Discovering ‘Family Love’ Ch. 05

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After Robert and Johnathan explained their first, and continued, sexual relationships, with their sister and aunt, they asked me if I would like to meet them. They suggested that they ask each to come visit at my home. I of course am not naïve and knew exactly the scheme that the boys were intending. But, I enjoy a gang bang as much as the next lady, and so told them to send a warn invitation to each! In this letter, I review from my own perspective the events that unfolded once the boys had brought together all three of their well-trained sluts under the same roof.


I sat at home anxiously in the short summer dress that Robert and Johnathan told me to wear while they went to pick up their sister Angela and Aunt Emilee from the airport. Their flights were arriving only an hour apart, both agreeing to visit us for the summer. My husband John was on business for a few days and so we would have the house to ourselves.

Angela had stayed through the next school year with Robert, and Emilee remained Johnathan’s loyal servant through his second school year. While both boys had finished school and moved away, they still frequently got together with the women, individually or together, from time to time. But they had never brought both women together before. Each did not know about the other. Or me for that matter. The boys decided to make this summer interesting and convinced each to visit and stay. They wanted me dressed sexy – summer dress, heels, no bra, low top. They told each lady to bring extra clothes so they could change at the airport and present themselves dressed similarly. They wanted to see how long it took for each to realize that all three of us were the boys fuck toys.

Sister, and two aunts. Quite the arrangement! I sat in anticipation as I heard the car pull up and opened the door to receive my four guests. I had never met the other women before and was eager to see how closely they met the boy’s description. They were both just as they had presented. Their sister was a gorgeous blonde, slender, narrow hips and smallish breasts. She looked young and adorable in her summer dress, her long calves well presented in her heels. Emilee was attractive, in a Mediterranean erotic manner. Her hips were broad and her ass and calves well curved, but in a sexy way. They had not exaggerated on her bust size, being obviously many times larger than my DDD’s. She looked embarrassed as I gawked at the mounds of flesh on display at her bustline in her tiny dress. I quickly corrected my gaze and introduced myself as the boy’s aunt through marriage. I gave Angela a big hug and politely hugged Emilee, welcoming them both into our home, offering them something to eat and drink.

Each had eaten on the flight, but as it was evening, they welcomed a glass of wine. The boys said they would also enjoy a glass. We all took our glasses and huddled in the living room. Johnathan sat beside me on the love seat as Robert sat between his sister and aunt on the full couch.

The air was tense as each woman eyed up the other, wondering why we were all dressed so provocatively. We made casual conversation, but tried to hide our bare legs and revealed cleavage from each other, pretending to be lady like and reserved. But to encourage our opening up the boys kept our glasses filled and encouraged us to drink freely. The tension made us do so, and soon we were all a bit tipsy. Soon we began to chat more freely and no longer tried to cover our exposed skin.

Johnathan made a joke and when we laughed he placed his hand on the back of my head and began to play with my hair. Robert relaxed and let his hand fall onto his sister bare lap, while his other arm wrapped around his aunts waist, pulling her in close. Each lady noticed the boy’s actions but we each said nothing. Soon I saw that Robert’s hand was sliding up his sister’s thigh and she spread her legs apart slightly in response. I observed also as his other hand began to massage the side of his aunts heavy tit from beneath her arm. Each could not see what he was doing, but I could and knew the time had come. Standing up I announced that I loved the song that had started on the radio and began to slowly dance to it. The boys encouraged me with cheers and clapping, while the women watched with the look of surprise on their faces.

As I approached Johnathan I teasingly raised my skirt upward revealing more of my already highly exposed legs, the skirt already high above the knee. As I did so I blew Johnathan a kiss and he reached out, stroking my bare thigh. Then dancing before Robert and the ladies I leaned forward and let my heavy cleavage hang before him. Jiggling my tits taunting him on, I noticed Angela’s eyes transfixed upon them. Robert’s did as well. When I returning to dancing, Robert asked “Angela, I couldn’t help but notice you staring at Grace’s breasts. You have such a lovely pair of tits yourself, are you jealous?” He teased.

You could tell that Angela was a shy girl, and she blushed as she explained that she had never seen large boobs hanging before her before. Johnathan chimed in “Yes, aunt Grace certainly does have a nice rack, and güvenilir bahis she loves to tease men with them, but Auntie Emilee has the biggest tits of all. If you like Gracie’s, then you will love these!” He exclaimed, reaching over to cup the heavy lobe of Emilee’s breast beneath the tight material of her light summer dress. Angela’s mouth gaped open in surprise and Emilee turned beat red in embarrassment.

