Early Days of Summer

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All this started a few weeks ago, during an unusually hot period in May. Temperatures had reached the high eighties, and everybody milled about their business wearing as little as possible.

I’d had a minor accident in the car – some bird decided to pull out from a pub car park, but couldn’t clear the lane, although you could have got a bus cleared through there. As I looked up the lane to check nothing was coming, she decided to reverse at the exact moment I pulled out, and wallop!! Anyway, I conceded that I should have checked before pulling out into her arse!!

Now my car was in the garage, and my insurance wouldn’t get a courtesy car to me for a couple of days. I would have to beg a lift from my wife, or bus it.

I arrived at the office, explaining to my boss that I would like to take a few days holiday – just until I was mobile again.

“Sure, James, we have a full team in at the moment, come back in when you have transport”. Fuck me – what was up with him – must have got laid last night!! I mused. Great – with the weather as it was, I could paint and repair the guttering, clean the upstairs windows, assemble my brand new muti-gym, and take care of my tan out in the garden. Result!!

Next morning, I woke up with serious morning wood. Realising that I didn’t have to rush into the shower to get ready for work, I looked over to my wife, Laura, prancing about in her bra and knickers, fiddling with her hair as she readied herself for work.

Pulling back to bed covers to expose my hard seven inch cock and full balls, I playfully called over to her.

“Hey honey, wanna take care of your old man before you are off?” smiling and winking like an idiot.

Whipping around, she gave me a look that would wither a tree!

“You can fuck right off!” she said sarcastically. I got the distinct impression that all was not well – must have something to do with her hormones, I thought.

“What?” I enquired.

“If you can’t give, you don’t get”.

Ahhh, the reference to the £12k kitchen she had seen at her friend’s house – the exact same one that she had asked me to pay for last night.

Oh well, that’s was a firm no then!

She hurriedly finished her hair, and then make-up, finally dressing, whilst I just lay there with my cock and ego deflated.

“I’ll see you later” she said, on her way out through the bedroom door. “You can do dinner, seeing as you are off, and if I were you, I’d spend my time wisely considering what you can do for me, and what I can do for you….”

There it was – if I was to get any kind of sex life again, it would cost me a kitchen!

Chapter 2

Laura had left about half an hour ago, my urge for a shag had subsided, so I thought that I might as well get started on my scheduled tasks, or I’d end up wasting my day.

My garage, attached to my house by an internal door, doubled as my gym. I had a fair few weights, a treadmill, and an old multi-gym as well as exercise mats etc. Laura and I used to work out together, but the practice had fallen by the wayside over the last few years. I also kept other junk in the garage – bikes, toys, paint, tools etc – as you do.

Anyway, I grabbed my tool bag and a set of ladders, and started work on the front guttering. After an hour or so my fixing job was complete, another hour and the paint was applied…… now to the windows.

Before starting that, I made myself a sandwich and a coffee, watched the news for about 20 minutes, and then decided to start on the back of the house first.

With my bucket of water in hand, I climbed the stairs to the first bedroom at the back. This was my daughter’s room, or was when she wasn’t away at Uni.

Moving back the curtains and removing the clutter on the sill, I noticed Matthew, aka Matt the neighbour’s son, out in their garden.

Jeez, I though, he has shot up. He had been a small skinny lad when he had started to come around to our house, asking our son to hang around. He was always a likeable boy – chatty and polite – just like his dad. His sister was the exact opposite, and just like her mum – but a real looker.

Anyway, Matt had certainly changed over the last few years; he was barely recognisable from the gangly kid I had remembered. He had grown to be around 6″3-4, and had been seriously working out, judging by his outstanding physique. I stood agape, watching him in his garden, motioning for someone inside of his house to join him.

The sun shone down on him, and reminded me of the paintings in art galleries showing handsome Greek Adonis.

He had dark brown, naturally curly hair, but cropped around the sides and back, stunning dark eyes and lashes, and perfect eyebrows. His strong, square jaw led down to his thick neck, opening onto his wide and beefy chest, smooth in the main, with a dark thatch of thick dark hair between his pecs. His nipples were tanned deeper than his golden body, and stood firm on his gloriously manly chest. God, I wished that I had been built like that at 19!! My eyes wandered bursa escort over his fantastically sculpted abs, the sunlight accentuating the definition with the shadows that they created between each muscle, further still following his dark treasure trail, onto his loins. He was wearing a pair of trunks, but the dark colour made it impossible to see what kind of weapon he was carrying – though looking at his perfect body, my mind raced, hoping that it was as well developed as the rest of him. Finally, I took in his broad thighs and defined calves. Fuck, what am I thinking – I’m a married guy, with 2 kids of my own, and HIS dad’s age, and why the fuck is my cock twitching in my shorts?

