Don’t Go Into The Woods

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(Authoress Note: All disclaimers regarding characters, age appropriateness etc are in effect. This piece is about humiliation, degradation and other XXXX sexuality. I am sorry to those who wish me to write a love story and this is in no way meant to deride anyone’s sexuality, gender preference. But, this is a very raw and hard piece. So, if you read it I hope you like it and if it’s not your thing just stop reading now.


I am standing here wearing a red plaid schoolgirl uniform skirt. It is so short that although I looked in the mirror before and couldn’t see my white satin panties I felt anyone looking at me could. My blouse is a white collared blouse typical of what you’d expect to see on a schoolgirl. But, the top buttons are opened lower enough to see a bit of my lacy black bra. The sleeves are three quarter length. White schoolgirl stockings with a lacy top (they must have come from an adult mail order house) rise up my smooth hairless legs like a snake crawling towards its prey.

Dramatizing my look is a properly powdered face, a thin black line on my eyelids and silver hoop earrings. This forms the backdrop for my “pretty in pink” lipstick and a fragrance one could only call “Girlie.”

I have no one but myself to thank for these items.

My nails are manicured as well as my toenails and of course they are ‘hot pink’. I didn’t pick these colors out but they were in my makeup kit.

My hair is a light auburn and over the past three months it has grown enough for many types of hairdos. Right now it’s in a ponytail with, you guessed it, a big pink bow attached to a scrunchie.

I’m wearing 5″ Stiletto heels that took me over a month to learn how to walk in. With them on I am about 5’8″ tall. My mind drifted as I looked at the foam pad with neck brace while Dick is fastening a red leather open mouth ring gag. He was explaining how I had learned how to stretch my body so my ass would be in the air while lying on the foam pad. And how ‘comforting’ the neckpiece would be. He laughed at the word ‘comforting’.

He had also rigged a couple of hoops through two eye hooks in the wall and said with my ankles wrapped in them it would help me stay in position and besides keeping my legs spread a bit they would also make holding my knees over my head an easier task. Of course this meant my ass would be facing up towards the ceiling.

“If one of the men tell to get into your position it will mean here and you must stay there until you are excused, Dick said in the same quiet voice he had used for weeks.

“Do you understand,” he said closer to my face. I was nearly crying. These past weeks had been an ordeal.

“Yes Sir,” I answered demurely as I had been taught.

Dick was definitely on edge with the other men arriving. Nearly all my training over these weeks had been as if I wanted to be the girl standing here. Dick had drawn so much out of me and a spanking was a learning experience not a punishment.

Amazingly, regardless of my repulsion inside, I now obeyed every command.

The tears in my eye were overshadowed by the sound of a vehicle, the first in a month. I was hoping it was someone coming to rescue me. But I knew it was just the opposite. I was afraid, nervous, apprehensive, and submissive about what would be next.

“Here come the men. Go open the door. ” he said.

I walked obediently towards the door and although the plug wasn’t that big I could feel it every step. Between the walking lessons of short steps foot in front of foot and the plug I could feel myself swaying to the door. I heard car doors open and some muffled male voices. Apprehensively I turned the old rusty knob and the door creaked open.

Emerging from the big black Yukon SUV with muddy tires were seven men none of whom were smaller or younger then Dick. I shuddered with fear as I looked at them with my practiced smile and learned demur stance.

Even though I had become compliant on the outside and tamed on the inside I had not reached any point of being ok with what was happening to me.

These men were old rugged beer drinking hunters. All had big guts flopping over their belts. Some had beards and as I was soon to find out grooming was not in their vocabulary. I also learned not much later they nearly all chewed tobacco and had yellow teeth. Some were a bit toothless. But they are appeared ruthless.

A couple of them headed to the trunk but one of them looked directly at me and said to the others, “What a nice looking cunt we have here.”

But, perhaps I should take you back to the beginning of my demise about three months ago.

Chapter One — The Unfriendly Woods

“Hello sweetie,” the gruff male voice sounded from behind me. I was still squatting and had just finished peeing when this deep baritone hilly-billy voice shocked me starting my adrenaline flowing faster then an open fire hydrant.

