Doctor Exam Ch. 01

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This is a fantasy of mine. Yes, I know it may seem strange to some people, but for those who are into such things I hope it’ll be a turn-on. It involves male-on-male, group sex, and forced sex. If you’re not a fan of those things, please don’t continue reading this story. It’s not meant to be a great work of prose, just a fantasy.

As a healthy young man I always kept myself in great shape. Now that I’m in my early-40’s I’m probably in the best shape of my life. I eat right, exercise, and I started lifting weights a few years ago after seeing one of those infomercials where a person was supposed to be able to totally transform their physique in 90 days. Well, it worked! The one thing I was never able to master was my ability to get a relationship to last longer than a few months at a time. I’ve been with women, men, and everything in-between. Yes, even two transgender relationships with probably the best, dirty sex of any of them!

Maybe because I’m horny all the time is the reason that I’m always on the lookout for the next tight asshole or the next big cock. Like I said, I need to work on my relationship skills; not necessarily my sex skills which I’ve never had any complaints about. I love to fuck anything and everything and I also love to be fucked by anything (literally) and everything (again, literally). I’m just as happy plunging my cock into some women’s ass, or a man’s ass, or having a big, fat cock squeeze between my butt cheeks and grind its way into the darkest recesses of my tight asshole. It’s that very fact that brings me to my doctor’s office for yet another “exam”.

Yes, even my young doctor has had his cock jammed up my tight, little butthole and that’s why I get so many exams. My insurance pays for me basically getting a free ass-reaming; you can’t beat that. He’s about ten years younger than I am and about a foot shorter than I am, and he looks like he just turned eighteen years old. It’s a huge turn-on to know that this young, horny stud loves having me visit for an “exam” so he can use my asshole for his dirty fun and games. I hope he gives me a thorough exam this time, the last time we got interrupted before he could properly fuck my ass and leave his telltale dirty doctor cum in my colon. Two visits ago I fucked one of the female nurses in the ass as the dirty, young doctor was fucking into my ass at the same time! That was the best “exam” yet. I must have a super tender and sensitive asshole because I can almost have multiple orgasms just from getting fucked in the ass, especially if it’s a super fat cock (or, cucumber, carrot, sweet potato, etc) that really stretches me out. A big buttplug going in my ass will do the same thing. Anything tapered like that will cause me to buck and shake as it’s going in and out of my little hole and stretching it out.

This visit was a little different from the others because the doctor had two young male interns in the room with us to “observe and learn and potentially participate in the exam.” They didn’t even look like they were eighteen but they must have been. One was African-American, super skinny, and about 6′-8″ or so. I’m 6′-5″ tall so to see this young, skinny guy tower over me was a bit intimidating. He looked so young that I thought of asking for IDs just in case this turned into the usual type of visit. The other guy was definitely a wrestler or football player type; big, wide, and strong-looking. I found out later that they were both still seniors in high school and were accelerated students and they were in fact both eighteen year olds; but just barely. Boy, are they going to have a story for their classmates. The doctor knew that they were both typical horny casino şirketleri males from drinking at outdoor parties with them when they were at frat house parties together. The young doctor had gone to the same university and he still hung out at the frat house where he lived when he was a med student a few years ago and those two young guys, and many more, drank together during football games and other university sporting events. I had a feeling that I was going to be the next sporting event.

As I waited in the waiting room my cock started to get a mind of its own. It started getting harder and harder the more I thought about walking back to an empty exam room, getting weighed, getting my height measured, etc. The nurses seemed to know me when I came in. I guess word gets around, especially when you’ve had your cock buried in a couple of their wide, middle-aged assholes. It’s always interesting to see if they talk to me or really even make eye contact when I come in, especially if they’re remembering my fat dick pounding into their tight little shit holes before shooting a load of hot cum deep up inside of them and then slapping their wide, jiggling ass cheeks before plopping my spent cock out of their dripping, dirty holes. I was hoping to fuck an asshole again this time but I never knew what the dirty doctor had planned for my visits. I’ll take what I can get.

