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I let myself into my boyfriend’s apartment with my key, just as the sky opened up. Chris, his roommate, was on the living room sofa playing video games.

“It’s really coming down out there.”

“Bekah. I thought you were going out of town.”

“I’m leaving right now, actually. I just need to grab a book I left here. Is Mark in his room?”

“Yeah – but, you know, you should let me go get it. I think he’s sleeping.”

“So? You don’t even know where it is. I’ll just sneak in and out.”

Chris had stopped playing his game altogether. I watched as his character got shot and went down in a spray of red. The words “Game Over” flashed on the screen.

“Bekah. I really don’t think you should go up there.”

My eyes narrowed as I studied him, and I heard what he was trying not to tell me. Before he could stop me, I took the stairs two at a time and flung open the door to my boyfriend’s room. Sure enough, there he was, fucking some girl. He looked up, his face contorted in passion and then guilt.

“Rebekah, I-“

“Fuck you.” I slammed the door. bakırköy escort I ran down the stairs, nearly tripping over my own feet.

Chris was standing by the door, and I slammed into him on my way out.

‘You can’t leave like this. It’s pouring. You’re upset. You shouldn’t drive.”

“Fuck you too. Let me go. I can’t believe you were trying to protect him. I thought you were my friend too.”

“I was. I am. I didn’t want you to find out like this.”

I pushed past Chris and stormed out the front door.

The rain hit me like a wall. I fought through the blistering raindrops down the front steps towards my car. I was sobbing openly now, but my tears were washed away by the buckets of water from the sky. Before I could open the car door, I felt his hands on me.

Chris turned me by the shoulders to face him. His wet hair was plastered to his skull. He wiped water from my face with his large, calloused hands.

“I’m not your friend, Bekah.”


“I’m not your friend. I don’t want to be your friend. başakşehir escort I want more than that. I always have. Mark’s an asshole. I was never trying to protect him. I just couldn’t stand to see you hurt.”

He let go of me.

“I just wanted to tell you that.”

He began to turn away.


I grabbed his arm before I knew what I was doing. He turned back, and his mouth was on mine. He devoured me. There was no finesse. We kissed hungrily, teeth banging together, tongues fighting, lips bruising. Anger. Passion. The lines blurred. We broke apart for air, gasping like two people drowning. We kissed again, more tenderly. I hadn’t ever thought about him this way, but from the way his hands roamed impatiently over my body, I knew he had been thinking about me.

I struggled to unbutton his jeans. The soaked denim made it difficult. He hoisted me up onto the hood of my car, pulling my skirt up and my panties down in a fluid motion. He tore the buttons off my blouse. My breasts were visible through my soaked bebek escort bra, and he leaned down to bite at my nipples through the fabric.

I finally freed him, and he sprang out into the open. He moaned as I rubbed the cool rainwater over his cock. He was rock hard. He reached around, grabbed my ass, hauled me forward to the edge of my perch. I felt him pressing against me, and he kissed me again, his tongue sliding into my mouth, his cock slipping inside of me. He sank all the way in with his first stroke and I gasped, then bit into his shoulder.

I was a tumult of emotions. Confusion, anger, lust. My ass was freezing against the cold metal of the car, but I was so hot inside. I ground myself against him, trying to take him even deeper. I bit his shoulders and his neck, trying to keep from crying aloud. He grunted in pleasure and pain.

Without warning he leaned me back farther, increasing his pace. I could feel him slide nearly all the way out of me, then slam back into me full speed. He fucked me faster and harder, and I was moaning and calling his name as I grew closer and closer. We came at the same time, hard and fast. He held my face again, stared into my eyes, into my core, as he emptied inside me.

I slid my skirt back down, and pulled the tattered remains of my blouse around me as I drove alone into the night. It rained into the next day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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