“Yes, your turn to get up and dance now Auntie, time for you to show us your moves!” Robert said. I sat down beside Johnathan as Emilee slowly rose to her feet and obeying her Master began to dance. Robert ordered her to dance faster and she complied, swaying her hips and shaking her heavy chest back and forth. Standing before us Johnathan told her to raise her skirt as I had. She hesitantly raised it a bit higher but he demanded more and soon it was to her waistline, revealing her broad white panties.

“What nice panties you have.” Johnathan teased and reaching out rubbed her bare leg as she continued to sway, holding up her skirt. Looking over at me I kissed Johnathan upon the lips and replied “Yes, very sexy panties Emilee.” And then I reached out and also caressed her bare leg and moved my fingers over the panty material covering her crotch. A look of shock came across her face, but she had been well trained, and she did not resist. Looking over at Angela and Robert I saw a broad smile across Robert’s face, but an equally shocked look appear on Angela’s.

“Oh, they are just playing, a little harmless fun.” Robert explained to her as he took his sister by the waist and pulled her in close, also kissing her deeply on the lips. Robert then called Emilee over and told her to bend forward as she danced. Hanging her massive breasts before Angela and Robert she continued obediently to sway her hips.

“Have you ever seen a pair of tits as big as these before little sis?” He asked her. With a stunned look she shook her head no, first staring at the heavy cleavage presented before her, and then at her brother. “You should feel how heavy they are. Go on, give it a try.” He teased as he lifted one of the hanging boobs barely contained in the skirt material. Her mouth fell open in shock and she barely noticed Robert taking her hand and raising it up and under this ladies hanging boob. Using his sister’s hand to press upward on his aunt’s heavy tit he added “And check how smooth the skin becomes when tits get this big.” He then thrust her hand between his Aunt’s cleavage. Angela gasped and pulled her hand away quickly, now aware of what he was making her do.

“Oh, don’t be so shy dear, we are just playing.” Robert said and pushing his sister back slid his hand up between her legs. “Just sit back and enjoy the show.” He said, sliding her legs apart and giving her a big kiss.

Emilee by now had concluded what was going on and standing once again pulled the hem of her skirt up to her waist, revealing her legs and panties. Standing before Robert, Robert inserted his hand between her thick thighs and stroked them softly as she swayed, with his other hand on his sisters leg. “You see, Emilee has these thick fleshy sultry thighs, while you have these slender muscled thighs. A perfect combination. And while you have these pretty little titties,” He teased, as he extracted his hands and placed them on his sister’s chest, “Emilee has massive boobs. Emilee,” he commanded, “show Angela your big cow udders.” Without hesitation Emilee released the hem of her skirt and yanked the material of the dress down over her tits, releasing both of them to everyone’s view. Her watermelon sized tits hung there, swaying from side to side as she continued to dance. All eyes were transfixed on her giant breasts. “You see,” said Robert, “udders like a cow. While you just have these pretty little ones.”

As Angela’s eyes were staring at her aunt’s breasts and absorbing all her focus, little understanding Robert’s words, Robert took the shoulder straps of Angela’s dress and pulled them down, revealing her own apple sized but very pretty breasts. Noticing her own bare tits and that her legs were still bare and spread wide Angela attempted to cover herself, but Robert protested and pinning her down told her to let everyone see her beauty, as Emilee was letting us do. Surrendering she laid back and did not resist as Robert pulled her skirt material upward to fully reveal her bare legs and tiny pink panties. Then taking her in his arms and fondling her chest, and as Emilee continued to dance with her tits bouncing to the music and her hem pulled over her waist, the three glanced over at myself and Johnathan.

While we were watching the three of them play out their antics Johnathan had positioned me on his lap, having me likewise raise my skirt over my hips. Sitting bare legged with my red panties showing he had lowered one strap of my dress and was busy fondling my free cantaloupe sized breast when they all looked over. “And Aunt Grace also has great tits and legs. Right in between you two! Three beautiful sexy ladies. Grace, why don’t you get up and dance with Emilee. You two need to become much better acquainted.”

