Dear Olive Ch. 01

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Note: This chapter has a lot of less erotic stuff at the beginning. If you want to get straight to the point, start at the line near the middle. This is my first story, so please feel free to reach out to me with comments, critique, or ideas! I would really appreciate the advice.

Dear Olive,

It’s strange to be thinking of you after so long. I forced myself not to this past year. After everything that happened…

You know, you were my sun, and my north star. You were all I saw. Even my own thoughts, if I had any, were barely footnotes (excuse the pun) to what you chose to put inside my head and heart. Again and again, I thought you had broken me into the basest creature I could possibly become; and over and over, you pushed my mind beyond its natural limits, until I was in complete, delicious oblivion. But you know that, don’t you? You’re the one who made me what I am. You worked me like clay, pushing the limits of my material until I melted, in exquisite torture, into the form you forced on me. To this day your scent, so unique, comes to me in dreams, and even now I dissolve, helpless, into a cloud of ecstasy on first wind of it. Your touch is etched so deeply in my body’s memory, it can be triggered in an instant.

Look at me, here I am falling back into the mold you made for me. I don’t really even know why I’m writing. I guess to say a proper goodbye.

Forever, this time.

— Goldmund

***Two Years Ago***

We knocked on the door of the apartment down the street from campus. Finally, I would get to see one of the infamous parties of the Kudzu house. My college was in the middle of a small-ish town, and Kudzu lane was just one of hundreds of identical little residential side streets, two blocks from Farrar College.

Jesse, Kate and I had gotten up the courage to go together. It’s funny, even though we were seniors, four years in, we had never made it into any larger social group. Oh well, it’s never too late I guess. After a minute, the apartment door opened, and in a haze of smoke and electric blue lights stood Janell. She was thin and almost six feet, like me. She had brown hair down to the middle of her back, and big innocent eyes. Everybody in our class knew that, next week at graduation, she would be announced as valedictorian. And, just as expected, in the long fingers of her left hand she held a beer and a few flashcards with what looked like organic chemistry diagrams neatly drawn on them.

“Well? Get in here! We’re trying to hotbox the living room, so we need to keep the room sealed. Besides, we don’t want the neighbors calling the cops again, do we?”

Jesse and Kate almost hid behind me, so I took the initiative: “Good idea.”

We stepped into the party and shut the door. I tried to shout over the music to Janell “I didn’t know you partied!”, but she just smiled at me like I was a cute Golden Retriever, and strode back into the crowd on her long legs, smooth as a ballerina.

At least Kate and Jesse had my back. We had been best friends since first-year, and they knew almost everything there was to know about me. With one big exception, of course: we never talked about sex. They were like sisters to me (I always had a hard time making friends with other guys).

All the main rooms were separated only by walls with big, doorless entrances between them. We edged our way around the crowded room, into the next area. Here, everyone was standing around a stripper pole someone had set up from floor to ceiling. Over the next few minutes we watched a brave soul or two awkwardly try it out, but people were beginning to lose interest. I felt my heartbeat quicken. I turned to Jesse and Kate, and they knew what the look on my face meant: I was about to do something stupid.

Usually I was pretty shy, but sometimes in a rare moment I would be possessed by my darker, more adventurous side. I made my way to the front of the circle of people surrounding the pole, and before my rational side could hold me back, I stepped towards the pole and used my momentum to ataşehir escort bayan grab it near the top and swing myself up. Before I knew what had happened, I was swirling down the pole with my legs splayed out in a V shape towards the ceiling, and my head tilted back. The roar of the blood rush in my ears merged with the music and the cheer of the crowd, and as I turned all I could see were the hazy lights and the anonymous, upside-down faces all around me.

Soon I reached the floor, stood up, and, dancing, lured another person into the center of attention so I could escape. The party had officially started. Jesse and Kate looked frozen in disbelief, then instantly burst into laughter. I left them to find some beers for us all in the kitchen, closed off to the side of the main area. As I grabbed three beers from the fridge, I felt someone’s eyes on me. Leaning on the kitchen sink was a girl I hadn’t seen at first. She was probably 5’6”, but she had this powerful, dark presence that made me feel like I might lose myself forever in her dark brown eyes. Her hair was chin-length, pinned into a spiky little bun on top of her head with two pieces hanging down either side of her slender face. She was tan, and wore a strapless dress that was a raven-purple, fitting her little waist like a glove. She had calf-length boots and black socks just peeking out above them. One foot was propped against the cabinet under the sink, the other jutted out.

“I saw you out there”, she said, taking one of the beers from my hand.

“Oh yeah?” I said, trying to sound indifferent. She gave me a look, like she knew I was full of shit. “What did you think?” I asked, trying to keep up the performance.

