Dr. Allen’s New Patient Ch. 17

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Sally was awakened by a notification from her phone. A new message had come in.

“I have the money for you. –Seb”

The text might as well have read, “You can’t avoid me anymore, that is, if you want your money back.”

After months of ignoring him, Sally finally saw a valid reason for calling Young Green Eyes. She took a deep breath and hit the call button.

He picked up on the first ring. “Hi Gorgeous…. See? Told you I was serious…”

Sally could sense the smirk on Sebastian’s face. His smugness bordered on annoying.

“You have ALL the money? The whole thing? I don’t believe it…”

“Believe it, baby, I’ve got ALL of it. Work has been good.”

“I didn’t think you were serious.”

“Well, now you know I am. When can you come over?” he wanted to know, as he saw their phone conversation as unnecessary; instead, they could be using their time more “wisely”, i.e. canoodling at his apartment.

Sally was speechless. Looking up in the air, she thought, “If he TRULY has the money like he says he does, then I could finally move out, and into a place of my own…. about damned time…”

“Hello? Sally? Are you still there?”

“I’m here…uh”, she hesitated, “… Sebastian, is this a prank?”

“No, baby, not my style.”

Still quiet.

“Well, when can you come over?” he repeated.

“I can now.”

“Good, I’ll be waiting.”



Sebastian jumped in the shower and turned the valve all the way to the left. He patiently waited for the water to heat up, knowing it would take a while since the pipes in his apartment had seen better days.

As steam gathered up all around him, he shut his eyes, letting the smoldering water wash over his long lean body. The free flowing rain would cleanse him of all the bullshit that had built up during the day. Soon he was completely enveloped in its moist heat. Eyes still closed, he was licking his chops, envisioning Sally in his arms, and in his bed, once again. He longed to see her pretty face, to hear her sweet voice, to touch her soft skin, and to smell her exquisite scent. Most of all, he couldn’t wait to taste her heavenly breasts again. The anticipation of Sally tapping into all five of his senses was quickly overtaking him. Sebastian was beside himself.

He washed thoroughly. If his last carnal interaction with Sally was any indication, this evening’s promised to provide excessive stroking, teasing, kissing, licking, and sucking; not to mention ample amounts of eating and savoring each other’s flesh; with loads of bodily fluids exchanged.

Fresh out of the shower and feeling like a million bucks, Sebastian got down to the business of polishing up. He brushed his teeth, shaved, splashed on aftershave, and gelled up his hair. Then he looked in his closet for something to wear, shooting a glance at his phone. It was coming up to 8pm. The sun had just gone down.

All spiffed up, as if for an auspicious occasion, Sebastian poured himself a glass of wine, and walked over to the couch, instantly reminded of the countless make out sessions he enjoyed there with Sally, not too long ago. Settling into the futon and putting his feet up, he reached for the stereo remote to put on some Billie Holiday.

Wine glass in hand, a calm feeling washed over him, soothing every nerve. Blues music and alcohol were rendering his mind so tranquil, that he hadn’t even realized he closed his eyes. In no time, he was blissfully lulled back to a dreamy memory of his mother. He was so little at the time.

“Mama, when I grow up, I’m gonna marry you.”

“Chouchou, je suis déjà marié à ton père”, she would amusingly reply with a warm smile.

“But you love me more…”


In her younger days, Veronique Guerin had been an aspiring actress and singer. Gifted with a beautiful voice, she was somewhat of a celebrity in her little French hometown. When she hadn’t even finished secondary school, Veronique could already be found singing in small nightclubs on the weekends, crooning out Jazz ballads in her heavily accented yet charming English. She may have fancied herself as the next Josephine Baker, that is, of her generation, ready to offer her own unique imprint on the world.

Veronique had come from a typical Catholic family, which, in her teen years, she found increasingly dull and stifling. Much to the chagrin of her traditional parents, the strong minded girl left home at the tender age of 17, setting her sites on someplace more exciting than the provincial small town she grew up in. If she stayed there, she reckoned, she’d end up one of those boring housewives saddled with numerous babies God had “blessed” her with.

Singing, she reasoned, would be her ticket out.

