Dream Come True Ch. 02

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Writing these always turns me the fuck on this is the second part in what I originally was going to keep as one, I recommend you go read that one first, but this is where it gets a bit more juicy…

“Someone’s enjoying this a bit too much aren’t they?” she purred.

All I could do was nod

Cathy giggled and ran her hands up both legs, gently caressing each crevice of them. Moaning I raised my hips begging for my sticky pussy to be released. She noticed what I wanted and she ignored it planting a kiss right over my panty clad slit.

“Ooooh” was the only response I could muster, I loved it far too much to say anything else.

“Beg me Lizzie” Cathy purred “Go on, beg me to release your wet little snatch so that I can taste you properly”

“Pl…Ple…please Cath…” I stumbled

She didn’t exactly make it easy for me as she licked my wet panties with such an expert tongue, she was enjoying seeing me in such a state and I was enjoying being in such a state.

“Please Cathy” I finally mustered

“Please Cathy what?”

“Please can you take my soaking panties off so you can taste how wet I am for you”

Raising my hips so that she could get to them, one last kiss on my panties casino şirketleri and they were off and thrown across the room somewhere. I heard her gasp in shock I don’t know why, maybe because my tight little cunt was so juicy for her.

I mean I don’t have the best looking cunt in the world, it’s puffy and kind of big but I keep it mostly shaved apart from the little landing strip of mousy brown hair that is always trimmed. I used to shave it fully until an ex said it was like fucking a baby, ever since that I’ve kept it like this.

Cathy leaned in and inhaled my sweet musk, she then softly went down and pressed her soft lips on to my pubic hair and kissed. She then continued to kiss, around my lips avoiding my protruding clit and my soaked slit.

“Stop teasing me and eat me out, I’ve wanted this for so long already, don’t make me wait another minute”

And with that she took one long lick up my slit and flicked my clit. I was in fucking ecstasy, I could never have imagined that this would be so good. I mean my ex was rough and practically engulfed my cunt right into his big ol’ mouth. Cathy wasn’t like that though, she was loving and I could tell she wanted this as much as I had. She then started casino firmaları sucking on my clit and as she did this she slid two fingers in.

“OOOOOH” I moaned loudly, my hips bucking up at the pleasure I was receiving. I was enjoying this way too much to care whether anybody could hear me scream out. She kept up the assault on my pussy and I could feel my orgasm building, I wanted the moment to last. Cathy could clearly tell I was getting closer because she took her left hand up to my nipple, pulling hard, and I felt this pressure against my little rosebud. Before I knew it she had two fingers in my cunt a finger up my ass and two fingers pinching my nipple hard.


“FUCK…… I’M GONNA’ UGHHH” Screaming I bucked my hips into my English teachers face and covered it in my love juice.

I came down from the best orgasm ever, I’d never had both holes used at the same time and it was euphoric. My world was spinning and I saw Cathy pull away, her face glistening. She came to my face and kissed my lips, I could taste my sweet juice all over them and it was heaven. That was the last thing I remembered before I passed out…

When güvenilir casino I came around I was dizzy and confused but the smell of pussy in the air was prominent and it drove me crazy, bringing me back to what had just happened with Cathy, or was it a dream? Nope definitely real…

“Mmm, oh yeah Lizzy, lick this cunt good” I was so confused at hearing moaning, and out of the corner of my eye I saw the reason I could hear it Cathy was sat naked on the desk I usually sit at, with three fingers in her cunt and one ferociously rubbing her clit, moaning my name with her eyes shut. This suddenly jolted me back to reality and without thinking I went over to where she was and pulled both her nipples hard.

She opened her eyes and said “About time Lizzy, I was wondering when you’d come round, pleasure me please?” The lust in her eyes was good enough for me to lean in and kiss her soft lips, the distant memory of my pussy juices still lingered, and I knew that I had to please her to say thank you.

I thought that I should take control of the situation. I told her that if she wanted me to make her cum she not only had to stop her pussy onslaught but to also get down on her knees and beg. The look of shock crossed not only her face, but also my mind as well. What are you thinking Lizzy? This could all go to pot now. I wasn’t actually expecting her to, but as ordered she got down off the table and on to her knees looking up at me with them gorgeous eyes.

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