Denise Sucks the “Paper Boy”

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This is a very, VERY true story. It may not be as nasty as some would like, but it was a very fun and awesome experience. I can expand on it if there is enough interest. Leave comments and vote to let me know.



I had never been out with this guy and in fact, I didn’t know very much at all about him. He hit me up on my Match ad and we had only exchanged information a couple of times and briefly at that.

I asked him what it is about my ad that made him want to hit me up. He typed back; “Besides the bright blue eyes, blonde hair and you’re drop-dead-gorgeous…well…it was the part that read ‘I’m looking for a real man. A man who knows what he wants from a woman and isn’t afraid to come get it.’ I love a self-assured woman like that. It’s intriguing.”

I replied “So do you have enough of what it takes to intrigue a real woman?” For some reason; the anonymity of the web, or the sudden realization that my ad sounded sluttier than I had intended… I felt myself getting wet and flushed and right now I just really wanted to be perceived as “easy.” It felt good to act like one of “those girls.”

Granted, I had had my fair share of lovers. OK, maybe a bit more than my “fair” share, but I had always presented as wholesome and goody-two-shoes. I never fucked on the first date and I acted somewhat of a “good girl”, although I flirted and teased unmercifully after we were actually getting to know each other. I carried a very conservative, businesslike posture and I hadn’t ever considered leaving that behind. Although I knew there was an inner slut living just beneath the surface, I was careful to keep her hidden most of the time.

With this guy something felt different. Maybe it wasn’t so much this guy as it was this set of circumstances. So far we hadn’t met and we didn’t have too. I could still back out but I could still be very brazen and bold. I felt a newfound freedom. The inner slut actually felt like the real Denise! I was feeling freer and more relaxed with the real Denise already. My mind was spiraling down into the gutter rapidly now and I was quite OK with that.

I had almost forgotten my question when I read his answer: “Well since you asked…” he inserted a picture of a giant, hard cock! OMG! “…Is this intriguing? Is it ‘enough’ for a real woman?”

Without another thought crossing my mind I typed back, “When and where do you want to meet?” I might as well have said “HELL YES! Fuck me now!” That is, after all, what I was thinking.

I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I’ve never even heard his voice and I have practically agreed to let him fuck me already! Agreed? Hell I am begging him to fuck me! And the crazy part is…this felt really good! This felt natural. This felt like the real woman I had claimed to be. I was loving this feeling but at the same time wondering if I was opening a Pandora’s Box. That fear didn’t last long as it was quickly replaced by excitement and the feeling that I was finally doing what felt right to me.

His message came after an uncomfortable pause. I was staring at the screen expecting a quick reply…I was waiting.

Suddenly there it was. “I’d like to fuck your pretty brains out right now, but I’m at work now and can’t leave. I’ll be at the office most of the day tomorrow but I have a game to cover tomorrow night. We can meet at the game.”

Now I was confused. What game? How do you “cover” a game? Meet where at what game?

As if anticipating my confusion he explained. “I am a sports reporter. I write for the local newspaper. During baseball season I am the announcer at the baseball park. You can meet me at the park. I’ll leave a ticket and a press pass for you at the Will-Call window.”

He named the newspaper and the ball park but I won’t mention them here because it might give away too many facts. I don’t want to get him in trouble.

I gave him my name so he could leave the passes. He told me his and I immediately recognized the name. I had seen it in the paper all the time. I couldn’t believe that this guy had actually sent me a cock pic via the internet! Apparently I had succeeded in making him perceive me as easy…and probably even slutty. WOW, was I ever liking this feeling! This slut thing might come pretty easy to me.

So I asked him. “Is this really your cock? Did you really just do that?”

He said, “I don’t know what came şirinevler türbanlı escort over me. Normally I would never do that but somehow I felt like you would appreciate it. I just really appreciate the boldness of your internet ad. It felt like the thing to do. I hope you are not too offended.”

“Offended? Hell no! I’m excited! I asked for a man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to come get it. I’m beginning to think that I might have finally gotten what I asked for so I’m certainly not going to penalize you for being honest with me and doing what I asked. But I will tell you one thing for certain. That had better be YOUR COCK!”

“After I finish the game tomorrow night we can go for dinner and after that you can find out anything you want to know about me.”

“I’ve never seen a ball game from the announcer’s booth. It sounds like a fun evening.”

I spent the rest of that night and the whole next day with my nipples erect and my pussy soaked! Actually I think my entire breasts were erect, not just the nipples! I don’t remember being this excited since that lesbian sorority gang bang in college. (A few guys had slipped in and made the night even more interesting.) But this time I was that excited before the date rather than after and this time there was just one guy. I consciously realized that my state of hyper-arousal had very little with this guy, but rather with the fact that I was being so totally slutty.