As I read a tattered magazine and wondered why several pages were stuck together (hmm.. someone jerking off in the restroom maybe?) Leslie called my name to come back; I wanted to cum on her back; again. I knew her well, or, at least I remembered her very, very well. She was in her mid-50s and had a smokin’, tiny little body; super sexy like Natalie Wood with big brown eyes. Little titties and the tightest little asshole I’ve ever stuck my dick into. Her tight asshole was ravaged by my cock only once in the past but I had thought about her many times since then. She was really a dirty little girl the last time, even though she’s in her mid-50s. She was saying the dirtiest, nastiest things to me as I just worked her asshole over with my fat cock. I was stretching her poor little puckered hole out so much that it seemed to almost come out of her body every time I pulled my cock out of it. But, I rammed it deep up into her over and over again, bouncing against her little figure skater-like butt cheeks, fingering her juicy little pussy. I sort of forced myself onto her as she was in the room with us. I sort of forced my cock into her asshole, turning her around and sliding into her wet pussy first and then spearing her asshole.

Her little puckered 50-year old ass-eye winked at me over and over again as I pulled all the way out of it and then rammed it back in again, hard. She kept saying, “Rape me! Rape my asshole, you bastard! Fuck me; fuck my shit hole, cum in my shit hole you fucker! Use me, fuck me. I can feel your cock ramming against my shit way up in my ass, packing it way up my ass. I won’t be able to shit for a week you fucker!” Wow, that was hot, especially to hear that from a 50-something little naughty nurse. I was happy to rape her asshole a few months ago and I had been thinking about her ever since. I was hoping to pack more of her shit up her sexy little asshole today.

Of course, at the same time I was fucking the shit out of her asshole, literally, the doctor and some other guy were both taking turns fucking the shit out of my asshole. I had so much cum shot up my ass that time that it trickled out for days. I usually come in for a dirty doctor visit about every month or whenever I’m back in town. I travel a lot which also means lots of casino firmaları dirty sex on the road, too. Sometimes, it’s literally right on the road; as in getting fucked in the ass on a gravel road by a couple of hillbillies in the middle of nowhere at night. That’s always interesting; especially when their dogs are there and want to join in or other guys walk up and do join in. No wonder there’s so much in-breeding there, those guys love to fuck anything that moves, and sometimes things that don’t even move..

I don’t even remember who the other guy was that was raping my ass with the doctor, some drug rep or something. I’m guessing it was just another friend of the doctor like the two young interns were today. He was much older; probably in his 60s at least. Gray hair and six feet tall with a suit on that he kept on, even as he fucked my ass. He just stuck his cock out of his fly and worked me over. It seemed almost like it was a last-minute surprise thing and he wasn’t planning on fucking some random guy in the ass but when the opportunity came up he couldn’t resist. I was surprised at both his stamina and the length of his cock! It was a foot long, easily, but no bigger around than a broom handle. He really jammed that skinny thing so far up my ass over and over that he touched places that I’ve never felt before; it felt great! It was all I could do to keep abusing Leslie’s tight little little hole as those guys were abusing my tight little hole. He really pounded into me that day. His cum wasn’t that plentiful but I sure felt it when he shot it up my ass. It was watery, almost like a squirt gun being sprayed in my ass, and I know what that feels like…

As Leslie and I walked back to an exam room I was, of course, watching her little ass wiggle in her tight nurse’s uniform. Wouldn’t you know it, she “accidentally” dropped her pen and had to bend at the waist right in front of me to pick it up. I could see her black thong panties and wanted to throw her on the floor right there and lick that naughty little teasing asshole and fuck the shit out of it right there, but other than pretending not to see that she had stopped and bent over, I ran right into her. She had to know that my cock was almost leaping out of my pants on its own accord to jab her asshole, but I didn’t do anything but say, “Oops, excuse me”, as I grabbed her hips to keep her from falling over from the force of running into her as she was bent over picking up her pen. It was all I could do to not pack her shit up her ass right then and there but I waited until we were in room

