Dream Lover Pt. 10

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Note: you will understand this story a lot better if you read Part One first.


Chapter Fifteen

I was making progress with each dream visit and each flashback while also continuing to use and refine my abilities through mid-day mental vacations and nighttime reconnaissance missions. I was a lot more successful as a voyeur during my recon than I was at finding ideal opportunities for staging sex dreams. Obviously I was having some success with the sex dreams but each one required quite a bit of time and effort and planning before it came to fruition. Conversely, seeing women naked was easy though it wasn’t nearly as satisfying. Despite having a pretty standard script, with a few variations of course, the sex dreams always ended up being worth the extra effort, regardless of whether they involved a flashback portion or not.

I used to work with a young lady named Jamie, who was about ten years younger than me but had a smokin’ body. She’s now a MILF but I was interested in getting with both current Jamie and coworker Jamie. I did my recon, scoped her out naked plenty of times and, eventually, there was a night when her husband was going to be away. I knew, because of their kids, it was difficult for Jamie and her husband to find the time for intimacy so I was feeling good that she’d be up for a vivid sex dream. I knew from my recon that she tended to sit in bed reading after the kids had gone to bed and just hoped for that not-quite-awake moment I’d become adept at exploiting. This, of course, was one of the issues with the sex dream scenario; not all women I’d investigated ended their days like this. There were plenty of women, including many I wished did not fall into this category, who just shut the light off and went to bed rather than dozing with the lights still on. It’s hard to stage a sex dream in the dark and not totally freak out the dreamer.

One of the reasons Jamie was still on my radar was because I knew there was a good chance a sex dream could work out if she had a night alone. I was not mistaken. I showed up when she was dozing off, managed to convince her that it was a dream and that I was there to provide her with some relief, then slid the hem of her nightgown up to reveal a nicely groomed brown bush before diving in and devouring her pussy. Because she was so pent up, it didn’t take long before she was cumming and she managed to keep her moaning to a reasonable volume. I’d always surreptitiously admired her sweet tits so I got her nightgown completely off and fondled them while licking and sucking her hard nipples before turning her over. Her ass had been pretty fucking sweet as well and was still awfully nice so I was admiring and caressing it before starting to fuck her from behind. As I was sliding my cock in and out of her hot, wet pussy and fondling her swinging breasts, I flashed us back to the office where we had worked together. She was wearing a tight pencil skirt that was pushed up to her waist and a snug sweater that was also pushed up. Her bra was undone so I was still fondling her swinging tits as I fucked her from behind as she was bent over our boss’ desk.

Her young, pre-childbirth pussy felt amazing so I relished the feel of it and her tits but, once she’d cum, I had to fuck her tits. I had her lay on top of the boss’ desk then lay my cock between her succulent beauties. I went back to fondling them as I fucked the soft, smooth flesh of her cleavage. I savored her young, firm tits until I was on the verge of cumming then brought us back to her present-day bedroom. Just before I blew my load, I released her tits and slipped my cock into her mouth. I wasn’t certain but I assumed that her more mature mouth was probably also more experienced. Even if it wasn’t, she did a commendable job when it came to sucking my cock and it wasn’t long before I blew my load down her throat. After getting her nightgown back on her and returning her to the position where I’d found her, I was soon back in my own bed thinking about how awesome it was when one of these dreams came together. I was also thinking that I needed to see the young version of her body naked, in a bikini, in just bra and panties. I would have to work out how to make that happen.

With Kim, I finally just decided to take a chance rather than waiting for the perfect moment, since her husband never seemed to go anywhere without her. One night she posted on social media that she was still up watching TV while the rest of the house had gone to bed. This sounded like an ideal situation to me and, since she was two hours ahead of me where she lived, the timing worked out well. I had been to her place before to recon and had scoped her out naked a few times, which was one of the reasons she was still on my radar despite her husband being around all the time. With her big boobs and her smooth pussy, there were definitely some things I wanted to do with and to her.

She was sprawled out on the couch so, when she hit that sweet spot of being right on the verge of dozing off, I appeared güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri naked beside her. When she noticed me and my hard cock, she must have initially thought that I was really in her house, despite living almost 2,000 miles away from her.

