Demi-God in Heat

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**All characters are fictional unless otherwise noted.**

Over the last two years I’d gone through multiple fallouts as the startup tech companies I where I worked started and rapidly bombed. Far from defeated, I kept up my skills and swallowed my pride- and I had finally found a fit as a service agent with a company outside of San Francisco. Promotion in the bag- and with the whole of the Bay to enliven me I was starting to develop a certain taste for finer things.

At nearly six feet, and biking everywhere- I had slimmed down to 185 pounds of lean, muscular legs and ass. I kept locks down to my waist maintained in bunches of twists all neatly corralled under a snap-back cap, usually. My brown eyes melted even the most decidedly straight women into pools of lust.

Within another four months, changes within the company brought me to the Senior manager level with a small team of agents I was responsible for developing. The work world did have its perks. When I met Demetria it was nothing short of that kind of jolt you get the first time you score a basket. A few weeks of her stationing, and we had built a very healthy working rapport.

Her skin tone was somewhere between peanut butter and brown sugar. She had wide-set, almond shape brown eyes, and lashes that extended much farther than I thought possible. Simply ‘bad’, was the way I would describe her. To me at that time, it didn’t matter whether she was into women, as long as she’d be into me.

She was smart, her ideas were solid and my whole team had improved. I was really impressed and said so frequently. I made every effort to do nice things for her, that wouldn’t be so obvious.

One Monday morning in May, my entire team had all hit our best numbers of the year. It had been somewhat unexpected, so there was lots of buzz and congratulations throughout my meetings that day. Her hard work had put us there.


I made desserts and brought them to the office the next day. In the break room, everyone gathered to taste them, some joking about not knowing I could cook. Demetria passed by just as the commotion frequency was at its peak. From the hall, she locked eyes with me leaning near the fridge, as I gulped water from a glass. As folks passed the tray of treats across the small round tables. Demetria stepped into the room.

“What do we have here?” Her assistant, Tia, offered the extra treat from her small party plate.

“Monroe made them herself,” someone laughed stuffing another treat into their joyful mouth.

I’d worn a simple grey suit that day, tailored and slim- with a white shirt that had been unbuttoned at the top since I’d entered the office that day. She eyed my chest and shoulders.

I watched her eye the dessert before picking it up delicately between two fingers and, “Oh I really shouldn’t.”

Even as she denied me, her parting lips spoke another language. Needless to say, I had also fantasized about this woman. Holding her lower back, and rocking my piece into her as she rode me- me being on top of her in intercourse, kissing her roughly while she’d urge me in deeper. She took a tiny bite and her eyes rolled back. She turned to face me, still chewing, and reached for a napkin.

“Wow, a strawberry cheesecake tart! Well done Monroe,” she said through the hand covering her mouth.

Her serious demeanor was super attractive. The statement came out low and pleasured, and just sounded so dirty in my head. “Yeah, I just bake. YouTube chef here,” I laughed along.

That afternoon I gathered up my team and suggested we all go out to celebrate. My close friend and roommate Bee was an insider, a party promoter – really I didn’t know what they did, but I asked them to put us on the list for whatever event was happening that week.

I didn’t even have to pass Demetria the message myself. I heard later from another manager that she was on board.

So that is how it happened. There was going to be a great time dancing and celebrating with one of the newest start-up companies in the Bay Area. Who could resist?


Around lunch, myself and my assistant, Demetria and her assistant and a counterpart from another division all had a closed-door meeting with the senior head deputy for strategy. As Demetria led the meeting, I couldn’t help but take in her long legs, disappearing up the bottom of a patterned pencil skirt.

The senior official and Demitria were both such attractive women, and I had a lot of trouble focusing. Ms. Tamara White was a huge fan of praising and promoting the young black talent in the company. The deputy would have me in knots and soaking wet on the occasions I’d interacted with her. That was before …

“Demetria this work had been remarkable,” Ms. White spoke with her whole body, letting the entire room of colleagues and my team, know just who was in charge.

I took her lead. “Ms. Graham. . . really has been an asset. . . knows what she is doing. . . even motivates. . . .”

I just rained the compliments down; casino şirketleri keeping my hands folded in my lap, to display ease and confidence, and praying my chest to slow down. Demetria’s slim brown hands were adorned in gold and wooden bracelets, they rested in her own lap-as both of us faced the executives across from us.

