Dee Becomes A Woman

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Chapter 1

Pledging the Nu Chi Epsilon Sorority

Dee Ellis had made plans to enter Nuke University this fall. Most of her thoughts were wrapped up in pledging The Nu Chi Epsilon Sorority. Her mother and her grandmother belonged to this sorority during their years of college. Dee was assured by her mother that great experiences lay ahead of her during her first two years of sorority life.

From Dee’s early teenage years, her mother had persuaded her to preserve her virginity until her first year of college. Dee’s mother informed her that she would learn valuable lessons in developing a superior sexuality, just as she and her grandmother had learned before her.

Being a virgin would qualify her as a “golden” pledge. This had to be verified with a medical examination to insure an existence of an intact hymen. The “golden” pledges would become eligible for the highest privileges in the sorority which included dating the most handsome and richest guys on campus. The “golden” pledges were destined to occupy the highest offices in the sorority.

Other non virgins could become members of Nu Chi, but these girls would never enjoy the same status or rank as the “golden” pledges. Out of a total of 14 pledges recruited this year only three or four would qualify as “golden” pledges. Twenty five years ago there would have been 8 to 10 “golden” pledges.

The girls of Nu Chi Epsilon were affectionately known around campus as the Nookie girls. Thus in order to live up to their dubious honor a secret ritual had been developed and passed on through the years that involved the defloration of the “golden” pledges. Mothers perpetuated the custom by recommending and referring their pure virgin daughters.

Even though it was common knowledge that the privileged girls would willingly sacrifice their virginity during their first pledge year, nothing existed in writing that described or documented the very secret ritual process. It was all passed down by word of mouth from class to class and generation to generation.

The rituals were conducted off campus in many different locations. Homes of alumni members were frequently used. The schedules were memorized and kept secret by the highest ranking officers in the sorority and its alumni. The Nu Chi’s always had informants around campus that protected their activities.

A “golden” pledge was assigned a junior or senior big-sister who had entered the sorority as a “golden” pledge. The only males allowed to participate in the ritual ceremonies had to be committed to a big-sister. Secrecy was maintained by swearing the male participants to an elite sorority oath. They were threatened with the removal of one testicle if they ever revealed any of the secrets of the virgin sacrifice program.

The sisters would tell numerous stories of young men losing a testicle for revealing information. Ironically, the stories were never verified. Many of the stories were embellished and exaggerated as they were told over and over. All had a common theme that involved the surgical removal of a young man’s testicle after being unknowingly drugged. The offenders would be banished from any further association with any of the Nu Chi sisters. Young sisters were asked to disassociate themselves from the guilty. If a young sister refused she would be banished as well. Needless to say, the young men were kept in tow with these subtle threats.

On the other hand the best reason for a young man to keep the secrecy involved their participation in the great sex rituals.

After the third week of classes a new class of sorority pledges had been selected by Nu Chi Epsilon. A full roster of fourteen pledges had been selected of which only three qualified as “golden” pledges. The other eleven were designated as “silver” pledges. All of them would go through the same ritual training except for the highest level defloration ceremony. This was available only to the “golden” pledges.

Dee Ellis could hardly contain her excitement as she had been chosen as a “golden” pledge. She now realized how close her high school boyfriend had come to making her a “silver” pledge. She was thankful that she had listened to her mother’s plea to keep her virginity.

Immediately she sensed superiority as a result of her “golden” status.

Beth Taylor, Grand Matriarch of the sorority, gathered all sisters and new pledges together and announced that Trish Adams would be in attendance Saturday evening to kickoff the pledge journey. The speech would be held at her parent’s home.

Beth’s mother held the Grand Matriarch position at Nu Chi during her college years. Their home was one of several homes used for the ritual ceremonies. It had a conference room that would easily seat all members and pledges of the sorority.

Before releasing all of the pledges, Beth directed their attention to a list on the bulletin board that announced the big-sister assignments. A welcome meeting was scheduled Wednesday evening to acquaint the pledges with their assigned big sisters. Dee found out that Jill Eck was to become her big-sister. The only thing Dee knew about Jill was that casino şirketleri she held the position of Vice Matriarch which is equivalent to a vice president’s position.

