Doctor’s Orders

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Big Tits

As part of my employer’s health plan, we are expected to get a full physical examination from time to time. My time came up, and since I’d only recently relocated to the area and didn’t have a regular doctor, I made my appointment with their preferred clinic. It was good timing because it turned out to be a beautiful spring day, and after a long winter cooped up in the office and it being dark by the time I drove home, getting out in the sun in the middle of the day was welcome change.

The doctors’ office was typical with its old dog-eared magazines and matronly receptionist presiding over the waiting room from a high counter at one end, almost like a court justice. My name was called and I was led to a room, where I was told to undress down to my underwear and that Dr. Cumming would be with me shortly. “Dr. Cumming.” He must have suffered as a kid growing up with a name like that.

After undressing and spending a few minutes contemplating the wallpaper, an attractive, petite woman dressed in a white lab coat walked in. I thought this nurse is certainly an improvement over that stodgy old nun working reception. She began studying my file, which gave me an opportunity to study her. She looked to be about thirty, her blond hair was cut very short so not to hide any of her cute face. Her makeup was subtle, and she wore glasses that made her look intelligent and professional. Her lab was coat unbuttoned, revealing a snug pink v-neck sweater that hugged a pair of firm, nicely rounded breasts.

When she finally approached me, I saw that her name tag said, “Sue Cumming, MD”. So, this was my Dr. Cumming. She went about the exam very clinically and business-like, me enjoying her attention, her closeness, her scent, the soft touch of her hands. I couldn’t take my eyes of those two perfect globes under her sweater. Imagined them uncovered, me holding them in my hands. I was enjoying the little buzz I was getting down in my groin and could feel the pre-cum juices stirring in my dick.

Then, putting on some rubber gloves, she told me to stand and drop my briefs. Gulp! I forgot all about this part. Would she know what I had been thinking? That I had fantasized myself kadıköy escort into a state of arousal? As I pushed the waistband down, there was no hiding my partial erection. She pulled up a stool to sit on and began the testicular exam. With her now lower than me, the v-neck of her sweater allowed me to peer down into her inviting cleavage. Between this, and knowing that she knew that I was turned on, matters only got worse; my erection only increased. Maybe the little guy was just doing his job considering he was out of his wrappings and this very beautiful woman was right there in front of him; she was, after all, his raison d’etre. How could he know that this was only a medical exam?

In my foolish confusion, I felt the need to say something, to explain myself. So I apologized, mumbling something about how awkward it was to be so naked in front of an attractive woman. She just smiled saying that I was a healthy man and that it was a perfectly normal reaction, and went on about her business. By the time she was finishing, my dick was standing straight out, pointing right at her face. And it was doing its little dance, bobbing with my pulse rate. My head was spinning, I didn’t know what to do. And she was so cool, like nothing unusual was going on.

After discarding the gloves and jotting a few more notes in my file, she said that I had a condition that required her immediate attention. She put the file aside and removed her stethoscope and glasses, but remained seated on her stool. Suddenly taking my throbbing dick in her delicate hands and caressing it with her smooth, slender fingers, she said not to worry, that I was in very good hands. As she started a gentle masturbation, she said that my condition was the most serious she’d seen in a long time and it was good that she was here to give it her personal attention. Her assertiveness caught me off guard and as she rolled the stool a little closer, I subconsciously stepped back. But she reaffirmed that she was a doctor and she knew what my condition required. She added that this was a proven procedure with which she has had considerable üsküdar escort success.

She licked her lips and puckered them, then kissing the end of my dick, she very slowly drew it into her mouth, pausing when her upper lip dropped into that groove at the base of its head. Tilting her head back to look up into my eyes, she started flicking her tongue back and forth on the frenulum – that sensitive strip of skin on the underside that connects the shaft to the head. Then she applied gentle pressure on the head itself and I could feel my pre-cum juices oozing out and into her mouth. Tasting it, she pulled her cheeks up in a smile.

She slowly withdrew her mouth from my dick and licked the main shaft from both sides, wetting it for what came next. Moistening her lips once more, she used the now taut, purple head of my dick to penetrate them, but she didn’t stop with just the head this time. As she slowly took more of my dick into her mouth, I could feel her tongue skillfully following the contours of the sensitive underside, maximizing the surface contact as she slid down. Further and further down she went, until her nose was buried in my pubic hair. Then, just as slowly, she withdrew all the way. Wetting her lips again, she repeated the process. So adept was her technique with such exquisite full contact of her tongue on my shaft that, after several more of these, I was ready to come, so she stopped to let my climax subside.

She sat upright on the stool, pushing her chest forward, while holding her sweater at the waist. This maneuver pulled the neckline down to where I could see more of her luscious breasts and the lacy edge of her bra. It was clear that she was aroused now, too: swollen areola and erect nipples pushing against the thin, tight knit of her sweater. In her now upright position, my dick was just inside that wonderful cleavage. Its throbbing dance was causing it to lightly tap the rounded curve of the inside of each breast, leaving little drops of my pre-cum. She said that, although my condition was serious, she was sure she could help me come through it (emphasizing the word ‘come’). She told me to lean back tuzla escort against the edge of the examining table to steady myself; that she didn’t want me to fall. Perhaps, she didn’t want me backing away from her again.

Once more she took my dick into her mouth and glided her lips and tongue up and down the length of its shaft. I could feel my orgasm building once more. As I approached the edge, she slowed down, eventually back to that original position with her upper lip in the groove beneath the head. She tilted her head back to look into my eyes, which caused her lower lip to be further down my dick and her tongue right on my frenulum again. She held her lips on place on my dick and very slowly slid only her tongue, inside her mouth, up and down the frenulum.

I was getting closer and closer, but she was so in control that she stretched it out for an eternity, never breaking her eye contact. I began to slip past that point of no return. She knew I’d hit the first stage of my orgasm when she felt my dick go rock solid in her mouth, and she gave me a very approving look. This first phase of my climax seemed to last forever, as she continued stroking my frenulum with her tongue. Finally, I could feel my first load of semen building up to explode. As my first ejaculation finally arrived, she suddenly changed tactics and plunged her mouth down my dick again as the first gush of semen hit the back of her throat. She withdrew only to go down again with the second surge from my loins. She continued to pace herself to perfectly match her down-strokes with my convulsions. She took load after load and never spilled a drop. She kept going after my ejaculations waned, through that very sensitive period when I can barely stand the contact. She finally stopped when my dick started to soften.

Without saying a word, she made a few more notes in my file. Then she told me to get dressed when I was able to and to see the receptionist on my way out, then she quickly left the room. Back out in the waiting room, the receptionist told me that the Doctor will need to see me again next week about my condition. Then Dr. Cumming herself stepped up behind the receptionist, instructing her to schedule me at the end of a day, explaining that it might take a while and she didn’t want to inconvenience the other patients. Then, still talking to the receptionist in a cool, professional voice, but looking me squarely in the eye, she said we would need to uncover some other matters and do some in-depth probing.

Ah well, Doctor’s orders!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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