I watched her from the corner of my eye, as we all looked over the reports. She turned in my direction to look at the report in my hands, and I wondered if she could feel the tug of my desire under the table. I wanted to fill her. I wanted to bury my face in between her legs and breasts. . . .


It turned out we’d be invited to a rooftop warehouse club which was premiering a new dance party. The temperatures were climbing. Top it all off with planning in advance, and we’d all had a few days to prepare.

I was at the office early that day and so were many others. After our morning team meeting, I stood in Demetria’s office doorway, “Congratulations Ms.Graham. It has been so wonderful working together.”

My co-worker and our assistants embraced in the hallway just outside the office.

She came into the hall, beaming at the younger women, and said to me, “These outcomes are unlike anything I’ve ever seen. You and your team are doing a wonderful job.”

I wondered how I had gotten so lucky, to be at work and surrounded by vibrant women such as these. I was also praying the universe would forgive me not being able to keep it in the pants this once.

I reached out for a more celebratory embrace, “Thank you! I will see you later tonight.”

She went to join our younger colleagues and her hand drifted from my arm to stomach as she lowered away from our one-armed hug. Then, in a tight circle heading the opposite direction with a young lady under each arm, she looked back over their shoulders at me and winked.

I arrived at the warehouse just before 8 o’clock. Demetria and Tia were already seated together in a reserved section. Someone suggested we all get to the rooftop dance floor as the crowd picked up, and finally, they’d all had enough drinks that the music was taking its effect. I was nearly hurting myself trying to play it cool. I decided to limit my alcohol intake since I had to be sharp enough to keep this up all night.

After a few hours, some of the early birds including her assistant went home. Demetria and I met next to each other on the dance floor. She was going right past me and I had to turn completely around to catch her attention. She smiled this time dazzling me. A look that to me said, ‘finally’. I silently groaned. Gently grabbing her hand I pulled her as close as we could move in the middle of the crowd. She spun her pelvis around to the beat so that I was behind her as she pressed her fat, round ass into me and swirled her hips.

I let her up and released the close-hold, just as she was grinding it out on my bulge. She sauntered off and I spun to find a tall stunner of a woman wearing blonde curls and a short jean skirt standing way too close. I put my hands on the woman’s waist, sighed into the distraction. She was all legs, ass, and wig bent over twerking, and I caught myself thinking about the thick brown thighs hiding up under Demetria’s skirt as she walked away.

At the rhythm change, I dashed off to the bathroom, ghosting the blonde. When I had dried my hands and exited the single stall, Demetria was standing at the sink in the restroom, reapplying the dark-colored lipstick I was hoping to god I would come home with on my shirt that night.

It wasn’t ideal at all. But, “Demetria, hello again.”

‘Damn! Stupid!’ I thought to myself but shook it off quickly. I took a good minute to take in her every angle. “I was actually looking for you, I was enjoying our dancing.”

The single stalls were empty, and amazingly, no one else was waiting in the dim back hallway.

She hadn’t looked at me, but she was saying something about her assistant and another of our co-workers. “I know what you mean. I’m glad we got to work so closely, though.”

Dawg. This was it. I stroked the back of her thighs from behind. She steaded with both hands on the sink in surprise and looked at my reflection right in the eye.

“Would you like to go home with me tonight?” I whispered low in her ear. A 10-star proposal, from the young single demi-god.

“No, not really,” she said flat out, and the only reason I knew a ‘but’ was coming was the way she leaned back against me with her eyes closed.

“But you’re welcome to bring this back to my place.” She reached behind her to cup my dick and turned to face me slowly.

Silently I choked down cheers and part moaned, “Damn, really?”

Part of me felt like I should kiss her and take her right there on the sink. But then it all processed, we were going to her place. I followed up with, “Cool, can I get you a drink then?”

She bit her lip and rubbed the cock lightly as she grinned into my glazed and suddenly-heavy eyes. casino firmaları Shit.

“Rum and Coke, please, with a cherry.” I went quickly to the bar my legs bounding with tension. I found my way to my bartender and ordered a shot before I closed up the tab.

“Thank you, sweetie,” Demetria came up to us, taking the drink from me and pushed her waist back on my dick some more. I wrapped my arm around her and we took off in an Uber to her place.