“Are you crazy?” she whispered, “Henry will kill us both if he catches you here.”

“If Henry was to come out here,” I replied, “you would probably wake up and I’d be gone.”

When the realization came over her, she smiled and reached for my cock, stroking it before sitting up and taking it into her mouth. I reached down into her halter top to fondle her tits and caress her hard nipples while enjoying her oral talents but just briefly. I wanted to cum in her mouth but there were some other things I wanted to do first. I pulled her halter top up over her head to expose her big titties then had her recline as I straddled her. I squeezed her tits together against my cock then started to fuck them. I wanted to get off a quick load then spend some time with my face between her thighs as I recovered. After that I wanted to fuck her for a while before having her blow me. I had to hope that her family remained in their beds but that was another reason I wanted to get off a quick load between her tits, in case somebody woke up and I had to disappear. I caressed those big beauties, brushing my thumbs over her hard nipples, as my cock slid against the soft, smooth flesh. They were so big that my cockhead barely peeked out of her cleavage but her attention was on it anyway and she was licking her lips. I could feel my orgasm building and obviously didn’t want to delay it. This was something I discovered I had more control of outside of my actual body, which is why I never seemed to have trouble holding out to make the dreamer I was visiting cum before I did.

It was only on rare occasions that I would leave evidence behind that my visit wasn’t actually a dream. This time, I didn’t see an issue with cumming on Kim’s chest since I figured she’d clean it off once I’d moved down to devour her smooth pussy. As my orgasm grew closer, I picked up my pace slightly but was still not in a major rush to cum. Feeling and seeing her tits did push me along, however, and I soon grunted softly and spurted onto her sternum. Her eyes went wide as she watched my cum pooling on her chest. Once I was finished and had released her tits, she started to run her fingers through my cum as I climbed off of her and massaged her pussy through her shorts before sliding them down. She raised her ass to help me out and I discovered that she wasn’t wearing panties, which didn’t surprise me too much based on previous visits.

Once I’d set her shorts aside, she parted her legs so that one foot was up on the back of the couch and the other was on the floor. Her smooth pussy beckoned so I lowered my head toward it and ran my tongue along her hairless lips. She moaned softly and writhed slightly but managed to control herself so as not to attract the attention of any of her family. I glanced up beyond her big boobs to see that she was still cleaning my cum off of her chest with her fingers and cleaning her fingers with her mouth. The expression on her face showed that she was experiencing a great deal of pleasure so I thought I could make her cum fairly quickly. I slipped a couple of fingers into her hot, wet pussy as I started to lick and suck her clit, which caused her to gasp and rock her hips even more.

If an opportunity ever presented itself where Kim was alone and sleepy, I intended to devour her smooth pussy through multiple orgasms, just to enjoy it for longer. This time, however, I wanted her to cum and I still wanted to fuck her so I focused on getting her to a highly pleasurable orgasm. As she got closer, she still managed to suppress her moaning but her breathing was becoming a bit labored. She started tensing up then suddenly went limp and her body started shaking. She still remained quiet even as I continued to devour her. I raised my head only once she’d gone still and had let out a long sigh. I sucked her juices off of my fingers as I got up, my cock rigid once again. This was another beneficial anomaly of being outside of my actual body; my recovery time was much shorter.

I had her roll over, her ass up in the air, then knelt behind her and slipped my cock into her hot pussy. I had to suppress a moan myself as I slid my cock all the way in until my hips were pressed against her ass. Holding her hips, I started to fuck her, slowly at first but gradually increasing my pace. Once I had a rhythm going, I moved my hands up to cup her swinging tits, hefting their substantial weight and caressing her hard nipples. As I enjoyed the feel of my cock sliding in and out of her pussy and the feel of her tits in my hands, I was still somewhat attuned to any extraneous noises that could be a family member getting out of bed. While I’d be disappointed if I had to disappear in the middle of this, it would certainly be awkward for Kim if I was suddenly gone güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and she was discovered by a family member, buck naked with her ass up in the air. If I happened to be spotted before I disappeared, that would just raise a lot of questions which I’d prefer not to have raised. Again, given the risk, I wasn’t rushing but I was trying to make sure that we both achieved as much pleasure as we could in a short time.