I really had to fight the urge to dress overly slutty. I decide to dress somewhat conservatively but with a sexy flare. I wore a sort of a cotton peasant blouse. It was thin and flowing at the waist. It laced up the front. It had spaghetti straps and loose, low arm openings. It was probably designed to be worn with a camisole under it. As I moved, the bottom of it could raise enough to see some under boob if you were at the right angle and the arms showed a lot of side boob and I didn’t tie the front very tight so you could see all the way through and all the way down the front of it. I don’t have big breasts by any means but they are firm and they stay uplifted even without a bra. Not many 44 year old women can say that! When I bent over you could see all the way down to my toes. I brazenly decided not to wear a bra with it and that had my nipples at full erection all evening.

I wore my tightest, oldest and thinnest blue jeans. They were worn till practically see through in the ass and knees and I had strategic cuts and slits that made it absolutely improper to wear panties with it. I couldn’t have everybody seeing my panties now could I? Looking at the well-worn knee caps of my jeans I fondly recalled just how much time I have spent on my knees in those jeans. LOL! OK, maybe I have always been somewhat of a slut…on occasion; but those were my college jeans after all. OMG, have I actually had those jeans for nearly 25 years? No wonder the knees and the ass were worn out! I have spent an awful lot of time on my back and on my knees in that amount of time. Isn’t it funny how when you’re already horny the slightest little things will set your mind on an erotic journey?

7:05PM finally came and I had picked up my passes from the Will-Call desk and was making my way up to the announcer’s booth. It even felt sexy to be going up the forbidden stairway to the announcers’ booth. It made me feel special even though this was a AAA baseball team and he was local newspaper sportswriter. I later referred to him as “The Paper Boy”, but I’ll call him Bill for this story.

When I got to the door of the booth it was open. I realized right away that Bill was on the microphone calling the game. He spoke to me in sign language. He waved “HI.” He motioned for me to close the door. He motioned for me to come down the steps toward him. He motioned for me to sit next to him. He put his finger to his lips to “Shush” me. He greeted me with a hand on my thigh and a wink to acknowledge my presence as he continued calling the game. His hot hand lingered on my thigh and I left it there and moved a little closer to him. He looked me up and down and gave me an approving smile. I slid closer to him and let my unfettered breast rub up against his forearm. I pressed it there just a little harder than an accidental brushing up against him. I wanted to make sure he realized right away that I was braless. It also şirinevler ucuz escort reminded me that I had made a silent agreement with myself that tonight I was going to be the forward, provocative slut who had always lived inside of Denise and had wanted to be unleashed for so long.

I realized that I was being blatantly sensual and forward with this man and we have never even spoken one verbal word to each other. I could hear him calling the game, but he has still not even heard my voice. That too I found sexy and quite a turn-on.

There was obviously very little he could do with me at the moment, he was very busy calling a fast paced game. I reached over and put my hand on his thigh much the same way he had done to me. I squeezed tight and he did the same, sliding his hand up my leg as he did. Now we were massaging each other’s thigh. I reached across to his other leg and did the same. As I did so my breasts both pressed firmly against him. He wriggled in his seat and I looked down to see that he was sporting the beginnings of an erection. Apparently that was his cock in that picture last night! As he got harder I got more forward. I let my hand slide all the way up his leg and I cupped his balls in my hand. Even through his jeans I could tell that he had a respectable set of balls. He pointed at the mic as he signaled me with a finger to the lips again.

I wasn’t talking, but he didn’t want to say “Stop playing with my balls! I am calling the game right now you horny bitch!” I rubbed my hand all the way across his balls to the base of his hardening cock. As my fingers reached the base of it, I squeezed his cock tightly with just my forefinger and thumb. I felt him getting much harder very quickly. I smiled and kissed him on his ear. I sucked on his neck as I let my hand grope further until I had his whole cock in the palm of my hand. He was twitching all over trying to maintain his composure while I was fucking with his mind. As I looked around the booth while squeezing his cock, I could plainly see that we were alone in the booth. But what I hadn’t realized was that there was a lot of plate glass right in front of us. The people in the stands had a pretty clear view of the announcer, and now me as well, as he called the game.

I deftly unzipped his pants and curled my hand around his cock. He really did have an impressive cock. Without measuring, I would guess him to be between 7 and 8 inches long and very, very thick! I couldn’t get my one hand all the way around it. I took him in both hands and began stroking him under the announcers’ desk. Without saying a word, I slid down under the desk and gave his big cock a wet lick all the way from the bottom to the top. I felt him shudder. By now I was on my knees under the desk. I reached up and unbuckled his belt and grabbed his pants with both hands a pulled then down forcefully. He had to shift his weight quickly to keep from falling off of his chair. As I ripped his pants down, I kept going and pulled them all the way off as he kicked his shoes off and away.