Taking türkçe bahis his cue I rose up and grasping Emilee by the hands began to dance with her. She did not resist and soon was swaying comfortably with me. My free breasts rubbed against her pendulous boobs as we swayed together and the boys hooted and cheered. I chanced to kiss her upon the lips briefly, and she equally did not resist. Further hoots and cheers convinced me to try again and this time we shared a long deep kiss. I then let go of her hands and cupped her breasts as we danced, gently holding my hands over them. Again, she did not resist, and the boys cheered. Glancing over I saw that Robert had his hand under his sister panties and that she was gyrating on his fingers, evidently enjoying the show.

Letting my hands slide down I raised Emilee’s hem and bringing it over her hips held it up as I massaged her waist and bum. Apparently enjoying the experience she lowered my last dress strap to expose both my breasts and then shyly placed her hands on my breasts, caressing them. Gazing into my eyes she said “You have beautiful breasts.” And then she gave me a deep kiss, blushing in the process. My dress was fairly lose and so taking my hands from Emilee’s body I slid my dress over my hips and let it fall to the floor. Now I stood before everyone only in my panties.

“Let’s remove this silly dress from you.” I said to Emilee and together we pulled her dress over her head. Now we were both only in our panties, and holding each other we rubbed our breasts together as we danced to tease the audience. Turning to Angela, who lay there breasts and belly and legs exposed with a hand deep inside her panties we encouraged her to join us. Shy and shaking her head no, Robert gave her a little push and soon she was dancing with us. Understanding her shyness we did not attempt to kiss her or touch her breasts, but we did manage to slide her dress down over her hips. Together we all three danced and swayed before the two men that we now each understood were all of our lovers. Each knew that the boys had fucked them together, and so each knew that therefore each other women they were dancing with had also made love with the two boys together. We all each also instinctively understood that before the night was done, each of us would have watched the boys fucking the other two.

The boys announced that we had danced enough and to take a seat. Sitting beside Robert, Angela joined me on the other side, while Emilee took her place beside Johnathan. Reaching down, I felt Robert’s hard cock under his jeans as his sister watched. We saw Emilee do the same for Johnathan. “So, big boys.” I said. “I see that having us all dancing in only our panties, kissing and rubbing each other’s titties has got you both nice big hard pricks. Now that you’ve got hard cocks and three virtually naked horny women willing to serve them, what are your orders, Masters?”

Looking me in the eyes and reaching out a hand to cup my dangling breast Robert said “Well, as you are the biggest slut of all, why don’t you get down on your knees and show the others how much you like to suck cock.”

“My pleasure Sir.” I replied and I was soon on my knees before him, undoing his belt and removing his pants and underwear. Fondling his obviously aching thick long rod I began by licking at the head, up and down the shaft, and to lick his ball sack. “Oh my God, how can you?” I heard Angela exclaim. “You are a married woman. And you were a nun. And these boys are your nephews.” I looked up at her and our eyes locked as I wrapped my mouth around the fat cock in my grasp.

Placing his hand on top of my head and using it to direct the pace of my sucking Robert explained to his sister “The married one’s are the biggest sluts my dear. They are bored with their married sex lives and crave to have their cunts filled with the cocks of other men. They don’t even care what men. They will let any man fuck them who sweet talks them a bit and has a big hard prick. Isn’t that so, Gracie slut?” directing his question at me.

Temporarily removing his cock from my mouth and looking up at Angela I replied “Yes Master, I love your cock, and I will suck and fuck the cock of any man you order me to.”

Returning my mouth to his cock he said “You see Angela, a well-trained and obedient slut, hungry for cock and willing to fuck any that is offered to her. Here Angela, put your hand on her head, you guide her sucking for a while.” And with these words he placed her hand on my head where his hand had been. I felt as she guided my head up and down over her brother’s cock. “Oh, that’s good baby, now use your other hand to hold my cock so you can feed it into her mouth.” Pushing my hand aside he then positioned his sister’s dainty fingers around his cock, and she cooed in delight as she used her two hands to feed cock in and out of my mouth. I stared up at her the whole time I was sucking, obedient to the motions of her hands. “Do you like feeding your aunt cock and watching the slut suck?” Robert asked her.

“Oh yes Robert, this is amazing. She is such as slut. She just does whatever I make her do, like a puppet, güvenilir bahis siteleri like a slutty cock sucking puppet.” She exclaimed.

“Would you like to see how the slut tit fucks with those big tits of hers?” He asked, and Angela nodded in anticipation. Pulling my head free of his sister’s hands and grabbing me by the hair to pull my eager mouth off his long cock, Robert said “Show my sister your big tits slut, and how to properly tit fuck a man.” Lifting my breasts in the palms of my hands I displayed my breasts for all to see. “Do you like her big tits, Angela?” Robert asked.