Her looks would aid in maneuvering her way through various jobs, too, as Veronique’s wavy chestnut brown hair, clear amber eyes, and curvy kars escort figure were the object of many men’s desires. Although she was of petite stature, about 5’2″, she looked taller in person, thanks to her usual glamorous 4-inch heels.

Sebastian’s dad, by contrast, was as American as Apple Pie. Dan Bauer was tall and thin, with sapphire blue eyes and dirty blond hair. His grandparents had sturdy roots in the Midwest, but Dan himself was born in the quiet Los Angeles suburb of Woodland Hills.

While vacationing in the French Riviera with his parents, Dan met Veronique on a fancy cruise. She was about to turn 18, while he was a young 22, and it was well into the 1990’s. Performing as a lounge singer on the expensive liner, Veronique was all dolled up in a throwback forties-style dress with an exotic orchid in her hair. She was quite a vision. In the spotlight on the otherwise dark stage, sitting on a stool behind a vintage microphone from the Golden Age, Veronique captivated everyone in the room with her sultry rendition of the standard, “Summertime”. Dan was in the audience with his parents, and before the song was over, he was a goner.

At the time, she barely spoke English and he didn’t speak any French; not that it mattered.


It was quickly approaching nightfall, and even though the AC was blasting at full speed, Sally was not immune to the lingering odor of the day’s sweat, leaving the bus smelling unpleasantly stale and musty. When she finally reached her stop, she was glad to step out into the fresh air.

Walking through the somewhat familiar-looking neighborhood, she was quickly reminded of the boxy air conditioning units poking out of random apartment windows overlooking the street. And it would appear that the elevator in the longtime neglected structure of Sebastian’s building was permanently out of commission as well.

Grabbing onto the wrought iron railing of the staircase, she immediately thought back to the first time she had climbed these worn out stairs. Like before, she lost her breath before reaching the 6th floor.

Walking towards his door, Sally felt her nerves getting the better of her. She quickly told herself to breathe and count to ten, remembering, “I am just going to get the money and leave.” For some odd reason, she was salivating.

The door opened before she knocked.

“Sally! Oh baby, it’s so good to see you… you don’t know how much I’ve missed you, baby…” Sebastian swiftly bent down to give her the tightest, warmest bear hug ever.

Fuck! He was sexy as hell, even sexier than she remembered, in fact. She instantly recognized the scent of his aftershave and of his hair gel, too. She could smell minty toothpaste on his breath, and was well acquainted with the muscles on his arms, and his gorgeous smile, and those unbelievable green eyes…. Goddamned… Lord Almighty…

Although she shouldn’t have been, Sally was a bit surprised by his unbridled display of affection. In fact, she had a sneaky feeling the evening would comprise more than just money exchanging hands, that is, if it were all up to Sebastian.

Again, she reminded herself, “Get the money and leave.” As such, she didn’t bother hugging him back, trying her best to remain hard as stone.

“Where’s the money?” As soon as the words came out of her mouth, Sally felt their icy chill.

Remaining the quintessential professional, Sebastian kept smiling, although he did pause, slightly taken aback at her bluntness. Instead of telling her she would do well with some work on her tact, Sebastian replied, “The money’s right here, baby…” He picked up the brown supermarket bag sitting on the kitchen barstool. He took the bulky bag and put it in Sally’s arms. “You can count it if you want”, he offered. His eyes were intently on hers, searching for the slightest hint of warmth, upon seeing him after months apart.

She peeked inside, pleasantly surprised to discover $20’s, $50’s, and $100’s, all neatly tied up in rubber bands. Whether she needed to count the money, she recalled that, aside from exaggerated declarations of his feelings of love and desire, Sebastian had at least never lied to her. Satisfied with its contents, she closed up the bag, and turned to head out.

“Whoa… whoa… baby, where are you going so soon?”

“I got what I came for…”, she indicated, looking up at him, expressionless.

He gave her an incredulous look. “Sally, doesn’t this prove that I’m serious about us? Isn’t this what you asked me for, to prove what we had didn’t just boil down to money?” Sebastian never so much as raised his voice at her, but in this instance, he was fiercely adamant.