“Just get up and turn around,” he commanded.

I began to pull my panties up but he told me he was pointing erzurum escort a gun at me and for me to “turn around so I can see your pussy.”

Nervous tremors rippled through my body as I turned into my fear and saw his gun.

“I don’t have a pussy but please let me explain,” I weakly answered hoping this would all end.

I’ve always enjoyed my annual camping trips deep in the West Virginia woods. Over the past 3 years I had only had one visitor pass by my camp site while I spent my six night alone and dressed as a woman. And that particular time it was just a friendly wave from across the wide river. I was a bit shocked then but I took it in stride and continued my annual event driving deep into the woods and then hiking about fifteen miles to a small-secluded campsite on private land that I rented each year.

This area in the woods that I rented encompassed a couple of hundred acres and backed up to thirty thousand acres of state forestland and many more thousands of acres of Federal land.

Three years ago I saw an on-line ad about a secluded campsite. The thought of doing this and then follow through of renting the campsite opened up the ability for me to explore my feminine side. A side I had hidden for all 23 years of my life. I had always felt more like a girl then a boy but I had never done anything more then wear a pair of panties until these trips began.

The ad read “Complete hideaway campsites for $150 for a week with assurances of privacy” and all I need to do was make a simple PayPal click. Of course I had checked with the owner about such privacy and that I wanted to be sure whoever rented before or after me wouldn’t be there when I arrived. He assured me no one rented at the time of the year I was renting and my privacy would be a certainty.

I started writing erotic romance novels when I was 18 and by the time I was 20 I was living on my own. I had no family since my parents were killed in a terrible auto accident just after I had turned 18. I left the small town I had been raised in and moved to New York. I just felt more comfortable since I wrote under my pen name Gloria Summers. Even my mailbox listed both my real name and my pseudo name since I got some mail for her. How they got my address I will never know but I figured I should have both.

I lived in a very large apartment building and my mail was always forwarded to my agent since she paid all my bills regularly. I wasn’t rich but it was much better being my own boss. Sometimes I’d either lock myself in my apartment or simply disappear and write for months alone. Once I had traveled to Mexico and rented a villa while I wrote my third novel. I didn’t have friends, well perhaps my publisher but she was well aware of my idiosyncrasies.

And, in my fear of being found out I never talked about going to West Virginia. The few who knew me thought I had gone to Maine each year.

Turning to face this intruder I could see his hand holding a mean looking gun. It looked like those guns in the movies. I had even used one in a story of mine, the famous Glock. Naturally I raised my hands and as I did so my shorts and panties fell around my knees. I was exposed.

I had on those girlie hiking short shorts with a cuff. Hey, it was late spring and the temperature during the day was in the 90’s at night it cooled off to around 70. Besides if my balls weren’t showing I’d have looked every bit like a woman. The shirt I was wearing made me look like I had tits because of the padded and gel stuff bra underneath. In a way my thought was, ‘this may be better with me standing naked from the waist down since he wouldn’t want to rape me since I was a guy. And more likely he would be so repulsed he would just tell me to get lost. Perhaps take my money but that was fine.

My lips quivered but he hushed me as his eyes focused on my privates and he then mockingly said, “So what we have here is one of those ‘sissy’ girls. Right?”

These words came out of a big fat beer belly man. It was hard to figure out how tall he was but his girth was substantial. He was wearing a plaid lumberjack shirt and a pair of dirty overalls. All I know was my 5’6″ paled next to him.

My backpack was still strapped to my shoulders since I hadn’t set up camp yet. Everything I carried was for a woman camper. At my car was my change of clothes. I had become bolder each year and this year I had decided to go all the way. I even had a summer dress packed as well as a week’s supply of panties. There was a makeup kit. And, I can’t think why I had brought a box of tampons.

“Pull up your panties and shorts pussy,” he commanded and then said.

I started pulling up my shorts and panties but he said, “Wait, turn around and let me see your ass first.”

There wasn’t much I could do with a gun pointed at me.

“Sweet cheeks,” he whistled. And before long we were hiking away through the woods. Not on a path. We must have wandered onto the federal land since the over brush was escort erzurum quite dense. However, he seemed to find each turn that kept us from being caught in the brambles or stopped by other natural barriers.

