach.” I felt totally energized. Powerful. I looked back and Joel was struggling to get out of bed. I laughed as I skipped down the hall,

That summer, Joel and I were inseparable. In the ten weeks until I had to leave for college, I sucked him off almost four hundred times, five to six times a day. I figure I swallowed a gallon or two of his cum that summer. We would do it any time we could, anywhere we could. On more than on occasion, we were caught by other people. A group of his buddies saw us once. Some girls from school another time. I guess, I had to expect a reputation. And so, my nickname became, Easy. I strive to earn it every day.

I went away to college that fall. Joel was both happy and sad to see me go. I think that if he had had to produce much more cum for me, his balls would have imploded. My reputation as a world class cocksucker followed me. Almost from my first day there, I was a very popular girl. Guys would call me up and ask me out. They would take me to concerts, plays, dinners, movies. I got gifts. Silly men, they didn’t have to do all that. I would have sucked them off for nothing! I loved it, and still do. I didn’t care who they were, what they looked like, where they were from, all I wanted was their cum, and I got it. Plenty of it.

I sucked off my English professor once. He thought I wanted a better grade. I turned in an ‘A’ paper anyway. Was he ever surprised.

I worked as a volunteer in a retirement home for the summer between my junior and senior year. One night, I was checking in on an elderly man. I would usually sit with him for awhile, watch TV, talk, whatever. He had always been very nice to me. This particular night, I dropped by and he seemed depressed. I asked him what was wrong. He said that that day was to be his fiftieth wedding anniversary. His wife had died the previous year and he was feeling lonely.

Tears filled my eyes as he recalled his life with his wife and the wonderful things they had done together. He was sitting in a lounge chair and I was kneeling on the floor at his side. My hands were resting on his lap as he gently stroked my hair. I looked up at him and he had a far away look in his eyes. I took his hand in mine and kissed the palm of it. I gently kissed all his fingers. I looked up into his eyes and he was smiling at me.

“What can I do for you, Mr. B?”

His smile broadened, “You have listened to an old man boor you with his lifes story. I can ask for no more.”

“I could come visit you later, if you like?”

“That would be nice, dear. You better get back now.”

I left and went about my duties. At about eleven o’clock that night, I returned to his room. I slowly opened the door and crept in. A small nightlight dimly illuminated the room so I could make out that he was in bed asleep.

I removed my uniform and set it on the chair. I then crawled into bed with Mr. B. He did not stir. I reached my hand into his pajama bottoms and felt his soft cock, nestled in his pubic hair. It stirred slightly under my touch.

I slid beneath the covers and turned around in the bed. I untied the string tie at the waist of his pajamas and slid them down, exposing his cock. It looked so small and helpless. I took it into my mouth and gently began to suck. Mr. B began to moan and I felt his hand on my ass. He slipped a finger in me and felt my wetness. This caused him to grow fully erect.

It took me a good fifteen minutes of hard sucking, but I was finally rewarded with half a dozen strong spurts of the sweetest tasting cum I had ever had. Just before he drifted back to full sleep, he said, “Thank you Doreen. That was the best yet.” Doreen was the name of his late wife.

The next day I dropped in on him at dinner time and he was the most happy, cheerful fellow imaginable. We talked for awhile and then I had to go. All through the conversation, though, he would occasionally lift his right hand to his nose and dreamily take a whiff. All the nurses remarked that night how happy Mr. B was and whatever it was that made him that way, they hoped he got more of it. I realized that I had a special gift and to keep it to myself would be a crime. I continued to visit Mr. B throughout the rest of the summer. Neither of us mentioned the events of that night.

I graduated this past May with honors. Honors that I earned. I also realized a milestone, one thousand men sucked off in four years. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, grad students, professors. I had some of all of them. Jocks, nerds, and everyone in between. And every single one of them left me with gratitude in their hearts. I swallowed literally gallons of cum in this time. It seems that I have derived some additional benefits from all that cum, I have a remarkably clear complexion, my hair is shinier, even my tits have gone from a B cup to overflowing a C cup!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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