At the Wednesday meeting Dee sought out Jill and introduced herself.

Jill welcomed Dee into the sorority and informed her that she was personally responsible for her successful journey through the training planned during her freshman year. She informed Dee that she would become her most trusted sorority sister and that she would be there to coach her through any difficult times that lay ahead

Dee was immediately intimidated by Jill’s beauty and sophistication. Even though they appeared about the same height, Jill looked so mature and confident. She exhibited a well defined physically fit long legged athletic body. It was obvious that she kept herself in top physical condition. She exuded a classic sex appeal. Blonde flowing hair cascaded over her shoulders. This was an impressive young woman. Dee hoped that some day she could look that good and radiate the same kind of charismatic personality.

Jill informed Dee that she would accompany her to the Trish Adams speech Saturday and asked her to listen with an open mind. She promised that she might be shocked, and surprised at what Mrs. Adams has to say.

Chapter 2

Trish Adams Speech

Beth Taylor rose to welcome all of the returning sorority sisters, the new pledges and her mother who happened to be a prominent alumnus of the Nu Chi Sorority. She then introduced Mrs. Trish Adams to the speaker’s stand.

Mrs. Adams took her position at the podium and began:

“It’s a pleasure to return each year and deliver this message to our new pledges. I also want the upper class sisters to pay attention as I have a lot of new material. Times continue to change and the young women in this room can benefit a lot from what I am about to say.

As you already know my name is Trish Adams and I am an alumnus of Nu Chi Epsilon here at Nuke University. I am married to a CEO of a major US corporation. I will not reveal his identity or his company, although it’s not a huge secret. Anyone needing to know can certainly find out with a little investigative research.

I mentioned that I was married. Let me rephrase that. I have a mating contract with my so-called “husband”. We have been together for over 20 years and have two wonderful children.

I’m not afraid to tell you that I’m fifty five years old. There’s no need to keep that a secret as Bonnie Taylor; Beth’s Mother; and I were in the same class here at Nuke.

I will explain the mating contract I have with my husband as we go along. I refer to him as my husband even though he is not technically a husband in the truest sense. Referring to him as my husband requires less explaining.

Anyway, I want you young women and young girls to listen carefully to what I have to say. Notice that I recognized some of you as young girls. My message is to make you aware of some things that you will be doing in the next couple of years that will transform you from an immature young girl to a wise sophisticated woman.

After the first year here at Nuke you will discover your two most valuable assets. One lies between your ears and the other lies between your legs.

Some laughter erupts from the group:


During the first year you will become intimately familiar with the treasure you have between you legs and learn how to use it. In the second year you will redefine your value system and develop ways of maximizing its worth.

I can already recognize our pledges are as they have their mouths open gasping for breath. By the way, I’m seeing that the number of “golden” pledges is decreasing every year. How long will it take before you become extinct?

“Some polite laughter”

Make no mistake about it, you are literally sitting on a gold mine and you only have a limited amount of time to realize its full potential…maybe 20 years at the most.

The lessons I’m speaking about today will never be found in writing, but they are the same lessons passed on to me during my college years. I personally have benefited immensely from the lessons learned here at Nu Chi E or Nookie U as some refer to it.


Let’s go further in detail. Great educational institutions have been built all over this country to train our minds and to develop them to their maximum potential. On the other hand, what lessons have we learned to maximize the potential of that great treasure between our legs?

We have allowed men with their churches, their governments, their laws, and their morals to hijack our sexuality. In an attempt to free ourselves, we have had women’s movements liberalize our position. Allowing women to vote, birth control, and better educational opportunities, represent a few issues that have freed women to make more of their own decisions. But these are only little bitty steps.

We must realize that our sexuality fits in today’s society and starts blossoming at age eighteen and above. Today, young girls are giving it up too soon and for the wrong reasons. casino firmaları They think that the sooner they can rid themselves of their virginity the better. I ask, for what reason? To many, the answer is, just because it feels good. Well “Big Deal.”