“Well I don’t know what to think, really”, she admitted. “Somehow I thought you were joking about the money. I’m kind of shocked… I don’t know what to say.”

“How about, ‘Sebastian, I have feelings for you, too’?” He was bountifully hopeful, as if the kars escort bayan brown paper bag represented all his feelings, his wholeheartedness and his whole heart, all spread out and opened wide for her.

She looked down at the bag, at a loss for words.

“Come on baby, can’t you stay for a bit, so we could at least catch up a little? I’ve been saving up all this money, all this time, dreaming of the day I’d see you again.”

She was still silent.

He refused to give up. “Look, you’ve come all this way, so you might as well stay for a while”, he reasoned, appealing to her logic.

Finally, she looked up to meet his eyes.

He looked at her expectantly, his eyes shining with hope, “So? Will you stay?”

“I’m sorry. My new guy doesn’t want me talking to anyone. I have to go.”

Caught off guard, Sebastian instantly thought of Mr. BDSM, someone he hadn’t given much thought to lately. But now he remembered the red flag that was raised in his mind the last time Sally mentioned her “new guy”. Before Sebastian could think of something to say, Sally hurriedly opened the door and walked out.

He stood there in the living room dumbfounded, reminiscent of the first time they actually met. It seemed like a lifetime ago, although it was only months. Sally had come over expecting one thing; he told her he was an escort; she asked how much he charged; he told her; then she walked out.

Getting his bearings straight after a few seconds, he walked over to the couch and sat down to finish his wine. Again, his thoughts wandered back…


Sebastian grew up an only child, and felt his dad hadn’t quite spent enough time with him and mom. But the young boy learned early on to keep quiet about the matter, as he grew content simply having his mother all to himself. In fact, he never felt much need for friends outside of school, because his mother, so young and fun, was his very own playmate. He preferred her company to anyone else’s.

When it was just the two of them, Veronique would speak to her little boy in French. It was sort of a secret bond that held them together, and extremely close. It was only when her American husband was in the room that she would speak in her heavily accented English.

When Sebastian was six years old, Dan had taken over his parents’ tile manufacturing business, which meant he would be working more and more at the plant office. Consequently, Sebastian’s mother, who doted on her baby boy from day one, gave him even more of her Mommy attention.

Since Veronique had become a mother while still in her teens, Sebastian had quite understandably become the object of envy amongst his small circle of friends, those lucky enough to be invited over to his house to play, and to meet his pretty mom.

When Sebastian was twelve, Veronique found out that Dan was having an affair. It was actually the other woman, one of Dan’s employees, who called the house landline and told her about it, and when Veronique confronted her husband, he didn’t bother to deny it. Veronique even thought, “How stupid could he be? Didn’t he ever hear the saying, ‘Don’t shit where you eat’?”

Being a woman of high romantic ideals, she saw no reason to remain with a man who was not totally devoted to her.

At the time, the family was living in a house once belonging to Dan’s parents, so Veronique decided she would be the one to move out. She took Sebastian with her. Despite Dan’s suggestion for her and their son to remain at the house while he himself moved out to a small place close to work, Veronique declined. Her fierce pride had prevented her from accepting his offer, because she knew he made it out of guilt. She knew he wanted to be absolved of that guilt, and she was damned if she’d give him the satisfaction.

In a year’s time, Veronique was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Within a few months, Sebastian was back to living with his father again. At that time, the young boy struggled to sort out his feelings, as his life was unraveling right before his eyes. It seemed the universe was throwing him a curve ball, and he had no idea how to deal. What’s more, although he loved his dad, Sebastian couldn’t identify with Dan at all. His father’s astute business acumen and workaholic schedule didn’t make any sense to the boy, who was more the artistic sensitive type, like his mother. Sebastian truly felt he and Veronique had a psychic bond that no one, not even his dad, could break.

Sebastian visited Veronique frequently at the hospital, especially during her final days. After school, Dan would drive him over so that he could spend as much time with her as possible, after which Dan would drive back to the office and finish out his 14-hour workday; Sebastian would sit at Veronique’s bedside, often holding her hand. Only when she was injected with strong painkillers and therefore sleeping peacefully, would he then allow himself time to do escort kars his schoolwork. Hours later, after his father finished at the plant, he would then return to pick Sebastian up and head home.