Fortunately, Kim responded well to having me pounding her pussy hard and fast so it didn’t take long before she gasped and I could feel her body shaking. I continued to fuck her, relishing the increased lubrication but, when she’d apparently finished cumming, she pulled away so that my cock slipped out of her. She turned around as I was still on my knees and wrapped her lips around my cock, so I sat then lay back against the arm of the couch. I watched as she inhaled my cock, kneeling between my legs with her ass up in the air. She was extremely good at sucking cock so I was savoring the pleasure provided by her mouth and the hand that was gently pumping the base. She’d also lick my balls while pumping my shaft then take nearly my full length into her mouth again. I knew I’d need to sixty-nine with her on another occasion, for as long as we could draw it out.

This time, however, I just relaxed and enjoyed the building pleasure, my cock growing thicker the closer I was to cumming. She remained intent on skillfully sucking my cock even once I started spewing into her mouth. She swallowed my load and only stopped sucking me off once I was completely spent. She let my cock fall from her mouth then straightened up on her knees, giving me a full view of her succulent tits and her smooth pussy. I knew I’d be back but I didn’t want to push our luck any more this time so I had her get dressed again and resume her position. I assured her that she hadn’t seen the last of me in her dreams and promised I’d see her again the next time she was alone.

Another major challenge I found with dream visits was when I didn’t actually know the person who I wanted to visit. If I saw somebody who I thought was hot and actually figured out how to get to their home or wherever they would be sleeping, I couldn’t just go with the usual routine and assume they’d be okay with having a sex dream with a total stranger. I tried it a few times with the women becoming completely weirded out because they had absolutely no idea who I was so it was a tough sell that it was a dream not some creep actually in their room. Only once did I put the legwork in to make sure I was not a stranger first but it was a significant time commitment. Of course, time was really irrelevant and the payoff was well worth the effort but I eventually discovered something that worked even better.

I’d been in Nebraska visiting family when I met Lisa, who managed a restaurant where we’d gone one night to eat. I was smitten, as was much of the male clientele I’m sure. When I still couldn’t stop thinking about her even once I was back home and doing recon and visiting dreams, I visited the restaurant to observe her patterns, found out where she lived and, once I saw her naked, I knew I had to figure out how to make sure she’d be open to a dream visit. Since she seemed to always be around the restaurant during happy hour, I started showing up for a couple of beers and, eventually, we made it from no acknowledgement of my existence to a greeting upon my arrival to small talk. I had a backstory figured out so she wouldn’t think it suspicious when I stopped showing up regularly once she’d had a sex dream about me. I also didn’t intend to abruptly disappear because I’d want to see her reaction to me after the dream but I did forewarn her that my days at happy hour were winding down. I was thinking that this heads up might be a convincing enough catalyst for a sex dream if she was to go back and think about it after the fact.

Lisa was married but her kids were grown and living on their own. In fact, you wouldn’t know it to look at her, but she was actually a GILF as well as a MILF. Her husband’s job didn’t require travel but he did have some friends with whom he had an overnight fishing trip planned. It was far enough out that it had given me the time to get Lisa familiar with me and for me to get familiar with her routines. With her husband out of the house, of course, her routines could end up being quite different but it turned out that different was not necessarily a bad thing. Because she worked at the restaurant, she went in to work later in the day and came home very late at night, especially on the weekends. They would have dinner together at the restaurant but she was home alone in the mornings and he was home alone in the evenings. Since they didn’t spend much time together aside from weekend mornings, that was really their only opportunity for intimacy. I’d seen them going at it a few times and it really looked more like a scheduled activity than something they’d both looked forward to all week. güvenilir bahis şirketleri In fact, I checked in on Lisa regularly in the mornings after the first time I’d seen her grab her iPad and her dildo before she even got out of bed. She may have been getting laid regularly but she didn’t appear to be very satisfied. I figured this worked in my favor.

