Deep In The Heart Of Africa

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When Kanga was growing up in a small village in Central Africa in the sixties there was only one white man around. And this man, a Greek who owned a small trading business, fascinated Kanga no end.

Mr Antonopoulos’ store was the only one for miles around. The buses used to stop right outside and passengers would alight to buy their groceries before continuing on their journey. Kids used to hang around outside the store to see who was coming and going as there wasn’t much else to do.

But Kanga’s interest went beyond that. When he started to bloom and turn into a young man he began to have certain feelings and fantasies. Mr Antonopoulos, or Mr Tony as everyone called him because they couldn’t pronounce his name, occupied a large number of Kanga’s secret fantasies.

Everything about Mr Tony was so different, from that great big jungle of black fur that showed in the valley of his open necked shirts, and the long swirls of black hair that grew on his forearms, to the thick moustache and his incredibly ruby red lips and dark blue eyes. Mr Tony lived with a local woman and Kanga was incredibly jealous of her. How he would love to be the one to peel off Mr Tony’s clothes at the end of the day and behold his pale skin, where the sun had not burnt him, and his hairy body. There was something so animal like about Mr Tony; not only did he have all that hair but Kanga had noticed that there was very full package in the front of his trousers.

Kanga, now twenty, was one the best athletes in his village, well known for being fleet of foot and an agile wrestler. There was not an ounce of fat on his six foot tall body. His skin, the colour of dark chocolate, shone with good health and the oils he rubbed on himself. His shoulders were broad and his waist narrow, and his stomach so flat you could have ironed your shirts on it. His butt was round and tight and looked like it was cast from iron. All the girls in the village hoped that they would be the one to catch the attention of the handsome athlete, whose shy smile had broken a hundred hearts, but so far he did not seem to show much interest.

Mr Tony was friendly with everyone, Kanga knew that, but he liked to imagine that there was a special meaning when Mr Tony smiled at him. He often hung around the shop hoping to be noticed but was beginning to accept that there was not much chance of his dreams coming true.

And then one day Mr Tony asked Kanga if he would come with him in his truck to collect some goods from the city. Kanga just about burst out of his skin with excitement. He had never been to the city before and he was going there with Mr Tony! How proud and pleased he was that he had been selected to be given this honour. They left early in the morning and Kanga had been fascinated with the colours, sights and smells of the city. But by the time they had loaded up the truck and had casino şirketleri a bite to eat Kanga had a headache and was glad to be heading back home.

It was a very hot day and once they were back in the countryside Mr Tony pulled off the road and went down a little track until they came to a fast flowing stream, shaded by some large trees.

‘Come, we go swim.’ Mr Tony said in his broken English.

The water was crystal clear and not very deep. It would be more of a dip than a swim but at least there would be no crocodiles or hippos about.

Kanga watched in awe struck amazement as Mr Tony stripped off until he stood there in all his naked glory, soft black fur swirling all over his chest, legs, arms and beefy butt. Kanga’s eyes were drawn to the heavy bush of black pubic hair framing his fleshy cock and balls. Mr Tony’s head and arms were bronzed by the sun but the rest of him was pale as alabaster. Kanga’s cock was instantly hard and he knew there was no way he could strip off his clothes.

‘Come on, take out your clothes.’ Mr Tony said. He sounded really happy and chirpy.

‘I cannot.’ Kanga replied. He stood there with one knee bent and his hands in front of him trying to hide his rampant cock.

But Mr Tony would not take no for an answer. He went up to the young man and started tugging on the fly of his shorts. As soon as he had opened Kanga’s zipper it became apparent why the young man would not strip off. His ten inch pole shot out into the fresh air, dark and thin and veiny. Mr Tony gave it a quick tug.

‘Don’t be worried my friend.’ he told the younger man.

Reassured, Kanga stripped off and tried to keep his flailing spear under control. They stepped into the refreshingly cool water where Mr Tony started splashing water on Kanga. The pair larked about like carefree kids and Kanga’s hardon soon went down. But when Mr Tony fetched a bar of soap from the one of the boxes on the truck Kanga’s thoughts soon turned to sex again. Watching that hairy ass swing from side to side, as he walked to the truck, was what did it for him. He had never known anyone to have hair on their backside before, and this guy was like a baboon! But boy did it turn him on!

Mr Tony stepped back into the water and started soaping himself up. Seeing the lather on his wet fur got Kanga’s cock standing on end again. Mr Tony just laughed and carried on with his ablutions. When his hand slid into his slippery crack Kanga just about fainted with lust. He could see a string of precum leaking out of his still northwards pointing pole.

Mr Tony rinsed himself off and now turned his attentions to Kanga. He soaped up and scrubbed the young stud’s back. His skin glistened like wet obsidian, the muscles dancing under Mr Tony’s fingers. He slid his hand lower and washed out that tight little crack before doing his tightly sprung legs. casino firmaları By this stage Kanga had to do something to stop himself from going crazy so he had been slowly wanking his fuck spear, his low hanging balls bouncing beneath him as he did so.