Finally we walked into a small clearing completely surrounded by trees was this cabin. It looked pretty make shift from the front. Like something you’d see in old pictures and wonder ‘who could live there?’

Chapter Two — The Shack

The inside smelled of stale smoke and it was very messy but it was not as makeshift as it looked from the outside. As you entered there was a very large room with a good kitchen tucked into the far corner. One cabinet door was missing and another one was hanging down from a broken hinge. They were made of the cheap orange stained looking wood. The floor was a wide rough-hewn oak plank oak.

The sink was stainless steel and had dishes, pots and pans all stacked up. The counter tops were plain white, well now faded and chipped, Formica.

A round dining table sat sectioning off the kitchen/dining area from the rest of the room with eight captain chairs surrounding it. The table had a ceiling light with fan above covered in dust. One of the bulbs was burned out. On the table was an ashtray filled with butts. There was also a mason jar with what looked like tobacco chew spit.

However, the inside of the house seemed to have been ready for all seasons since there was both a huge fireplace in the living room and an air-conditioner through the wall to the left of the fireplace.

Dick had me take off my backpack and then handed me one of those plastic handcuff things you see on crime shows. Once my wrists were in the loop and I had pulled the plastic tight with two fingers Dick checked with one had while he held the gun with the other to make sure the plastic strap was well secured. Next he had me get down on the floor and roll onto my back. He knelt over me putting the gun down.

I so wanted to escape but I wouldn’t be able to either get him off me or get the gun, which was out of my reach. From somewhere he produced a metal collar that was lined in the inside with a soft padding. He got it around my neck and then he snapped it close. It connected on the side.

When I got up he told me about the collar.

“Pussy,” he said, “there’s a ring on the front and on the top for a leash but more important is where I snapped it shut is a small cylinder about the size of a Vick’s Inhaler.”

Dick explained this was actually filled with an explosive.

“The cylinder on your collar if detonated will blow your neck away. Don’t try to remove it. Don’t try to run away,” he said.

After that he took me to the perimeter of the property showing me it was well marked with red plastic tape dangling from tree trunks like you see for markings in the woods.

“Now watch closely girl,” he said and tossed a cylinder like the one fastened to my collar pass the red tape.

BOOOOM……it exploded violently.

“Once you collar was set it cannot be removed by me. It is controlled outside this compound so trying to escape is futile,” he said.

In a more mild voice he continued, “Now you will learn to understand your role and you will be trained over these next weeks to obey commands with complete and immediate obedience. I won’t need to raise my voice but instead you’ll learn and it will become your mission to obey men and their desires.”

From that moment on I was being trained though to me it was simply being told what to do. Besides cleaning the house and washing the dirty clothes I was given many other duties, as Dick put it, ‘woman’s work’ and other feminizing submissive roles.

Dick reminded me on several occasions he was not going to yell or shout since he preferred a quiet home and a docile girl and he felt the collar should be enough of a reminder.

“However,” Dick said, “a spanking may come at anytime depending on my mood even though in times you’ll know before and may probably desire to be spanked.”

I couldn’t figure out why I’d ever want a spanking.

But the first time Dick spanked me it had nothing to do with a mistake. Instead it was a lesson. He had me come over by the old faded blue couch and he hooked a small lead to the front of my collar and had me bend over till my head was as low as the seating on the couch. He lifted a small metal plate on the floor and there was an eyehook to which he snapped the other side of the lead too.

Then he used some sort of Velcro thing around my legs in a eight patter making me unable to spread my legs more then about 16 or 18 inches. At the center of the 8 a lead came out and he hooked that to another eyehook connected to the leg of the sofa

“Now for this lesson I want you to lower your panties only in the rear so your ass is bare and then hold your skirt up with both your hands. In time you won’t need to be tied but holding this position will take time to learn.”

I had already had several obedience erzurum escort bayan lessons and of course realized obeying was easier then the alternative (being told to walk away) so I did as he said.

He was sitting on the sofa with his legs between my arms and legs and suddenly I felt his big hand just smack my ass. Instinctively I screamed.