Seeing Lisa not only undressing and showering but also regularly plowing her pussy with a dildo, I was really anxious for her husband to leave on his fishing trip. By the time that weekend was coming around, she was comfortable enough around me that we were flirting a little bit. I started to wonder if I should just try to get myself invited to her house once he was gone but I knew that kind of thing would leave her with more guilt than a harmless sex dream so I stuck to my original plan. Typically, when Lisa would arrive home from work, her husband would already be in bed since he had to be up early for work. The night of his fishing trip, Lisa arrived at her empty house and, instead of just crawling under the covers and going to sleep, she got out her iPad and her dildo. There was a chance that she’d get herself off then go to sleep and leave me hanging but luck was with me that night.

She set her dildo aside and started looking at porn on her iPad, as she usually did first thing when she got up each day. Before she got to a point where she was ready to use the dildo, she was starting to fade and I was ready. I called her toy a dildo because it was dick-shaped but it was also a vibrator. I’d seen her use it as each separately, either to plow her pussy to buzz her clit, and as both together, to plow her pussy while buzzing her clit. She always wore a nightgown to bed when her husband was there with her so, when she woke and was ready to masturbate, she’d usually strip it off and push the covers down, which allowed me to see everything. On this night, when she got home, she stripped but didn’t pull on a nightgown, so she was naked as she started to doze. As she sat there with her eyes closed, I deftly put her iPad to sleep then grabbed her dildo and twisted the base, making it buzz. She was suddenly awake again but, when I touched the vibrating dildo to her clit, she started moaning as she stared at me, in a bit of a daze.

“Why don’t you set that aside,” I said, indicating her iPad, “since it went to sleep after putting you to sleep.”

She looked down at it, saw that the screen was dark, then set it on her nightstand while I moved around from beside her to between her legs. I leaned down to lick and suck her hard nipples, still holding the dildo against her clit, then kissed my way down toward her pussy. I turned off the vibrations and slipped the latex shaft into her as I admired her pussy. Her bush was a beautifully groomed dark brown which I’d been looking forward to getting my face close to. I slipped the dildo out of her and set it aside as I ran my tongue along her slit and over her clit. She moaned even louder and grabbed my head, humping her pussy toward my face. Glancing up, I saw her tits squeezed between her arms and immediately thought about fucking them. She was similar in age and appearance to Patti so it was no wonder that I’d been so attracted to her. When I slipped a couple of fingers into her while licking and sucking her clit, she suddenly started shaking as a cry slipped out.

It didn’t surprise me that she came so quickly since she’d been planning to get herself off and I’d seen her get herself off a lot. I just figured she was horny and maybe perpetually on the verge of cumming. Of course I wasn’t ready to move on yet and we did have an empty house with no real possibility of being interrupted so I kept my face in her pussy and continued to devour it. I’m not even sure how many more orgasms she had before I finally raised my head and slipped my fingers from her pussy into my mouth. I do know that my cock was a steel rod and ready for some attention and that her expression indicated that, while she was definitely still awake, she was in a bit of a daze from all of that cumming. When I got up onto my knees and she saw my rigid cock, that definitely got her attention.

“What are you doing here?” she finally asked, sort of groggily.

“I guess you were just tired of taking care of your own needs,” I replied, “and maybe you considered jumping me for real but couldn’t do that to your husband so here I am in your dreams.”

“In my dreams?” she repeated then it was as if she just decided to go with it rather than question it. She reached out for me so I moved in close and we kissed, progressing quickly to making out as she reached for my cock and stroked it. She ended up maneuvering me onto my back in the middle of her huge king-sized bed then straddled me. I was admiring her sexy body, her big tits and her trim bush as she positioned herself then lowered her pussy onto my cock. We both moaned because she was so hot and wet and I was so thick and hard. She sat for a moment with me fully embedded in her then began to ride me while I reached up to fondle her tits. Her pussy felt amazing as it moved up and down on my cock and her tits felt amazing as I caressed the soft, smooth flesh and her hard nipples. The extra time spent setting up this “dream” certainly felt like it had been worth it.

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