Debbie Asks Me for a Favor

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So one day I go over to Debbie’s house for some fun, her parents were away, but when I arrive she is apologizing to me because she just got a call to interview for a job and she really has to go. I was disappointed but so it goes then Debbie says, “Hey Todd the day’s not a total loss my sister Donna hasn’t gotten laid since she broke up with her boyfriend like three months ago so could you give it to her?”

I had met Donna, who is four years older than Debbie and me, and after I got around the idea of getting passed over to Debbie’s sister Donna came into the room. To say the least Donna is impressive, short straight brown hair just like Debbie and not to be mean slightly prettier not to mention 6 feet tall, 225 pounds and damn she’s built. I quietly asked Debbie, “Is that what you want?”

Debbie kissed me and said, “Hey if I can’t trust you with my sister right? And you’re good enough for me the least I can do is let my sister have some fun with you, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself.”

So I said to Donna, “Well it looks like we’ve got a date.”

She slapped Debbie on the ass and said, “I won’t wear him out, he’s a good strong boy.” Then as Debbie turned to leave Donna came over to me squatted down and lifted me onto her shoulder in a fireman’s carry and carried me and my 205 pounds up the stairs to the attic where Debbie and Donna’s bedrooms are. I was not only stunned but excited and in awe of Donna’s strength and thought that Donna must really need to get some action.

Donna dumped me on my back on the bed and took her blouse off, “Well get those britches off Todd there’s no point wasting time on seduction we both want it.” So I got my clothes off quick and saw a naked Donna standing next to the bed. I got a lump in my throat seeing Donna my height and 20 pounds on me and thicker than I am everywhere. Broad shoulders, big tits, a generous roll around her belly, wide hips and thick solid thighs, I thought to myself ‘damn she’s built’. Then Donna climbed on top of me in a 69 position and we went at it.

I was munching Donna’s muff as she sucked my dick, I thought about wrapping my legs around her head and locking my ankles but if she didn’t care for that Donna might break something of mine. I was caressing Donna’s big butt and solid thighs while she teased the backs of my thighs running her fingernails along the length of them, a favor I returned.

I halkalı eve gelen escort was doing my best pussy licking and it did get Donna off but it was hard to concentrate on anything while Donna was doing an incredible job of sucking my dick. She was sliding the length of my 9 inches between her lips, sucking hard as she pulled back and jiggling my balls in her hands, it was awesome. I held out as long as I could but finally I shot my load which Donna eagerly swallowed. Damn she’s something else.

After I came Donna kissed the head of cock then spun around to sit on my chest and slid forward so that I could resume eating her pussy. “That’s a sweet piece of meat there Todd, it will come back soon enough but you’re pretty good with that tongue too so let’s just have a go at this for a while.” So I got back to licking Donna’s pussy. I also resumed groping and squeezing Donna’s big butt and while she massaged her fat tits and was getting off Donna said, “You do like the butt don’t you Todd? Well I do enjoy being with a man who likes butt because I’ve got plenty of what you like and I’ll just bet you know how to enjoy the big ass.” I would have answered if my head wasn’t encased between Donna’s massive thighs and my tongue wasn’t buried in her pussy so I just slapped both of her fat butt cheeks and kept at it and I’m sure Donna got the message.

After she had cum more than once from my oral efforts Donna climbed off of me and knelt alongside of me. Donna leaned down to kiss me and I put my arms around her huge chest rubbing her back while she reached down to stroke my already responding cock to full attention. With me hard again Donna climbed off the bed and pulled me up by the arm saying, “OK Todd you’re a nice big boy so I think you’ll do nicely doing it standing up.” After we rolled a condom on my cock Donna pulled me along by the dick until her back was against the wall. Spreading her legs Donna guided my cock into her pussy and we got to it.

With a hand on each of her wide hips I was pumping my cock into Donna’s pussy good and hard, fortunately the wall was up to the pounding her ass was giving it. And even then some when Donna grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled me into her even harder. This was a first for me but I was giving it my all and I was barely keeping up as Donna was fucking me even harder than I was her. halkalı grup yapan escort

I was humping into Donna as hard as I could, and with her pulling me into her with her strong arms I was really banging her ass against the wall. Finally I was ready to cum so I wrapped my arms around Donna and leaned forward pushing her into the wall as I shot my load. She kept her powerful bear hug on me pulling me by the ass closer to her body and sighed as we enjoyed the finish of one awesome fuck.

