Dweeb Ch. 02

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“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking”

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“Dwayne, if you could stay after class, please. It won’t take long.”

He had been christened Dwayne Ebert Bealler. As soon as he hit Jr. High he had been nicknamed Dweeb. Being tall and more than a little gawky he had been unable to shed the moniker no matter how hard he tried. Even some of the teachers called him by his nickname.

Ms. Largeness, his English teacher, did not. She always called him Dwayne.

She turned to him after the others had left the room. Stepping close to him she put her hand on his shoulder.

“Like most teachers I have a network of students that let me know whats really going on in this school. Recently, over the last week or so, you have become the subject of some preposterous and salacious rumors!” Her sparkling blue eyes were staring intently into his.

“As a dedicated faculty member, I believe it is my duty to determine if the rumors have any, even the slightest, basis, in fact. And as a true size queen, I want to find out for my own edification!”

Ms. Largeness always used fancy words. She was committed to expanding the vocabulary of her students. And what better way than use those words when talking to her students.

But this time Dweeb was caught by one phrase. “Um, I don’t understand. What is a size queen?” He wondered aloud.

She was now standing very, very close to him. Her hand had moved from his shoulder to his back. She was pulling them closer together. He could feel her thigh between his legs. He felt the movement of her breast against his rib cage. Most noticeably, her felt her other hand as it described light circular motions upon his groin.

She ignored his question. Instead she snuggled ever closer to him.

“Dwayne, is it true that you have an overabundance of erectile tissue?” she breathed against his neck.

“Do I have a what, now?” He was confused. And he was getting excited as she kept touching him and moving against him.

She sighed against his cheek. Her tongue darted out to caress his ear lobe. “Do you have a big dick, Dwayne? Do you have a big, nasty, hard-on? Hummmm? Do you? I need to find out, Dwayne! I want to see if the rumors are true!” Her voice had become husky and sexy!

“Oh, I could have told you, Ms. Largeness. Um, my Doctor’s nurse and Billie Jean both have told me that my penis is extremely large. My penis is fourteen and a half inches long. When I’m erect, that is.”

“Hahahahaha, no it’s not! Hahaha! No one has a dick that big! I’m not some naive schoolgirl! You can’t fool yabancı escort me!” She kept chuckling while she kept fondling him. He was still expanding under her soft caress.

“Why does everyone laugh?” he wondered aloud. “But really. The nurse measures me every time I go to the doctor! The last time she measured me three time in a row! She said that I averaged, um, fourteen and a half long and between nine and ten inches around!” He couldn’t resist sounding proud of his development. After all, the prettiest girl in school had told him that his dick was the biggest, most massive she had heard of! She had said that his dick was amazing and she loved how he was able to fill her hungry puss-puss. And he had worn her pussy out with his big hard dick! And Billie Jean had loved every moment of it!

“Don’t be ridiculous. I’m going to measure you myself!” said Ms. Largeness. “Just wait here a moment.”

She was back with a tailor’s measuring tape in her hand in a moment.

“Now we will see what is what,” she vowed and she knelt before Dwayne.

Moments later she was staring in disbelief at his cock. It was standing upright in front of her stunned eyes! “Jesus H. Christ! They weren’t kidding!” She glanced at the tape she was holding in her hand. “Almost 15 inches long and thicker than I can hold in my hand! Fuck, what a cock!”

Without further ado she pulled his dick head to her mouth. It was difficult but she managed to get it past her lips. It completely filled her mouth! She could just feel her lips on the ridge of his dick head. This was by far the biggest dick she had ever encountered. She worked assiduously for the next ten minutes. Trying again and again to draw him deeper into her mouth and throat. She had always considered herself to be a good cock sucker. She loved to do it and did it often. She did it for her husband and the occasional hook up, since a blow job wasn’t really cheating! But this? This enormous, ankle thick pole was so much bigger than anything she had ever encountered! She managed to get about six inched down her throat but that still left a cock shaft as long as her husbands entire dick still available for her to worship with both hands!

And worship his cock she did until with a deep groan he unleashed a massive load of cum. As fast as she swallowed she could still feel a trickle of cum drool off her chin to land on her blouse and skirt.

Panting, she pulled back and began to unbutton her blouse.

“If my husband could see this monster cock he’d freak!” she announced. “He’s so proud of his nine inch hard on! It’s why I married him, you know. He had yeni escort the biggest dick I’d ever seen and he knew how to use it! But compared to this… this… this magnificently gigantic cock, he’s a distant second! “

She pulled off her blouse, revealing a jam packed bra. Small swells of bosom escaped over her bra and to either side. Noticing how he was looking at those big tits Mrs. Largeness took a moment to stroke herself and push her tits up for him to admire.

