Doctor’s Surgery

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Chris was never over popular with the girls, not in high school, and not in his early twenties either. It was not that he was unattractive, on the contrary, he was quick good looking, it was mainly his shyness that prevented him from getting the girl.

It wasn’t as if he had never been laid before, he had, however recently his sex life had become quite uneventful.

It was with great nervousness that he sat in the waiting room of the doctors surgery, twiddling his figures and observing the variety of people in the room as a way of attempting to calm his nerves.

It was almost twenty minutes before an attractive woman in her mid to late twenties appeared from the hall to his left and called, “Chris”

Realizing he was the only Chris in the room he stood and followed the woman who ushered him into her surgery at he far end of the corridor.

“Please sit” she gestured to the patient chair as she closed the door behind her.

She introduced herself as Doctor Liz Sharw, and took a seat at her desk, crossing her legs in front of her, which immediately caught his eye.

“So Chris” she said briefly looking at his file before setting it on the desk beside her, “What seems to be the trouble today?”

Chris couldn’t help but notice how attractive the woman was, and this in turn made his question even more difficult than it already was for him.

“Well” he began avoiding eye contact, “I ummm, heard about this pill which ummm, increases the size of your… penis”

At this Doctor Sharw seemed to pay more attention, intrigued by what this young man was asking, “Yes?”

“Well I wanted to find out about it and umm… if I could get it”

“I see,” she said placing her hands in her lap, “And what makes you think you need this pill?”

“I don’t know” he muttered shyly, “Just do”

“Well Chris” she continued, ” I don’t think it is appropriate for me to be prescribing any form of medication unless I am güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri sure the patient is really in need of it”

Chris was beginning to feel sorry he came.

“Please move over to the examination table and remove your pants if you would”

Chris felt his cock begin to stiffen immediately at hearing this, and his heart had begun to race faster than he could remember it ever beating before.

Reluctantly, he did as she instructed, moving over to the high examination table and slipping off his shorts, his cock becoming clearly visible pressing hard against his jocks.

“Those too” she gestured to his underwear.

He slowly followed her instructions and pealed off his underwear, his now rock hard cock now clearly visible for the world to see.

“Oh my!” she exclaimed seeing his throbbing penis, “Please sit”

Chris pulled himself up on the examination table while Doctor Sharw made her way over, wielding latex gloves.

She gently took his penis into her hand, feeling him jump as she did, and proceeded to examine it, which did nothing to help his erection.

She pealed back for foreskin and examined the head, then his testicles before making her way back to her desk and disposing of the gloves.

“Chris there is nothing wrong with your penis” she explained, “In fact you seem to be quite well endowed, so it would be wrong for me to prescribe you the extension pill”

She glanced over at him to find his eyes exploring her tender body. Traveling up the curves of her legs, sizing up her breasts, he was fully checking her out.

“You can get dressed now,” she informed with a hint of annoyance in her voice.

When he did not move she added, “Is something wrong?”

He looked down at his still fully erect cock, then back at her, but couldn’t bring himself to make eye contact, “Its just…. I have to do something about this” he touched his cock.

She güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri looked at almost like a teacher scolding her misbehaving student, “There are tissues over there if you wish to masturbate”

“I can’t do it when you are watching” he couldn’t believe he blurted that out.

“I will leave if you wish”

“Do you have some sort of lubricant?”

“No” she admitted, her voice almost apologizing to him.

There was a minute of two of silence, while neither did nor said anything.

Finally, Doctor Sharw looked straight into the boys’ eyes and made her decision.

She stood again, kicking off her shoes so that her bare feet nestles on the carpeted floor, and quickly began to remove her skirt and peal off her panties, throwing them aside.

“Do you have a condom?” she asked moving over to the examination table.

Chris couldn’t believe what he just saw. She was going to let him have sex with her! In her own office while patients waited only a few meters away!

“” he admitted getting off the table.

She placed her hands on the examination table and spread her leads, supporting her weight only on her tiptoes.

“Make sure you pull out before you cum” she told him, “And try not to make too much noise”

The nerves which had filled Chris only moments before evaporated as he stood there, looking at her cute round arse and realizing this woman was going to let him fuck her, and without a condom!

He waited no longer, sliding up behind her and grabbing onto her waist.

Chris reached between her legs and stroked her a few times, making sure her juices were flowing, and started kissing her on the neck.

She responded with a moan, and a moment later his cock found the wet lips of her pussy, and the dripping tip of his cock lightly touched her opening.

“Go easy” she warned, and with that, Chris thrusted forward, and in one long güvenilir bahis şirketleri push berried the entire length of his penis into her hot hole.

“Ohhhh!!!!” she gasped as her nails dug into the bed, and the young man who was invading her body started the thrust.

Chris grunted and started to go hard into her, pushing her up to the very tips of her toes with each thrust into her tight opening. Chris though she mustn’t get around a lot, she was very tight for a woman of her age, even though the fact that she was letting a complete stranger fuck her suggested otherwise.

“Ohhhh!! OH! OH! Oh god!!!” she gasped as he moved harder and faster, and she reached down with one hand and pressed it into her stomach as she felt him move inside her.

Chris knew he couldn’t hold out for long, he was getting far too hot, and wonder where she expected him to cum when the time arrived.

He started to pump faster and faster and her moans became quicker and more urgent as her orgasm approached.

Chris began to grunt in rhythm with his pumping as his balls began to swell and tingle, and he did his best to hold out for as long as possible.

Suddenly, she came violently, her muscles contracting around his penis as she gripped the table and screamed out so loud people were sure to hear. This sent him over the edge, and in a bout of passion she pulled her hips hard back onto him, and exploded inside her convulsing body.

“God no!” she protested in panic, trying to pull away, but he held her tight, and it was only a second of struggling before she surrendered and gave into her body.

He held her tight until he had deposited his entire load into her cunt, then pulled out with a sloppy slap and they got dressed.

She said nothing to him, and he left a moment later.

Four months later Chris was forced to return to the doctor after he cut himself deeply at work. When the doctor finally called him he stopped dead in his tracks, as there, standing in front of him was Doctor Sharw, her stomach swelling with pregnancy.

She said nothing to him about what had happened through his appointment, until finally when it was time to leave he turned back to her just before exiting the door and asked, “Is it..?”

She nodded.

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