Donna kissed me and said, “Damn Todd you know how to stick it to a woman good.” Then Donna grabbed my ass with both hands, lifted me up onto my toes and half carried and walked me back to the bed where we fell with me on my back and Donna on top of me. “Now I’m going to shock the hell out of you.” That made me a little nervous until Donna said, “We’re going to cuddle for a while yeah all girlie like. I love to just be held, in between getting my brains fucked out.”

So for quite a while Donna snuggled her big body on top of me and I gently rubbed her head and back. As we layed there I was thinking big, hard and powerful on the outside soft, sweet and sexy on the inside. You can’t judge and powerhouse woman by size alone.

All the tender contact had an effect on me, namely I was getting hard which in our close position was easy for Donna to notice. She slid down my body and took her time sucking my cock back to life and once it was hard she rolled a condom on it and said, “Now that you’re ready for action are you up for some doggy style Todd?”

Well as long as I was able to get it up I was ready to give it to Donna any way she wanted it, “I’ll give it a shot however you want it Donna.” I answered.

Donna then positioned herself on her hands and knees in the center of the bed and I climbed up behind her. I firmly rubbed her big butt with both hands Donna said, “You’ve got to really pound that ass hard so I know you’re back there Todd, I need the big dog fuck not some wimpy puppy riding me.”

I slapped her ass hard and replied, “Bang the big one for all I’m worth Donna.”

She laughed and said, “Show me you’re man enough for my ass Todd.” That’s when I slipped my cock into Donna’s pussy and grabbing her by the hips pumped it into her. I was bumping my belly hard against Donna’s big butt and she was getting off halkalı masöz escort on it. It was awesome to be banging a woman who was so big and solidly built but it was also draining to try and hold onto Donna.

I was getting a little winded and Donna was breathing pretty heavy so I changed my tactics. Pushing my cock to the balls into Donna’s pussy I leaned forward putting my arms around her thick body and took a fat tit in each hand. Then I gently pushed forward so we were rocking together. Donna quickly got into it rocking with me a little faster and in short order was pulling me more than I was pushing her. The more I squeezed her tits the faster Donna moved until we were really moving that’s when Donna had a massive orgasm and pitched forward face down on the bed with me laying on her back.

Donna turned her head and said, “There’s some lube in the drawer next to the bed grease up the back door and stick it to me Todd. You’re man enough to bang my ass you proved that.” So there I was with a hard on and a woman wanting it so I did as instructed then after helping Donna up on her knees spread her thick legs and took aim at her back door.

I’m no butt fuck expert having only done it once and never with Debbie but I poked my cock into Donna’s ass and taking a hip in each hand started pumping. Man what an experience, Donna’s ass was so tight and she was pushing back at me so I had to work to hold her in place. I was working my cock deeper into her ass until I was going all the way in and slamming into her big butt with every stroke.

We got into a rhythm as Donna really got off as I pounded against her from behind. Finally I couldn’t hold back and pushed my cock in all the way and shot my load.

Donna pitched forward face down on the bed as worn out as I was. When I began rubbing her back Donna said, “Just lay down on my back and hold me Todd.” It sounded good to me so I eased myself down and layed on top of Donna. Once I was settled in place with my cock safely wedged between Donna’s big butt cheeks she asked, “Can you reach around and get your hands under me to hold onto my tits that would feel so good right now.” Well I had no problem with that and hugged Donna with each hand full of her fat jugs. And we both fell asleep.

After about an hour of hugging and snuggling Donna stroked my cock hard once again and I fucked her in the traditional missionary position. If you call having the most powerful pair of thighs you’ve ever known wrapped around your waist until you cum traditional.

I had certainly never fucked sisters before and naturally never at one’s request but I was sure sticking with Debbie and this wouldn’t be my last encounter with Donna and maybe not the best but the first was memorable for sure.

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