Desperate to Caress Her Friend

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I saw her bra come off, followed by her undies and lastly, her socks. Her socks were bore a multicolored symbol of a heart eating a smaller heart! How strange they were! The bra was white, but lacy. I would have preferred black and lacy, but of course I was more fixated on the breasts which the bra only barely constrained. Several times over the last few minutes she had had to readjust her boobs so that they would sit properly inside of her bra. She seemed to spend more time than absolutely necessary squeezing and pinching her breasts and nipples. While watching I noticed her bring her forefinger and thumb up close to her right boob, the one that was slightly lightly larger, and began flicking her nipple as if she had forgotten the purpose of being in her room in the first place. I knew that she had come to change her outfit from the rather sweaty netball outfit, to her comfortable, yet oddly sexy, lingerie.

Suddenly she skipped over to her side table, which was adorned with beautiful porcelain and marble statues of cats, pulled out a draw, and snatched a small Polaroid picture from it. I could not quite make out what was on it. While gazing off into the distance, she promptly jumped on to her queen sized bed and landed on, bouncing once, twice, three times on to her back.

“Chloe!” She suddenly moaned.

My ears picked up and my body felt a sudden chill. Had she managed to work out that I was in her wardrobe? My heart stopped as I feared the inevitable scream of anger and disgust. Screwing my eyes shut I waited for the inevitable…

“Mmmm… casino şirketleri Chloe… yeah… right there.’ She whispered this time.

I started to lick my lips. The thrill of being caught alongside the almost certainty that she was looking at a picture of was beginning to make me wet. At around the same time that Chloe began to rapidly stroke her clit, my own fingers started to make small circles.

“Fuck I love you Chloe!” Her voice went up an octave as her body began to writhe. Her back arching and displaying her sculpted bubbly butt. How she could make all of this noise with her parents home was almost unbelievable. I had only barely managed to sneak in through her open window without making any noise. Moving up the creeper had tested my own limited athletic abilities, but thankfully I had shown that I had some spunk.

“Chloe! Be here now and fuck me!” Her finger slipped into her vagina and she started to rotate her body around in order to simulate a large object hitting a few sides at once. And then, all of a sudden, she withdrew her finger and with a sigh of irritation returned to her desk. Moving her elbows together and bowing her head, she started to pray. This was hardly a surprise, as I knew that she attended the local catholic church every week with her conservatively minded parents. She started to speak, and again I realised that I was now privy to her deepest and wildest desires.

“Dear god, please let Chloe come and fuck me. I want her to be inside of me… I know that she doesn’t have penis, casino firmaları but even fingers will do! She is my best friend and I want her here to make me feel safe and warm.”

She moved back to her bed, turned while bouncing and went for the third draw of the side table, with her left arm outstretched she pulled out the draw and used her right to pull out a massive double ended dildo. Smirking, she scampered across to the wardrobe and stared through the divider.

“Come out and play Chloe, don’t think I didn’t hear you screaming alongside me”.

“Crap!” I thought.

Did she realise that I was in here? Pulling the door open she wrenched me out of my hiding spot and threw me on to the bed. I managed to bounce and twirl as she had done earlier.


With a rapidly expanding smirk on her face she stuck her tongue out and rammed it into my mouth. This was not what I was expecting, and I struggled to move away from her.

I managed to flip over so that my back was facing her, and began to crawl away. Knowing the bouncy mechanics of her bed to tee, she somehow managed to jump up and bounce me back towards her.

“God responded to my wishes it seems! Now stop struggling Chloe, I know you want this this. Why else would you be in my wardrobe?”

She pinned my arms as I started to squirm, I was trying my best to avoid making eye contact, but I had to admit that her strength and forcefulness was a turn on.’

“Not one for taking eh? Well let’s put that mouth to a better use.”

She took güvenilir casino the double ended dildo that she had taken from the draw earlier, pinched my nose and rammed it down my throat. I almost threw up then and there. But it was almsot as if my body had been preparing for this situation. My heart was thrumming in my chest and my panties were soaking wet. I gargled.

“Suck it bitch! Or I call my parents.”

Terrified I began to suck in earnest. She pushed the dildo down as far as she could, and again I was tempted to retch, but the fear of being found out drove me to do as she said. I gargled and sucked while maintaining eye contact with her.

“MMMM…” Her fingers moved to her clit and began to rub, first in small circles and then quickly up and own.

“I had one more prayer before you came Chloe, and that was to fuck you for real!”

Literally tearing my panties off she aligned her dripping pussy with mine. Once again I saw a quick opportunity to escape and started to scramble away. She grabbed me in a headlock before I was able to get to the end on the bed however.

“How selfish I have been!” She exclaimed. “How can we fuck if you are dry?”

Knowing perfectly well that I was exceedingly wet, she used her free hand to rub. First over the clit and then down over my swollen labia lips.

I made a vain attempt to escape, but my movements instinctively corresponded with the waves of pleasure that were erupting throughout my body.

Suddenly she twisted and reversed our positions. Using her legs to position me on top of her, she licked my ear and said,

“Now dominate me like I have dominated you, or I will literally suffocate you with my cum.”

I gulped. Was this the fantasy I had always hoped for?

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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