“36 Double E. I wear a minimizer bra at school so guys don’t stare too much. Like ’em?” She shimmied her shoulders, causing her big boobs to jump and frolic in her bra.

“Love ’em,” he responded as he reached out to squeeze and caress her tits. “I think big tits are sexy! Yours are really big!”

“I know,” she replied. “I like that they are so big. I can give a really good tit-fuck, you know!” Billie Jean had taken his hard on between her tits and got him to blow a load over her in just a few moments. It had been so exciting to watch her stroke his dick with her 32-DD’s. And these tits were even bigger! Still in their bra they more than filled his hands!

“Take my picture!” she blurted out. “I want to be able to show people what a really, REALLY big dick looks like!” As she said this she was digging her cell phone out of her purse.

She handed him the phone and spent a moment using her tongue to be sure that his dick was completely back to full hard on.

She grinned up at him, cuddling his cock while he took a couple of pictures of her. She flashed a “V” sign, placed his cock head on her lower lip while giving the camera a sexy pout. He took a picture of each pose.

He was back to full strength now, and she ran her lips up and down the side of his cock while fondling his ball sack and stroking him with both hands.

“Dwayne, you are SO big! So long and thick! SO huge! I love it! I’ve been looking for big dicks my whole life and your’s is larger than anyone I’ve ever heard of! Let me play with it and try to get used to it!”

“Sure, I like it when you play with my dick. I’ll let you know when I’m ready to cum again. I usually cum more than once, you know!” he bragged.

For the next ten minutes Mrs. Largeness pulled and stroked, licked and sucked and generally worshipped his giant dick.

“What a COCK!” she repeated as she ministered to him. She ran her mouth up and down the shaft. Licking his balls and trying to suck them into her mouth. She found that the nut sack was too large for her to do more than deal with one gonad at a time.

“If my husband ever saw this he’d go mad! He’s so proud yenibosna escort of his cock! But you’re almost twice his length and so much thicker! I can take his whole ball sack in my mouth.” She moved down to lick and suck his gonads. “But I can barely fit one of your balls in my mouth! You must product two or three times as much cum as he does!

“And I’m going to cum again, right now!” he tried to push his cock into her mouth but she pulled away and directed the jets of sperm onto her chest and bra. She massaged it into her skin while she giggled and smiled up at Dweeb.

“Golly, you came just as much this time as you did the first time! What a load! So much and so tasty!” She gathered up as much as she could and sucked it off her fingers as he watched.

Not surprisingly, his dick came back to full stiffness as he watched her play with his cum.

“Oh, good, I want to see what this humungous cock feels like as you jam it as far up my little puss-puss as you can,” she told him while still stroking the now steel hard cock shaft.

“Come on, I don’t want to wait anymore!”

As she stood up she peeled off her skirt and panties before she leaned over her desk and wiggled her butt. “Now get behind me and feed me that dick, Dwayne, feed me that big thick dick! But go slow! You can’t just cram that monster into me!”

But over the next fifteen minutes they managed to ease almost all of the rock hard shaft into her dripping pussy. Working slowly, pushing and pulling. Moving from side to side, getting to fit more and more into her.

Watching from behind Dweeb enjoyed the way Ms. Largeness pushed herself back against his rampant dick. At one point he reached forward and undid the four hooks that held her bra together in the middle of her back.

Reaching around her he cupped and squeezed her tits with both hands while she moaned in excitement.

“Oh, yes, Pinch my nipples, Honey! That feels so good! More, harder! I love to feel your hands on my big titties!” She took a moment to rip off her bra and throw it across the room. “Now, just keep fucking me!,” she instructed him.

And as they worked Ms. Largeness had a series of orgasms, each one stronger than the one before. By the time he dumped his load into her she was sprawled across her desk clutching desperately to the table top as his huge dick was pushed into her as far and as fast as he could. Tears were running down her cheeks and she was begging for mercy!

Dweeb finally pulled out and sprayed himself across her back. She just lay in front of him, panting and sobbing, gasping for air while she tried to pull herself together.

He pulled on pants and shoes and headed for the door.

“You were MAGNIFICENT!” she told him as his hand grasped the door knob. “Let’s be sure to do that again! I loved it!”

As he left Dweeb was looking forward to the next time they could get together.

End Chapter Two

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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