“Hmm…” She looked to the ceiling and put her hand on her chin, pretending to think. The two pieces of hair framing her face swayed when she turned her face up. My heart fluttered a bit. “You know, I think I could put you to better use.”

I must have looked confused, because she laughed at my reaction. It was like witchcraft, that laugh. So irresistible, like the glint of a creek in the sun… and yet, so much darker, too. Seductive, entrancing. “What, you’re wondering what that’s supposed to mean?” She asked.

“Well… yeah, I guess.” So much for staying cool.

Just then, the kitchen door opened, and Kate timidly popped her head in to check on me.

“Oh, shit! My bad.” I said, handing the two beers I was holding to Kate, who playfully stuck her tongue out at me and closed the door. I grabbed another from the fridge and leaned on the counter, facing the girl.

She stared silently, holding her beer against her bare knee.

After a pause, I said “Anyways, my name’s Goldmund.”

“Olive” she said, and somehow the name made her seem even more like a stranger. Fuck, where had I seen her before? She made me feel like I was in one of those vivid dreams I get on sleepless summer nights. Like I was approaching some odd and intense recognition. A kind of deja vu, but much stronger. I tried to shrug off the feeling.

“Nice to meet you. I guess I’ll see you around?” I said, as I opened the door to the kitchen. She just said “mhmm”, and put her beer to her lips.

I moved through the crowd until I found Kate and Jesse. Jesse was on her phone. Kate leaned in and yelled over the music “Who was that?”

“No idea!” I yelled back.

“Cute though, right?” She said, smiling mischievously.

“Actually, yeah” I said, looking back at the kitchen door. Suddenly, the door opened a crack, and Olive slipped out, sneaking around the crowd. Everyone was distracted by three or four field hockey girls skipping around the stripper pole like they were performing a fertility rite.

Only Kate, Jesse and I saw her open a door in the corner of the room. It looked like it went into a bedroom or bathroom. Before she shut it, she looked right at me and motioned for me to follow. Kate gave me a confused look. Jesse just shouted “Who was that?” I shrugged and moved towards the door.

When I opened the door, it escort kadıöy was pitch black inside. I turned, and Kate looked at me with wide, worried eyes. The last thing I saw before I closed myself inside was Kate, looking almost afraid for me, mouth the word “don’t”.

I couldn’t see a thing, and when I tried to take a step, my foot never hit the floor. For a split second, terror shot through me. But Olive pushed me back before I fell. After my vertigo subsided, I exhaled loudly. “Holy fuck,” I whispered, “thanks.”

“It’s a staircase, dumbass” Olive said sweetly. We made our way down in total darkness, feeling our way along the walls. We walked for maybe twenty steps before I started getting confused. Wasn’t this just some little apartment? Why does the basement go so deep?

“Hey, do you live here?” I asked. “Where are we going?”

“Down,” she said. “And yes. Me, Janell, and a couple other girls. Don’t worry, though. They don’t come down here without my permission.”

Each answer only filled my head with more questions. Still going down, at some point the wooden stairs changed to stone, and the walls became smooth, cold marble. A damp mineral smell drifted up from the darkness below, and I felt my throat catch in a surge of unexpected anxiety. Olive must have sensed it, because she grabbed my hand and began leading me. Her hand was soft and warm, and her grip was oddly strong.

“We’re almost there,” Olive whispered.

“What is this place?” I breathed as we crept further and further down. The music from the party thumped softly, far above our heads now.

Olive laughed. “You sound a little scared. It’s just a house, it’s been in my family for generations.” She got quiet, as if she were choosing her words carefully. “I’m the last of my family, besides my sister, and I lease this place out to other students.”

“Shit, I’m sorry,” I said.

“Don’t be. Everybody dies eventually.”

I got quiet after that. After a couple more minutes the echo of Olive’s boots got more spacious, and she stopped. “We’re here,” she said.

The room was warm, and had a faint smell of flowers. Olive flipped a switch on the wall, and I was blinded by the light for a second.

It was… just a bedroom. A persian carpet in the middle of the floor, a large bed in the corner, and a couch on the side. The walls were bare, a side from a couple candelabras that looked antique.

* * * * *

She fixed me with that gaze of hers and led me into the room. She pushed me onto the couch, raised her leg, and put her boot up beside me. She looked down with a domineering glare, but my eyes were drawn to her thigh, following it up her dress to a pair of sheer, black panties.

“Olive… I don’t…” I said, looking back up at her.

“That’s right.” She said it in such a sweet voice, I felt myself relax a little. “You don’t. Don’t decide anything. I’ll do that for you.” She pulled a couple pins out of her bun and let her hair fall.