Don’t get me wrong I’m not up here preaching this from some noble or moral point of view. I am merely saying that when you have something so powerful and so desirable, you should use it to your advantage. Believe me we can reduce men to blithering idiots with the intelligent use of our sexuality. We should not give it up easily. We must not lose control of our most powerful commodity; our sexuality.

Let me tell you a little about my experience. I heard the same message from the sisters that came before me and that was during a time these thoughts and ideas had to be whispered. It was delivered at a meeting just like this. As a result, I became a very independent young lady and refused to let anyone tell me what to do.

After sacrificing my virginity here at Nu Chi and learning the potential I possessed between my legs, it all made logical sense.

I want you young ladies to realize that you posses the greatest product and service in the world. We have a monopoly. Men are addicted to it. They have to have it and it is our responsibility to learn how to package it, how to promote it, how to distribute it and finally how to use it.

Laughter, applause and high fives!!

Over the years, women have allowed men to steal our sexuality through marriage, cultural norms, religion and law. We have allowed them to label us as whores, sluts and prostitutes when we reach for some independence. Men have even involved women in the perpetuation of this betrayal.

We must learn to take control of our sexuality. We must learn to use it for our enjoyment and empower ourselves to use it for our benefit. We must not deny ourselves any of the advantages or pleasures our sexuality may provide. It must be on our terms.

I have used sex to pleasure men, and to obtain personal favor in return. I have had gifts heaped upon me. Do I feel less of a human being? Do I feel less of a woman? Do I feel guilty? Hell No! In other words, I believe in fair trade, not free trade.

Yeah! Resounding applause:


From the age of 22 to 35 I worked as a high fashion model. In reality I entertained rich clients with sex and packaged it as advertising services or public relations activities. My fees were very high. I kept my services in great demand by maintaining my beauty and desirability. In return I have provided men with some of the best sex they could ever experience. At age 35 I had a net worth of over 20 million dollars.

I made sure my services were available to the highest income professionals such as doctors, lawyers, CEO’s, bankers and investors. My clients served me well and I made sure that they were serviced well. Ladies, multi-orgasmic equipment pays huge dividends.

Some laughter and applause!

I encourage the young ladies here to maintain your beauty. Make sure your services are in great demand. Always ask yourself, what did I get out of this work? Personally, I got great sex and lots of money and I am not ashamed to say that I love them both. I was able to do it in a high class, well respected manner.

It sounds like I hate men. That is not the case; I love men, literally and figuratively. I only want women to realize their great potential.

I must caution you young ladies in one other area. Your health is your most precious asset. Guard it and protect it. You are becoming educated women. Make sure you and your partner are tested and safe.

As I reached the age of thirty five I wanted to settle down and have a couple of kids. Yes even I succumbed to the instinct of procreation, without regret. I chose a man that fit that need for me. He was wealthy and very ambitious. I had no doubt that gentleman would become my mate. As I mentioned at the beginning of my speech I refer to him as my husband when actually he is my primary mate.

We drew up a contract that suited our personal and professional needs. In the same contract we agreed on certain personal freedoms that a lot of married couples are not allowed. We agreed to help each other in our career goals. I have used sex “slept with” many of my husbands clients in order to help him close a sale or advance his career.

We chose to look at sex in a larger context whereby both of us would benefit if it were used to achieve a greater reward. I benefited from the sex. Many times my husband has slept with other women or wives for the same goals. We have maintained our love and trust in each other with complete open and honest communication.

You young ladies, both “silver” and “golden” pledges, will learn valuable lessons during the next nine months. Some women outside our sphere of influence may never learn them. The ones I’m talking about think they have met the love of their life at age sixteen. They get knocked up, get married (in that order) and have baby by age seventeen. She gets fat, irritable and less desirable. He leaves güvenilir casino and finds another little honey bee to pollinate.

