Dominating the Ticklish Dom

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Nick looks up at me apprehensively as the cuffs click closed above his head. I flash him a bravado smile.

Nick Chastney is about twenty years older than me, seems like he’s two feet taller than me, and wears glasses like me. He moved to my floor in our office building a couple of weeks ago and we started exchanging emails. We soon discovered that we were both dirty, kinky fucks. That was about the one and only premise of our attraction, as far as I was concerned… that, and his really comfy-looking collection of jumpers.

“What’s your safe word?” I tease. Nick laughs his brash, masculine laugh. It’s a sudden, warm sound.

“Hmm, how about: ‘requiem’?”

Nick’s eyes glint up at me. I frown back. It’s a reference to a movie which makes me feel sick. But it’s hard to be sincerely mad at him when I know he’s trying to goad me on purpose; giving me a reason to punish him. My frown quickly becomes a reluctant smile.

“You want to play, do you?”

Nick chuckles. I can see his excitement; I can feel his excitement between my legs. But I can also see he’s nervous, and I know it’s been a while for him. My gaze softens at that thought. I surprise us both by placing a hungry kiss upon his lips. He returns it longingly, inhaling deeply and arching into my bare chest.

“Requiem,” he whispers as our lips part, and my heart melts just a little bit even though I know he’s just messing with me. I shake off this uneasy, too easy sentiment and arch a brow at him, playfully.

“You do want to play.”

“That’s what we’re here for, isn’t it?” Nick grins.

I bite my lip and spread myself forward over his torso. I clamp my hands down around his wrists. My huge breasts hang over Nick’s face and he nuzzles them delightedly. His salt and pepper beard tickles and I cannot help but moan at the delicious feeling. Nick zeros in on my nipples, tickling with his beard and flicking tongue. The sensation is electric. It fizzles down through my body and tingles between my legs.

It takes all my will power to pull away.

Nick tries to clamp onto a nipple as I do, sucking urgently. I gasp at the sudden intensity. My areola burns with lingering pleasure. I try my best to look reprimanding. Nick winks confidently at me; a gesture which never fails to make me blush. I love that he makes me wrestle for dominance even when he’s restrained and helpless. But if I don’t assert myself now, I know I’m going to un-cuff him and beg him to play with me mercilessly.

It’s the first time I’ve done anything like this. Not that I haven’t thought about it a thousand times. I’ve not told Nick but I think he knows anyway. If anything, he seems excited by the prospect of a first-time dom.

So I run my fingers down from Nick’s secured wrists, softly along the sensitive skin of his under arms. Stopping just below the pit, I reverse course and drag my nails delicately back up to his wrists. Nick breathes hard and throws his head back. I do it again, varying the spread of my fingers to keep him on edge. When I return to his pits, I spiral into each of them at once with a single nail. His face is strained, teeth sinking into lower lip, and he’s beginning to squirm gently beneath me. The relentless rubbing is starting something between my legs. I adore his defencelessness. But I also love the wide vulnerability of my own sex as I straddle him.

Nick can’t seem to decide whether he wants to push himself into the torment or wiggle out of the way. He is trying to trap his giggles between gritted teeth but small ‘OH’s’ of pleasure and frustrated growls are escaping.

I continue down his naked sides illegal bahis this time, and drag my nails over his exposed ribs. I skim quickly over his upper hips, a sweet spot which makes him flinch, then lightly dapple his stomach with whispering raindrop fingertips. The changing sensations keep Nick twisting. His breathing is quickly becoming a hard irregular pant. Nick, who always has a clever comeback or sarcastic quip, is all but silent as I play his body like a highly strung instrument.

And I’m only getting started.

With great personal anguish, I lift myself from Nick’s throbbing member and begin to brush myself up and down its length.

“Ngh- oh fuck!” Nick bucks into me aggressively. I place both hands on his hips and hold him down. And continue. Nick whimpers as he struggles with little success against my grip. He’s a lot bigger and stronger than me but his passion and the ticklish caressing has made him weak. Still, it’s hard to continue teasing him effectively when his penis keeps twitching uncontrollably.

I move down his body and nestle my buttocks between his thighs, clamping his legs with my own. I trail a single nail along the smooth skin and watch his rock hard dick twitch, aching for a substantial physical touch.

“Oh-oh shit!” Nick gasps. He strains against his cuffs.

“If you didn’t love it,” I smirk, and bend forward close to his cock, “you’d be saying ‘requiem’ right now.”

My hot breath rushes over the sensitive tip.