“Girl, there will be no screaming, no yelling. You can remain silent, you can whimper or you can cry. But if you decide to whimper or cry make sure it’s real and not an act or you will regret it.”

I could smell both the perfume I was wearing and the strong smell of his sweat. My ass cheek stung then he slapped the other cheek. His hand covered nearly all of my cheek. I held the painful scream inside me. Not a sound came out of me except an exhale breathing.

Dick didn’t slap fast. It was more a slow painful slap and then a wait. During the first few I kept silent. Dick stopped at about the seventh slap and said, “Now let yourself go into your past and remember how you could cry. Reach back and find that pussy girl you are and you will have taken a major step forward in your new life.”

About the fifteenth slap I felt a little whimper out of me. Dick consoled me saying, “Good girl,” and at the same time rubbing my ass. He waited a bit before he slap my ass again.

Somewhere after the fiftieth hard full hand slap I started to lightly cry. All of this spanking was taking time and I drifted away into somewhere in the past. A girl was crying and I didn’t know who she was. There was no rush by Dick. And so, at some point, I started hear myself crying like the girl in my mind. I was that girl. Shortly after that he stopped spanking me. He undid the leads and then told me to pull my panties up.

“Don’t touch or rub your ass after a spanking girl,” he said. “Just go about your business. Did you enjoy that?”

Turning toward him and crying I obliged the rules and answered, “Yes Sir.”

“And,” he said coaxing me.

Of course I curtsied as I had been taught from day one. My thumb and two fingers took hold of the hem of my skirt, then bending the right knee and I said, “Thank You Sir,” as I rose.

Dick had told me just the day before, “I want you to learn the following. From today forward you will have only four words in your vocabulary and they can be used in only two phrases. You will not call me Dick ,” he said.

The four words are “Sir, Yes, Thank You”

“Your only two phrases will be ‘Yes Sir,’ and ‘Thank You Sir.’ No matter what the question asked you will answer ‘Yes Sir.” And, you will have to learn when ‘Thank You Sir’ is appropriate. “Yes Sir,” will be your answer to any question you are asked regardless of how you would like to answer.

You probably are wondering why I was so easily subjugated. But, I think there are many reasons. Of course I already was submissive before all of this happened. The video certainly pushed me into compliance but I think it was also the way Dick carried out his training of me. It’s hard to say but I felt myself sink deeper and deeper into what he was making me into. I was the girl he wanted me to be. I am this girl.

A few days later I was in the kitchen washing the dinner plates crying from spanking Dick had administered for my ‘mistakes’ of the day. My ass was so sore. I had spent the afternoon cleaning the house and getting spanked for when I said something under my breath. But, this would not be the last time I was crying after a spanking. I would cry during every spanking after the time in the living room.

Another instruction I had been given earlier today (There were many new ones each day and at night I had to write them down. If I forgot one then I’d be punished for that) put me in my place of complete sublimation.

Dick had called me into the living room in the early afternoon and had me insert a disc into the DVD player. Before he started it he had me sit by his feet.

He started the DVD and I watched. It was the same place we were in but there was a man dressed as a woman. His features weren’t nearly as feminine as mine. However, he was wearing a similar housedress as I had on and it hemmed just above the knee as mine. There was a supply of women’s clothing in a small closet in one of the 5 bedrooms. But this guy’s was also stockier so the housedress didn’t hang on him but instead stretched on his frame. It fit me very femininely since I tried to keep my weight at 135 pounds before and guessed I must have already lost some weight since arriving here.

This was the first time I realized there must be cameras recording the different rooms and outside. He walked outside and started walking towards the perimeter. My eyes were glued as he neared the red taped trees.

The guy/girl kept walking and as he passed the trees the next part of the video became gruesome. There was no sound track but suddenly you could see a glow around his neck with smoke emitting and finally you saw his head was detached from his body. It was flying up into the air and back towards the camera before it fell out of view.

The rest of his body just collapsed and the DVD went to snow.

“Your choice girl. Will you be a good girl and do whatever you are told?” Dick asked. “Or would you like to walk away as he did?”

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