Doin’ the Boss Ch. 14

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Several readers have recently written me. I love to read the majority of notes, but you learn to take the good with the bad. I have to admit the notes that are insulting are, well, insulting, but then the very thoughtful notes make looking at some of the “bad” ones worth it. Thanks to all.

A couple guys asked what I have been up to, and quite frankly the job has been all-encompassing. There have been some layoffs and those of us remaining have more work to do.

That’s not unusual these days, as I have friends underemployed and unemployed. I’m happy to have a job.

Many of the notes referred to my former boss and current boyfriend Lin. We’ve been together 9 years, living parallel lives as public knowledge of our situation would cause pain. Still, we see each other regularly. He has a wife and kids, I have a new boyfriend, and somehow we have the inclination and the time to get together and maintain our relationship.

It has been made more difficult recently. Several months back we were nearly caught by his wife. Not in the act, but via credit card receipts.

Over the years we’d been naughty in the car and at the park and had actually been caught in the act, but his wife never knew a thing. Then, like Al Capone getting caught on a tax rap, we were nearly busted.

He’d bought me some sexy unmentionables at The Secret, and the dumb ass used his credit card. His wife found the receipt and nearly caused World War Three. The only saving grace was that I knew, as his former secretary, that he was basically a dunce at times. So when he gave me the gift I made sure he went back and bought his wife something slinky and naughty as well.

So when he was confronted with the receipt, he had a story. He ultimately stormed out of the room and brought back her gift, making her feel stupid. But some of the truths she threw his way – coming home late from work, disappearing here and there on the weekends, and so forth did strike close to home.

We cooled it, becoming very careful on when and where we met.

It turns out the real focus of Lin’s wife’s suspicions was his new secretary. A young 22-year-old who dressed on borderline inappropriateness and who always seemed to be flirting with any male caught the attention of his wife. I know, because I was a bit taken back as well when I met her. How’s that, a wife and a mistress both upset with the looks of a new secretary?

Lin of course talked about Amber’s strong secretarial skills, but I know I wondered about her oral talents. If Lin sampled some of that – he has no willpower – then I’d be pissed.

So it was that Lin wasn’t a total duffus. He calmly said she was a secretary in love with her boyfriend and that while she was enticing I was the object of his affections. I don’t know where that left his wife, but it calmed my nerves.

It’s funny, I was speaking at a work function with a friend. She was talking about a co-worker, Mrs. Vincent, whose husband had passed away. She was in her 50s, like Lin, and she was seeing a guy in his early 30s, like me, and just couldn’t accept the fact that an age was a number and sometimes it was meant for people to be together.

“She must be putting out more than she ever did, because he (boyfriend) loves to get between the sheets,” snarled Cindy. “He’s always after pussy.”

I wondered how she knew, then it came to be, she must have been dating him at some point.

She must have been reading my mind. “Uh huh….he likes to have a finger up his derriere, and he really likes to do it in the car. We did it everywhere….he’s a slut!” said Cindy with a smile. “Actually, he can be a jerk, and I just don’t see Mrs. Vincent humping late at night down at Crum Creek Park.”

Damn, that hit close to home, as Lin and I had made out at the Park numerous times, and I must have given him a couple dozen blow jobs there over the years. I wondered if Cindy had been in another car giving head while I was in a nearby car doing the same. Maybe it really is a small world. And of course I wondered if she was constantly after her guy like I was always seeking satisfaction from Lin. Just saying.

Shaking my head, we moved on to other conversations, but I thought it ironic she had a “problem” with the age difference not knowing the love of my life was just shy of 20 years my senior too.

In any event, Lin was special to me, and we had evaded getting caught by his wife, and that was a good thing.

What helped even more was a staged meeting at the Mall. He had met his wife there after work for a little shopping outing, while I met my current boyfriend just because. When we each ran into each other, the guys holding our hands, Lin suggested we stop at a kiosk for coffee. There we talked about this and that before going our separate ways.

Ever the planner, Lin had planned a quick meeting for he and I after his wife and my boyfriend left.

“That was good, our meeting,” explained Lin. “She saw you with Alexander and that cooled her jets. I have to say, though, your rubbing his leg bets10 was a nice touch. She remarked when I walked her to her car that you two needed a room.”

