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I’ve been in a state of almost constant arousal in anticipation of my upcoming physical examination. It may sound odd to hear that someone is happily looking forward to visiting their doctor, but I am.

For the last fifteen years my doctors have shared my secret with me. It started when I was 40 years old. I was about to have my first prostate exam and I was nervous as you might expect. I was bent over with my elbows on the exam table as I had been instructed to do. I heard the snapping sound as Doctor Versatile put on a rubber glove. I was looking straight ahead and trying to relax, and then I heard his voice say are you ready, but he didn’t wait for an answer.

I felt his hand on my back and a finger pressing against my asshole, and he pushed through my outer sphincter then with a subtle wiggle of his finger he invaded my rectum. I felt him massage my prostate for a brief moment and then he withdrew.

I almost panicked when I saw my body’s reaction, when I stood up I had an erection. Doctor Versatile noticed immediately and assured me that it was normal. Many men respond that way to prostate massage he said. But it wasn’t only the prostate massage that I was responding to, it was also the feeling of being penetrated anally that had canlı bahis aroused me.

My next annual physical a similar thing happened, Doctor Versatile just smiled at me, but I was terribly turned on and jacked off as soon as I was alone. That following year I had an erection in anticipation of the examination. Dr Versatile didn’t say anything about it, however I noticed that he was massaging my prostate for a longer period of time, without objection from me.

As a result of his increased ministrations of my prostate I could feel the early signs of my pre cum starting to flow. When he checked my groin for any sign of a hernia a rope of man-juice leaked from my cock. Doctor Versatile again attributed my body’s reaction to the normal reaction of a healthy man.

The fourth year is when it really began. I had bent over the exam table without being asked to do so. My cock was as hard as diamonds, my balls were swollen from arousal and my asshole was sensitive with anticipation. Doctor Versatile seemed to be ignoring the obvious, and said to me; Mr. Dover I’m going to check you for a hernia now and I will check your prostate.

Then he cupped my balls and fondled them. I spread my legs wider, he then inserted a finger into my waiting asshole bahis siteleri and began to massage my prostate. He continued massaging until my cum started to flow out of my cock. At that point he ended the examination without either of us acknowledging what had happened was more than a medical examination.

The following year proved to be the culmination of our affair. That was the year he had me completely undress before the physical began, throughout the entire examination my cock was semi erect.

By the time we were ready to check my prostate I had a raging hard-on and my cock was already leaking pre cum. Doctor Versatile said we need to do something about that, it’s not healthy for you to walk around carrying such a load. He had me bend over as usual, but this time he began the examination with one finger and then added another.

For the next few minutes he massaged my prostate and fucked my asshole until I began to breathe deeply. He then grasped my cock with his other hand and pumped it quickly, causing me to blow my load on the floor.

That was the last time I saw him as a patient due to a change in my insurance coverage, but he recommended a doctor friend of his to me, who was affiliated with my new plan, and then he and I bahis şirketleri went our separate ways.

It is my new doctor who I’m so excited to see. Doctor Top is a bigger man and more dominant than my previous doctor. Before we started his initial examination of me, he told me that Doctor Versatile had briefed him on my medical history.

He immediately clocked me as a submissive, had me remove my hospital gown for the entire examination, and I have always been naked when I’ve seen him.

The first time he checked my prostate he used two thick fingers, he commented saying; that wasn’t so bad was it, you seemed very relaxed. He then looked at me knowingly and said, Ben tell me if you want a more thorough exam. I responded, saying yes I would like that.

I took note of the fact that he stood to my side rather than behind me. He saw me looking at him, and then he said that his patients who want intense prostate exams usually prefer them done this way. He then cupped my ass cheek with one of his hands, and then with two well lubed fingers he went knuckles deep into my asshole, he proceeded to slam my asshole and massage my prostate for several minutes until I busted the biggest nut I have ever had.

He is a true Dominant. For eight years he has given me the best fucking of my life with his fingers, and he has never touched my cock or balls.

I am excited to see him every year because I’m always hoping this will be the year he fucks me with his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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