Doctor D.R.Acula Ch. 03

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In The Apartment

After I give her a chance to relax and recover from her orgasm, I ask her, “Are you going to be able to walk or should I carry you back to my apartment?”

“While I might be able to walk in a little while, I would very much like for you to carry me. I do think that that it will be faster in your arms, and very much more pleasurable for me that way.” The smile that spreads across her face, exposes all the bands on her teeth to my view. With a smile like that to enjoy, I have no urge to refuse her. I stand up, take her hand in mine to help her out of the chair, then sweep her off her feet and into my arms. She puts her arm around my neck and rests her head on it, which puts her mouth in line with my ear. She whispers into my ear, “It also gives me a chance to do this.” She parts her lips and begins to run the brackets on her teeth against my earlobe. “Take me away from this place and into your castle in the sky.”

While my apartment is no castle, it does have a rather nice view of the sky and the city beneath it. So, with her in my arms and her rubbing here newly enhanced teeth against my ear, we go to the elevator and up to my apartment. “I am going to put a very soft wire onto your brackets, but that I can do once we are in the apartment and you have had a chance to relax for a while. Putting the bands on your teeth is only part of what is planned for tonight, don’t forget. Where would you like me to place you while you relax.”

“How about you give me a brief tour of your castle in the sky. I am sure that you have something that a maiden in my condition will find acceptable.” She seems to be enjoying playing a more medieval game and I am willing to see what it leads too. “Let us start in the pantry and see what repast is available.” I carry her into the kitchen and she pulls open the fridge. “Is the fair maiden allowed to eat anything yet?” I shake my head no. “How about something to drink?” Again she gets a negative response from me. “After the archwire is installed?” This time I respond in the affirmative. “So let’s find someplace more appropriate to the task at hand. To your bedchambers, my prince.” I walk with her to my bedroom, already having decided that I would save my playroom as the last place to visit. “Would the bed be a suitable place for your maiden to relax?” With her arm around my neck supporting much of her weight, I am able to slide the hand that is supporting her back, down to her firm, soft butt-cheek. I give it a firm squeeze and a caress before shaking my head ‘no’. “Then shall we check out the room of comfortable seats next. I am sure that erzincan escort we can find something adequate there.” She has progressed from rubbing her brackets again my ear, to nibbling on it as well. She has gradually shifted her upper body so that her nipple is rubbing against my chest. Her very hard nipple is must add. “I have checked out just about every room in the castle, but alas, we have not found a place that is suitable for a maiden in my condition. Are you, my prince, aware of someplace that may be adequate?”

I break my silence by saying, “There is only one place that I consider acceptable, It is a chair fit for a queen. Would’st the fair maiden allow me to carry her to her throne? It is but a few steps further down the hall.”

Sharlene runs her brackets over my earlobe, which is driving me crazy, and whispers into my ear, “If my prince so wishes, let it be so.” I shift my hand slightly to a more comfortable position, which just happens to end up with my middle finger resting against her nether lips. She gives a gasp and adjusts her angle so that my finger is resting between her outer lips. There is a very noticeable amount of moisture seeping into the clothing between her body and my hand. I carry her down the hall to the door to my playroom. I am very selective with the people who I allow inside. With both my hands pleasantly occupied holding the spectacular female body in my hands, I have no choice but to get her to unlock and open the door for me. In the center of the room is an ancient orthodontists chair that has been recover in the softest, most comfortable leather I could find. “If the fair-maiden will consent to the indignity of having her garments removed, we can then proceed to next step in the procedure.”

The smile that Sharlene gives me has more sparkle to it than just the bands and brackets can account for. I lay her gently into the chair and she spreads her arms so that I am able to undo the zipper that starts at the slit in her dress and runs up to right between her A-cup breasts where it unfastens. She arches her back enough that I am able to slide it from beneath her body, then raises her shoulders to allow me to complete the task of disrobing her. I take a step back to admire the stunning scene before my eyes.

