Dirty Desires Ch. 01

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Jake couldn’t thank the heavens enough for the fact that his fiancée was driving. About an hour after leaving the diner, he had started feeling an ominous churning in his stomach. At first, he had passed it off as his body digesting the last greasy junk meal they had. Then he thought it maybe indigestion. But no, as the discomfort travelled lower, it was clear that it was much worse.

He knew he could tell Katie what was going on, she was his fiancée for god’s sakes, they were for the most part, very comfortable with each other. But Jake didn’t want her to worry, it was not like she could do anything about his impending need for a bathroom. Both ways they were miles away from a rest stop. Quietly, Katie hummed along to the music flowing from the radio, she looked adorable, dark hair tucked behind her ear, wearing her favorite pair of denim shorts and a thin white, sleeveless shirt.

From the corner of her eye, Katie could see Jacob shifting uncomfortably in the passenger seat. From time to time, his hand would travel to his middle, then back to clutching the door handle. She knew that he would probably try to hold off on telling her that he needed a bathroom. She knew though. Fast food never agreed with him. yet since they had set of on their trip two days ago, that was all they had been eating.

Suddenly, he jerked, his back straightening and his hand moving to grab his stomach. “You okay?”

“No. My stomach is fucking killing me.” He confirmed through gritted teeth. As if to provide further detail, he farted loudly, a wet bubbling sound. Jacob’s cheeks reddened, an obvious sign that that he didn’t mean to do it. “Shit, I’m sorry Katie. Do you think we could put the windows down?”

This wasn’t the first time that she had seen him desperate for a toilet- he had a pretty sensitive stomach. it also wasn’t the first time she had found herself completely turned on by it. Of course, it made her feel guilty too, this was her fiancée, she didn’t want him to be in pain. “Sure baby.” She pressed the little buttons on the side of her door, letting the windows down. “Are you gonna need a bathroom soon?” She asked, elazığ escort concern etched on her face and arousal throbbing in her crotch.

Now, his hands were kneading his stomach. there was a thin layer of sweat on his forehead. “I kind of need one right now. Really bad.” Behind his glasses, his eyes were pleading with her.

“There’s not a gas station or anywhere else with a bathroom for miles. Do you want me to pull over?” Maybe he could go in thee bushes she thought.

“No!” He almost yelled. “I’ll wait.”

She sighed, defeated. “If you’re sure. there are supplies in one of the bags if you change your mind though. Just let me know.” Katie knew him, probably better than anyone else, as desperate as he was, it would take a lot for him to ask her to pull over.

They drove for about thirty minutes more. He constantly squirmed in his seat. One hand digging into his thigh and the other, on his lower stomach. Again he farted loudly, it was long and very wet. “Fuck Katie. It stinks, I’m so sorry.”

“Babe, it’s fine,” she glanced at him briefly, placing one of her smaller hands on his, squeezing lightly. “I promise I’ll find you a place.

The more desperate he became, the more she wanted him. Eventually, the GPS signaled that there was a gas station fifteen minutes ahead. They were almost there, when he doubled over, farting again. “Katie,” he looked over to her, wide eyed, red with embarrassment. He did not need to tell her, she knew what had just happened. The smell was atrocious, stinking of rotten eggs, it should have been a turn off, but her body had other ideas. Her panties were damp, and her center longing for attention.

Just then, she pulled into the gas station. Without a word, he hustled out of the car, headed straight inside. At least this would give her an opportunity to follow him into the restroom. Taking a moment to collect herself, she took a deep breath then went to the trunk to get him a change of underwear.

Inside, the cashier pointed her in the direction the restroom, shooting her a funny look. It was at the back of the small convenience store. escort elazığ She knocked on the door. “Jake, its me.”

He took a while before answering, “Its not locked.”

She opened the door to the small room. It was not as bad as one expected a gas station bathroom to be. Planted on the toilet, crouched over was her Jacob. His glasses discarded haphazardly on the floor next to him and his head down. From the stiffness of his thighs, she could tell he was clenching. Trying not to make it obvious, she pressed her own legs together, the slight pressure her only making her want more.

Around his ankles were his pants. His underwear had a large stain at the back, thick brown mush slowly drying. Biting her lips, she got down her knees, urging him to lift his feet so she could remove his ruined clothing. Her eyes were level with his crotch. This might be the most intimacy she would ever get with him while he was like this. Between his legs, she could see the murky water in the bowl. She even caught glimpses of fresh splatter at the side. “I can do it,” he grabbed her hand to stop her.

“No, it’s fine. I want to help you.”

He was going to deter her further, until he finally met her eyes. Katie was still biting her lips, her cheeks flushed and her pupils dilated just enough for him to notice. Yes, she knew him well, but he knew her too. Pain in his stomach temporarily forgotten, his lips quirked up, “Does this turn you on?”

“What?” She questioned, trying to sound far more offended than warranted. “Don’t be ridiculous. I’m just trying to help you.”

His clenching gave up and the sound of diarrhea mixed with gas hitting the porcelain filled the room. “Fuck.” Gripping his thighs, he tried to regain his composure, a mischievous grin plastered on his hand some face. “Just tell me. No judgement, I promise.” He coaxed, “I might be into it too.”

Rolling her eyes, she sighed, “I don’t know okay. Just seeing you like this, it’s…” How was she supposed to explain that him exploding out of his ass was doing it for her? Moreover, how was she supposed explain it while all she wanted elazığ escort bayan for him to fuck her over the bathroom’s very questionable sink. “I mean, maybe its scat? I don’t know. Just you, like this, or in a similar situation, just,” she fumbled with her words, “It hot to me. Okay? Maybe it’s a shit thing, maybe it’s a desperation thing. I don’t know. Happy now?”

Suddenly ten times more self conscious than she had ever been, she turned her face away and his body jerked as another round hit him. When something didn’t agree with him, he could spend more than thirty on the toilet. “A little.” He leaned back, giving her an open view of his member. “Does my kinky little princess still wanna fuck? Or is she too busy being mad?” He stoked himself until he was half hard.

“What the hell are you doing?” She feigned annoyance.

“Come on, you know you can’t lie to me.” For now, his stream of shit had stopped. “I doubt I’m done yet. I could get into it too Katie. We can’t do much here, but I can think of a few things. Why don’t you get back on your knees for me baby?” He could see her softening and her false anger cracking. “It’ll make me feel better.” He replaced a hand on his stomach.

Finally, she caved. “Well if it’ll make you feel better.”

Getting down in front of him, she positioned her head between his legs and took him in her mouth, almost gagging on his generous length. Her head bobbed along it as one hand massaged his balls. He laced his fingers in her short hair, occasionally moving stray strands away from her face. From where she was she could hear his stomach churning. His grip on a handful of her hair tightened as his stomach cramped and he shit loudly. He moaned partly from pain, mostly from pleasure. As wet, rancid farts sputtered from his behind, he leaned forward. When Katie noticed, she stopped, “Are you okay? I can stop.”

“Fuck no.” He urged her head back downwards, she easily fell back into pace. “Touch yourself.” He ordered. She loved being bossed around during sex. Her lithe fingers travelled to her wet folds to rub on her swollen cilt. She moaned around his cock. He was so close and so was she. Suddenly, salty warmth filled her mouth, leaking out the side of her lips. She drank up as much as she could before he ordered her to get up onto his lap. Her fingers were replaced with his. Under his expert touch, she came hard, his name muffled in his neck.

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