It was like an intense dream. I watched her neck curve into shoulder, collarbone, then full breasts that glowed with sweat and makeup glitter as we chatted about details of the party. The architecture of the city spun around us. One by one I spread my fingers along her back. And I stayed quiet as she moved her hands to my knee and then thigh, and then-

“We’re here.” She wasn’t the least bit intoxicated. And I didn’t think I was. But I swayed to stand and then to get my feet to the sidewalk. Damn my low tolerance.

“Monroe, did you have too much to drink?” She began to tease, softly grabbing my ass and walking toward the door with her hand there.

I sigh deeply but chuckle with her. She was just trying to get under my skin. She was talking about the home and her roommate as we walked up what felt like 3,000 stairs, then a 50-foot long hallway with huge ceilings, leading into her place.

“There’s an office and another sunroom, and backyard. We wanted to make lots of space to relax.

“Speaking of, . . . I really have to get out of this skirt. I’ll be right back.”

The place was gorgeously decorated, with eastern and modern odds and ends in bright welcoming colors. And it was immaculate. Bee and I had a cleaning service come every few weeks, and compared to this we were still well in the bachelor zone.

When she made her way back she’d taken her heels off, and half her makeup. A silky kimono now covered her shoulders and forearms. I could see tattoos on her upper back and shoulder through the sheer pattern. She was a woman of so many tastes. Tonight I just wanted to know what made her tick.

“This place is lavish. And I love the vibe,” I said, getting comfortable on the plush seating.

“You ever host?” I asked as the tension built, deliberately leaving out what kind of gathering I was thinking.

“I have friends over a couple of times a week.” She shifted on the couch.

Her hands reached to finger a few of the locs hanging near my chest. I was silent as I watched her twirling them in circles.

“And what about you? Do you keep strapped up?

Or did you just think I was easy and about to come over and be your little freak for the night?”

I know I looked surprised, but it was the way she slipped her hand between us to rub on the toy I was packing, not the blunt question.

I closed my eyes as she massaged me. “Mm, I really like that, and I like the way you play in my hair.”

Brain fog was clearing, and my assuredness taking over. She had stopped trying to hide the arousal in her eyes.

I was dying to feel her softness. I tugged her braids away to kiss gently at the curve of her neck and shoulder. Finally, I placed my hands on her head and pulled her towards me.

When her full soft lips opened against mine, I nearly moaned her name right then. My hand moved closer to the place where her thighs and the opening of the robe all met.

When she pulled away I lingered in frustration.

Then she got up, grabbing both of my hands, the robe opening up more. I could feel those sweet lips chasing my heart rate down one side of my neck and I forced my breath to evenly exhale as my body responded.

“Let’s go to my room,” she said into my ear and sending shivers through me.

She let me enter her bedroom first. My shoes and jumper came off quickly. I was incredibly aroused, and I stood, locking eyes with her, as I undid the buttons on my pants.

Suddenly she was in front of me, helping the undershirt over my head and tugging like she wanted to destroy that last piece of clothing. The thin kimono dropped from her shoulder and pooled on top of my clothes.

Her arms wrapped around my neck passionately and she was slipping her tongue into my mouth again. As her pussy pushed up against my stomach, I could feel her real desire for me. She was soaked through the silky shorts she wore.

“How long have you been thinking about doing this to me?” She teased the dick more, slipping her hand inside my grey silk boxers this time.

“The entire time.” There was no bra impeding on our night, so I rubbed and lavished her breasts with my mouth. “Every meeting, every fucking day.”

When her eyes caught mine she got this kind of focus I had seen her with before. My clit jumped seeing this new application.

“You got me so wet,” she moaned, her legs falling open as I kneeled in front of the bed.

I reached lower, dipping my fingers down to her entry and teasing her. As I felt her breathing speed, I started up a rhythm, rubbing güvenilir casino the length of outer the lips and slowly along the entire shaft of her clit.

“Demitria, oh god,” she locked eyes with me and the fire in them melted my last bit of nerves. “You fine as fuck.”

“Baby, show me,” she moaned, very clearly in need of this release.

I brought my head towards her lower half as she asked. My tongue never left her skin, just slipped over her lips and though the folds.

I was in heaven. She tasted better than I could have imagined. Her entire pussy was throbbing and wet while I ate her. She clenched my head tight.

