Diane’s Fall Ch. 06

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Diane sat at her kitchen table, nervously awaiting Celeste’s arrival. She sipped at her coffee despite the nervous fluttering that seemed to haunt her stomach like a colony of bats, their leathery wings fluttering about as they prepared to leave their home’s safety for their nightly hunt. Her anxiety was making her wish she could call the whole thing off desperately, but Diane knew that she couldn’t. Kayla had given her a deadline of today to have her seduction completed. And no matter the task or how daunting Diane found it, she wouldn’t let her Mistress down.

Kayla’s views on the matter were crystal clear. If she couldn’t seduce Celeste, a woman so obviously curious about her sexuality, what hope did Diane have to seduce Renee Archer when the time came? To the best of anyone’s knowledge, Ms. Archer had given no indication of being interested in women.

Kayla had gone as far as to hire a private investigator to look into the woman’s personal life. From what he could uncover, Ms. Archer had been asexual since the death of her husband almost fifteen years earlier. No one the investigator had spoken to could recall the teacher dating or otherwise engaging with anyone of either sex.

That seemingly impossible task was a worry for another time, though, as far as Diane was concerned. Right now, she had a blue-eyed dark-haired young beauty to care herself with turning.

Diane’s nerves and anxiety on the issue seemed silly, even to her. Since being seduced and becoming Kayla’s submissive and second-in-command, Diane had been intimate with seven different women, including her own sister. So, why was it that seducing Celeste seemed to be causing her so much trepidation?

Diane had given that thought much consideration since being assigned the task by the woman she loved.


She had met with Celeste twice for coffee. Both of those occasions had taken place in public coffee shops and been chaperoned. Cherry had been with her the first time, with Carrie, Ah, and Aayhlia joining them the second. Diane had included the extra attendees under the pretense of providing Celeste more information about the new business and subsequent cheerleading camps. In truth, Diane had simply wanted them as a buffer while she got a better feel for the younger mother.

While the young, dark-headed beauty had been both cordial and attentive to the information, Ms. South and the girls had to offer. It was evident to all present that it was Diane she was really there fo see.

The three amigos had been extremely quick to point the fact out to Kayla later that day.

“She has a bigtime crush on your girlfriend, Mistress,” Carrie had teased.

“Most definitely,” the beautiful Aayhlia added. “She hardly even seemed to notice when Ah bent over at the table to retrieve her pen off the floor and exposed her thong pantied ass.” Then turning to look at her diminutive best friend, Aayhlia teased her with a smile, “You shameless slut.”

Tiny little Ah simply responded to her friend by sticking her tongue out before looking at Kayla and saying, “These two are right though, Mistress. Celeste is totally into Mistress Diane, are you sure want to risk having her bring this one in? Maybe Coach South would be less risky.”

Diane, who sat snuggled up against the woman she loved on the loveseat, said almost defensively, “You three may be right in your assumptions about Celeste. But you’re dead wrong in assuming there would be any danger of me ever loving anyone but Kayla.”

Celeste was an incredibly sexy and beautiful young woman. If she hadn’t already been involved with Kayla, Diane could have possibly seen herself developing feelings for such an alluring creature. But her love for Kayla prevented such a thing from being a threat. Being submissive to the woman she loved was far preferential to being dominant to a woman she held a significant attraction towards. At least it was for Diane.

Kayla patted her girlfriend’s hand before leaning in to kiss her sweetly. “They are just protective of us, baby, don’t read too much into it.”

Diane didn’t know if she believed that but kept that thought to herself. She had no doubt that the three cheerleaders were protective of Kayla. What Diane wasn’t so sure of was Carrie and Aayhlia’s feelings towards her. At times, she had the distinct impression that both young women would like nothing more than to have her out of the way. That way, they might have the chance to have Kayla to themselves. Ah had taken to Diane much quicker than those two and seemed to have a little crush on her. So she had bonded much sooner with the beautiful little Asian blonde.

Kayla looked at her three submissives and said, “I don’t doubt for a moment that after Diane has successfully seduced Celeste, her heart will remain mine.”

“Always and forever, Mistress,” Diane said, looking up at Kayla with love in her eyes.

“And Ms. Archer?” Carrie asked, “When do we get to see that bitch on her knees?”