Laughing, I casually replied. “Yes I needed a room, but it would be you and me. It’s been weeks, Lin, since we’ve done it. I am so hot for you.”

“Me too,” said my former boss. “But she’s expecting me home within the hour. We can’t tonight.”

Shrugging my shoulders, I reminded him that we’d fooled around quickly in the past and I was willing right now.

“You are speaking my language, Robyn, let’s get to the car.”

Mine was closer so we got into the front seat and began making out. We were into a heavy kissing session, his hand underneath my sweater alternating caresses of my breasts and my rubbing his leg like I had Alexander earlier in the evening. I could feel the twitching in his pants as I circled his crotch.

We were brought to reality by several hoots from some guys walking nearby. “Get a room!” was the cat call. Don’t I wish!

They really couldn’t see anything, but it was unnerving. We had to find a better place that the level of the parking garage that was adjacent to the movie theater, obviously. That bit of bad planning was solved when we drove up two levels, and parked near the ramps away from the stairwells before getting back to the business at hand.

The thing is, we both relished our quick interludes. Some probably say quickies, but whatever you call it was quick and to the point satisfaction. This day I knew Lin only had a short bit of time with me before he had to get off to his wife, and I realized someone could walk past at any moment. So to keep the objective in mind I began stroking his cock while looking around the lot. Nothing was moving but my hand.

“Oh, Robyn, that feels so good, your hand feels great,” said my former boss.

It was hot, stroking him off in the parking garage. He was rocking but didn’t seem to be close to orgasm, so I asked if he’d need some hand cream to increase the sensations. He nodded, and I reached into my purse while stroking that hard cock. Soon I had added the cream and the motions brought groans from my guy.

“Oh yes, Robyn, that feels great. Stroke my dick, oh yes, right here in the parking lot.”

Stroking my man I knew he was enjoying from all his moans and groans. Looking around the parking lot I saw the coast was clear. This was so much fun; he was putty in my hand!

Soon I was rewarded with the notification from the man. “Oh, Robyn, keep stroking, I am so close, I’m going to cum!”

I stroked and stroked that hot hard cock, then bent over the man and engulfed that perfect cock with my lips as he started to shoot his sticky load.

His cum shot out his cockhead into my sucking mouth as Lin gave a blow-by-blow descriptions.” Yes, you are sucking my cock, you are sucking my dick. Suck baby suck.” It wasn’t poetic, but true. Swallowing the load and cleaning his cock was a thrill. I was tingling as I finished the blow job and then slowly lifted up from the mission.

Lin was laying back a big smile on his face. “That was amazing….but honey you didn’t have to suck with all that gunk on my dick, the lotion.”

Smiling, I told my man I wanted to taste his sauce, making a production of smiling, licking my lips and rubbing my stomach. “Oh that was so very good,”

Lin kissed me, running his tongue around my mouth and catching any leftover sperm as our tongues battled for superiority in my mouth. There are a lot of guys who won’t kiss you after you take their load in the mouth. I call them ex-boyfriends. If a guy doesn’t kiss you after giving head to him then he’s not worth the effort. Lin learned early on how to please me after a blow job.

We both went home satisfied.

@ @ @ @

We spoke on the cell phone a couple times after that mall meeting, teasing each other. Lin said we had to cool it to ensure his wife wasn’t on to us, and our jobs were busy too so we just kept up with each other as we could.

During a break Tuesday morning my good friend Carrie and I walked down to our local coffeehouse for some of the powerful real stuff. Away from prying eyes she hit me with her “embarrassing story of the weekend (we called it ESOW).”

The ESOW was something Carrie came up with a several years before when her mother had opened the door to her bedroom and yelled in that she had a call on the landline downstairs. Carrie was stunned, especially because she had a vibrator working between her legs at the time. Her mom stopped mid-sentence, eye wide open and then quickly shut the door.

From that night on she locked her door when bringing out Mr. Vibrator.

Over the half dozen years I’d known her Carrie had been involved in numerous “compromising positions” that were laughable after the fact but embarrassing when they happened.

There was the time she was getting head from her boyfriend and lost in the moment she, well, passed gas.