Already waiting in the room were the two young interns and the dirty doctor. They all had long, white lab coats on and they seemed relieved to see Leslie and I enter the room. This particular room had two exam tables in it which I thought was unusual; I thought they all had only one table in each room. As I sat in the only chair in the room to have my blood pressure checked, the tall, skinny intern seemed to be standing almost too close to me, like he was fantasizing about fucking my throat or something. Since my BP was perfect the doctor had me hop up on the table and take off my shirt to check my breathing. I’ve never had to take my shirt off before but what the heck; I’ll do anything at this point. He said that they were experimenting with a new technique for relaxation that involved putting on a mask, so the other intern put this velvet, Velcro mask over my eyes and I couldn’t see a thing! Then my pants were being loosened and taken off as well as my boxers. I only had my socks on at this point. The next thing I knew I was being lifted up in the air and being placed over the güvenilir casino exam table (which is padded) for a “digital exam”. Here we go I thought to myself. I felt the familiar cold jelly-like lubricant being squirted onto my asshole which involuntarily winked and opened and closed almost on its own when I felt the first finger circling my tender puckered hole.

It wasn’t too long before I felt what seemed like a tongue doing the circling motion and my cock was starting to grow. My cheeks were being spread apart as far as they would go by two strong hands. Then, there it was; I felt a soft, fat thing on my asshole, it was definitely a cock head! It slowly moved in and out, inch by inch. My hole was stretching apart almost as wide as my ass cheeks were being forced apart, or it seemed like it anyway! Then it started fucking into my asshole with increasing speed and force; in and out and in and out. My tender hole was being fucked like crazy by.. by.. Leslie! She whispered in my ear, “How do you like having your little asshole raped?”

Leslie had strapped on a dildo and she was working over my asshole like I worked over her asshole a few months ago! She was slam-fucking into me and I could picture her hot, little body fucking a big dildo into this blindfolded naked guy; me! She was whispering in my ear, “I’m fucking into your asshole like you fucked into my asshole. I’m packing your shit up your dirty hole like you packed the shit up my asshole! How does that feel? Do you like having your asshole raped?”

I was thinking of what to say to her but the only thing that came out of my mouth was, “yes.”

Then I started saying things like she said, “Rape my asshole! Pound that rubber dick in-between my cheeks and as far up my ass as you can, you sexy little bitch! You’d better be enjoying this because when you’re done I’m going to bend you over and fuck your little asshole so long and hard that you won’t shit for a week!”

It wasn’t too long after I said that that she pulled out of my ass and I felt the familiar dirty doctor’s cock slipping and sliding in and out of my ass. He must have really been excited because after less than a minute he was grabbing my hips and jamming his cum as far up my ass as he could; really SLAMMING it up there. As soon as he pulled out there was another cockhead at my tunnel of fun and it was the skinny African-American intern. His cock was the longest thing I’ve ever had up my ass! WOW! It was longer than the old guy’s cock and wow, he was slamming against my slippery cheeks and slam-fucking into my asshole like he was a porn star. I thought his cock was going to come out of my mouth at one point, but it would have been met by the doctor’s dirty cum-and-ass-juice-covered cock that he had just pulled out of my poor little ass and now he was jamming it in my mouth!

The skinny intern got up on the table and fucked me like a spider monkey, really ramming that thing far up into my colon. He gushed his dirty sperm up my ass with the same force so far that it didn’t even leak out in the seconds between when he pulled out and the wrestler intern kid started hammering into me like I was an oil well. Pump, pump, slam, fuck; over and over again until he also shot his hot cum up my ass and spanked me at the same time.

Then I was picked up and laid up on the table on my back and Leslie sat on my rock hard cock and started bouncing up and down like a machine. She was fucking her own asshole with my cock as someone was fucking my asshole at the edge of the table! I shot so much cum in her ass that day, and I licked most of it out again. She really was a beautiful, dirty 50-something girl! And those two horny, young interns were, I hope, going to be a regular part of these visits. They were both great ass-fuckers and were as dirty as Leslie and the doctor were! I never did find out what that other exam table was for; maybe on my next “exam” I’ll find out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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