“Ngh-god,” Nick arches desperately and I blow again, “oh, please, don’t st-“

“You want me to stop?” I pout playfully. Nick shakes his head vigorously but I ignore him. I move my hands away and place them solidly on his shaking thighs.

“You don’t want me to play with your little man?”

“This is cruel,” Nick pants, “and it’s not little!”

“Hm, no, it’s not, is it?” I massage Nick’s inner thighs and he immediately hums his approval. After a short while, I decide he’s had it too good for too long and begin sweeping my fingers lightly over his hips and thighs and back again. I casually brush his ball sack every now and again, just to watch him splutter.

“St-stohop, you sahadistic bihitch!”

“Tell me, Nick,” I purr seductively, “where does it tickle more?”

Nick’s eyes widen dramatically.

“Is it… here?” I butterfly kiss the dip of his hips with my lips and my fingertips; slowly, torturously. Nick immediately begins bucking and stuttering uncontrollably, torn between maddening agony and pure pleasure.

“Or perhaps, here?” I shift my weight to return to his arm pits. I spend a good long while, just watching in enraptured delight. When I scratch softly at the very centre of his hollows, his eyes grow wide and desperate. Then they clamp shut, leaking tears, as he shakes his head from side to side and gnashes his teeth. When I trace the outline of his pits, he writhes desperately and pleads with me to stop.

“No, nohoho, no, no, nohohohahaha!”

“Hm, that does seem to tickle a lot, doesn’t it?” I tease him and let him catch his breath, “But maybe it tickles the most when I touch you here?”

I let him watch my fingers travel down his body, millimetres above the skin. Nick widens his eyes in horror and begins struggling. I twirl my fingers over his sweet spot; his sensitive upper hips, right where his middle aged love handles are starting to show, and lower my fingers. The reaction is immediate and violent.

“No! Not thahat! Anheething but thahahahat!” Nick shrieks and I am almost thrown off the bed as he twists desperately. “Stop! Stohop it! I cahahan’t stahand it! illegal bahis siteleri I cahan’t!”

I smile sweetly at him. It’s just so adorable. Nick is big and broad. He postures in the typical bloke fashion. He provokes his colleagues with inappropriate humour. He mocks me with jokes about my height, and points out every time I blush. And I get to watch big bad Nick scream and wriggle helplessly; knowing every single moment is pushing him closer to ecstasy. I watch his cock dance against his thigh as I sporadically tickle his hips, ribs, hips, tummy, hips, legs…

“You want me to touch you, don’t you?” I slow down to a stroke but Nick is hyper-sensitive now and he giggles quietly anyway.

“Youhoo are touhuching me.” Nick insists, not broken yet.

I roll my eyes and trace his tip with my index finger to emphasise my point.

“Oh,” Nick gasps and pushes into my hand, seeking a firmer touch, “Ngh, please- so fucking ready!”

I run two fingers up and down his shaft. Nick tolerates it for a bit, thrusting against them in an effort to get himself off. Eventually he loses his temper.

“Fuck me already, suck me off, anything!”

I pull my hand away and tut. He groans, displeased and frustrated.

“Such bad manners, Mr Chastney.”

“I swear, when I get out of here, I am going to tie you up and drive you crazy, and I am not going to let you cum for hours!”

I lean forward, unintimidated, and place lingering kisses along Nick’s shaft. Nick shudders with pleasure.

“Tell me, Nick,” I twirl my tongue around his head, “do you remember your safe word?”

Nick’s head is thrown back and he is almost entirely still. He doesn’t answer. I frown and stop pleasuring him.

“Nick. Answer me.”

Nick nods. I resume kissing his swollen head. I tickle the sensitive skin of his crotch with slowly traced circles.

“What is it?”

“Ngh, requiem.” He breathes. He thrashes his head and gnaws his bottom lip with the effort to control himself.

“Say it again.” I command.

“My safe word is ‘requiem’!”

I dip my fingers down beneath his balls and tickle the crack of his buttocks.

“Aiee! Pearl, no! Shihihit, nohohaha! It’s toohoo muhuhuch, toohoomuhuch!”

Nick flops like a beached fish. He shrieks and squeals and pleads. But he doesn’t say ‘requiem’. I’m not even touching his engorged penis now.

“Are you going to use your safe word, Nick? Do you want me to stop?”

Nick doesn’t reply immediately. He knows what I’m doing; knows it is working. I allow him to not answer that for now. I leave Nick’s buttocks alone so that he can catch his breath. Then I sit myself back on top of his white hot cock. It throbs deliciously against my aching clitoris and I force myself not to rock against it.