“OMG Robyn, that was so embarrassing. Rick was startled, I was dismayed, bets10 giriş and it was awful. But he was a trooper. He kept at it. I mumbled something about him taking me to a new level. But really, that was awful.”

Laughing, I said that’s when you know the honeymoon is over.

I remember a few months ago Carrie told a quick story of this same coffee house we were going to. She stopped in the restroom there and was doing her business when the door opened a young girl came in mother right behind —while Carrie was on the commode. Apparently she only thought she had locked the door. It was a comedy of errors and extremely embarrassing. “You would think they’d go out and give me privacy, but they stood there as I finished and damn I left that place red-faced without coffee. The kid kept yelling that I was peeing.”

On this day she gave me another “you won’t believe story.”

“Curt and I were down the shore, staying at one of those suite motels, you know where the bedroom separate from the main room,” said Carrie, who went through boyfriends annually. “He used his hotel points, and it was great. They had an evening reception, limo to the casino, and breakfast included. Well we had a late night, and got up just in time for breakfast. They had waffles, awesome.

“Anyway, we took a quick dip in the pool before checkout, and headed back to the room. Well, one thing led to another as we were in the shower, which led to the bedroom where we, uh, you know, were getting it on.

“Curt was banging his bacon in me when the maid walked in and streaked, ‘Just checking, sorry”. Sorry, damn my legs were toward the ceiling and Curt was bonking away. Curt jumped up and the mood was lost. Damn, I wanted a refund for our free room. We left and saw several maids, and I swear all were snickering. I just wiggled my ass at them.”

We laughed all the way down the street. The girl just had continual bad luck when it came to getting caught in the act. But it was so funny listening to her, she was such a trip.

But as much as Carrie was adventurous with her boyfriends, my co-worker Kathy had time and again amazed me with some of her nocturnal activities with her husband. John loved to “get it” regularly and she’d mentioned they’d done it on the side of the road on the way home from a party, in every room of their house and even with her over and on top of the washing machine….while it was on.

“JB was up to it again,” said Kathy with a chuckle while we were inside the file room, away from prying eyes and listening ears. “Sometimes he amazes me.”

“Well, it wasn’t his birthday!” was my laughing reply. “You can sit today!”

John “JB” had a habit of collecting special sex on holidays. He screwed his wife up the ass. It was a tradition that started years before, where Kathy gave her ass cherry to him on his birthday. Since that time whenever a holiday came around Kathy would take him up the chocolate speedway. It became the office joke after holidays.

“No, no holiday this weekend thank goodness, but he was a pervert…he woke me up this morning rubbing his dick in my ear!”

I had to laugh, not knowing whether she was BSing me or telling the truth.

“Really, he was rubbing against my ear, then he started rubbing the tip of his dick on my eye, I told him to go in the other room and get the hair conditioner and take care of himself and let me sleep, but he had other ideas. He is going on a couple day business trip and I guess last night’s goodbye sex wasn’t enough, he wanted more. He was horny as a guy in a whore house carrying a full wallet. I kept telling him to get away, leave me alone, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer.”

When Kathy started her stories, they always had some good ending. This one was no exception.

“I finally got up and made my way to the bathroom to brush my teeth, and all of a sudden I was bent over the sink and JB was taking me from behind. I yelled at him to stop but it started getting good and…well….it was really good. Damn, I think I am walking funny this morning. We showered together and I had to clean his dick with my mouth and soap and water. He better bring me a nice present from Chicago.”

That’s Kathy, always up to something naughty, which for someone married so long is really great to hear. Her honeymoon continued long after the wedding vows were exchanged.

Of course, I’d had a few of the same kind of situations. Lin was always doing naughty things that could embarrass the hell out of me.

Still, the situational embarrassment could go a long way toward making a tough day of work a whole lot better to deal with.

One of the bad things about having an improper relationship with your former boss is that you have to keep it quiet from your friends. I mean, how would it look if, say, my boyfriend and I were at a party with Carrie and her boyfriend and she inadvertently asked how my lover was doing. Not cool.

Carrle did know that Lin and I had been in a relationship at one point — she counseled me it was bets10 güvenilir mi not good to sleep with your boss. She thought that Lin and I stopped seeing us years before, but she knew I had done some serious head bobbing with him in the past.