Now Mr Tony turned him around and slowly washed his torso, delighting in the glide of his hands across that well developed chest and flat stomach. Then it was time it get to grips with that monster. As he cleaned Kanga’s balls and cock Mr Tony’s own cock started to inflate. He had a pair of very large, smooth nuts sitting up close to his heavily hooded ivory snake. The pale pink head now peeked out and the beauty of this cock was making Kanga so hot he was just about beside himself with desire. He wanted to reach out and grab it but decided that he had better let the older man take control.

Just then Mr Tony went down on his knees and took Kanga’s mighty wand of cock flesh into his mouth. Kanga gasped as he watched his cock disappear into that moustachioed mouth. This was the first time he had ever had sex with anyone and man! what a way to start. His daydreams about Mr Tony had always been a little hazy; he wasn’t quite sure what he would do to him exactly, but sucking cocks wasn’t something he had really thought about. His whole body convulsed with pleasure as that hot mouth worked back and forth over his sensitive cock head and the first few inches of shaft. At the same time Mr Tony’s hands played up and down the toned athlete’s firm thighs and tugged on his low hanging balls. It was too much for Kanga. He cried out in shock and amazement as his balls exploded and blasted a heavy load of man milk down the Greek man’s throat.

He expected Mr Tony to be angry but he simply licked his lips and smiled. Then he told Kanga to come lie down with him on the grass in the shade. He knew that Kanga was a young man and there was plenty more of where that juicy load came from. Mr Tony needed some loving that he had not had in a very long time. The two men lay together, hugging and stroking each other, delighting in the feel of this forbidden flesh. Before long Kanga had another steel hard cock stand and Mr Tony went to the truck once more to rummage around in his boxes.

He came back with a jar of petroleum jelly and started to apply some to Kanga’s ten inch sword. The feel of that slippery hand playing up and down his shaft was so good that Kanga came close to blowing another load. But it was only when Mr Tony withdrew and asked Kanga to apply some to his asshole that he understood what was about to happen. Kanga was shaking with lust and excitement as he got down on his knees and parted Mr Tony’s hairy cheeks. His fuck truffle was hard to find at first, lost in that thicket of hair, but Kanga soon had it coated with jelly. His finger slid easily over the walnut wrinkles of the Greek stud’s pucker güvenilir casino and when Kanga gently pressed, his finger popped in causing both he and Mr Tony to groan out loud. Kanga worked his finger in and out of the older man’s fuck sluice while playing with his heavy balls with the other hand.

But now his cock demanded action. It seemed as if all the blood had drained from his head and into his straining cock club. He stood and took aim in the middle of that hairy mound of masculinity. The tip of his cock brushed against the slick love knot and began to slide inside. The warmth of Mr Tony’s assguts enveloped Kanga’s cockhead and he whimpered. He anchored himself by wrapping a hand around Mr Tony’s thick sausage and slowly pressed home all ten inches. Mr Tony sighed as he concentrated on receiving this gift of a man in his youthful prime. His ass was on fire as the rock hard shaft sliced into him but he knew it would soon get better.

Kanga nibbled on Mr Tony’s shoulders as he gently eased his cock in and out of the jelly slick tunnel of his ass. His right hand gently worked the thick shaft of Mr Tony’s cock while the left hand stroked his beautiful balls. The two men were locked together in a ritual as old as the hills and, despite all the denial and guilt and fear built up around it over the centuries, one that men all over the world would continue to seek out. The need to be dominated, even just once, by another man was great. The need to be tamed by a hard cock drove men to part their legs and receive the weapon of their desiring.

Kanga fucked slowly, so very slowly. It was not at all what Mr Tony expected. He had imagined a quick three minute poke off with not much pleasure for him, but now his ass was singing Kanga’s praises. He glanced down at Kanga’s arms at his sides, and at the hands pleasuring his cock and balls. They were chalk and cheese: young and older, black and white, hairy and smooth, slightly chunky and slender, but they were two halves of a whole fucking themselves into ecstasy. The feelings in Mr Tony’s ass complemented those rising in his cock. That beercan slab of manflesh was now at its most inflated; he knew he could not last much longer. Each stroke off Kanga’s lubed hand up and down his seven inch shaft was taking him closer and closer to the edge.

It was when he heard Kanga start to pant that Mr Tony knew he could surrender to the pleasure that pulsed through his every nerve. Suddenly Kanga grunted and he bit down on Mr Tony’s shoulder as the most amazing orgasm rushed through him like fire through a thatched roof. For the second time that day his balls churned and his cock erupted like a volcano spewing scalding jizz up his lover’s ass. Mr Tony called out something in Greek as his knees buckled and those fat nuts gave up their load. A heavy rope of his thick fuck sauce shot out of his cock and arced up into the air before landing on the ground.

Both men laughed at the violence of their orgasms and then gently disentangled. There was time for another quick swim and bath before driving on back to the village.

Copyright 2005 Daniel Blue

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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