Desolation Sound Ch. 02

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Part 2 – Mom’s Story

When Tiger told me his secret I felt a warm gush of fluid leave my pussy. My own son held the same secret desire that I have held on to for so long. I did feel a bit of regret however, regret of all the years we missed together. I was not going to wait any longer and reached over to him and took him in my arms. Our mouths met in a hungry and needed kiss. God his lips tasted so good. When I felt his eager tongue break our lips apart and slide into my mouth I accepted it and made my tongue its dance partner.

Our tongues were sliding over each other, licking and rubbing the tasted love. My son was an amazing kisser and his talent sent shivers down my body. I knew we were going to cross that forbidden line tonight. It was a line that would be wiped clear forever. My son had loved me as a mother and now he would love me as his lover. No one knew me out here on this desolate island and I intended on playing his new live in girlfriend.

I moaned as his hands reached for my breasts, my nipples hardened at the touch, the touch from the same person who once nourished from those very same breasts. My heart fluttered when I thought about antalya escort my wonderful son suckling once again. It was as if we were not just locked into each other’s soul and heart but also our minds, not a few seconds after my thought of my son suckling at the bosom from which he once fed, he dropped his head and took one of my nipples in my mouth.

“OH yes Tiger, suck mommy’s tits … feed from my nipples Baby …Oh God your mommy likes when her boy does that! Feel how hard my nipples are in your mouth?” I cried out to my son.

He licked for what seemed like forever but when he broke his suction it just didn’t seem long enough. But my son was no longer a boy anymore and he had a man’s hunger. His head traveled over my stomach, stopping for a brief moment to tickle my belly button with his oral digit then he put him mouth on my cunt. I came instantly when I felt his tongue lapping at the spot from where he came. He ate so vigorously it was if he was trying to crawl back inside. God his talent was paramount; he knew every nook and cranny to put his tongue and fingers.

When he slid his two fingers inside me and sucked on my clit, I alanya escort started to shake violently. Then he did something I had never felt inside me before. He curled his fingers and started rubbing upward inside my walls. The pressure inside was building up inside me so quick I didn’t know what hit me until it was too late. The strongest orgasm of my life rocked through my core. I felt every fiber of my being release all at once and that is when I saw it through strained eyes of pleasure. A stream of liquid was spraying out of my vagina right onto my wonderful son’s face. He took as much as he could and when he looked up at me, his smile was ear to ear. Whatever it was that my son did to me at the particular time, he knew he did it right. His glistening face was evidence.

I needed to feel him inside and I wanted him to make love to me. He came up from between my legs and kissed me hotly, I could taste my juices upon his lips. I felt the heat radiating from my cunt as his tool pressed against my full lips. When we committed that final act I just put my arms around him and pulled him in and held him as tightly as I could muster. belek escort I never wanted to let him go as I felt his length and thickness fill my pussy up. He had only thrust two times in me and I was having another orgasm. Two strokes into our taboo love session and he was already a million times better than his father.

He showed me more love, more passion, and more commitment in those two strokes than I have ever felt in my life. The two slow strokes were for my benefit to get me accustom to his size but once we finished the first two it was ravishing. He thrust into me and and I bucked my hips up to meet him. His mouth found mind and we embraced in a kiss so hot we could have melted the Arctic. Sweat was pouring off our bodies as my beautiful son pounded his manly cock deep inside my cunt. His speed increased and my moaning became louder. I knew my next orgasm was going to be there soon and I let him know.

“Oh Yesssss Son …fuck …me! OOOHHH you are fucking mommy sooooo good! I’mmm gonna cummm …. Yesssss ….cummmming all ovvverrrrr my son’s cock!” I screamed out.

“Oh Mom here I cummmmmmmmmm!” My son told me as he shoved his hips all the way forward. I could feel his cum shooting inside my womb, shot after shot filled my sacred place.

“Oh I love you so much Tiger!” I told him with all sincerity.

“I love you too Mom!” He said to me with more love in his eyes than I have ever seen in my life.

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