“In time,” Kayla said without taking casino şirketleri her eyes off Diane. “My girlfriend has to learn to walk as a seductress before she can run. That is a seduction that will require confidence. That is why it has to be her that brings Celeste into our little family.”

“When do you meet with her again, Mistress Diane?” Aayhlia asked.

Not bothering trying to tear her eyes away from Kayla’s hypnotic stare, Diane said, “We’re having coffee together the day after tomorrow. She’s going to come by my place after dropping her daughter off at school.”

“Then, I expect to hear from you once you have completed your task. When I meet with you that afternoon, I fully expect you to still taste of Celeste’s pussy on your lips.” Kayla said in a voice that was both soft and demanding.

Diane felt her heart race at Kayla’s words. The thought of having beautiful Celeste’s gorgeous face between my legs and as another of her submissive’s was enticing, to say the least. But the thrill of doing so was far outweighed by the possibility of discovery each new woman brought. Beth and Dana were both low-risk probabilities as far as potential problems were concerned. Dana would never tell anyone. Most would find their union highly immoral, but the police would find it highly illegal as well. Beth couldn’t risk word getting out without losing her inheritance.

Celeste was a different story, though. Yes, she had a boyfriend she lived with, and from what Diane had learned so far, she likely didn’t want to risk disturbing that relationship. His job as a lawyer allowed her the freedom to be a stay at home mother, something Celeste couldn’t otherwise do. Still, there wasn’t that familial connection she had with her other two subs. What if she became too enamored with Diane and decided to reveal what was going on to Jerry?

When she’d mentioned her concerns to Kayla, the young Domme had worked to ease her mind. She said she’d spoken to both Celeste and her daughter at the camp separately. In her opinion, Celeste’s main life focus was the happiness of her daughter Elise, and the girl loved her mother’s long-time boyfriend. To Elise, he was her father, and Kayla highly doubted that the young mother would do anything to endanger that relationship.

In other words, she was gently pointing out how Diane was overthinking things.

Lost in her thoughts, Diane jumped when the sound of the doorbell penetrated her reverie, startling her. Standing, Diane made her way to the front door. Placing her hand on the doorknob, she took a moment to take a breath and then plant a smile on her face. Slowly letting the air escape her lungs, Diane opened the door.

Celeste looked alluring in a half-sleeve floral chiffon dress, the bluish-gray color playing utterly perfect off the dark-headed beauty’s blue eyes. Diane’s risked a glance at her legs, noticing the hem of the dress ended four or five inches above Celeste’s knees. The short hem made her usually long and graceful looking legs look even more so than was typical. They weren’t as dark as Kayla’s naturally tan skin, but they had clearly drunk a lot of the sun’s rays over the summer.

Celeste had her hair done up in a French braid, making her appear even younger than her twenty-five years. Her long eyelashes were crowned by the slightest hint of blue eyeshadow in the creases of her eyelids. Her lips looked wet, kissed with a light coating of some type of pink gloss. The thought crossed Diane’s mind of how much wetter they would look with her feminine essence coating them.

“Come on in, Celeste,” Diane said, stepping aside to allow the young mother entrance into her home.

As the young beauty eased past her, Diane breathed in the scent of Celeste’s body lotion catching whiffs of jasmine and honeysuckle as the young mother coasted by. She found herself wondering if Celeste would taste as good as she smelled.

“Sorry I’m late, Elise was dragging around this morning. My boyfriend Jason is out of town right now attending some kind of law seminar. He’s usually the drill instructor that gets her motivated in the morning, and I’m a soft touch,” Celeste explained with a roll of her eyes.

Diane smiled back at the seductive looking young woman and said, “It’s the opposite in this household. When my husband is home, the twins have him wrapped around their little fingers. I think he feels so guilty about how much he’s on the road that he’s continually giving in to them.”

“Which leaves you in the position of playing the heavy,” Celeste said with apparent sympathy in her voice.

Diane took her arm, relishing the contact, and led her to the family room. The picture windows there stared out into the backyard providing ample natural light while still eliminating any prying eyes.

“Sit down on the couch and let me fix you a cup of coffee,” Diane said, leading her potential new lover and submissive to the leather sectional.

Diane felt Celeste’s eyes on her as she prepared the woman’s coffee precisely casino firmaları how she remembered watching the dark-haired beauty do it herself. Kayla had pointed out to her how important it was to notice tiny details about a person leading up to a seduction. She said it helped to nurture a feeling of intimacy.