I gazed for about 10 minutes, finally seeing who Matt was anxiously beckoning. A small, skinny dark-skinned girl emerged from the house, wearing a tiny yellow bikini. She sure looked hot – her breasts smallish but pert, a fantastic waist and narrow hips. She danced merrily towards Matt, giggling as she approached. Where do I know her from, I wondered….

Before I became more aroused, I snapped myself out of my leering, and started on the windows, cleaning as quickly as I could. Finishing up, I moved onto bedroom two, my son’s room.

Paul, my son, had moved out a few years ago, and set up home with his girlfriend. He was a bit more private back then, preferring venetian blinds to an open window or old-fashioned net curtains. Before embarking on cleaning those windows too, I peeked through a gap in the blinds, over at the neighbour’s garden – just to check if they were ok, I reasoned. As my eyes adjusted to the bright light my heart all but stopped beating at the sight that greeted me. The skinny, but fantastic looking girl in the tiny bikini was straddled across the bottom of a sun bed Matt was reclining on, her head bobbing up and down, with her back to me. “Oooohs” and “Ahhs” were escaping from Matt, his thick arms behind his head, grinning. Her arse jiggled, as she sped up her motion, Matt seemingly enjoying the head she was giving. I unzipped my shorts and out sprung my swelling cock, ready for some action. I was so horny at this stage, especially after the refusal from Laura to oblige me this morning.

Willing her to move position and give me a proper view of the action (really wanting to see her lips engulf his cock – I was soooo curious to see what he was packing), I started gently jerking my dick, hoping that the action would progress to him fucking her. Alas, after about fifteen minutes, Matt’s feet jerked, as if he had cramp, so I knew that he was on his way. I started pumping my cock to mimic the movements of his girlfriends head, imagining that I was on the receiving end of her blow job (and wondering about how it would feel to give one), when Matt suddenly began bucking his hips wildly, grasping onto the back of the recliner. This pushed me over the edge and I began to burst my seed over the radiator beneath the window. As I came, I gasped a little too loudly, and Matt’s head jerked up, trying to locate where the sound had come from. I shifted slightly away from the gap in the blinds; just out of sight of the two lovebirds, knowing that they couldn’t possibly had spied me from behind the blind. I was gutted that I wouldn’t see her lips, glossy with his spunk, or get to see what he’d been gifted with between his legs, but couldn’t risk being seen by looking out again.

I reasoned with myself that the show would surely be over, and that after cleaning myself up, I would be able to clean the windows as planned. By the time I had cleaned the inside of bedroom two and utilised my ladder for the outside, I had already formulated my plan.

Chapter 3

A couple of days had passed, and I was still without a motor. I had earlier contacted my boss, who kindly agreed to me having the rest of the week off and deduct them from my holiday entitlement. It was still really hot, my jobs around the house complete, and my tan starting to show. Unfortunately, Matt had not been around since that day, I had been hoping for an encore, or at least a sneaky look at his amazing physique.

As I wandered out to the garden, I heard a sloshing noise coming from the side of the house, between our properties, and adjoining drives, so I went around investigating.

I knew that John and Steph, the neighbours, had already gone to work, and their daughter’s car was also missing, so that only left Matt.

Matt was washing his car.

My cock stirred, thinking to myself the right moment had arrived.

Giving myself a few minutes to compose myself, and to get rid of my visible arousal, I walked towards the fine specimen of manhood, stepping from the shadow of the corner of my house out into the sunlight.

“Hi Matt, how ya doing?”

He turned around, giving me a great view of his toned physique, making my heart flutter. How could he do that to me? I had always admired the guys I’d seen in the gym, or track, but that was it – admiration of their form.

He was dressed in (barely) a pair of cut off jeans, accentuating bursa escort bayan his form.