“Well, yes, they are very nice, very pretty breasts, and so round. Much bigger than mine.” She shyly said, looking down at her own shapely but smaller C cup breasts.

“Would you like to touch her breasts and see how they feel?” he inquired.

Looking shy Angela said “Well, maybe, I suppose. I am curious.” Taking her hands in his Robert placed her hands upon my breasts. She quickly caressed my flesh but then withdrew her hands.

“That is not a feel, here try again.” He said, placing her hands upon my chest again. Removing my hands from under my breasts I let her explore my flesh as she pleased. Timid at first, her confidence and curiosity grew, and she began to squeeze and caress my boobs, cupping my tits to lift them upward, then gently pinching my nipples. “Do you like her tits?” Robert asked.

Mesmerized Angela responded robotically, “Yes, they are very nice. I never felt another woman’s boobs before. I didn’t know that bigger breasts felt different. Much heavier than mine, softer, floppy.”

“That is why we call them floppy fun bags!” Robert teased. Withdrawing her hands from my breasts, Robert then grasped his sister and fondling her own breasts he placed a big kiss on her lips, saying “But I love your breasts the most, dear sister, and I love you. You are my one true love. These other women are just for fucking, nothing more, sluts who are willing to let us fuck them and satisfy our cocks when you are not around. Please don’t feel threatened by them. Join us in using them as we please, as you please.”

“I know dear, and I love you to, and Johnathan of course.” She replied, glancing over at Johnathan, who was pre-occupied rubbing Emilee’s big tits as she was busy trying to extract his cock from his pants. “And I thank you for letting me join in watching you two enjoy these sluts. I want to see you fucking them. I want to see how slutty your two older aunts are willing to be. Do as he said Grace.” She said, directing her attention to me as she held her brothers hard prick. “Show me how a big breasted slut tit fucks her young nephews cock.”

Obediently I cupped my tits together and spitting between my cleavage I swallowed his cock between them as she fed his cock toward my boobs. Pumping my chest up and down I tit fucked his cock as Angela giggled and cooed in delight. “Oh my, I could never give you a good tit fuck Robert, my breasts are too small, but she is perfect for it!”

Robert gave me a deep kiss as I titty fucked him, and then said, “She needs more saliva on her boobs to lubricate them, help me spit on her tits sis.” And Robert spit a big ball of saliva between my boobs. Encouraging her to try, Angela’s first two attempts resulted in her simply spraying saliva over my upper chest, but on the third try she got a big glob between my boobs.

“Ohhh, I love this. I like spitting on your aunt, Spitting on her tits. Sluts deserve to be spit on!”

Robert continued to kiss me as I continued my titty fuck, and turning my head around offered my face to his sister. “Give her a kiss sis.” He prodded. She initially shook her head but eventually submitted and I felt her soft young lips meet mine.

“Ewww, weird!” She exclaimed, but then kissed me two more times, once more quickly, and then a longer more passionate kiss. “I can taste your cock on her mouth!” She exclaimed, clearly enjoying the experience.

Then she said, looking in the direction of Johnathan and Emilee, “Oh my God, look at your brother!” Emilee was on all fours devouring Johnathan’s cock in her mouth as he sat watching us. Her heavy tits hung down to the couch as her broad ass was thrust up in the air. Evidently content with her situation, Emilee continued to suck cock, like a cow grazing on grass, without looking up, despite Angela’s loud vocalization.

Looking at me Robert said “Perhaps Grace you should go help Emilee suck Johnathan’s dick.”

“Fuck yes!” Johnathan remarked “I’ve never had my cock sucked by two women at once before, this is so fucking amazing!”

Releasing Robert’s cock I stood up, obediently compliant. “But first,” Robert said, “You need to lose those panties. Angela, strip your aunt Grace naked, remove her panties.” I moved in front of the young lady and stood before her. She was hesitant, but her curiosity showed in her eyes and eventually she raised her hands and placing them on my panties pulled them quickly down to my knees. I wiggled them free, kicking them off my foot. Standing before her completely nude Robert asked his sister “Do you like her body? Don’t you just adore her little black trimmed bush, an arrow pointing to her slut hole. Turn around Grace, and show Angela your pretty bum, and then put your leg up on the couch and rub your cunt for her to show her how wet you are.”

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