Handing Celeste her coffee, Diane felt her shirt gap open, exposing the tops of her breasts to the young mother. The young woman’s eyes drifted over the exposed flesh, her skin flushing as she glanced at the tops of Diane’s breasts. The would-be seductress pretended not to notice as she sat down close to Celeste. Turning her knees towards the young mother, Diane allowed the already short skirt she wore to ride up, exposing even more of her legs.

“I love your braiding,” Diane said, bringing her fingertips up to gently cup Celeste’s chin, turning the young woman’s head just enough to check out each side. It pleased Diane that the younger mother seemed receptive to her touch and pliable enough not to resist her. “It really opens up your pretty face.”

Celeste’s already flushed face seemed to glow even more at the compliment as she struggled to hold Diane’s gaze.

“As gorgeous as you are, I can’t believe that boyfriend of yours hasn’t tried to put a ring on your finger,” Diane said. “I would think he’d be desperate to take you off the market.”

Celeste smiled, taking a sip of her coffee and said, “Oh, he tried, but just between you and me, I turned him down. I’m just not sure that marriage is for me.”

Diane couldn’t help but wonder why Celeste would resist committing herself to her boyfriend. She had seen pictures of the man in question, and between his devastatingly handsome looks and highly successful career, there weren’t many women who would pass on such an offer.

At least that many straight women, that is.

“It can be challenging at times for sure. Jerry is a great dad to the twins, a hard worker, and he treats me well. Just between you and I, though, his only real failings come in the bedroom, but that’s what my girlfriend’s for,” Diane said flippantly.

Celeste, who’d just been taking a sip of her coffee, choked upon hearing Diane’s words. Diane immediately set her mug down and slid closer to the dark-headed beauty, sliding an arm around her to pat at her back.

“Are you okay, sweetie?” Diane asked, handing Celeste a napkin.

When Celeste had finally stopped coughing, Diane left her hand remaining on the young mother’s back, slowly moving it in circles.

“Did your coffee go down the wrong way?” Diane asked as she reached up with her free hand, caressing Celeste’s cheek.

The blue-eyed beauty nodded her head before looking at Diane and asking, “Did you say… you’re girlfriend?”

Diane laughed lightly as she continued to caress Celeste’s back.

“Yes, sweetie, I said, my girlfriend. Does that surprise you?”

“It’s just, I knew you were married, so I didn’t think…” Celeste stuttered before adding, “But what about your husband?”

Diane smiled at her and shrugged her shoulders, saying, “I love Jerry, but over time what little passion was in our marriage has died out. He’s never really been able to make me climax, and when he does, they’re nice, but just these gentle kinds of orgasms. You know the kind I mean, right?”

“Sure,” Celeste said, listening intently, not even seeming to notice that Diane had scooted even closer. The hand that had been on her back now rested around her opposite hip rubbing up and down.

“Well, I’d had these feelings about other women for some time, but I’d set them aside after our girls were born. But when I met my girlfriend, and she set about seducing me, I couldn’t control myself anymore.”

“What…who…” the dark-headed beauty sputtered seemingly flustered with the subject at hand.

“Take your time, Celeste. You can ask me anything you’d like except for who she is. We keep that a secret to protect both of us. But maybe you’ll get to meet her someday.”

Diane waited patiently, not pressuring Celeste while she struggled to gather her thoughts.

At last, she asked, “What is it like? Being with a woman, I mean.”

And there it was. Any lingering doubts Diane had about Celeste’s bisexuality were washed away with that one question. It was the same one that every woman with repressed sexual feelings towards women had asked at one point or another in their life.

“Nirvana,” Diane told her, “absolute nirvana. She made me feel things that I’d craved my entire life. I came unbelievably hard over and over again. If you took every orgasm I’d had with my husband and put them together into one, they wouldn’t equal one climax my Mistress has given me.”

“Mistress?” Celeste said with surprise, though Diane could tell, not confusion. That suggested to her that the younger mother was familiar with the vernacular. Did that mean she was interested in D/s type relationships?

“Of course, I’m submissive to her as are quite a few other women.”

That güvenilir casino brought a raised eyebrow to Celeste’s beautiful face.

“You mean, you don’t mind your girlfriend being with other women?” she asked.