“Oh, god!” She was very loud. “Yes-ss! Ro, yes!”

The gasping pleasure her in voice gave way. I would be hearing her moans in my head for days after.

“Mmm! Yess! Ro! Fuck me.”

Ohhh, that was a huge turn on. I gripped her bottom and held it to my face.

I pressed my tongue as deep inside her as I could. It drove me further into her pleasure delivery every time she grazed my neck and shoulders. I couldn’t see her face anymore and that was a shame, but her shouts were picking up and I kept going.

“Ohhhgod! Ohh, oh god. Ro!” She trembled. I slowed the pressure, milking every second, “Unnhh!”

I went from rubbing her with juices from my lips and chin, to slipping my tongue up and down her velvety clit. I could feel her swelling in my mouth. Her hips rolled and she dug her fingers into my hair, fucking my face.

“Fuuuuck, Ro!” I wanted to tell her how beautiful it was to hear her calling my name. If I could have, I would have had her down my throat.

I pressed a second finger into her leaking pussy, feeling her walls gently throbbing and stretching. “Fuck,” I whispered as I slipped in the third.

There was pressure from my lower abs through my legs from kneeling, but mostly from the desire, I was feeling for her. She started to ride my fingers with some forcefulness as I faced her on my side.

She moaned in time with every jolt into her soaked pussy.

“Ro, ohhh Ro!”

“I like that. When you say my name, baby.”

“Yeaah, Ro! Aahhh!”

Her eyelashes kissed, and her brows wrinkled as she accepted the pleasure I’d been dreaming up for her. I took in the micro changes in her gorgeous fucking face, near orgasm, I thought.

She continued to moan my name, “Ro, Ro! The way you feel i-issss soo-oo GOOD!” swirling her hips in circles, barely getting the words out.

With one hand she teased herself, gently squeezing her breast, the other hand grasping at the comforter. Then, “Aaaaahhhhhhhhh!”, as she arched her way over the edge.

We were covered in sweat, and the whole room smelled of linen and our heat. My fingers are covered in her thick cum, and she gasps when they exit her. The delirious look on her face made me ask, “You happy?”

Leaning in for a kiss with a whispery, “Hell yeah,” she looked over my body and my face plastered with her juices, “But I’m not done.”

She had me lay in the center of the bed and pulled down my briefs with both hands.

“That’s pretty,” she said.

She lowered her lips onto the dark purple tip, it was just thicker than the fingers I’d warmed her up with. She grabbed the base, stroking the shaft and sucking me into her jaws.

I began to squeeze my breasts, “Aaawww, Baby . . .” and groaned breathlessly, “Get the clit too.”

She caught my eye, slowing down the show as I asked for it. Stroking the dick head with one hand, next she lowered her tongue enough to lick up my entire pussy.

“Aaawww,” I groaned in pure bliss as she teased.

Even though my hips started to jerk backward, her grip on the shaft steered me to her. “Fuuuuck yeesss, D,”

She was going the fuck off, and I encouraged it. “Ohhhhh. Baby suck it up for me. Yeeesssss!”

I moaned for more and she paced, making me cream all over her face when I hit my first orgasm. It all felt right when I was under her talented trance. Sex with Demetria was a whole experience, there was no part of me that went untouched and by the time I had come twice, she was primed for more.

“That was okay?”, She kept sweetly massaging the dark, glittery shaft and kissed me on the lips. I was already trembling and I shut my eyes involuntarily as the friction kept me tense.

“That was everything girl,” I took a few deep breaths trying to regain composure.

Neither of us was ready for it to end. With her free hand, she caressed my splayed legs and gazing over my strong body said, “I want you inside me, Ro.”

“I want to feel you, D,” I said at the same time.

I reached down into my pants pockets for the few condoms I’d brought along. Demetria unwrapped one and slipped it on. I didn’t have time to think about how in sync we were. I began to talk her up.

“You look so hot sucking me off,” I took over, stroking with one hand and my juices, “Damn! You are amazing!” I drawled.

I caught her eye as she moved to hover over me, pussy sitting just at the tip. I kept stroking myself and watched her breasts and shoulders flex when she tossed those long braids off to one side. We scrambled to kiss each other at the same time.

“You eager to ride baby?”, she was in my lap now. “I got you”

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