She still has her 4-inch stiletto heels on, along with the lace-topped stockings and garter-belt. Her legs are crossed at the knee, hiding most of her shaved and waxed lower lips. She has chosen to have that done before her transformation, so that she can be as smooth a teen for the rest of her life. As my eyes escort erzincan travel up past her slim waist and flat belly, my gaze comes upon her small tear-drop shaped A-cup breasts, topped by her pencil-eraser sized nipples, which are stiff as they can be. Her hair is spread messily around her head and down past her shoulder, framing her face. As she watches my eyes move slowly up her body to her face, she parts her lips and begins to run her tongue over the front of her top teeth, imparting an additional layer of moisture to the full-banded braces that grace her smile. “Are these brackets supposed to be this rough?”

“They feel that way because I haven’t put the archwire into place yet. Once the wire is in and I have placed the ligatures over the wire, it will feel much smoother when you run your tongue over them.”

She shifts slightly in the chair, laying her arms along the armrests and arches her back slightly, causing her breasts to project toward a little more.

“Don’t move. I want you to stay just like that while I put the arch-wire into place.” Even though this is my playroom, it is still has everything that I need to install and adjust braces, just like my office downstairs. I easily locate the wire that I will use for the start of her treatment. It is a very soft and flexible wire that will cause her no discomfort and really is more to get her used to the braces than anything else. After her transformation is complete, I can change the wire to a stronger one if she wants to begin her active treatment.

“I can install the wire with or without the lip-spreader. The choice is yours, Sharlene. Which would you prefer?”

“OOOhh, please use the spreader. I really enjoyed how that felt when you put the bands on. Can I put it in myself?”

I hand it to her and watch as she slips it into her mouth, then once again relaxes back into the chair. I pick up the wire for her lower jaw and insert it into the tubes on her molar bands, then start slipping it into the brackets on her lower front teeth and work toward the back of her mouth. We had never discussed what color of O-rings to use, so I decide that I will use pale pink to match her lipstick.

The top wire goes in the same way, although it is a bit more work to put the bends in the wire to match the angles of her top front teeth. Even though I have used a very soft wire, I don’t attach her canine to the wire. I clip the extra wire that is left sticking out at the back of her molar bands and run my finger over the back molars to check for any sharp places. “Take out the spreader and check erzincan escort bayan if there is anything that is sharp or too rough, Sharlene. I don’t want you to have any problems, because you will be like this for the rest of your life.”

I watch as she removes the spreader, then begins to run her tongue over the outside of her bottom teeth. She has a smile on her face that only gets wider as she begins to run her tongue over her top teeth. “Wow. They sure are smoother with the wire and ligatures on.” She opens her mouth wider and I watch as she runs her tongue all over her molars, checking for any sharp places. I can hear that hiss again as her stocking clad legs rub together. “I think that there might be one or two places that are a little sharp. Can you check them for me and tell me what you think?”

I begin to reach toward her mouth with my finger, but she takes my hand in hers and says, “I think you should use your tongue to check.” I lean over the chair and place my lips against hers. Her lips open slightly, allowing my tongue to enter. My tongue begins to slowly explore the brackets on her top front teeth, carefully checking for any sharp or rough edges, then moves to the bottom front teeth. Her teeth part slightly and her tongue emerges and begins to run along the brackets on my top teeth. As my tongue moves further along her bottom teeth, she brings my hand to her breast and places it on her protruding nipple. She lets go as I adjust the position of my hand so that I can grasp it between my fingers, cradling her breast slightly.

She gives a moan, opens her teeth more and wraps her tongue around mine, pulling it into her mouth. I run my tongue along the back of her upper teeth, feeling the bands as I do so. Sharlene gives a long drawn-out moan and then gently pushes my head away from her lips. “Did you find anything that needs to be fixed? Are there any rough or sharp spots anywhere?”

“I think that you are fine…I mean I think that you will be fine. From what I felt, everything is as smooth as it can be. That is all that has to be done with putting your braces on.”

“Then I think that we should move to someplace that has a bit more space. How about you carry me to your bedroom?”

I lift the arm of the chair and she puts her arm around my neck again. I bend over slightly as I stand up, slipping one hand under her legs as I do so. As I straighten up, my other hand comes to rest under the cheek of her soft derriere. When I turn sideways to go through the door, she gives her butt a wiggle, and my hand slips down between her cheeks. “Curl your middle finger up, my prince.” When I comply, she wiggles slightly and my finger is enveloped in wet warmth. She gives a moan, then whispers into my ear, “Your fair maiden thinks that is so much better.” All the way to the bedroom, she alternates running her tongue and the brackets on her teeth over my earlobe.

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