I moved around to the opposite side so that I could see his abs contracting with each pass of the sponge, a few splashes soaking onto the front of his chest, then running down his abs to the top of his shorts, spreading a wet patch across his package. Must keep calm.

“Great” he replied – “almost done here…..”

“Cool, I was going to ask you to do me a favour”

“Sure, what you after”

A glimpse of your cock, I thought to myself!!

“I know you are great with weights and such, wondered if you could show me a few things? I’ve set up the multi-gym, but not sure how best to train…..”

“Give me 10 and I’ll be right there.” he replied jovially.

“Great,” I said,” just come right in” before walking back to the house and closing the door.

I went into the garage to check everything was in place before heading to the kitchen for an ice cold drink!!

After what seemed an age, Matt knocked on the door and walked into the kitchen. He had changed out of his wet jeans, replacing ,them with a white vest and loose cotton shorts.

“Right, let’s see what you’ve got then” Matt said.

I nearly choked on my drink.

Leading him into the garage, I made an effort at some small talk, trying to make him feel welcome and at ease.

“What you have planned this summer?”

“Nothing much – hope the weather stays like this – been really enjoying the garden this year” he replied.

Mmmmmm, I thought…..

Once inside the garage, I flicked on the lights, revealing the transformed workspace to gym.

“Wow” he said, “This is way cool”, his eyes scanning the weights, multi-gym, and entertainment unit. I hoped that he spied the DVD’s.

“Cheers, now you just need to show me how best to achieve a body like yours” I laughed.

After an hour or so of him showing me some exercises and reps, the little room was getting really heated, with both of us sweating. I was in awe as he divested himself of his vest, rivulets of sweat running off his face and neck, down his toned torso and abs, glistening in the lights.

Here I go….

“I’m going to hit the shower; I’m soaked” I told him, heading to the door “feel free to use the gym, and the entertainment unit”

“Cheers, will do” he replied.

I ran upstairs, stripping off what I was wearing, and grabbed a towel from the cupboard. It was so hard to stop myself from wanking my cock right then and there, instead turning the shower on and pottering about with it running, just killing time before I felt it safe that Matt would think I would be occupied for long enough to get himself started.

After about 10 minutes, I felt the time was ripe. I sneaked out of the bathroom, and tiptoed along the landing and down the stairs, arriving at the door of the gym. Matt had closed it, I noted, but I could hear that he had found my DVD’s by the sound coming from the speakers.

I gently opened the door, and gasped when I saw Matt leaning back on the seat of the multi-gym, his shorts down to his knees and his impressive cock in his fist, gently pulling his foreskin back and forth as he watched the explicit film on screen. The tip glistened with pre-cum, the sweat from his workout lubricating the thick, veiny shaft nicely. His cock was easily 9 inches long, and as thick as my wrist. He had gloriously thick veins running the entire length, snaking around like a road map. He had shaved his balls completely, showing of their impressive size, and cropped the pubes around he dick, leaving a nice dark fuzz trailing up to his belly button. My heart started pounding, watching him gently work his fantastic, young piece of man meat.

I stepped into the room with just my towel wrapped around my waist, trying not to show my growing cock beneath.

Feigning my surprise to see Matt sat with his meaty tower in hand – “Oh god, I’m so sorry – I left my deodorant in here and needed to get it for after my shower” I muttered.

Matt turned scarlet, trying to hurriedly get up, but failing when his shorts became tangled in the leg curler.

“Shit! Shit! Fuck! I’m so sorry” he shouted “I, I….”

“Matt!!” I shouted, “Stop!!”

He looked at me, astounded by my order.

“Calm down, It’s just me” I said softly. “Don’t worry, I get horny working out, especially when watching my porno’s” I smiled. “But I’ve got to say, what an amazing dick you have – no wonder your girlfriend couldn’t get enough!”

Still struggling with his shorts, he looked quizzically at me.

“I saw her a couple of days ago sucking you off in the garden” I said bluntly.

Matt’s cock was still stiff, but jumped when I’d mentioned the blow job.

“Jesus, how did you know about that – nobody was around?”

“It’s not important, but look, seeing as you are so horny now, I don’t mind you getting on and finishing”

“I can’t now” he said, “with you watching me.”

“Bollocks” I replied, pulling off my towel – “look at me; escort bursa I can’t wait for a wank either”.