“Tell me how much you love this, Nick.”

I tap my nails lightly along his ribs, walking them up to his pits. Then I very suddenly and mercilessly spider scrawl into his hollows. Nick explodes with unbridled laughter.

“Fuhahahack! Ah-ah-ahahahahaha!”

I prod his rib cage, up and down, up and down. Nick throws himself side to side, side to side. I lightly scratch all over Nick’s stomach, paying particular attention to the line between tummy and crotch. Nick giggles hysterically.

“Tell me how much you love this.” I repeat, dragging my nails from elbows down to lower ribs. I lower my head to dart my tongue over his nipple. First his left, then his right, both nipples are treated to suckling, kissing, nibbling, and teasing licking.

I can’t help but imagine Nick’s tongue on my nipples, mimicking canlı bahis siteleri my actions. I fidget on top of Nick but it does so little to satisfy the ticklish itch between my legs. I sit back and rock on top of him, rubbing my heat over his. As I arch back, my fingers sweep over Nick’s quivering belly.

“I lohove it,” he roars, bucking furiously, “pleheease, dohon’t stop!”

“Oh god, I don’t plan to.” I breathlessly assure him.

“Please, huff, please Pearl.” Nick whimpers.

“That’s it!”

I move swiftly to straddle Nick’s cock and pause. I’m trying to savour the moment. My body is throbbing. I trace love hearts on one of Nick’s hips. Nick makes a sound between a sob and a giggle. I want to hear him beg one last time.

I don’t even have to prompt him.

“Please, Pearl, please. I can’t wait any longer; I’m going to cum all over myself if you don’t-“

I engulf Nick’s entirety in my hot, wet centre.

I hear myself scream. My whole body trembles with adrenaline.

Nick’s groans fill the room. He thrusts his pelvis into me, urgently. I immediately fall into rhythm.

“Ooh,” I cry out involuntarily, “oh god, Nick, you feel so good!” I tense around him and Nick cries out too.

“Pearl, I’m gonna-“

“Me too,” I nod and Nick completely abandons self-control, “harder!”

I use one hand to steady myself on Nick’s hip and the other to tease my swollen bud. I replay in my mind Nick’s tortured pleas for mercy. His head shaking, body twisting, teeth chewing on his lip, panting, screaming, squealing, guffawing hysterically.

I hear Nick’s climactic moan as he thrusts into me once more and tenses in place. His roar and my scream of release mingle as we cum as one. My whole body tingles and my vision sparks out of focus. I continue to play with myself for as long as I can endure before flopping limply onto Nick’s heaving chest.

As soon as I catch my breath, I push back to look at Nick. He looks completely spent but I know better. He is still buried inside me to the hilt, still rock hard. I can feel a new burning aching need spreading deep inside me.

I nuzzle into his neck, kissing and nibbling from beneath his ear to his collar bone and back. Nick giggles adorably, trying to hunch his shoulders so I can’t reach him. His dick twitches excitedly within me.

“Oh, fuck me!” I groan.

“With pleasure,” Nick smirks, “I think it’s your turn in these cuffs!”

I’m terrified. But I’ve never been more exhilarated in my life. All the sensitive, ticklish parts of me tingle, physically begging to be dominated and humiliated. My face flushes hot scarlet. Nick grins wolfishly at me.

“I love it when you blush; when I make you blush.”

Those words. How can it be so hot to have your weaknesses pointed out to you? Nick’s intense, hungry stare makes me blush all the more. His gaze is magnetic, and challenging me to take my own medicine. I bite my lip gently as I realise Nick has fully commanded my submission, even as he lies exposed and restrained beneath me.

I shyly unlock Nick’s cuffs.

He guides my legs so that they wrap around his hips, and we silently roll. I let Nick pull my arms up above my head. I can’t look at him as his eyes ravish me. My cheeks burn and I can’t hide anywhere. Nonetheless, I try to bury my face behind my upstretched arms. Nick chuckles a knowing chuckle.

I moan with embarrassment and self-pity. It’s a jarring feeling of being alarmingly vulnerable and a sense of complete belonging. It feels right to be squirming in humiliation beneath Nick before he’s even touched me. How could I think to try and play the dom? How could I pretend to be in control when all the while I was longing to be utterly broken?

Nick’s fingers wiggle above my erect nipples. His grin is unbearable.

“You ready for revenge, Pearl?”

I whimper.

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