“Well, that would be hypocritical of me,” Diane said with a grin. “I am married, after all. And besides, all those girls are submissive to me too. There’s only one woman she fucks that I haven’t had a chance to yet, and that’s only because we’ve been so busy of late.”

“So, you’re a switch?” Celeste asked.

“Bingo,” Diane thought, she is definitely somewhat familiar with the lifestyle.

“That’s right. You seem like you might have a little experience with BDSM.”

Celeste shook her head, saying, “No, I’ve never taken part in it before, but I have read a few stories online that featured similar themes.”

“And how did those stories make you feel?”

Cutting her eyes away from the woman trying to seduce her, Celeste said, “They were hot. I could never do some of the stuff in them, but some aspects of it appealed to me.”

“What about it did you like?” Diane asked in almost a whisper as if expecting the younger woman to share a scandalous secret with her.

Looking down at her coffee, Celeste said, “I don’t really like pain, but the thought of mild sensual pain intrigues me. That and being made to serve a more dominant person.”

“So, you’re submissive?” Diane asked though it was already evident.

Celeste shrugged her shoulders and said, “I think I could be, at least for the right person.”

Diane couldn’t help but notice Celeste’s reluctance to use a gender-specific pronoun. It made her next question a natural segue.

“And what about lesbianism? Ever been with a woman?” Diane asked as she reached up and stroked a few stray hairs out of the pretty woman’s eyes.

Celeste blushed, and Diane noticed she could make out the young mother’s hard nipples through the top of her dress.

Still unable to make eye contact, the dark-headed beauty simply shook her head no.

In a gentle yet demanding voice, Diane said, “Celeste, look at me.”

Her target of seductions eyes came up immediately. Diane could tell it was a struggle for Celeste to hold her potential new Domme’s gaze, but to her credit, she was doing it.

“Have you ever thought about being with a woman?”

Celeste’s mouth opened, but no sound came out. A look of panic suddenly appeared on her face, and she quickly sat her mug down on the coffee table before grabbing her purse and standing.

“I’m sorry I have to go. I forgot a doctor’s visit I scheduled for today,” she said as she turned her back to Diane and started walking away.

One thing being a submissive and Domme had taught Diane, was the ability to stay calm when things got challenging. Dealing with aspects like humiliation, pain, fatigue, and overstimulation was only made worse by panicking.

“Stop!” Diane said in a stern and demanding voice. It was the same one she used with the girls on the rare occasion they misbehaved, usually Lena.

Celeste froze in her tracks, not turning around but not moving forward either.

Diane stood and walked to the end of the coffee table. Sitting down on it, she hiked up her skirt to expose her bare pussy. As she began to rub it with two fingers, she said, “I want you to turn around and look at me, Celeste.”

Her potential new subs right heel lifted as if she intended to pivot, but then froze, a battle raging inside her.

“Now!” Diane demanded in her mother/Domme’s voice once again.

Celeste turned slowly, her eyes down on the floor looking at her own feet like a child who was being chastized for misbehaving.

“For the last time, eyes on me,” Diane said sternly.

The dark-headed beauty’s gaze came up slowly but never made it to Diane’s face. Instead, it stopped on the scene that lay between Diane’s legs, Celeste’s eyes seeming to glaze over.

“Now, I asked you a question, and you were rude to me, refusing to answer.”

Not taking her eyes away from Diane’s fingers sliding in and out of her wet pussy, Celeste said in a voice devoid of emotion, “I’m sorry, Diane. I didn’t mean to be rude.”

“Don’t worry about that right now,” Diane said, almost dismissively. “We’ll handle your punishment for that and lying to me in a bit. For now, though, I want an answer to my question. Have you ever thought about having sex with a woman?”

So caught up in what was going on between Diane’s legs, Celeste didn’t react to the bit about being punished.

“Yes,” she said in the same, flat monotone voice. It was like the sight in front of her had thrown her into a hypnotic state.

“Good girl,” Diane said, praising her for being honest. “Now, and I already know the answer to this question, so being dishonest will do you no good. Have you thought about having sex with me?”

After a brief hesitation, Celeste nodded her head.

“Use your words. A submissive must always be able to communicate with her Mistress,” Diane said, bringing her fingers to her mouth and sucking the juices off her soaked digits.

“Yes, I’ve thought about it a lot,” Celeste admitted as she watched Diane’s fingers resume circling her clit.

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