Although the removal of my towel seemed to shock him, he nonetheless sat back down and started watching the screen again.

After a few minutes of us both tugging at our cocks I mentioned his blow job again.

“I know your girlfriend is young, but how is she with blowjobs?” – God, I’m not gay, but I did wish it had been me sucking on his magnificent root!

“Not great”, he replied, still throttling his huge shaft, “she hasn’t mastered not using her teeth yet”.

“Isn’t she a little too young though”, I probed, waiting for his reaction.

Matt flushed with embarrassment

“No – she’s eighteen”

“And how would Mr Jhadav react if he knew his good little girl was sucking your cock?” I casually enquired, having wracked my brains trying to remember from where I knew the girl.

“I don’t know” he responded, a shocked expression written all over his face.


“I DON’T KNOW” he replied stiffly.

“I think I do”, I said “Mr Jhadav worships his daughter. Incidentally, he mentioned to me that his daughter was promised to his cousin’s son, the whole family were so please that they were due to be married next April. A huge wedding was in the throes of being organised. Jeez, guess that will all be off if he were to find out his cherished daughter wasn’t the sweet virgin he had promised.”

“Please don’t tell them, I would be in so much shit.”

“I don’t know, Matt” I said sternly, “Christ, what the fuck would his family do to you?!”

God!! He had stopped wanking and was actually going soft, I had to act.

Reaching over to pat his thigh, I said “We should keep it quiet, it could really jeopardise your future”

Gulping, he visibly eased, and didn’t seem to object to my hand still on his muscled thigh. Slowly I started tickling, brushing my fingers over the light hairs down there, whilst Matt became engrossed in the film.

“I would really appreciate you not saying anything” he said.

“And I would appreciate something from you” I replied. “I can keep lots of things quiet” I continued, trying my best to reassure him.

I could hear his voice starting to quiver when he replied “So what do you want in return?”

My hand trailed further up his thigh, to his groin, and delicately trailed my fingers across his balls, my eyes looking upwards into his dark brown eyes. “A piece of what you gave your little friend” I nervously responded.

As if he hadn’t previously noticed my intimate fondling, he silently looked down onto his crotch, then back to me.

Further still I went, my hand encompassing his colossal cock and brushing aside his own hand, my heart pounding in my chest as I felt the hotness of his rigid manhood radiate into my palm. This was the first time that I had handled a cock other than my own, but knew exactly what to do.

Each passing second elicited the response that I craved, his blood pumping into the spongy tissues of his wondrous cock.

He gasped when I started my upward motion on this fabulously fat, smooth cock, relishing the experience almost as much as I did. I finally had his throbbing, hot young monster within my firm grasp. Slowly, I started gently jerking up and down, watching for any signs of panic in his beautiful face.

His breathing became a little sharper, expelling small groans – obviously he was enjoying the hand job that he was receiving, as it stiffened even more. Further confirmation of his arousal was the amount of pre-cum that has started to emanate from his great big cock slit. I continued to fist the giant slab of meat for a good while, struggling to grip the girth with one hand, eliciting more pleasurable moans from my young neighbour. My hand slid easily up and down the full length due to the slickness of his sweat and the pre-cum that I was spreading down his mighty shaft. My own cock was in the same condition, but yearning to be touched. A more than little please with myself I moved slowly around his leg to place myself between his thick, muscular thighs, where I could better access this trophy dick.

He leaned back onto the back-rest, moving his firm arse further down the seat, allowing me even more access and a much better view of his package. Confirmation indeed, that he was enjoying the experience. I quickly took advantage of the fact that he had moved by peeling off his shorts from around the curl and away from his feet, whereupon he spread his legs further, whether to get a bit of cool air around his nut sack, or to give me more scope, I didn’t really care.

I returned to his cock with a hunger that shocked me a little. Starting at the tip this time and in order to spread even more of his juice down towards the base of his shaft, I enveloped his whole purple, throbbing helmet. Although there was plenty of lubrication I wanted to drench the huge length and girth; I would have to help him out with a little saliva! Rather than spit, I leaned forward, catching his musty aroma in my nose, and giving my own cock a jolt of excitement. Fuck dribbling on it, I’m gonna give you the treat that little tart couldn’t manage properly, I thought. Tentatively, I stuck my tongue out and prodded at this swollen glans.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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