That was apparent when during one of our ESOW revelations years before I mentioned that Lin and I had been observed by a hiker down at the railroad trail. We had left the trail, were over by the river, and I had my jacket on the ground and was kneeling on it. Why, I had to do something in that position, so I was sucking Lin’s dick.

There had not been many people on the trail, hardly anyone. And we were way off the main trail, and we had only been there for a few minutes. Yet somehow there I was feverously sucking cock in nature when we heard a gasp. A young guy on a bike had come down the trail and stumbled upon us mid-blow job.

He was in his 20s, a young guy with big eyes. The scramble that ensued was priceless. I pulled away and fell over trying to jump to my feet, while Lin maneuvered his cock into his pants. All this happened with the guy stunned. I mean, he didn’t move. I swear his mouth was gaping open at what he stumbled onto.

“I, uh, I am so sorry,” he stammered. “I didn’t know you were back here. I just wanted to see the river.”

Lin and I looked at each other, both with the reddest of red faces, and began to laugh. Lin pointed, “It’s over there.” Then the kid started laughing.

Lin held me close as the guy turned around. “I can stay down at the front of the trail and watch out for you if you like.”

The kid was pretty smart. But Lin lamented he wasn’t up to the task, and we instead walked out while the guy sped away. Carrie got a good laugh at that one.

During one of the spans where Lin and I broke off our relationship I told Carrie and she even set me up on a couple dates. I never told her that Lin and I started seeing each other again.

It was great having friends like Carrie. She was always leaving me on a positive note, built up my confidence and helped me when I was down. In many respects she was a perfect complement to Lin, who was always positive, helped me when I was short on the rent money and had an incredible knack of making me feel like the most attractive, smart and fun-loving girl around. Oh, and we made magical sex together as well.

@ @ @ @

A week later, on a Tuesday morning I was in the midst of applying makeup when my cell rung. It was Lin.

“Good morning, Sweetie, can you talk?”

“Of course, handsome. How’s your morning?”

Lin spoke of a harried morning, but a good one. He was seeing some clients today, so was already at work. He complained a little about a stain on his precious pool table after one of the kid’s parties over the weekend “Damn, I was pissed, but it needed resurfacing anyway.”

We caught up with things, nothing special, and then he had to go to his meeting. But he asked that I keep Saturday morning open for him, maybe 10 go noon because he “had an idea.”

Now, I probably don’t have to tell you that Lin’s ideas usually had me falling down onto my knees, but there was nothing wrong with that! I told him I’d move my hair appointment from the morning to afternoon and be available. Then next couple days I wondered what was his plan…we more often than not met on the spur of the moment so he had something up his sleeve.

Saturday morning rolled around and Lin called at 8:30 asking me to meet him at the park about a mile-and-a-half from his house. There was a huge parking lot there where adventurous types parked and took their bike rides around a large man-made lake.

“Honey, can you wear a skirt, I want to see those long sexy legs!”

Okay, I was intrigued. Wonder what he was up to. There would be way too many people around for us to fool around, and it was relatively close to his house. I questioned the wisdom but he told me not to worry. I didn’t, he had more to lose than me so what would be would be.

My mind wandered when work was light during the day. He had been so secretive. Wear a skirt, nothing more. I hope I could have on a tee or something too! I couldn’t help myself, I was laughing out loud.

Saturday morning couldn’t come quick enough. I painted my toes Friday night and in the morning picked out a flowing blue skirt, light blue top, and matching light blue bra and panty (thong) set that made me look cute but not slutty. Tied my hair back, added a little jewelry they headed off to our rendezvous.

Parking away from the main road near some large oak trees, I sat and watched some hikers and bikers and people of all shapes and sizes out for morning exercise. After only a couple minutes Lin pulled in alongside my car.

“Honey, get in the back seat!”

Huh? I didn’t expect that greeting, but I did. “What…?”

“Shush, no problem, just scoot down a little I thought I saw one of the neighbor’s cars down the other end of the lot.”

Lin began Driving Ms. Robyn, a Robyn full of questions. We drove toward his house, and when we got to within a couple blocks he told me to stay down as far as I could. Following directions, I did, and soon I felt the car start, drive, then slowing. A couple minutes later Lin hit the garage door opener and pulled inside.

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