Delicious Evening

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You come over to my house in the late afternoon. You’ve dressed in a sexy, revealing outfit that has “Fuck Me” written all over it. It’s a button-down shirt with no bra on, and a shirt that leaves little to the imagination. I don’t know it, but you have no panties on underneath.

We make dinner together, teasing and rubbing up against each other, kissing. Candlelight plays over the table as we enjoy a relaxing dinner together, and you unwind with a nice glass of wine. So delicious. You and I, and all the time in the world. Sweet.

It’s cool outside, so afterwards we light a fire in the fireplace and sit on futon in front of fireplace. We start making out, hot passionate kisses. Kissing like teenagers, like it’s our first and last make-out session ever. I start to rubbing your tits through your shirt, then move my hands inside your shirt and get you really hot

You start rubbing my cock through my pants while I’m doing this, and then unzip and start teasing my cock with your hand. I moan in pleasure and kiss you deeper as I grind into your hand.

My düzce escort hand finds its way under your skirt, where I’m surprised to find your bare and moist pussy! You are so wet as I slide my fingers over the moist lips, and finally slide fingers inside you. You slide your hips forward and moan as they enter you.

We decide it’s time to hop into the Jacuzzi to “cool off”. The sun will be going down soon. We strip down to complete nakedness right there in the living room, and walk out into the cool evening air.

In the water, we start making out again, rubbing tits, sucking on your nipples, rubbing your pussy. You hold my cock and keep it hard the whole time we’re in there. Watching the sun go down, we kiss and hold each other. Mmmm….

We get out of the water, and you announce that you need to pee. I say to just pee right there on the patio, to pee on me, and then we’ll shower off. You spread your legs and I get to watch you pee, right on my cock. My cock stiffens at the sight and feeling of you peeing all over me. We düzce escort bayan hug, and rub our wet genitals together. Delicious You are so fun and spontaneous!!

You grab me by the cock and lead me into the house where we shower. Then I set up the massage table, you lay down in front of the fireplace. I light candles and put on soft music.

I give you a long, warm massage, not touching your beautiful pussy, and only gently massaging your tits. I’m purposely letting you long for my touch there, after such an arousing make-out session on the futon and in the Jacuzzi, without any real relief. Just teasing you.

After your massage proper, you’re lying on your stomach, and I finally slide my hand down into your crack, in into your pussy. Mmmmm…delicious!!! I see your pink lips wet with moisture. I’ve never seen such a beautiful sight.

I move around and put my cock in your mouth as I continue to finger your pussy, getting me hot and close to climaxing. Your breathing gets hotter and hotter, as you approach orgasm several escort düzce times, but I don’t quite let you get there…..not yet.

After much hot sucking, I climb onto the table and slide my rock hard cock into your moist, waiting pussy, and you moan out loud. “You’re about to get your spontaneous combustion, Baby”, I say. I pump at your pussy for a long time, while you reach underneath and rub your clit. I’m rubbing my cock against your G-spot and you have several long, rolling orgasms. Your pussy contracts and squeezes my cock into supreme pleasure!

I can feel my cock getting ready to spurt, you rub my hips and coo “C’mon, Baby. Squirt that love cream deep inside my pussy now! C’mon, FUCK IT!! FUCK MEEEE!! Yah! Give it to me, Fucker!! Give it to me!! FUCK ME, you fucking cunt fucker!!” Your language surprises me, and it makes me soar over the edge, as I fill your cute tight pink pussy up with my cream, and moan out loud.

I lay on top of you, sweaty and hot, breathing hard. I give several more strokes of my cock to milk the last bit out of me, and slowly let myself get softer inside you.

I roll off of you and lay next to you on the table, we kiss and hold each other. So sweet…

Then off to the bedroom to snuggle in the sheets, kiss, and slowly fall asleep as we spoon each other. So sweet…..Sweet Dreams.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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