“Unzip my boot,” she said, her dark eyes glittering.

How did she know? I decided it wasn’t important. I pulled the zipper down, and tugged her boot off. She didn’t put her socked foot back down, but balanced perfectly on her other foot, pushed my chest back into the couch with her black sock, and slowly, slowly planted it sideways across my mouth…

It was damp with her sweat and my dick swelled in my pants. Her smell… It was clean, but musky. I looked up to her slender face as she stood over me. Her hair brushed her cheek, and fluttered a bit with each breath she took. Somehow, the smell of her sock just fit her perfectly — so unique, beautiful, with the hint of a darkness buried deep inside her.

It felt like breathing oxygen for the first time. She gently rubbed her socked foot back and forth across my mouth, while I took sharp breaths that filled my lungs with her animal essence. She took her sock away, and put her other boot on the couch.

“Do I need to say it?” asked Olive, her voice coming out slow and thick. I unzipped it, pulled it maltepe escort off, and let it fall to the floor. Again, she perched on her leg and swung the other in front of me. Despite her average height, she seemed to tower over me as she spread her toes and lowered them towards my nose. I was wide-eyed, moving my face forward to meet her sock like a dying man craning his neck for water.

“Ohh. Poor baby is hooked” she teased, and pushed my head back into the cushion with her foot. The pressure made sure every particle of air I breathed had to flow through the thin, moist fabric of her sock and between her warm toes. The smell was more intense, and I shuddered in an overflow of desire. It was like a dark nebula in space, that was shocked through with vast, distant pulses of primordial life. The seeds of whole galaxies seemed to flit through my nearly delirious mind every time she shifted her toes even slightly. I looked up Olive’s dress at her sheer panties, and noticed a dampness seeping out from her veiled little slit. I looked up at her, my eyes overflowing with emotions I had never felt before. She was breathing heavier too, and a seductive haze had clouded her usually sharp eye. Only one thing came to mind: we were intoxicated, fully and totally.

“Close your eyes,” Olive whispered between breaths. I did. I felt her take her sock off of my face. A little whimper escaped me involuntarily as I waited for her to do something to me. She tied a piece of fabric around my eyes and pulled my pants and underwear down. I heard her slip out of her dress and pad back to me. She sat on my lap facing me, and I felt her soft silk panties push down my straining cock. They were soaked and hot. She pushed me down so we were lying on the couch.

“Open.” She said, rubbing up on my dick.

“Wha–?” I started to ask, when she stuffed her sock into my mouth.

Oh, god, the taste of her delicate, elegant filth flooded my mouth. I pushed my tongue back and forth across the toe of her sock, milking her sweat out from between every last stitch. I felt it drip down my throat, mixed with my saliva. After tasting her nectar, I knew no other drink would ever satisfy me again. Olive, I thought, as she wet my dick with her juices, I will never stop being thirsty for your musk.

Olive pulled her panties off quickly and pinned herself onto my dick. With one hand, she held her other sock to my mouth, and with the other she clutched my hand. She pumped herself over me, and we panted in the same rhythm. I let out muffled moans from behind her socks, and took in her scent with every gasp of air.

I felt her lower her face to mine, and moan just above me. She arched her back, and her belly and small breasts pressed against me. I felt her labia tremble around my cock, and her body began to shake. I felt myself rise close to climax with her, and at the height of it she pulled her sock from my nose, put her warm lips to mine, and stuck her tongue into the crumpled sock lodged in my mouth. She licked my tongue through the sweaty mesh of her own sock, thrust her pussy straight down to the base of my cock in two or three powerful jerks, then held me deep inside her as she yelped and trembled in ecstasy. I unspooled my load in coils up into her hot little chamber, wrapped my arms around her little waist and dug my fingers into the dimples in her lower back.

She collapsed onto me, both hands on my shoulders. Her hair smelled sweet, and tickled my face. She let my dick go soft before she pulled me out of her. She pulled her sock out of my mouth, undid my blindfold, and laid back onto my chest.

I looked up to the ceiling while Olive’s chest rose and fell on top of mine. Once we were back in our right minds, she said, “Now you know what higher purpose I had in store for you.” She was sly as a fox and nimble as a cat. I felt my chest swell with feeling towards her, and it made me close my arms tighter around her. “Fuck.” I said, still trying to catch my breath. “Olive…”

But Olive squirmed out of my arms and sat up, putting her socks back on. “We better get back to the party. They’ll be missing us, I’m sure. By the way,” she said, side-eyeing me, “Do you know how my sock got so wet? It’ll take the rest of the night for it to dry, stuck in my boot like this.” She smiled and laughed as she stepped back into her dress.

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