Somehow he managed to keep on talking and calling the game. I grabbed his cock and started stroking him again. This time his cock was wet with pre-cum. I was SO proud of myself! As I stroked him I raised myself up off the floor and licked his cock from the bottom of his balls all the way to the cum drippling tip. As I took him fully into my mouth I started bouncing my head up and down taking him fully down my throat on each stroke. I felt his hand on my head as I realized that I was banging the desk with my head on each up-stroke. I laughed at myself and thought to myself that I really don’t care if the whole ballpark knows I am sucking this man’s cock! As a matter of fact, I kindda like the idea of them all knowing. I am certainly feeling and acting slutty tonight and I am finding out that part of being a slut is that other people know you are a slut! I liked that idea. I was feeling this flurry of wild emotions as I sucked the cock of this man who still hadn’t said one word to me nor I to him. Apparently, yes; I am a slut. Only a slut would suck the cock of a man who she had never even spoken to before. Yes…I like this feeling. I like feeling like a slut. Right now I can think of no negative connotation of being a slut. It all seems really favorable to me. And besides…DAMN this cock is awesome! I find myself şişli escort wanting him to cum quickly so I can taste and swallow all of his cum!

I decided that I was in charge of when he cums so I sped up my tempo and took him deep, deep on every stroke. He started squirming and acting like he was going to pull his cock out of my mouth. I was having none of that and I pushed down deeper and faster. OH NO!…I was NOT going to let him pull out of my mouth. I was going to have his cum and I was going to have it right now in the middle of a full count with two out and two on base!

His fat cock stiffened and grew a whole lot wider as I could actually feel his cum rising up from beneath his balls, up his shaft swelling as it rose and now, yes now…it came splashing from the tip with so much thrust that the first few spurts went straight down my throat and I didn’t even taste his cum. I intentionally pulled back until just the head was in my mouth as he spurted five or six more times. As I held his cum in my mouth and sucked and stroked as he emptied completely I had a crazy, fun slutty idea. This was going to either ruin our short relationship or it was going to take it to whole new level. I had decided to do something that I think probably only us sluts do…I was going to kiss him and push his cum into his mouth. I waited just a second until I heard him catch his breath from the announcing and from the blow job, and I struck with lightning speed! I slid up beside him and grabbed his face with both hands, turned his face toward mine and kissed him full on the lips with open mouth and before he had any idea what I was doing. Due to the situation he had no choice but to swallow it all so he could continue the game.

He didn’t say a word to me but kept up with the game. I thought maybe I had really fucked up so I figured, “What the heck”, and I reached for his cock again. After all, he was still sitting there with his pants off. Much to my delight he began to immediately get hard again. I crawled back under the table and this time I took my blouse off. I started licking his cock again and he was very responsive. This time I licked him from the balls to the top and when I got to the top I leaned against him and let his cock slide between my naked breasts. He let out an audible moan when I did that. I could almost feel the entire stadium looking up at the announcer’s booth, but I never faltered. I kept his cock wet and slick and rubbed it unmercifully against my breasts and my nipples. Much, much quicker than I had expected, he suddenly came again, this time all over my breasts. I was very surprised how much cum there was for a second cumming! LOL! I rolled off of him still under the desk. I leaned back against the chair and made sure he could get a good look at my naked, cum covered titties.

Much to my surprise the game ended at that moment and he said good night to the crowd and switched off the mic. I was practically laying on the floor of the booth at his feet when he leaned down over me and said “OK Beautiful, let me get a closer look at those beautiful tits of yours.” He pushed me the rest on the way onto my back and slid down as if he was about to suck my nipple. I stopped him and said, “Be careful, my titties are still covered with your cum.” He laughed out loud and said “What fucking difference does that make now?” He licked and sucked on my breasts until there was no sign of his cum left. After he finished cleaning me off, he handed me my blouse and while pulling his pants back on said, “You are absolutely everything I hoped you would be and then some. You are a REAL WOMAN and that is so damn hard to find!”

I replied “Well thank you, sir” in my best Maryland Southern Belle drawl, “…whatever shall we do next?”

He asked about dinner and then back to his place to see what might pop up there. I answered “Well OK Darlin’ but only if you promise that you’re the kind of guy who fucks on the first date?”

“Then dinner and my place it is Baby.” Obviously we fucked ourselves crazy all night, but that’s not what this story is about.

We laughed together when we later realized that the first words I had ever spoken to my Paper Boy were “Be careful, my titties are still covered with your cum.”

And it certainly wasn’t the last time he sucked cum from my breasts…or my pussy…or my mouth. And sometimes he didn’t even know he was doing it because sometimes it wasn’t his cum… and he never suspected a thing. OH, don’t be judgmental; we already established that I am a slut, didn’t we? So don’t be so surprised when I do slutty things.

And the best part! I couldn’t wait to get home and tell my husband about this latest answer to my Match ad. He was so proud of me!

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