It’s no wonder that over 50% of the children born today come from single parent homes. The young parents are immediately thrown into poverty. Statistics tell us that 70 – 75 percent of the children are sentenced to the same fate. Conversely, these statistics also tell us that we have 2 out of ten of these kids with the strength and determination to lift themselves from this kind of environment.

How many of our young pledges come from single parent homes with an annual income less than $50,000. Let me see a show of hands.

I count three, one “golden” and two “silver.” You are to be commended. I can almost predict with certainty that you will be some of the most successful students here at Nuke for the next four years. I also predict that you three may become the most dedicated and most successful user of those assets between your legs.

The girls are laughingly; pointing fingers at various sisters.

Next, I want to direct my next comments to all of the young ladies we have recruited.

You are beautiful young girls. It is very important that you maintain your beauty and keep yourself in top physical condition. You must maintain a 2.5 average and go to class on a regular basis. Your weight will be monitored and maintained within accepted limits. Failure to do this will temporarily suspend your association with Nu Chi.

You will be shown how to dress for various occasions. The dress classes will include sessions on casual wear, formal wear, sleepwear and sex wear. I advise you to depend heavily on your big-sister for advice.

You will be taught the art of masturbation. You will be taught to use sex toys. You will be trained to perform fellatio and receive cunnilingus. For those of you who are naïve fellatio is commonly referred to as a “blow job” and cunnilingus as “eating pussy.” I hope I have made myself clear.

The room erupts in laughter.

You will be taught to enjoy anal sex. This is a practice that has become open and popular in the last ten years. There’s nothing wrong with it, but there are some safeguards to be taken when you participate in this activity. Learn your lessons well. This will be the final ritual for all of our “silver” pledges.

A surprised and astonished look appears on the faces of the pledges: Amused at the young girl’s reactions, the older sisters smile and shake their heads!

Finally, the last ritual of the year will be the defloration of the “golden” pledges. It will be made very special for you. There will be tremendous celebration in losing it. The memories can never be replaced and I assure you it beats losing it in some seedy motel room.


As they were driving home Dee and Jill got a chance to talk. Finally Jill asked, “What did you think of Mrs. Adams speech. Were you surprised…were you shocked?

Dee responded shyly, “I was surprised at the frankness of her message. My mother had indicated that I would learn a lot about sex at Nu Chi E and that the lessons learned here would become very valuable. I had no idea that all of those things Mrs. Adams mentioned in her speech would be part of our program. I must be dumb or naïve.”

Jill laughed and said, “don’t worry you’ll do fine. I was the same when I pledged. I had to depend on my big-sister for emotional support. I’m here for you in the same way. There will be times you get depressed or your feelings get hurt. Developing a person’s sexuality is tied up a lot in emotion.”

“I never imagined that we would openly discuss cunni…… and fela…..what do you call it,” asked Dee?

Jill laughed out loud. “That’s cunnilingus and fellatio…..eating pussy and sucking dick. Oh yes, we have two Friday night rituals planned with one devoted to fellatio and one to eating pussy. “

“Oh my god, I can’t believe what I’m hearing,” whispered Dee. “How in the world am I going to do that…how will it work?

“Let me explain the ritual process a little better. “Beginning next week we will have a ritual scheduled every Friday night. The first ritual will be a lingerie fashion show and the next one will be disrobing. The next two weeks will involve masturbation by hand followed with sex toys. Eventually we get to fellatio and cunnilingus. The final “crème de le crème” ritual in your case will be your defloration and first penetration sex. We are going to build your anticipation to a point where you can hardly stand it.

Dee covered her eyes in feigned embarrassment and continued to asked questions. “How will I know what to do?

Jill responded, “Each week I will give you next weeks assignment. After your normal study time, you and I will meet. I’m your coach and female participant when any of the sex training requires a female. Oh, I almost forgot, the male to be used in your training will be my boyfriend, Mark. He is known as your Rapier. He has the responsibility of taking your virginity. He will be the hymen ripper. He and I are dating regularly and he qualifies as my assistant in your training. You will not be allowed to select your own male participant for any of the rituals until after your defloration. When a male is required for any of the other pledges, the big-sister’s boyfriend will be used.

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