Veronique died when he was fourteen years old.


Soon after her death, Sebastian caught the acting bug. By being an actor, perhaps he subconsciously felt he was carrying on his mother’s legacy, and he somehow felt closest to her the moments he was on stage. In a way, for him, part of her was still alive (although as of late he was doing more behind the lens voiceover work than in front of the lens acting). No matter, it paid well, and it didn’t leave him constantly waiting by the phone.

As he poured himself a second glass of wine, Sebastian thought back a few months, thinking back to the first time Sally called and returned to see him. It was over a week after her initial visit to his apartment.

He was hopeful that it would be the same this time around. So, despite being tempted to call her after she took the money, Sebastian determined to bide his time, waiting at least a week, for her to come to her senses. He figured that she needed time to really think about him; about what she actually meant to him to the point he had gathered up all the money to pay her back. Surely it was proof that he hadn’t just wanted her for the money. In fact, during the months apart, there wasn’t a day gone by that he didn’t think of her.

He especially cherished the time she cradled him in her arms and let him suck on her breast, while she slowly stroked him, and then later fervently jacked him off. The sublime encounter had left quite an imprint on Sebastian’s psyche. It was as if all the emotions he had repressed after Veronique’s death had come gushing back. So many years of love, adulation, sadness, anger, despair, and longing had been bottled up, that it was no wonder he felt incomplete after his mother passed; that is, until he was lying in Sally’s lap. Looking up at her while suckling on her breast, lying safe in her arms, while she brought him to orgasm, was exactly what he needed to feel whole again. At the moment he ejaculated on Sally’s hand, he realized he could once again feel the same security and joy he had only felt when his dear mother was alive.

Sebastian longed to feel that same sense of absolute fulfillment again. And it didn’t matter that the female who made him feel this way was actually a girl younger than him, that she wasn’t a glamorous actress or singer, that she spoke with a normal American accent, that she didn’t exude the worldly sophisticated charm his rich older “escort clients” did. No. The girl who enabled Sebastian to feel a renewed sense of happiness was not even a mother herself.

He was hit with a revelation; that the special “high” he had been searching for after his mom died would not come back with alcohol, or cocaine, or any other drug for that matter. It would come back with a person.

Although she hardly embodied the Nurturing Mother archetype to a normal observer, in his mind, Sally was the be-all and end-all.

(The fact that Veronique had breastfed him until he was two years didn’t help matters in that regard. Apparently, when he was little, in between playing with building blocks and toy soldiers, Sebastian might have squeezed in some casual reading of Freud and Jung).

A week went by, and no call. It was all he could do to stay sane. He was at his wits end.

He could hardly wait anymore.

He’d be damned if he’d let her slip away.


Sally had gotten into the habit of screening her calls. With reluctance, Sebastian left a dreaded voicemail, “Hi Sally, it’s me.” Slight pause. “I can’t stop thinking about you, baby; that’s the fucking truth. Please, Sally. I can’t stand being away from you anymore. I don’t know what I’m liable to do if I don’t see you.” Click.

Sally was tempted to delete the new message flashing on her phone, but since she was still in bed that morning and in no particular hurry, she clicked on the message.

She grew alarmed. But at the same time, she wondered, “Is he being dramatic because he’s an actor, or is he simply coming clean with his feelings? Will he actually do something rash? What if I ignore him and then he does something crazy? Will it be my fault?”

Sally’s thoughts then meandered to Mr. BDSM, at which time many questions surfaced. “How would he like it if I went to see another man, if only just to talk?” Actually, Sally could answer that question herself, “He wouldn’t like it one bit, because it meant I went behind his back, blatantly defying his orders. If he actually found out after the fact, forget it. BDSM’s fiery temper would make him go ballistic on me; and maybe on Sebastian, too. And it wouldn’t matter one damned bit if Sebastian and I had just talked and not fucked.”

Sally reflected some more. “But then again, the last time I saw BDSM, I didn’t even get to suck his cock, and that was the reason I hooked up with him in the first place; I wanted dick to suck on a regular basis. Doesn’t he even know I crave it? Doesn’t he realize how much I need it?”

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